Hey guys! Sorry for the wait. I'm back with a fresh new update! Yay! In the last chapter, Dawn met up with Brock and visited the Pewter Gym. In this chapter, she will be watching a certain familiar character battling Brock's brother Forrest.

Chapter 3: The Familiar Stranger

"Brock, look! The challenger is..." Dawn stared at the other side of the arena.

Brock turned his head to the far end of the stadium where Dawn was pointing. To his surprise, he recognised the challenger, a brunette with a ridiculously large hat, wearing a long sleeved blouse match with jean shorts and a pair of white stockings. "Isn't that Lyra?"

"Hey, Lyra!" Dawn called out cheerily.

Lyra heard a familiar voice calling out her name and turned her head to the source of the voice. "Hey! Great to see you, Dane!"

Dawn sweatdropped, "It's Dawn! But Dane sounds nice, too! So, Lyra, do your best in your gym battle!"

"Thanks, Dane. I'll battle as hard as I can!" Lyra shouted back.

"Forrest!" Brock shouted at his younger brother, "Just don't forget what I have taught you and have fun out there!"

"No worries, big brother!" Forrest yelled back.

"So now, the Pewter City Gym Challenge is about to start," Brock's father Flint started the call, "On the Museum End, we have the gym leader, Forrest. On the City Square End, we have the challenger, Lyra from New Bark Town. The battle will be 3 on 3. The battle will end if all Pokemon on one side are unable to battle. Only the challenger is allowed to substitute Pokemon. Let the battle begin!"

"Alright, I will start with... Golem!" Forrest threw out a Pokeball.

"Let's go, Meganium!" "Meeegan!" Meganium cried out as soon as it got out of its Pokeball.

"Wow, Lyra's Chikorita has fully evolved!" Dawn took out her pink Pokedex.

"Meganium, the Herb Pokemon and the final evolve form of Chikorita. Its petals' aroma can calm aggressive feelings. Meganium's breath has the power to revive dead plants."

"The challenger will call the first move!" Flint called out.

"Meganium, start up with Petal Dance!" "Meee...gaaan!" Meganium jumped up and spun around, releasing petals that darted for Golem.

"Golem, intercept with Rock Blast!" Golem released many small, round rocks, hitting the Petal Dance dead on.

"Looks like Meganium and Golem are evenly matched, despite of the type disadvantage." Brock commented.

"Now, Meganium, use Magical Leaf!" Meganium released several green, sharp leaves straight at Golem.

"Quick! Use Rollout to shake them off!" Golem curled itself into a ball and rolled around the gym rapidly. However, this is unable to shake off the Magical Leaf attack as the leafs followed Golem closely like missiles, and were slowly catching up. After a few laps around the gym, Golem could not avoid its fate and got hit by the Magical Leaf. "Golll!" Golem recoiled and loosened up from the ball.

"Wow! Golem's Rollout is fast, but Meganium Magical Leaf is way faster, and accurate too!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's a direct hit, and a super effective one as well. Looks like the battle is going in Lyra's way now." Brock said calmly.

"Now's our chance, Meganium! Use Frenzy Plant!" "Meee...gaan!" Meganium stomped its front legs' feet on the ground, causing giant hard roots to emerge from the ground and overgrow at Golem's direction.

"Golem, use Defense Curl!" Golem curled into a ball again, taking serious damage, but still managed to stand up.

"Even though Frenzy Plant is a power move super effective agains Rock types, Golem is still able to hold its ground. A perfect show of defense strength," Brock commented, "Forrest now has the upper hand since Meganium needs to recharge after using Frenzy Plant."

"Now's our chance!" Forrest called out quickly, "Golem, use Rollout and get closer to Meganium." Golem, still curled into a ball, charged at Meganium like a boulder falling down a mountain. Since it needs to recharge, Meganium can do nothing about it.

"Oh, no. It's pinch for Lyra now," Dawn said worrily.

"Now, use Fire Punch!" Golem loosened and charged up a shoot of flames on its right fist and swiftly punched Meganium in the head.

"Meee..." Meganium took the hit and almost fell down. The Fire Punch seems to be serious damage. "Quick, Meganium. Use Giga Drain!" Meganium heard Lyra's command and quickly shot out two emerald beams. The beams tied around Golem and immobilised it before it could move out of the way.

