I do not own the characters of Annabelle and Simone nor do I pretend to. This is my adaptation of what might have happened after we saw Simone being taken away in the police car. This story is a continuation from the movie "Loving Annabelle""

Three Years Later

Annabelle looked out at the crowded auditorium. She couldn't believe she was here, getting ready to open for Ryan Adams.

She hadn't gone to college. She didn't even finish high school, dropping out right after Simone had been taken away. Simone, it still hurt to think of her. Annabelle knew she hadn't gone to prison; she'd made sure her mother had taken care of that. She had had to sell her soul for it to happen and promise to stay out of the papers but she would have walked through fire to help Simone.

For the last three years Annabelle had wanted to seek her out, tell her she still loved her, that she was sorry she had gotten her into trouble. For the last three years Annabelle had carried guilt so huge that she hadn't been with anyone since.

She had to shut it out right now or she wouldn't be able to perform. This was a dream come true, tonight was the deciding factor on whether she would make it or not in the music industry. She got ready at stage left and waited to be introduced.

"Let's all give a great big cheer for the new to the scene but extremely talented Miss A"

At the sound of her stage name she ran out… her set started and she lost her self in the moment.

Simone took her place in front of the stage ready to take the contracted photos. She hadn't heard of Miss A but she figured from her sound that she was going to be very popular so she figured she'd shoot a few shots before Ryan Adams came on.

There was something vaguely familiar about the young woman on stage. It was hard to tell exactly as she wore sunglasses for some unknown reason, a rock star thing Simone guessed. She would have been about 21 or so was tall and lean, toned more than skinny. Her hair was cropped and black. Nope Simone definitely didn't know her but there was something about her.

"I have one last song before handing you over to fabulous Ryan Adams" the girl on stage spoke "I haven't performed this for many years but I feel tonight's the night, especially as it's being released tomorrow. I wrote for someone special. Someone who I have never stopped thinking about."

With that Simone got up to move around to her specified "paparazzi spot" Ryan would be coming out as soon as the last cords were played on Miss A's set so she needed to be prepared. Nothing prepared her though for the strains that came from the stage.

"The space between what's wrong and right,
you will find me waiting for you….."

Simone did the only thing she could, she ran.

Annabelle packed up her gear backstage. It had felt good to sing "All over me" again. She hadn't sung it in three years. She had secretly been hoping that Simone was in the crowd, hoping that she would hear the strains of the song meant entirely for her and step forward showing herself to Annabelle, declaring that she still thought about her too. Annabelle knew it had been too much to hope for and that she had only herself to blame for the let down.

She took her guitar case and loaded it into her Chevy truck. She drove home with tears silently falling down her face, never noticing the dark car tailing her.

"What the hell are you doing Simone?" Simone felt her brain shouting at her, telling her she was asking for trouble. She shouldn't have been following Annabelle but she had to know where she lived, had to know if she was with someone, was she happy? She trailed the black Chevy, secretly hoping the girl would notice being followed yet also praying she didn't.

When she turned into a gated community Simone admitted defeat, there was no way she could get in there unnoticed, and she pulled out and sped off.

She sent the photos she had taken of "Miss A" to the papers, she was going to be front page news, the new girl on the music scene was a hit. She had asked to have pseudonym when they credited her for the photos, she couldn't have it exposed that she had been near Annabelle.

She climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of that night.