Chapter Thirteen: Marriage times three

It was a warm October day as all the Titans gathered together to witness a very joyous event. About two years ago Robin or now known as Nightwing asked Star to marry him and they got married only a couple months later. A year ago Cyborg took the big leap with Bee and was now expecting a child. Today was a very happy day, for the last two original titans were getting married. To say this was a special day would be an understatement for there was not just one wedding ceremony going on but three. When Beast Boy or know known as Beast asked Raven to marry him so of course said yes, yet Gar would hear nothing of it unless she agreed to a three part wedding. The first part is to take place in her native culture; the second part in his tribal culture; and the last to be a Christian wedding. To say Raven was excited was an understatement; she would be married in her home traditions and in Beast Boy's. A year after here they stand ready to take part in this unusual but meaningful wedding.

Beast stood in the dressing room with Robin and Cyborg his two best men. To say he was freaking out was just crazy. He was beyond freaking out.

"Whoa, Gar calm down. You're going to do fine, don't worry about it." Gar looked at Robin like he was crazy.

"Do you know how hard it was to learn Azarthan. I even had the help of our link and I still screwed up last night at practice. I mean Dick, what if I screw up now?" Cyborg began to crack up at his Best Friend.

"Man, if you mess up who's going to know other than Rae and that Azarth monk? I know I wont know the difference between Gothris and Toman." Gar gasped at Cyborg.

"Dude you cussed in Azarthan." This got the green man chuckling till he was turning red.

"You're starting to look like a Christmas tree Gar." Dick laughed as his friend shut up right then and there. "But really Gar, stay calm you'll do fine, and I'm sure Rae won't kill you if you mess up a little bit." They heard a knock at the door and a high pitch squeal come from the other side. The guys laughed and let Star into the room.

"Friend, are you ready to as you say 'the plunge'?"

"I've been ready for years Star. Ever since I found out in her Demon culture I was her mate. I can't believe it's been five years since that." They all nodded in agreement, crime had been very slow. They still had some major baddies come every once and while but most of the ones they fought before were either dead or retired from that line of work. "Hey Star, how's Rae?" Gar looked at her with hopeful eyes.

"She is most wonderful. Excited and nervous at the same time, I should say being a little nervous is a good thing though." They all nodded in agreement, but then Star stopped them when she crushed Garfield in a tight hug and left the room. She went down the hall to Raven's dressing room and walked in.

"Starfire, oh thank Azar. Star, how's my hair, my makeup? Star I'm so nervous." Star came over to Raven and gave her a gentle hug. Bee came in a few seconds later and saw the hug and joined them.

"Ah Group hug!" They made room for Bee and her now enlarging belly. Raven placed a hand on it and it started to glow blue.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist looking and making sure everything was coming along alright." Bee smiled and nodded at her.

"Any time you want to do that its fine by me." They shared a small smile before Bee rushed over to the chair and pulled a dress bag from its back. "Ready to get dressed?" Raven took a deep breath and smiled a little wider.

"Ready, I'm ready for it all." Raven and the other two quickly got ready in their dresses. The boys all wore a simple tux and tie. The girls however, all had on something different. Starfire had opted to dress in the traditional dress of Raven's culture. A floor length dress made of purple silk, and a dark green cloak that looked almost black that reached the ground as well. Bee went for a more traditional dress. A long green dress that fit just so for her enlarged belly. Raven wore the traditional white of all brides dresses she knew of. However, it had a few changes to the whole outfit. She wore a small cape around her shoulders to keep her warm from the slightly chilled air. The cape was white with a soft green outline to it. The dress fit her like a glove and went down in an A line fashion down to her feet and had a train that ran behind it. The dress also had a slit on the right side of her belly. Since most women in Gar's tribe also had such a slit in their dress. For something old she took out an old flower pin for her hair that her mother had given her. It was of soft lilac purple and held back one side for her now waist long hair. For something new she wore a silver cross that Gar had given to her at their engagement announcement. Something borrowed, was a small green raven pin for her sash to keep it in place. Finally, something blue was very close to her heart now. King Akida just before his passing had given her a bracelet that he believed had healing abilities. It was made of blue beads and stone. Soon the ceremony had begun, with Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy going to their positions by the Azarth Monk, the high priest of the tribe, and a Christian priest. Soon the music began to play and Dick's and Star's daughter and son walked down together, their daughter throwing petals every which way, as she walked down holding on her mommy's hands, the son holding her other hand clutching a ring in his fingers. Gar laughed as Dick tried to get the ring from his son, but was only tempted to let go when Star asked for it. (FWI, the daughter is just over one and half, and the son is seven months old. Hey I was walking at seven months) Soon the brides march started to play and everyone rose and turned towards the doors. Cyborg made his way back down the aisle. When he reached the end he held out his hand and Raven took it. As she turned out of the doors and started to walk with Cyborg, Gar froze on the spot. Raven saw the shocked look and pure love in his eyes and smiled even more.

