A New Realm

Chapter One: The Beast and a Watcher

The Titans were sitting in the kitchen having their usual morning routine. Robin eating eggs and coffee for Breakfast, Starfire making something from her home planet, Raven drinking her morning Green Tea, and Cyborg and Beast Boy having their morning fight over meat and Tofu.

"Cyborg, how can you kill so many animals for breakfast? IS THAT A STAKE? You're eating stake for breakfast Cy. Come on try a little Tofu you might like it."

"No way green bean, tofu is just plastic pretending to be meat. And you can't tell me you don't like the taste of meat. Your Tofu is meat flavored." Beast Boy blushed as everyone looked at him a little shocked.

"Cy, I'm an animal. I love the taste of meat. I never claimed to not like the taste of meat I just can't eat something I can look like. I not vegan, I'm vegetarian; there is a difference you know. Vegans won't eat anything that comes from animal. I eat eggs and drink milk don't I?" The Titans all nodded in agreement still a little shocked that Beast Boy likes the taste of meat. Just as Raven was about to comment on this the Titan Alarm went off.

"Titans Go!"

The Titans dragged themselves back into the common room after a long fight against the Hive Five. It was particularly hard when Gismo took out Cyborg and Billy Numerus took out both Raven and Starfire with his many copies. It was up to Robin and Beast Boy to take them down and Robin didn't have much hope. It was about the middle of the fight that Beast Boy shocked the boy wonder. He transformed into the Beast willingly and took out four out of the five, Hive Five members. Billy Numerus was the only one left when he changed back into himself, winded but ready to fight again. Billy turned tail to run and Beast Boy changed into a cheetah and chased him right back into Robin. All the villains tired up and waiting for the officers to come take them away Robin turned back on Cyborg and Beast Boy dug out Starfire and Raven. Helping them both back up they looked around ready to fight only to see that it was over. Beast Boy breathing heavily asked them if they were ok but his eyes never left Raven. He scanned over her body, to look for any damage done to her physically. When the girls answered him that they were alright he nodded and sat down on the ground and put his head on his knees.

They were home now exhausted, they rushed to get cleaned up. When they were all back in the common room Robin turned to Beast Boy.

"How did you do that?" They all looked from Robin to Beast Boy and back again. Beast Boy sighed and looked up at Robin.

"To be honest Rob, I have no idea. I've noticed a few things now when I sleep. When I'm asleep I'm there with the Beast, talking with it. Then one night I started to train it. However, I can't just call him whenever, only when I'm in danger. He only responds to that call; believe me I've tried to call him just randomly before." Raven looked at Beast Boy a little concerned by his dreams.

"Beast Boy, your training the Beast in your dreams, are you doing this often?" Beast Boy nodded his head.

"Sometimes it's not just me though. Sometimes there are several of me around. All in different colors and different personalities, it was weird at first but now it's really cool." Raven nodded her head a little worried by this. She didn't show it but he was starting to explain what happens when she visits Nevermore. The day went on without any more crime fighting or questions to Beast Boy about the Beast.

"Hmm, dear sister, you've shown me your heart just now. I see your weakness and I will use it to bring you down. Queen of Realm Earth, Raven, be ready your brother is coming home." As he spoke a picture replayed itself over and over on the screen, Ravens face showing concern then going blank. The man walked away laughing, plotting his plan ready to strike when he gathered enough information.