Dragon Ball Z: Time Patrol

Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 3

Goku, meet Goku!

Goku and Vegeta Jr. waited inside the living room for a painstakingly...30 seconds and decided it was time to do some adventuring, or at least, that's what Goku Jr. wanted to do.

"Vegeta, I'm going to take a look around. See ya in 5 minutes!", Goku Jr. said cheerfully. Before he could hear Vegeta Jr's response, he ran out of the door. Walking leisurely through the hallway, an important thought ran through his head. 'I wonder where I can find some food', he thought. Searching through the rooms, not bothering to be exactly secretive, he opened each door, saying "Nope!", id it was the incorrect door. He heard noise coming from one room.

"Hmm, maybe it's that T.V. Dinner I heard about in the archives.", opening the door slightly, he peered around the door frame with a serious look on his face. All he saw was some girl with blue hair who looked a bit like Vegeta Jr's mom. The girl didn't notice, as she was writing in some notepad with earphones on. The loud music was apparently coming from her I-pod. Goku Jr. slowly closed the door, whispering:


Continuing down the hallway, Goku Jr. heard dishes clattering. Goku Jr. thought quickly. Dishes+Noise= Food. Quickly following the noise, he finally found the place he was looking for. Their was a large refrigerator, which had to have been the size of a whole side of the wall. Quickly opening the fridge he pulled out all edible foods. M&M's, Ice-Cream bites, Ice Cream sandwiches, Lemonade...

After grabbing his share of food, he sat down and began to eat, when he noticed munching sounds across the table. He looked up and saw 20 empty bowls of some food. When he looked at the culprit, he looked like...himself! The even weirder thing was that he was wearing a Blue Gi with a white belt! It looked exactly like the blue headband he wears!

The munching noises stopped and the man slowly looked up from his food. As they looked at each other, the man broke the silence.

"Gothen? Wid you thwange thour thair?"( Goten? did you change your hair?), he said, with food in his mouth.

"Huh? That's my grandpa!", Goku Jr. responded. The man almost spit out the mountain of food that was lodged in his mouth. Instead, he managed to make a weird choking sound before swallowing.

"W-what?", the man said in between pants.

"Hey, what's your name", Goku Jr. asked. At that question, the man realized this couldn't be Goten. Under closer inspection, the boy wore a blue shirt that looked alot like his, red fighting boots he's never seen before, and a blue headband. This was a weird one, the man thought to himself.

"Well, my names Goku!", Goku said cheerfully.

"Wow, really? My name's Goku, too! Goku Jr! Nice to meet you!", Goku Jr said, offering his hand. Goku shook his hand, laughing lightly.

"Wow! I didn't know there were other Goku's around!", Goku laughed. Goku Jr laughed too, and they started talking.

"Wow, so you've been to a tournament, and your a time traveler! That's great! So that makes me your great-great-great-great...uh.", Goku lost count of how many greats he said. "Well, that makes me a great grandpa!"

"You look just like you did when I first met you."

"Really? How?"

"You said you left with a dragon and became part of the dragonballs. You had appeared and helped me out when I was real young.", Goku Jr. said, remembering the day well, when he went off on the journey to help his grandma Pan.

'I left with a dragon? I can't really think of being away from my friends that long. What did Chi-Chi think of that?', Goku thought to himself. He really couldn't fathom being away from family that long. Well, he probably wouldn't do that anyway, he thought. He continued to listen to the time traveler's adventures, as he talked of some evil witch named Mamba.