Behind the Chapters

Hello everyone, I'm so grateful that many of you add this to your STORY ALLERTS and even STORY FAVORITES. Because of that, I decided to tell you some trivia regarding this oneshot stories.

Jackal's Story

1. Actually, the real occupation that I will give to Jackal is a football coach, but then out of nowhere I have decided to make him a Veterinary Doctor.

2. His OC is a named after a Mexican actress who always bears the name MARIA in all her soap opera, while the name DIANA came from the Roman goddess of the moon. ROSA is a Latin word for rose.

3. The first time that they should really meet is in Japan, but I change it to Brazil to make it more realistic.

Yanagi's Story

1. I have totally no idea on what to write about Renji because he's very difficult to read. Thank goodness I found someone who could write it for me.

2. The real name of Renji's OC is Suzuki Hanami. She is only using her pet name when she refers to herself as Suzuki Mia.

3. Renji's OC loves to disguise herself as a nerd due to her research. She is actually a cosmetics model.

Yagyuu's Story

1. Yagyuu's OC is the cruelest, spoiled, and liberated woman of all the OCs for the Rikkai boys.

2. His OC's surname should be Honda and not Mori. It was changed to Mori because Marui's OC has a middle name of Honda.

3. Yukino falls in love with Yagyuu the first time that he saw the gentleman that is why she kissed him on the lips. She is actually conscious the whole time and pretended to be so drunk. (As the saying goes: Never let opportunity to pass XD)

4. Yukino is a very accident prone person.

5. I ask someone to write this for me.

Marui's Story

1. This is my pet story of all because I have spent too much time writing about them! (see my other stories) I don't know why I choose Marui as a canon in writing POT stories; it must be his sweetness, haha.

Niou's Story

1. Wow, this has the highest reviews and recommendation to become a series. But did you know that I do not like Niou on the real Prince of Tennis story? I only love him at fanfictions.

2. If you want to visualize what his OC looks like, then better search Tomoyo Sakagami of Clannad. If only I do not like crossovers I could have pair her with Niou.

3. The idea of playing dead is not Niou's greatest prank to Aiko, there is something more than that which I will write on my upcoming fanfic next year.

Yukimura's Story

1. I only based the story on the lyrics of Last Christmas "Tell me baby, do you recognize me? It has been a year it doesn't surprise me…" Then I receive some feedbacks asking me if I watched the movie "My Amnesia Girl" which I honestly don't know.

2. If you will notice, Yukimura means Snow Village while his OC's name, Natsumi, which means Summer Beauty. They are like Ice and Fire. She was named after my friend.

3. Natsumi is not the sweet girl that you are expecting of; actually she is the most stubborn yet courageous OC that I have. She only got amnesia that is why she looks so dependent, gentle and weak in the oneshot.

4. Natsumi is hopeless romantic. She is willing to renounce her family's richness for the sake of Yukimura. She's not the jealous type of girl though she always says that Yukimura is a bastard. Oh well, nobody knows why she's calling him like that…

Sanada's Story

1. I do not find Sanada's oneshot to be challenging because I have written a story for him and the OC three years ago. It all happened that I lost my flash drive which contains the story.

2. The arrange marriage thing was inspired by Sanada's fanfic in ENDLESS-DREAMERS (dot) NET entitled DESTINY. (I recommend you to read the stories in the site because it's simply rocks. Plus, you are the one to name the OC)

3. As mentioned in the story, Sanada has a blossoming feeling for Sakura way back during their middle high school. But he suppressed his feelings because he is a rock, and rock should have no emotion. Honestly, he's afraid that Sakura will choose Atobe over him. Another is that his parents might take away their custody on Sakura and he doesn't like it to happen.

Akaya's Story

1. Akaya's oneshot is collaboration between me and Waizea. There is actually a fanfic for Akaya and the OC but it is written in Filipino language. Sorry but the English translation for this is not good.(For those who can understand Filipino fanfic, I recommend you to read "Misunderstanding Lang" you can find it under MY FAVORITES STORIES. Promise you'll enjoy this fic)

2. The idea of making Akaya as an FBI agent is from a yayoi fanfic in LiveJournal.

3. I plan that the drug syndicate Akaya fought at the beginning of the story is no other than Liliadent Krauser. Remember the name of his gang? It's Seitoku Gang derived from Nagoya Seitoku. Anyway, the main reason why I don't make that Krauser is because I don't want you to get upset with me.

4. The necklace thing was inspired by POND's commercial series about a twin necklace.

5. I am drunk when I write this oneshot. I actually fall asleep in front of my computer.

Did you know thatATOBE KEIGOappears in Niou and Yukimura's oneshot and is being mentioned in Sanada and Akaya's story? Well, it's Ore-sama after all.

Niou is the only Rikkaidai Character to appeared in 4 chapters. He is present in Marui, Yagyuu and Akaya's stories. All hail for the Best Supporting Actor! Puri~

So much for the bloopers…. I hope you enjoy your time reading this author's note.



It's time now to give your overall reviews and feedbacks….Arigatou!