Hi Guys! Yes, once again it is your soon to be former author. Just two things.

On Love & Skateboards ONE person wanted so they get it! Congrats Rated L for Loser

Now onto Breathe alot of you reviewed saying you want it, and one messaged. But I have decided that I need you all to write a SHORT chapter of the story, and basically if you skip the next chapter just do a fill in if you'd like.

Now here are some boosts to help you!


-MESSAGE ME not review (will not count if a review)

-no OC's

-no Nina singing (if anyone sings, just Fabian please- i only makes sense since they mentioned it into the show)

-no killing any characters except any one who was in the society! (except Mr. Winkler he stays!)

-Mandatory pairings: Fabina and Jason/Patricia

-baby MUST be a boy

and NOT longer than 1,00 - 2,000 words i have no time to read anything longer

THATS all!

Must be in by Monday (June 13, 2011) at 4:30 pm Pacific time!

Kay get to it!

You former author,

Rockets Love