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"Talking" and 'thinking'
flashbacks (/your mom/) or dreams (\\your dad\\)

Pairings are: SasuNaru, KyuuAra, and a few others… (Not too sure at the moment.)

Warning: Lemons, Yaoi (Boy X Boy) Yuri (Girl X Girl), Mpreg, language, violence (mild to graphic, depends) and Oocness and Icness. (Out Of Character and In Character)

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It had been two long stressful and painful weeks, and all he wanted to do right now was to be able to feel his heart and body once more. He was on a mission to deliver an important scroll when he was ambushed, kidnapped, and held hostage. During the week and a half he was there, they tortured him by injecting drugs & poisons into him, froze him to near death then burning his flesh, but not enough to leave scars. They even drowned him, whipped him, stretched him on a rack, and used mind torturing jutsu on him.

He was rescued sometime last week by a team of ANBU, claiming that they had been led there by an odd little fox, and he was trapped in the hospital up until today. He walked into his home and leaned against the door after locking it and looked at the bandages on his hands.

"I can't feel anything anymore… What should I do now?" he asked the still air.

"If you feel nothing, then allow me to help you feel again, to make you whole once more Arashi…"

He had no time to register anything before he was slammed fairly hard against the wall, a hard masculine body pinned his own smaller and delicately feminine one in place. His hands were pinned on either side of his head by a pair of tails as a large clawed hand gently cupped his cheek. He had his eyes shut the entire time, feeling a thumb lightly brushing over his lips, leaving a tingling sensation in its wake.


He felt…warmth?

He also felt…relaxed?

And for some reason he felt slight pain, but most of all he felt protected.

The owner of the hand caressed the cheek that his hand was resting on, the younger blond male in front of him, leaned into the touch. He smiled, now playing with a strand of wild sun gold hair as he leaned down so his lips lightly brushed over the top of his ear, his breathing tickling the area around the ear sending delightful shivers down his spine.

"Tell me, how are you feeling now, Arashi?" he asked softly, his deep soothing voice causing a tidal wave of pleasure down the blond human's body, shaking him to the core.

"Ha-hot…s-s-safe…" he gasped, the demon frowned as the boy's eyes slowly opened. His glazed over ocean blue eyes met with loving deep crimson red ones.

Arashi gave the red eyed man a confused look, he knew him from somewhere, but from where? His mind was in a fog, this man isn't suppose to be here, right? He was- ! He was-! He was dangerous…right?

He only looked down to the red-eyed man's pale lips, leaning up he went to kiss him when he blacked out. He caught the frail boy, chuckling lightly as he carried the small human into living room after checking all six locks. He laid Arashi on the sofa and went through the house gathering all the cushions, pillows, blankets and futons to lay them down in the den to create a den.

As his little blond slept, he set to work making a firm, but comfortable den. He laid the futons down after moving all the furniture out off the way, he set up all the cushions making thick layer over the futons and then put he put all the thinner sheets down with the thicker ones over middle of the den. Satisfied with his work he got Arashi and laid him down in the center, wrapping his tails over him as he looked about.

He had set up three thousand candles and the fireplace to make the room nice and warm. He smiled at how cute Arashi really was when he wasn't awake, the stern feature were relaxed and showed off that he was really eighteen years old and not some thirty-two year old man. He had stripped Arashi off all his clothes save for his boxers and was now waiting for him to wake up.

It wasn't a long wait, since said blond shot up, panting and sweating, he looked about with panic clear on his face. When his eyes landed on the smiling demon he screamed as he got up and backed away from him. The red eyed man frowned as he stood and walked slowly toward him, not wanting to scare him anymore than necessary until Arashi's back met the wall.

"What-what are you! Who are you! H-ho-how did you g-get in here!" Arashi demanded, his voice shaking and sounding weak even in his own ears.

He pressed further into the wall as the tall red haired demon stood so close; he could feel his breath on his tanned cheeks.

"Do you know not who I am? Surely you can remember who it was that left this mark and gave you this pendant?" he asked lightly nipping at the rather large bite mark on his left shoulder that had healed and turned into a white scar against his golden skin and the blue diamond necklace that sat on his neck.