Three voices rang out to the crowd, each asking the same thing in three languages.

"Who gives this Bride away?" Gar took one step down and held his hand out for Raven as she took it Cyborg announced for all to hear.

"I do." The nodded and Cyborg took his place next to Robin. As Gar and Raven took their place in front of the monk and two priests they looked to each other and smiled. The monk step forward and laid out in front of them a cloth. Inside were five gems. She spoke in Azarthan but cast her powers out so all would hear in their native tongue what she was saying.

"We have gathered here today to join Princess Raven and Knight Garfield together in a scared bond. Do any of Azarth object to such a union?" Raven turned to those who came to see her get married. All her good brothers and sisters were there, four in all. She had eight she being the youngest and the ninth of them. Nobody spoke and Raven smiled and turned back to the Monk. "Then I Allisa, high Monk of Azar, present to you the gems of union. The pink gem of Love and passion, may your love be greater than anything else." She placed a hot pink gem on her left hand and Gar's right hand.

"The green gem of strength, courage and trust, may your days be full of strength for one another, courage that all will be right, and trust to never falter." She placed a dark green gem on Raven's right hand and a light green on Gar's left.

"Finally, the red gem of power and plentiful ness, may this gem give you the power to rule with love and compassion and together and to bear you many children in the future to come." She touched Raven's original gem and placed a red gem just as bright on Gar's head.

"You now may say your vows, Raven?" Raven turned to Gar and started to speak in Azarthan.

"Gar, you are my light and my hope. When I was scared or defeated you were there to help me through it. I promise from now and forever that I will be your light and your hope." She stood on her tip toes and Gar bent his head forward a little and she kissed the gem on his forehead causing it to light up the room for a moment.

"Raven, you are my anchor and my teacher. When I started to be too childish you were always there to remind me of what our job was. You were my teacher in the powers that without you I could never have, and in my own powers. I promise from this day on I will be your anchor and your teacher." He bent his head down and kissed the gem on her forehead causing the same effect. The monk stepped back and allowed the high priest step forward. Gar's eyes glowed white for a second and smiled. He placed a spell to allow everyone to understand the priest talk.

"We are gathered here today to join Warrior Prince Garfield and Warrior Princess Raven. Is there anyone here from the native tribe who object to this union?" This time Gar looked around, only two people from his village was here other than the high priest and he doubt either one would object. (Yes Huru and Tibito.)

"Then let us begin with the marking." He sat before Gar and Raven and motioned them to follow suite. "I give you the white paint of purity. May your union be as pure as the mountain snow." He circled their gems in white paint.

"I give you yellow paint, so it may be strong as the sun in Africa." He colored in the white circles being careful to skip over the gems.

"So, finally the purple paint of fertility. So your family may grow and continue on through the ages." He took Raven's right hand and placed one purple dot on her palm and then took Gar's right hand and did the same treatment.

"Do you have any vows you wish to speak, Garfield?" He looked into Raven's eyes and they seemed to smile with him. In Swahili he spoke to Raven.

"Raven, I am a jokester and a child at times, but I promise to be a serious and loving father to any and all of our children." He took her right hand in his left and hovered over her palm not touching hers just yet.

"Garfield, I am a serious person and often act beyond my years, but I promise to be a fun and loving mother to any and all of our children." She took his other hand and tightened their hands together causing the marks to be left on each other's hands.

High priest step back and allowed the Christian priest to step forward.

"We are gathered here today to join Garfield Mark Logan and Raven Rachel Roth in holy matrimony. Does anyone here object to such a union, speak now or forever hold your peace." No one spoke out for a whole minute causing both of them to smile warming at each other.

"Very well, do you Garfield Mark Logan take Raven Rachel Roth to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer till death do you part?" Gar didn't even hesitate.

"I do."

"Do you Raven Rachel Roth take Garfield Mark Logan to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part?" The priest almost didn't get to finish before Raven spoke.

"I do."

"Then by the power invested in me, I pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride." Garfield and Raven went in for a passionate kiss. When they pulled apart it was like no one else in the world existed.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Logan." Clapping, whistling, and cheering erupted from the crowed as the new couple walked out the door and too the reception.

"So are you ready for our new life, Mrs. Logan?" Raven looked at her new husband and smirked.

"Why I do believe I am Mr. Logan." They kissed and entered the reception hall ready for their new life to begin.