I wasn't afraid. Standing out in the breath of the Azeroth, I feared nothing. I was at peace with myself. If I died now, I would be satisfied. I had soon grown accustomed to the light droplets of water that sprinkled my body, chilling me to the core. It was a strange, thrilling sensation that made me want more, yet at the same time, I lacked nothing.

I closed my eyes in silence and let the soothing sound of the tree leaves brushing against each other fill my ears. I let the raindrops wet my eyelids and I let them roll down my lilac cheeks. I didn't realise that they had melded with my tears.

At last, true life was mine. And I would never, ever return to the damp, musty prison of my tribe.

As I tentatively stretched out my hand into the reassuring forest of Ashenvale, a grunt filled the air. Demanding and unwavering, it silenced the beauty of the forest and crushed my dreams. My druidic spirits faltered as I fell to the ground in a ruined heap.

What have I done?


This was the preview of my story. I will upload shortly; I hope you've enjoyed this so far. :)