Arashi gave a shuddering gasp as long clawed pale fingers traced the birth mark on his stomach, the demons voice ringing sinfully in his ears. "Nor do you recall that it was I that made you feel this way? Feel this safe? This weak?" he asked nipping lightly at the base of his neck, slowly moving up the tanned flesh.

Arashi gave a soft mewl, feeling an incredible rush of heat flood his being, causing his heart to beat fast and strongly in his chest. His mind was on over load until on thing was clear. "Kaz-…Kazuma… Kyu-…Kyuubi… Kyuubi! You-you can't be—Mmph!" he remembered Kyuubi and was trying to protest when said demon kissed him and said, "No, koi, you are hurt and I'm not leaving you until I know you are okay."

Arashi wrapped small arms over broad pale shoulders as he allowed Kyuubi to embrace him. "But Kyu-kun you cannot be here… if you are caught—" Kyuubi put a finger on his lips and said, "I won't leave until you are back to that little angel I claimed and not until those bastards scents are off of you. They had the nerve to even leave scars…" his voice had dropped to a raw and low tone that Arashi couldn't help but get excited. He looked down to see the demon was dressed while he was only in his boxers. "Um… Kyu-kun?" Kyuubi smirked at the shyness in the blonde's voice as he picked him up and carried him to the bathroom, where a nice hot bath had been prepared.

Arashi grew nervous and asked in a softer voice, "Kyu-kun?" Oh how he missed that sound, the timid and shy voice only Arashi could manage. He simply kissed him before he pulled off his boxers, earning a cute little 'eep' from him as he revealed his sex. Blushing in shame Arashi placed his left hand over his pride while turning his face away from Kyuubi his right trying to hide the blush. Kyuubi chuckled as he took his Toa robes off and his Arabian pants and shirt as well so he was naked for Arashi to see.

Noticing the blush had deepened and Arashi had his back to him, he wrapped his arms about his slender waist, leaning down so his mouth was beside his ear, he purred out, "Why do you wish to hide? Only I am allowed to see you this way, so please do not hide from me." He emphasized the 'I' as he turned him around and moved his hands away.

Arashi closed his eyes turning his head to the side as Kyuubi took his time devouring him with his eyes. He had a beauty no mortal, immortal, nor god ever could possess. His lips in a hungry manner as he looked up at Arashi's red face. He smiled and led him to the bathtub; he got in first and sat Arashi down between his legs. Using his body to heat the water as Arashi sighed and leaned into him.

As they sat there Kyuubi took the time to wash and massage Arashi's body. Said blond was relaxed thanks to his lover's gentle caresses, occasionally placing a kiss or nip here and there. Kyuubi smirked as his Arashi's scent was starting to come back to him, he smelt of fresh spring water and lilacs mixed with the scent bath he smelt heavenly. The moon-flower oil relaxed them both. Arashi leaned into Kyuubi's body and sighed happily as he asked, "Kyuubi, why all of this?" he looked up so that he could see the handsome and well defined face of the demon.

"Because I felt like doing it for you, do I need anyone's permission to please you? Why do you ask? Does this not please you?" he looked worried now, his ears folding back in worry as the blond gasped and started waving an arm around as he apologized to him, "No-no, I happy you did this for me! I'm just so use to you being rough, that I was wondering why the sudden change!" his cheeks were nearly matching Kyuubi's fur as he looked down in shame.

Kyuubi sighed, a soft smile on his face as he lifts his chin so he was looking him in the eyes as he spoke, "Do not apologize, I am not offended, I could never be with you… I am sorry for always being so rough with you, which is why I am doing this, now come. We've soaked long enough."

He stood up first as Arashi gave a squeak and hid his face in his hands, turning so his back was the demon. Kyuubi looked at him in confusion before looking down to see his own pride. He laughed as he quickly dried and pulled the wrapped the towel around his waist, remembering that- now what was that word again?-Font? No, that wasn't it, flant? Is that even a word? Was it flaunted? Yes that was the word! They didn't like flaunting their prides in front of each other, unless they were mating. He pulled Arashi up and dressed him in a bathrobe after Arashi squealed in shock and slapped him one for scaring him half out of his wits.

