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Chapter One: Prelude to a Kiss Simple Gifts Dragontwin/Kat

Let's just say that Chichi was happy. Goku was back from the dead (not that that was unusual) and the monster Buu had been destroyed. She stretched out her arms and flopped down on the grass. Without a doubt in her mind, at least, she was the happiest person on the planet. All she wanted now was Goku all to herself. Forget his sons…she was his wife, and she felt she deserved a little bit of attention from her warrior, now that he was home. Okay, so maybe she wasn't the happiest person on the planet. She remembered the night Goten was conceived…the last night she had seen her warrior alive before the Cell Games. She laid a hand on her stomach, remembering what it was like to carry him around without Goku there to make sure she was okay, like he had done for Gohan, and sighed.

As she lay there, she looked up to the sky. It was a brilliant shade of blue, one that she felt could only be seen in her home, because it never looked that way anywhere else. She relaxed for the first time in what seemed like ages. Goten was at Trunk's house and Gohan was safely married to Videl…nothing could spoil her day. She had spent all of last week cleaning up from the wedding…and there were still things to do, it seemed. Chichi didn't care. All she wanted was a little rest. Half an hour, that was all she asked for.

Goku smiled as he flew home at top speed. His training was done for today, quite early in fact. He was surprised at himself. There was something important he needed to do, come to think of it. He hadn't spent hardly any time with Chichi since he got back from heaven. He needed to. He reminded himself that she probably didn't know just how important she was to him. It seemed the only time they had together was the night time, not that they hadn't used that time wisely. He grinned to himself. With a start, he realized he had flown past their Capsule Corp. home, and flipped over.

Chichi could feel him before she could see him, which was not uncommon for her now. She never needed to be able to sense ki when it came to Goku. The bond that they had had ever sense the night of their marriage still held firm, she could still feel him, no matter where he was, with one exception. When Goku had died the first time, she had been depressed when she realized she couldn't feel him through the bond, that he was truly taken from her, but there had been Gohan to live for, and she had had held on. Good thing she did, to, because things only got worse from that point on. She grimaced, looking back. The past was the past, and she intended for it to stay that way.

"Good morning Chichi." She looked frail and tired to his practiced eye. He could read Chichi like a book when it came to things like these. She stretched out like a cat and yawned. "Why so tired?"

"I was up all night, thanks to someone." Goku cocked his head and half smiled.

"I had nothing to do with that." Chichi looked up at him. Had he forgotten? He couldn't possibly have… He was smirking. Oh, he remembered all right, and he was proud of himself.

"That was all your fault." Goku looked away.

"I might have had something to do with it…" his voice trailed away as Chichi came after him. She ran up to him, got in a fighting stance, and half tried to land a punch on his face. Goku blocked her punches easily. Finally, he was able to grasp both of her hands and reached down to touch her lips with his gently. She rose up on to her tip toes to meet him.

'Well,' thought Chichi, 'If there's one thing Bulma and I can't complain about with our Saiyan warriors, it's their kissing ability.' Soon she was incapable of coherent thought.

"You know Goku; I was going to sleep this afternoon." Chichi and Goku were engaged in the middle of a furious pillow fight, only Goku had one hand tied behind his back to make it easier on Chichi.

"I'm sorry." He paid for his words with a THWACK on his head like he hadn't had from Chichi in years. "Not fair."

"What's fair about it? You're a super Saiyan with incredible strength, and I'm a lowly human mortal fighting for life and limb. Not the fairest of fights, dearest husband." While she was talking this time, Goku gently knocked her feet from underneath of her.

"I love you, Chichi, more than ever before." She looked up into his onyx eyes.

"Really and truly?" Goku could hear the fear and the pain in her voice from years of not knowing.

"You know that, right?" Her eyes swelled with tears.

"At the tournament…I was just so worried that you didn't love me anymore…You know, maybe you found another girl in the other world." Goku laughed and buried his face in her neck. "I know it's ridiculous, but…"

"There is no other woman in either world, Son Chichi, that is as beautiful as you are, nor is there another who has had my children, and there is not, for the love of Dende, another woman who can unnerve me so. When I was fighting Freeiza, the Androids, Cell, I was fighting them for you. I keep fighting for you. Kami only knows where I'd be without you."

"Goku-sa, you really mean it, don't you?" He looked at her, all of her from her beautiful feet to her wonderful eyes and glorious hair.

"I mean it." She reached up and stroked his hair, wondering. "Let's go for a swim, Chichi."

"I don't know, Goku. I haven't been swimming with you in such a long time…" His face was that of a puppy's. She couldn't help but give in. "All right. I will. Hold on a second, I'll go get my suit."

"What do you need a suit for?" She turned around and saw that he had been teasing her.

"You had better be careful, Mr. Son, you are speaking to a woman who was once the most powerful female on this planet. I would watch your step." He laughed.

"I think I can afford to take a risk this time." She threw back her head and laughed, like only Goku made her do. This wasn't turning out to be a restful day, like Chichi had planned for herself. In fact, it was better.

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