Twilight - Thriving Ivory

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"You really didn't have to do anything…" River argued once more, though she knew it was useless.

"It's your anniversary! Of course I had to do something!" The Doctor said, leading the blindfolded River down out of the TARDIS doors and into the moonlight.

"Our…" She corrected quietly, and then said louder. "Doctor, I told you -" She was cut off by a finger to her lips.

"Sit down, Doctor Song, and prepare yourself to be amazed!" The Doctor said excitedly, pulling off the blindfold as she sat. River gasped, looking from the picnic basket in front of her to the Doctor who stood behind where she sat. "You like your anniversary present? I was hoping to get you something more… but on such short notice, I had to think quickly. I do remember you saying that you liked picnics." He shrugged, taking note of her still pleasantly surprised expression.

He sat down on the opposite side of the blanket, then opened the picnic basket and laid out all of the food excitedly.

"How did you…"River trailed off, knowing the answer to her question when the Doctor turned his gleeful eyes toward her. He then handed her a sandwich that was in a zip lock bag, then paused in his task, watching her open it and take a small bite.

"This is really good, what is it?"

"It's some kind of beef that a friend used to love eating in the TARDIS."

"Please tell me it's not left overs…" She groaned, and then the Doctor burst out laughing.

"No, no! It's not; I just remembered what it was called." He said through his laughs. "So you like it?" He asked, and grinned after seeing her nod. "Good, because it just gets better!" He jumped to his feet then disappeared into the TARDIS.

River shook her head, but her smile stayed. How could she have ever doubted that he'd go great lengths for this special occasion? He always did. River twirled the smooth ring on her left hand subconsciously as she thought. Her hands halted when the Doctor's head poked out from the TARDIS doors.

"What kind of music do you like, River?" He asked, making her want to laugh, but she forced herself to keep a straight face.

"Surprise me."

"Okay…" And his head disappeared again, but this time only for a second. He then came back out as a soft melody hummed from the TARDIS's interior.

"Care for a dance?" He bowed before her, offering his hand, which she took gratefully. He helped her to her feet then pulled her close. River wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.

The Doctor stared down at the woman in front of him, suddenly feeling closer to her. The smells of her perfume hit his nostrils and he inhaled deeply, relaxing further into her embrace as he did. He leaned down till his lips were right next to her ear, then in the quietest voice he could manage, he whispered something in Gallifreyan.

"Happy Anniversary, Doctor." She whispered back.