Arashi had snatched the bathrobe from him and wrapped it tightly around himself as Kyuubi chuckled lightly at him as he muttered about going to bed and locking his door. Once Arashi had finished tying the robe, Kyuubi led them back down to the den and stood Arashi in front of him with his back to him as he skillfully wrapped one out of nine tails over his waist, pinning his arms to his side and wrapped his arm over Arashi's shoulders, grabbing his chin and lifting his head up as his right arm slide over the thick robe and cupped a not so small 'friend'. He gently rubbed it, earning short gasps and helpless little mewls from the blond teen.

It was cute how Arashi pouted when he stopped rubbing him and bucked shyly into his hand trying to get more of the feeling. Kyuubi licked and nibbled on the side of his neck getting breathless, broken versions of his name as he moved his hand more vigorously over Arashi's growing need.

Arashi shuddered and groaned in disappointment when Kyuubi let him go and began to untie the robe. Once his little lover was naked, Kyuubi turned hi towards him and smirked as Arashi grabbed his long hair and pulled him in for a bruising kiss. His wandering hands found a sensitive spot on his lower back and began molesting it, making him moan wantonly into his mouth.

As he continued massaging the spot, Arashi's legs gave out from beneath him and he sank down onto his knees so his face was leveled with the towel around Kyuubi's waist. He turned around and laid his upper torso down, wiggling his little backside at Kyuubi as an invitation.

Kyuubi grinned as he grabbed the firm, but smooth bottom and pulled the cheeks apart to expose his entrance. Arashi groaned loudly as Kyuubi nibbled at the beginning of the crack, one of his tails teasing his entrance. Arashi was trembling his body was on fire, he felt so hot and he wanted nothing more than to feel Kyuubi more.

Groaning loudly as said demon attacked his balls, the tip of his tail going into his hole. "You smell lovely, koi. Hope you don't mind a quick little tail fuck... I need to make this a painless as possible." Kyuubi growled in to his ear before he started sucking and nipping at the tanned shoulder blades and spine. He shut his eyes tighter as all of Kyuubi's tails grabbed and caressed him, Kyuubi's little treasure map leading his mouth to Arashi's entrance. He bit a butt cheek earning a very deep purr from Arashi, smirking he said, "Enjoying your self there, koi?" Hearing a shaky 'more' from his blonde, he replaced his tail with four fingers.

He scissors them and curled them, careful not to scar the walls with his claws until he found an area that felt softer and wetter than the rest of the passage. Out of curiosity he thrust his fingers into the spot making Arashi scream, "Kami-sama! Kyuubi again, again please!" He smirked liking this reaction a lot, he kept hitting the spot until he smelt musk, stopping, he pulled his fingers, Arashi growling pathetically in protest. "Koi... suck." He ordered harshly into his ear before he stood up on his knees.

Arashi turned to him, two tails forcing their way into his hole to keep it stretched as Arashi took the towel off. "Kyu-Kyu-kun!" Arashi's face was redder than blood now, how he managed that color was beyond Kyuubi. "It's a foot and a half!" Kyuubi's ears flattened, at the high pitched squeaks Arashi made as he looked at his pride.

"Is it too small?" Arashi looked up his eyes wide like he was just caught reading porn in the school bathroom. "Too small! That's fucking huge compared to that of a normal human penis! It-it won't fit!" Kyuubi blinked, was that why he was spazing out? He was worried it wouldn't fit?

He grabbed Arashi's hair gently and pulled him up into a soft, chaste kiss as he said, "You remember your lessons? I told you once before, I would never hurt you." He let him go as the blond took a moment to breathe before he grabbed the bottom half of the erection and gently licked the tip. He lapped at it softly, his eyes closed, he was never really comfortable looking at his mate's pride.

/ "It's the job of the female, the submissive if you may, to please the male, the dominant of the pair. It is your job to coat and please your mate so that the male may please and possibly impregnate the female."/

He kissed the slit as he began to nip and suck down one side and up the other. Kyuubi growled in pleasure, adding a third tail to the others.

