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Point of View: Third Person

Unlike their common hobbies, Zeke Thatcher and Luther Waffles were actually at school, and it was their first day of their junior year.

Like most activities, Luther was incredibly excited for the socialization of the school sadly he didn't feel that way about the schooling part of school.

However, Zeke dreaded walking into school. Ever since he broke up with Olivia, things were… depressing.

As he walked into the school with no skateboard in hand, but a backpack on back, he witnessed Olivia standing and socializing with some her female friends. Zeke starred until something or one physically struck him and he fell to the ground.

He came back to reality and realized her pushed a new and petite young girl, that he assumed to also be a junior. Once he realized this he said to the girl helping her pick up the items that slipped out of her hands "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was walking"

Point of View: Zeke Thatcher's

Oh gosh! I bumped into a girl while I was so caught up in a girl I already lost. After I apologize and she responds "No, no its ok" she kind of rushed speaking, like she was nervous, so I decide to calm her down.

"hey, hey, no it's my fault…" I pause momentarily, then continue "I'm Zeke by the way"

She looked up from her dark brown hair and I saw her piercing, crystal blue eyes starred at me and her lips opened, and she spoke "Oh, um, I'm Lucile… but my friends call me Luci"

Were standing now, and Luci is actually pretty. She was skinny, but a good, attractive skinny, not that chicken leg, as thin as a bone skinny. She had dark brown, medium length hair that made her stunning blue eyes stand out so much more.

I decide to keep the conversation going and I ask her "so what grade you in?"

"Junior" she replies now hold all her belongings

"Oh, me too. You new?" I ask now that I know a little more about her, and I did say a little, her first name and grade aren't much, but that's a start.

"Ya, I just moved her from Wisconsin" She replied, wow she was really pretty.

I guess I can show off a little Zeke now, so I say "So, you moved from Wisconsin- the cheese kingdom to Clallam, Washington. Why?"

I guess it work cause she let out a chuckle as we walked into the building and said "I guess to many cows"

Now, we both laughed a bit, and looked each other in the eyes. It wasn't an awkward moment, but nice… until Luther called my name, and I excused myself saying "well, I gotta go… see you around"

I ran off to Luther as Lucile waved goodbye. I have to admit it though, even with that small encounter, I feel a lot less heartbroken over Olivia- and hey, Luci is pretty cute.

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