Pokémon Chronicles: Team Eeveelution

Yes, so this is smasherthekeybladebearer (obviously) and t his is my first story. Anyway welcome to the biography of Pokémon Chronicles: Team Eveelution! Here I'll give you a general over look of both of the main characters, Umbreon and Flareon. SO, here they are!

UMBREON ABYSS: Calm and calculated, Umbreon is the younger brother of Flareon but is much more mature in many aspects. However, Umbreon lacks much physical strength and prefers to leave the heavy lifting to his brother. Umbreon was not entirely against making an exploration team, but Flareon convinced him that it was the only way to find their parents whom disappeared seconds before their eggs hatched. Umbreon also controls anything that has to do with darkness and can create black holes, force the earth to rotate quicker so that the moon comes out, and sometimes create a solar eclipse for a brief period at a time. He also formed an alliance of Dark types known as the Dark Tribe with his best friend, Darkrai. He leads the team.

FLAREON BURST: Brash, bold-headed, and extremely fiery in personality and physicality, Flareon is older than Umbreon by minutes and loves to play pranks on his brother. When his parents disappeared, his egg was knocked onto the ground, and he prematurely hatched. Tends to screw a situation up more than fix it, and always charges into danger head-first. Sometimes his worry-free philosophy saves the day, but more often than not it gets him trapped and at that point he relies on strength, flames, and his brother to get away. Somehow, through rigorous training, he has perfected a technique called the "Flame Dash", which crosses Flame Wheel and Quick Attack for an impenetrable high traveling shield with temperatures as high as 2000 degrees C on the inside. He uses his control of fire to keep the inside a warm 70 degrees F. He was a pyromaniac before evolution, and this helps him control his powers even more than his brother controls his own respective type. He sticks to assistance when exploring.

And that's all, folks! Yeah, may be a little short, but it gets longer once the story-plot actually kicks in. Happy Holidays, this is STKB signing out. FOR NOW…