/ "The male has a specially made lubricant within the body which allows him or her to enter their female with little to no pain at all, but if the female is human, it won't hurt much, but they will feel as of they were being ripped slowly to pieces."/

Taking the head into his mouth he sucked softly, swirling his tongue around the organ and taking in as much as he can, and failing to deep throat even one-third of Kyuubi's impressive length. He sucked hard as the growl suddenly began threatening; he pulled back with a nice wet popping sound as he turned his back to the fox. "This is going to be fun, ne, little one?" Arashi trembled in fear and in pleasure at the dark voice Kyuubi got when his inner animal was in control of him. 'I waited too long... I hope this doesn't hurt like last time.' He laid the top half of his body down, keeping his butt up in the air as the tails slide out one at a time and a something bigger was slowly pushed in.

Kyuubi paused every few second when he heard a strangled sob or was told to hold still. He didn't care if he died from blue balls, nothing was going to make him hurt his mate; he was in to the hilt, waiting for Arashi to regain consciousness again, the poor thing blacked out for a minute or two. "K-K-Kyu-kun... m-mo-move please!" He kissed the blonde's cheek as he slid out half way and pushed in hard, setting a steady rhythm. He relished in the tight heat that swallowed him whole every time he thrust in and moaned at the sexy mewls and gasps escaping those petal soft lips of his mate.

"Mmph, Kyu... mo-more..." Kyuubi smirked and thrusting harder, but still kept his slow pace, it was driving the blond insane! But before Arashi could protest he was flipped roughly on to his shoulders, his feet were touching the ground on either side of his head. Kyuubi snarled as he thrust into him at an animalistic pace, Arashi screaming in pleasure as his prostate was abused.

His vision was white as he heard Kyuubi muttering how sorry he was, when his orgasm hit. But it hit with such a force he lost consciousness... The walls surrounding Kyuubi tightened to the point he burst into the blond, he poured himself in and pulled out, licking the extra up and cleaning up his mate, he insured that his target was hit. "Sleep well koi... I shall return soon." He left him sleeping soundly in their bed…

The next morning, Arashi awoke to the sound of his front door being kicked in. He sat up as a group of Shinobi stood in the door way to the den, they all coughed and turned around as he covered himself with a blanket, his face once again as red as Kyuubi's fur. "Can't a guy sleep naked in his own house?" They all ran out the house as he chased them to the door, he would have slammed it shut if he wasn't standing on it. Arashi was not happy right now...

About two months after his little sex escapade with Kyuubi, he woke up every morning puking his head off, it got to the point that he was worried and went to see a doctor. After he had his physical done, the doctor was using his chakra to scan for anything out or the ordinary when his hands stopped at his lower abdomen. "Huh! How is this possible! Uzumaki-san, you are–you're–!" Arashi was worried now, was he sick! Was he dying! "What is it?"

The doctor was extremely pale as he looked the scared blond in the face, "You're pregnant..." he fainted as Arashi sat there stunned for 0.2 seconds before all you heard all across Fire, "I'M WHAT?" After about a few more hours of tests and beating the doctor's face in, Arashi came home and lies down on the sofa. He rubbed the bulge in his stomach and smiled happily as he curled up to sleep. 'I'm going to have babies...' was the last thought before dreamland claimed him.

Meanwhile, Kyuubi was running all over Konoha, trying to escape the ninja that thought he was wild animal, which he was, and were trying to catch him. He was no in the market place, as Arashi had once told. He looked around and dashed under a fruit cart to catch his breath. 'Thanks to these bastards I have to take the long way to Arashi's place... this is ridiculous!' He hadn't seen his mate in two months!

He wanted nothing more than to cuddle and probably take him in the kitchen, oh, oh the bathroom! He shook his head and sniffed the air, once he was sure the cost was clear he ran like a mother. As he ran sniffed for Arashi's scent. 'Spring water, lilac and breast mil–!' He booked it, sneaking along the back streets until he got to Arashi's house and turned human so he could open the back door.