"Golem, no!" Forrest could do nothing but watching Golem getting its energy drained by the beams, and Meganium recovering with the energy drained. With its energy drained, Golem fell heavily onto the ground.

"Golem is unable to battle. Lyra's Meganium is the winner!" Flint called out.

"Awesome, Meganium. YOu're the best!" Lyra exclaimed.

"You did a great job, Golem, thanks," Forrest recalled Golem back to its ball, and threw out another, "Go, Steelix!"

"Meganium, return!" Lyra recalled Meganium, "Azumarill, you're up next!"

"Steelix, use Flash Cannon!" Steelix fired a silverish beam from it mouth, aiming at Azumarill.

"Azumarill, use Hydro Pump!" Azumarill spurted out a huge stream of water, collinding with the Flash Cannon.

20 minutes later...

"Aerodactyl is unable to battle. Lyra's Meganium is the winner! The gym leader has no Pokemon left to battle, so the winner goes to the challenger!" Flint made the final call.

"Yay, I won! Way to go, Meganium!" Lyra cried out happily. "Mee-gan"

"Aerodactyl, return!" Forrest sighed and recalled Aerodactyl, "You take a good long rest."

"Don't worry, Forrest! This is your first loss in three weeks. You're doing great as a gym leader. Don't you think so, Dad?" Brock walked into the court and said. "Indeed." Flint answered, "You're battling very well. It's just that the challenger is very well-trained."

"So, Dane. What do you think?" Lyra asked Dawn, who was standing behind Brock.

"You were totally awesome!" Dawn answered, "It was a great battle! Congratulations for getting the Coal Badge!"

"Thanks, Dane. Anyway, where's Ash? Isn't he with you?" Lyra questioned.

Dawn sighed and lowered her head. "After the Sinnoh League, we parted ways and he is entering the Isshu league now." Dawn replied, dejected.

"Oh, I thought you two are made for each other, and are meant to be together forever," Lyra remarked half-heartedly, "What do you think about it, Dane? Dane?"

Dawn was indulged in her own thoughts, "Lyra's right. Ash has a special bond with me, and we've been through a lot together. That's why I want to look for him as soon as I can, so I can confess my feelings to him."

"Dane, is there something wrong?" Dawn's thoughts were interrupted by Lyra. "Oh it's nothing. No need to worry!" Dawn smiled and replied quickly.

"Looks like you just brought up a touchy subject, Lyra," Brock whispered.

"I guess so." Lyra whispered back.


"So, Dawn. I heard from Brock that you're a Pokemon coordinator from the Sinnoh region. What's it like to be a Pokemon coordinator?" Lola asked.

"Well, taking part in Pokemon contests is very fun," Dawn replied, "It's quite different from Pokemon battles in some ways. You get to make up cool and pretty move combinations for your Pokemon to use. You don't just win in a contest by knocking out the opponent's Pokemon. Sinnoh's Pokemon contests are also very special, since the contestors get to dress up for the occasion and use ball capsules on the Pokeballs to make awesome special effects during Pokemon's entrance."

"Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. I should take part in Pokemon contests sometimes," Lola laughed. Flint, Brock and Forrest looked at her anxiously. "You could take part in Pokemon contests anytime. Just don't revamp and ruin the gym," Brock remarked nervously.

"Now, now. I don't think that will be possible. This is an awesome gym. Why would someone change it?" Dawn said cluelessly. The three mem almost fainted hearing it.

"Okay it's getting late, so I'm gonna show Dawn her guest room," Brock stood up and dragged Dawn away from the dining room.

"This is the guest room, which is where you will be staying for the night. What do you think?" Brock lead Dawn into a bedroom on the second floor. Dawn looked at the room: the room is not quite big, but it's very clean. There is a double bed in the centre, and a writing desk next to it. In front of the bed, there is a 30 inch plasma TV with a Playstation 3 next to it. The room also has an ensuite, with a state-of-the-art spa bathtub and an automatic and electronic toilet (the kind you can find in Japan). "Is this a five-star hotel?" Dawn said astoundedly. "Yes, it's Hilton de Pewter," Brock laughed.

"Thanks, Brock, for letting me stay at the gym," Dawn thanked Brock.

"My pleasure. Dawn, there's something I want to talk to you about," Brock said seriously.

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