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Just a little reminder, every Rikkai character is paired with an OC.

The first in line is no other than Jackal, because it seems that nobody wanted to write a love story regarding him.

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Jackal the Bald Head Loner

Once bitten and twice shy,I keep my distance,But you still catch my eye...

Christmas is in the air and couples are seen everywhere. Well definitely not for our half-Brazilian friend. Life is unfair and will never be fair, and even if he will not say it aloud it is like a big banner hanging above him.

After graduating from Rikkai University, he went back to Brazil and began his career as a Veterinary doctor. It has been two years since he left Japan and things remain constant; He is still bald yet generous.

Jackal is about to close his veterinary clinic when a group of middle high schoolers started to sing a Christmas carol. He paused for a while and listen to the group of students. Afterwards, an envelope was handed to him. Oh, well it looks like that he can not help it but to give some money.

"Thank you, mister," the leader of the group said with a heavenly smile.

"You're welcome," the baldy bachelor replied.

"The amount that you give will be a big help to our tennis club," another student said while adjusting his glasses.

"Tennis Club?" Jackal wondered.

"Yeah, we are members of the tennis club and I'll swear to become the no.1 player in the nation!" a curly haired student said proudly. "I'll beat them all!"

Suddenly, a stern looking teenager scolded his teammate, "That's so careless!"

Jackal coughed; wondering where this bunch of middle high schoolers came from. Why would he be involved in their dreams or whatsoever? All he knows is that he gives them money after singing a Christmas carol.

"Hmm… the probability that he gives us R$100 is 99.89 percent," a boy assumed while rubbing his chin.

"Really, he's so generous," another boy said then he popped a bubblegum. "We could buy lots of candies and bubblegum using that money."

"Or maybe I can use the money for my pranks," a teenager said then jerked to another poor looking boy who only listened to the whole conversation. "Hey, why don't you take a look at our group's baby? He's sulking after vice captain scolded him."

"Why me?" the poor looking boy protested.

"Because you're the babysitter!" the group replied in synchrony while pointing their fingers at the poor looking boy.

Babysitter? Did the boys said babysitter? Memories revisit Jackal as he hears that word. This group of boys reminds him of something very close to his heart, the Rikkaidai Tennis Club. How could he forget his team? Their fan girls, or should I say, his teammates fan girls as well as his role as the "mother of the team". How could he forgot the times where he always look after Kirihara and how he spend his allowance to treat his seaweed headed kohai and so called best friend named Marui Bunta.

"Hey, mister… mister…" the curly haired boy said while waving his hand in front of Jackal's face.

"Hnn?" the half-Brazilian bachelor abruptly returns to his consciousness.

"We are going, thank you for your donation to us," the boys said.

Later that night, Jackal opened his email and saw a message from Kirihara.

Dear senpai-tachi,

How are you? I hope you're fine. Christmas is around the corner and I miss all of you, uhmm, well except for fukubuchou. It's all right with me even if I will not see him for the rest of my life. Anyway, it has been two years since we do not see each other so I came up with an idea. Let us have a reunion on Christmas Eve. I have many stories to share with you especially about my girlfriend. Actually, I will meet her parents today because they wanted to see me.

How about you, senpai-tachi? What love story of yours could you share when all of us meet in Christmas Eve?


Kirihara Akaya


I have talked to Yukimura-buchou yesterday and he agreed that whoever does not speak up regarding his love life will shoulder all the expenses during the reunion and will be the slave of the group for a day.

Jackal sighed after reading the message. Will he visit Japan for the reunion? He knows that his former teammates can easily get a girlfriend for themselves and parade them at their reunion if necessary. But for him, he has no love story to share! He's a lone wolf, after all.

Days have passed and finally, he has decided to visit Japan. What could he do if he really doesn't have any love life? It's something that he shouldn't be afraid of. He already packed his luggage and ready to go to the airport. As he is about to close his veterinary clinic and post his notice of absence, a lady carrying a battered black cat came.

"Is the clinic still open, doctor?" she asked while still panting for breathe.

The lady has a figure of a real goddess. She has blonde hair with brown eyes and is about 5'8 in height. She got a perfect pear shape body measuring 36-24-36. Her lips seem to be as sweet as the scent of her perfume which blends in the air.

Jackal was stunned for a moment because of the lady's beauty but afterwards, he went back to himself, "Uhmm… I'm about to close."

"Please doctor, this cat needs immediate treatment. I saw it being beaten by the stray dogs and if you will not treat its wounds it will die," the lady pleaded.

"I have a flight today, Miss. And I should not be late at the airport. If you want, I could refer you to other veterinary doctors…," he replied.

"What kind of vet doctor are you?" the beautiful lady yelled.

Jackal doesn't know what to reply next. He has to be at the airport in no time but then he can not ignore the lady's annoyance to him.

"Ok, I'll treat your cat, but I can not promise that it will survive," the baldy replied.