He locked it as he crept into the living room, his hearing telling him that Arashi was asleep right now. He was behind the sofa and was about to lean forward when Arashi shot up, a fist flying at his face faster than even he could see! He luckily caught the fist and pinned Arashi down. "Hello koi..." he said, smiling at him as said lover began to wave his arms while apologizing. 'Is that a habit of his, or does it run in the family?' he kissed him softly, getting a muffled 'meep' out of him as he pulled back and smiled, rubbing his stomach.

"Heavy with my kitten are we?" Arashi blushed and nodded his head. "How far a long are you?" he asked, leaning his head down to nuzzle the bulge. "Two months... The Hokage knows... And just as I was told that I am going to be the next Hokage..." He looked a little sad, but he smiled anyway and said, "But who cares, I have you and this little angel to make me happy." Kyuubi nodded leaning in for a kiss when someone began banging on the door.

Arashi pouted cutely as he went to answer it, "Yes? Ibiki-san, what–?"

"The council and the Hokage wish to see you." The older teen had a grave expression on his face as he looked from Arashi to Kyuubi who was walking up behind his mate, a dark scowl on his handsome features. "Uzumaki-san, who is he?" Arashi looked at Kyuubi and blushed, "My husband... Dear, I have to go out for a while."

Kyuubi handed him a warm coat and said, "I'll come with you, if that's alright with you?" he looked at Ibiki, his irises slitting again as he waited for the human to dare say no. "Do as you wish." Kyuubi smirked and followed them to the tower.

Kyuubi was holding Arashi close as the elders shouted and argued about Arashi's 'problem.' Arashi buried his face into the his chest trying not to listen, but hearing things like monster, killing, and rape he was on the verge of tears. Kyuubi didn't like this, these elders where making his mate upset, he held him close, telling him that they would never touch him as they finally became quiet.

"Sarutobi-sama, we should send a team of ANBU to hunt down and kill the demon that dared to rape Uzuamki-sama and in a month have the little parasite extracted from him," an old woman demanded angrily.

"No! You will not touch my mate!" Kyuubi roared, his red eyes flashing with anger. "And if you even think about touching my unborn kit, you will pay dearly for it!"

Arashi looked up at him and told him to calm down. Sarutobi finally stood and said, "I am no longer Hokage, so it is Arashi-kun's decision on what shall be done, and if you are so hell bent on killing demons than why not just kill three quarters of the whole village?"

They all fell silent and bowed their heads in shame.

"You are all relieved of your duties save for you Sarutobi-san; I could use your council and advice. And whether you like it or not, I'm going to have this 'parasite,' and I know for a fact that my baby will be loved." The council looked livid with the blond, but Arashi simply smiled so coldly that hell itself froze over as he asked, "Are we agreed?" They nodded quickly as even Kyuubi shivered from the chill air.

"And if you want, this baby will have every jutsu I know in his genetic make up as well as the family Kekkai Genkai, the Sokugan (1)." They looked at each other be for nodding as they filed out of the room to gather their things and left. The Shinobi that had been there all cheered and congratulated Arashi who was being hugged to death by his mate. "I will go home and have my people move here, so this way we can stay together. I shall see you as soon as possible… I will send a midwife and a wet nurse to care for you." Arashi nodded his head as they kiss, a few people blushing or telling them to get a room…

Arashi sat in a meeting with the most powerful families within Konoha; they were talking about the development of the new generation of Shinobi. "Hokage—" Arashi held up a hand and said in a stern voice, "We've been friend since we were in the academy, so call me by my name, and don't you dare say 'sama' afterwards."

They nodded as they laugh at the red tinting his cheeks. "Arashi-kun, how should we put this plan into action? We don't have many teachers!" a tall long haired brunette with white eyes asked, his little girl sitting on his lap. "We don't have enough people who can train the students and the ones that make it to teams who will instruct their teams?" a wild looking woman asked, he own son sitting beside her, he had his little thumb in his mouth as he looked about in awe.

"The Chunins that are usually on desk work or have nothing to do, I'm sure they won't mind teaching the children the basics and preparing them for the real world. Plus with Kyu-kun's people living us, I am sure that they will help out with taking over teams along with some of our Jonins, this way we will learn from each our and train our young Shinobi that even though we are different on the outside we are the same inside."

