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Chapter 3

At the sound of the door opening Simone jumped up from her seated position. She expected to see the senator again , probably here to issue again the final warning, she was totaly shocked to see Annabelle.

At the sight of the young woman she loved, Simone's world went black and she collapsed on the floor.

Annabelle raced over to the older woman. Damn she had sent her into shcok. "Simone, Simone can you hear me, open your eyes baby, please" Annabelle cradled the woman in her arms, tears falling as she looked down and saw that Simone was wearing the buddah beads she had given her. She loves me Annabelle thought to herself.

Simone opened her eyes at the sound of Annabelles sobs. She knew she should get up and run, that she would pay a dear price for this encounter, but the feeling of the young womans arms around her held her firm.

"I love you Annabelle, I haven't stopped thinking of you every day for the last three years"

Annabelle sobbed even louder, she was finally with the woman she loved. To know Simone loved her back was everything she had wanted.

"I love you too Simone. Now we can finally be together" she lowered her head capturing her lovers mouth in a kiss that was gentle but full of passion.

Simone returned the kiss with equal passion, she ran her hands through Annabelles hair, down her arms, over the smooth of her abdomen. The need for each other was overwhelming. They drank each other in, where one ended the other began.

After several minutes Simone reluctantly broke it off.

She rose from the floor and looked at the younger woman. Her heart ached with love and pride. Simone knew that what she was about to do though was going to break it, not only hers but Annabelle's aswell.

"Annabelle, we can't. I promised your mother I wouldn't see you again. I love you, more than anyone I have ever loved before, but I can't do this. You deserve to be with someone free, someone who can give you things I can't. If we were to do this we would always be looking over our shoulders, waiting for your mother to bring the law down over what happened at school. I can't put you through that, and selfishly, I don't want to go to prison. Never forget though Annabelle, I love you. No one will ever replace you."

With that Simone left the room.

Annabelle crumpled to the floor in tears.