The lady's face brightened up and handed the black cat to Jackal. On the other hand, the half-Brazilian bachelor get his medical kit and start applying treatment to the beaten cat. The beautiful lady sat on a nearby sofa as she watched the cat being cured.

"Actually, it's not my cat. It's a stray cat living around my neighborhood," the lady confessed.

"But why did you help this cat?" Jackal asked.

"Because I love animals, especially cats," the lady replied.

"I see. But this one is a black cat and aside from its injuries, it's really not attractive," the baldy said.

The lady raised a brow, "Are you really a vet doctor or what? How dare you to judge someone because he is not attractive? Is it because his color is different? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!"

"I'm… I'm not saying that. But this is my first time to cure a stray animal. By the way, this cat is not a he, it's a she," Jackal replied.

"I don't care if it's a he or she, what matter to me is to see that it has received proper treatment," she said.

After treating the black cat's wound, the lady was about to pay Jackal's professional fee but then the later refuses to accept it.

"But why?" the goddess asked.

"Christmas is coming, so don't mind it," Jackal replied.

"But I have caused you to delay your flight," the lady insisted.

"It's alright, I will rebook my flight on the other day. Actually, I'm planning to spend a week vacation at Japan," Jackal said.

"Then what will I do, in order to repay you?" the lady asked.

Jackal shrugged, "I'm not asking anything in return."

After the lady left, Jackal went back to his house. What a troublesome girl he met. He admits that he was attracted by the lady's beauty but what he likes more is her attitude. He has never encounter such a beautiful goddess who is so loving yet so brave in expressing feelings.

The following day while the bachelor is about to take his lunch break, the lady from before came to his vet clinic. Jackal immediately recognized the goddess.

"Did something wrong happen with the black cat?" he asked.

The lady shook her head in disagreement and handed a basket to Jackal.

"What's this?" Jackal asked.

"Since you do not like to accept my payment for treating the cat, I decided to cook for you," she replied.

Jackal is so surprise. This is the first time that he receives something from a girl. During his days in Japan, he never receives anything from girls. He is only made as a channel of gifts from the fan girls to his previous teammates at the Tennis Club. He is so happy and his heart is literally leaping for joy.

"Thank you," he replied as he hides his blush from his dark complexion.

"By the way I haven't introduce myself to you yesterday, I'm Maria Dianna Rosa Salvador," the goddess said and stretched her hand for a handshake.

At first, Jackal hesitated to accept the handshake but then he does, "I'm Kuwahara Jackal."

"Well, Dr. Jackal nice to meet you," she said as she scan the place. "It looks like that you do not have any assistant with you ?"

"I'm all alone in this small clinic, as you can see," he replied and then he noticed that his hand is still holding Diana's hands. "Oh, I'm sorry."

The lady smiled, "You seemed to be a shy type."

Jackal scratched his head lightly after hearing the lady's comment, "This is me after all."

"What a poor guy," she said. "Oh, am I bothering so much? I have to leave now and I hope you enjoy the food that I cook for you."

"No, you're not bothering me Diana. Why… don't you stay for a while?" Jackal invited while stroking his bald head.

Diana blinked and give a little chuckle, "You're really a poor guy… Ok, I'll hang with you for a while."

The two spend their lunch on a garden nearby the vet clinic. He learned that Diana is a wedding planner and at the same time a fashion model. They talk about their jobs and their interests until they forget about the time. It's already afternoon and the orange ray of sunlight is seen everywhere.

"I'm sorry I didn't recognize the time," Jackal apologized.

"You don't have to apologize. I enjoy spending my time with you," Diana objected and picked up the basket.

The goddess already turned her back and ready to leave when Jackal called her, "Thank you, Diana."

"Have a happy trip to Japan and send my regards to your friends," the lady said smiling. "Goodbye, Dr. Jackal."

The baldy bachelor suddenly feels sadness after hearing the word goodbye. Will it be the last time that he will saw the goddess? He called on the lady as it walks away.

"Wait!", he said.

Diana faced Jackal, "Yes?"

"Advanced Merry Christmas," Jackal greeted.

"Advanced Merry Christmas too," Diana replied and come forward to Jackal and peck him on his cheek. "Who knows if we could attend Misa de Gallo together next year?"

And so the airplane flies on a sunny Brazilian day with a bald bachelor looking outside the window with a smile on his face, seven days before the Christmas Eve.

Author's Note: So how's the story? Do you think I should make Jackal's story a series?

By the way, real life Japanese-Brazilians are not dark in color. They could range from tan to fair skins. And believe me, they are beautiful and handsome.

Misa de Gallo or "Rooster's Mass" is a tradition in Catholic countries like Brazil wherein they will go to church and attend a typical midnight mass, starting at around 12:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve until 1:00 am. It is a very romantic way to spend this mass with your lover. (Believe me, it's also a tradition in our country that's why I know it)