They nodded as a blond man stood and said, "But the real question is, what of the treaties with Suna and Waterfall?" Arashi nodded his head and looked up with a serious face, the happy child like looks gone. "I will be talking with them tomorrow—OW!" He clutched his pained side and rubbed it soothingly as the woman from before ran to his side.

"I'm fine, the baby just kicked… Hmm, that was a strong one." He was wincing in pain, but overall the baby just shifted position, lightly rubbing the spot it abused with what he thought would be his cheek.

"Are you sure? Do not push yourself if it's only going to hurt you," she said, the others nodding in agreement.

"Tsume, you worry too much, I am fine… I put up with this for nine months now. And you've all put up with my mood swings and munchies attack," he said still rubbing his side. 'That one really hurt, I'm sure you didn't mean to, but be careful with mommy okay?' he thought as he patted the spot where he felt the head.

"Now lets see here… Since most of you are going to be busy for a while, I suggest—What is it?" They blinked as an ANBU appeared, he looked nervous, but then again when Uzumaki Arashi's voice drops to that 'Don't beat around the bush' voice you had better tell him.

"There is a massive army headed this way, but they are all civilians." Arashi nodded his head and turned to the window were a hawk sat and he nodded his head again.

"Do they look odd to you?" he gave a shaky yes as the blond slowly stood up and said, "Nara, Hyuuga, Inuzuka, Akimichi, Yamanaka, and Aburame, head to the gates… Akumu-san, could you help me, please?"

They nodded as a tall black haired woman walked up to him and turned into a large black wolf. At the gates, Arashi waddled, his back was killing him thanks to the baby, but he had felt worse. 'I will get back at Kyuubi later…' he mused as the woman helped him to the group. "I assume that you sir are Arashi-hime." Arashi's face went Kyuubi red with embarrassment and suppressed anger, the man who asked nodded his head and bowed, then their was a wave of people bowing.

"I take it you are Kyuubi's people? Welcome to Konoha, forgive my lack of respect, but with the baby due soon, I need to be resting… But I'm sure these fine Shinobi would be glad to help you settle in, the west district and the Uzumaki compounds are the only spaces available, I hope that will do for now." The demon foxes nodded their heads and as they walked by him they bowed and blessed the baby.

Akumu stood with her head bowed until a little girl with red and black hair called out, "Mama!" She looked up and knelt down gathering her little one in her arms. "Alrye! My baby!" She smiled warmly as she hugged her close. "Is this the little pup you were talking about?" Alrye looked up at the talk blonde man and bowed her head and said, "Hello Arashi-hime, I hope to serve you and Kyuubi-kimi as well as mama has." Arashi smiled and said, "Can you be a kind older sister to my little one?" She smiled and nodded…

Arashi sat in the meeting room with the Kazekage and the Bakufukage (2), they were writing up the treaty and discussing how to train and help each other when it happened. Arashi gave a pain filled scream; the Kazekage caught him as the Bakufukage ran to get some help. "Hokage-san, are you alright!" Arashi shook his head, panting as his stomach hurt greatly. "Th-the b-baby-!" he screamed again, Akumu and Alrye ran in with the Kazekage's own children and his sister-in-law. "Arashi-hime! What is wrong?" Akumu asked as she knelt down and lightly touched the boy's stomach. "You went into labor... Shukaku-kimi, go find Kyuubi-sama! Yashamaru-san can you help me?" The blond fox nodded her head as they got Arashi up and too the hospital.

Shukaku had his hands full trying to find his brother, Kyuubi had gone with a team of ANBU to the north of the country to find an important healer. 'Damn it, why today! I better find Kyu-chan fast or his mate won't make it!' He ran faster, his long legs and strong paws shook the ground as he moved faster through the forest. Back in Konoha, Arashi was panting hard, his hands shaking as he held his sides. "Out of the way, I'm a doctor!" shouted an old man, Alrye growled at him as he shoved her to the side. A boy with reddish blond hair caught her and glared at the man. "Jerk, say sorry!"

