I have been a Pearlshipper for two years, and after those two years silence, I have finally decided to write this fanfic, dedicated to al Pearlshippers out there.

This fanfic takes place about a month after DP191, the last episode of the DP arc and the day Ash leaves Dawn and starts his own journey in Isshu.

Chapter 1: Vain Search in Pallet

"Ding..." A blue-haird girl rang the doorbell of a quiet little house in Pallet Town. She was wearing a white beanie hat, a blck vest and a short, pink skirt matched with a pair of pink boots and black knee-high socks. Her name is Dawn, a Pokemon co-ordinator from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh Region. On her shoulder was a blue, penguin-like Pokemon, Piplup, which is her starter.

"Why isn't anyone answering?" Dawn thought. She had just spent nearly a month working on the photo shoot with her Buneary. Once the photo shoot was finished, she rushed home, get ready, and said goodbye to her Mum and came to Pallet Town to visit Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon trainer who used to travel with her.

"Come on! Someone answer already. I can't wait to my Ash-y again!" The thought of "my Ash-y" made Dawn blush heavily. Obviously she has a crush on Ash, but never had the chance nor the courage to confess her feelings. But this is about to change as Dawn wants to confess her feelings as soon as she sees Ash.

"It's already ten minutes and no one's answering. Probably no one's in the house." Dawn felt disappointed.

"Hey Dawn!" Dawn heard a voice and turned around. It's Gary Oak in his lab coat. "Hey it's Pokemon poet's grandson!" Gary sweatdropped. "I have a name, you know. Anyway, what brings you to this humble town? Looking for Ashy-boy?" Gary said, emphasizing in "Ash-y boy". Dawn blushed and nodded. "Oooh what do we have here? A lovesick girl looking for her boyfriend!" "No! It's not like that!" Dawn's face turns even redder. "Alright, I should stop teasing ya." Gary clears his throat, "Well unfortunately, Ashy-boy has gone to the Isshu region, along with Mrs Ketchum and my grandpa."

Dawn's heart sank when she heard this. She asked quietly, "So when are they coming back?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure. My grandpa's doing a research project with Professor Araragi in Isshu and Mrs Ketchum is helping him. Ash, on the other hand, is entering the Isshu league. It is very likely that they wil stay in Isshu for quite a long time." "Oh..." Dawn sighed, apparently disappointed. Gary chuckled, "You look like you just arrived straight from Sinnoh. Come to my grandpa's lab and have a rest." "Sure thing!" Dawn replied happily, and followed Gary to the far side of the town, where Professor Oak's lab resides.

"Bui bui!" Entering the lab, Gary and Dawn are greeted by a Pokemon. "Hey ! It's Buizel! How are you, Buizel?" Dawn was happy to see Buizel, one of Ash's Pokemon who used to be hers. "Bui bui!" Buizel answered eagerly. A teenager walks up to Dawn with a sketchbook and a pencil in his arms, "Hey, looks like Buizel knows you very well. Who are you?" "Let me introduce you two. Tracey, this is Dawn. She travelled with Ashy-boy in the Sinnoh region. Dawn, this is Tracey. He used to travel with Ashy-boy and now works in my grandpa's lab," Gary said. "Hi! And this is my partner, Piplup!" "Piplup!" "Oh, a Sinnoh starter Pokemon!" Tracey started to sketch Piplup on his sketchbook. Gary whispered to Tracey, "She likes Ashy-boy!" Gary and Tracey both laughed. Dawn blushed, "I heard that!" and kicked Gary in the shins with her boot (like how Dawn did it to Ash in the Giratina movie). "Ouch! Calm down! Don't kill the messenger! Ouch!" Gary screamed. Tracey smirked and said to Dawn, "You know how Ash is very dense and clueless about love. It's extremely hard to win his heart. Well you, mister, should stop meddling with other people's affairs and just keep your eyes to your cheerleaders," Tracey told Gary sternly.

Dawn blushed again, hearing the word "cheerleader". She had heard from Ash that Gary used to have a few girls follow him around and be his cheerleaders. Apparently, this phenomenon annoys Ash, and Dawn mistook as him being jealous, so it inspired her to become Ash's cheerleader for some of his gym battles.


"Hey Dawn, what's with the outfit?" Dawn was wearing a pink cheerleading uniform with a short skirt and this seemed to be puzzling Brock. "Well I just want to cheer Ash on, since we had spent so much time training and working on our strategy," Dawn blushed and smiled. "Ok..." Brock was still a little suspicious. The gang was in the Oreburgh Gym, where Ash was having a rematch with the gym leader Roark. Hearing the conversation, Ash turned around and saw Dawn. He was speechless when he saw Dawn's outfit. "Go Ash! Go Ash! He's the man! If he can't do it, no one can!" Dawn noticed Ash's expression and started her cheer. "Uhhh, thanks!" Ash was a bit overwhelmed. Dawn chuckled. She was quite satisfied with Ash's reception to her being a cheerleader. In fact, she liked it, cheerleading for Ash only.

-End of flashback-

"Earth to Dawn..." Dawn snapped out of it and noticed Gary and Tracey staring at her, concerned. "Are you ok?" Tracey asked. "Oh, it's nothing! No need to worry!" Dawn blushed and replied hastily. "Oh ok, back to the topic. If you want to meet with Ash, you could go to the Isshu region. To get there, you need to take the plane from the Nibi Airport in Pewter City. Once you get there, you can go to Professor Araragi's lab and find Professor Oak. He will help you locate Ash." Tracey pointed out. "Thanks, Tracey," Dawn answered warmly, "Now, I better get going. To Pewter City!" "And Dawn, good luck! Go smack the hell out of his nut-head if neccessary!" Gary shouted. "I will consider doing that. See ya!" Dawn chuckled light-heartedly and ran out of the lab. "Ash is one lucky guy," Tracey said, "with such a pretty girl having a crush and searching for him." "Yeah," Gary chuckled, "but he's just too dense to see it. Poor Dawn. She might end up getting heart-broken and losing her crush on Ashy-boy, just like Misty and May."

Me: Well, that's it for my first chapter. What do you guys think? The first few chapters will be one-sided Pearlshipping, Dawn's POV. Satoshi-kun (Ash Ketchum), however, will be introduced in the future.

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