"Kankuro, Temari get Alrye and Gaara out of the room. Sir, do you know how to help a male give birth? No? Then move out of my way." Akumu had nurses and Yashamaru help her with the birthing. "His vaginal canal hasn't dilated yet... Get me two strong males, we need to keep his arms pinned or he'll hurt himself and the baby." Yashamaru looked to the two Suna ANBU that were standing in the door and they grabbed an arm each. "Kyu–Kyu! Nyaaaa! I wan-want Kyu-Kyuubi!"

Akumu nodded her head and began to stick her hand into the vaginal canal, to see if the baby was alright. "The baby's fine, just try to relax, Kyuubi-sama shall be here soon."

Shukaku had found his brother and the ANBU with their midwife and shouted, "The Hokage is having the baby we have to hurry!" Kyuubi's eyes shot wider than a full moon and in a blaze they were all in the lobby of the hospital. Shukaku led him to the room just as both Suna ANBU were sent flying into the wall. Kyuubi ran and grabbed Arashi's arms and pinned them down with one hand and caressed his face with the other. "Arashi, I'm here, we found her... Please relax, I'm here nothing will happen I promise." He looked to the three women and they nodded...

Shukaku was pacing back and forth, his youngest kitten, Gaara was following him as they heard the most sickening screams come from Arashi's room. Suddenly there was a really loud one that made all of them flatten their ears and wince. But the sounds a crying could be heard from inside. They were happy the baby was born but the main concern now was if Arashi was fine as well...

They all looked at the door as Akumu and Yashamaru came out, they were smiling, sweaty, and looked as if they just gotten out of a fight. "Arashi-hime and the baby are fine... A baby boy!" Shukaku smiled happily as he looked into the room to see Arashi licking his baby clean. Kyuubi was sitting behind him nuzzling the top of his head.

"Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Alrye would you like to see the baby?" Yashamaru asked in a soft and quiet voice. They nodded and one by one they went to see the baby.

Once everyone was still and quiet Arashi tiredly smiled and said, "Uzumaki Naruto..."

Kyuubi thought of the meanings and said, "Whirlpool and Maelstrom? Well that's a powerful name... Right brother?" Shukaku nodded as he said his good-byes and all the Suna Shinobi left. "Thank you Tsunade... Akumu... Alrye-chan do you like your new baby brother?" Kyuubi asked as the black and red haired wolf nodded her head, nuzzling her mother's leg smiling like there was no tomorrow.

And there! I hope you all liked it!

Arashi: Rye-chan?


Arashi: don't forget to explain a few things.

Oh right! Gomen! I had a small blond moment there... anyway and you better read this!

1) The Sokugan is the Uzumaki Kekkai Genkai (In this story they do, don't like it, megabyte me!). Like the Byakugan and the Sharigan it increases sight and boosts chakra and speed, but it has two uses. To see near and far distances and inside the body. And the second one is the real use for it. The user has to have his eye sight and chakra cut off for this to work. Now Arashi's mother was blind (in the story as well) so she used the Sokugan to see. Basically all you see is black, but with the Sokugan you can see the chakra or life force of everything around you. They appear like clusters of lights in the shape of what you are facing. Example:

Nature (trees, flowers, the elements, etc.) appear as grayish-white lights.

People (Shinobi and civilians alike) show up as blue lights, the stronger the chakra, the darker the blue is.

Demons are tricky because of species and elemental type, they appear the color of their element. (Fire: red, Water: blue, Earth: green, Wind: Grey, Light: white, Dark: dark purple, Lightning: purple, All elements a.k.a Non-elemental: silver)

This allows the Uzumakis to analyze their opponents and allies before engaging in battle and if they were blind, it helped them get around better.

2) Bakufukage means waterfall shadow. 'Kay?

Itachi: Review or else. Flames will be used for target practice on the pink haired slut.

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The next chapter may be way shorter than this, but net time, Naru-chan's five, (yatta! by the way Alrye is 4 years older than Naruto) and things get pretty hectic at school for him. There's a festival and things go crazy, how does Arashi deal with this with out a single drop of liquor, don't ask! And who's the cute ice prince in the background? Ja ne!