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Chapter Three: Hunters.

The sun rose slowly into the sky, but someone was already up in the Uzumaki household and it wasn't Arashi. Naruto yawned delicately as he stretched himself out; he got up and did his usual routine for the morning before going down stairs to the kitchen to make himself an omelet. 'I better hurry up or I might be late!' He finished making it and put it on two slices of toast as he ran upstairs to get his weapon poach and his kits as well as getting dressed.

He tossed on a set of orange-red cargo pants with a dark orange tank under his favorite black hoodie that had a chibi nine-tailed fox on the front and the back and it said in large gold letters, "Yes I am a bitch" and on the back it said, "But I am not yours." He grabbed his black sandals and ran down stairs, grabbing his breakfast; he ran out the front door and smiled at Hi as he was coming back from his morning run in the forest. He waved to the few people and shinobi on his way to the bridge that Kakashi-sensei had told him and his team to meet at 7 o'clock.

He slowed down as he neared the long red bridge to see Sasuke there, he was leaning on the rail, staring into the water, the rising sunlight hitting him at such and angle, Naruto would have mistaken him for an angel and not a dragon. He jumped when he felt a warm breath on his sensitive ear as two strong pale arms wrapped about his waist in a caring hug.

"Ohayoo, Naru-chan..." Naruto gave a squeak when the Sasuke he was looking at vanished in a puff of smoke and the real one nuzzled his neck.

"Oh–Ohayoo, 'Suke-kun..."

He turned his head to look at his suitor as said male moved into kiss him, if a certain annoying pink rabbit had not come running in, shouting in annoying voice, "Ohayoo, Sasuke-kun!"

Sasuke reluctantly let go of Naruto as said fox moved to stand on the bank of the stream. Sakura latched onto Sasuke's arm, blushing as she looked up at him with what she thought was a cute pout on her face, "Sasuke-kun, will you go out on a date with me?"

Sasuke's tail went stiff and then fell limp as if he had just shit in his pants, which he most likely did. He pulled free of her with a cold, "No." and went to stand back where he was when Naruto had showed up. He watched the fox play with the fish in the water, the content like smile on his face was beautiful to look at...

Nikki sighed tiredly as she walked down the streets of Konoha, but she ducked behind a fruit stand when she saw Alrye was leaning on Itachi as they kept walking down the street. She got pissed, but she decided to follow and see what was up with the two. She was close enough to hear them now. "So you asked me to come to meet you at the hotel so we could talk about Nikki and him?" She nodded her head; she was still leaning on him.

"Well, let's see... You've known him longer and he made a promise to mate you when you were of age, but Nikki's been growing on you and she wants to mate you as well... Are you sure you can make it to your place?" He asked as she sank a little more into his side.

"No... I might as well go to yours... That damn bastard got smarter." Nikki blinked and finally came out of hiding.

"Who's smarter?"

Itachi sighed as he looked away from her, Alrye just shook her head as Nikki took up her other side and the three walked to the mansion. "Hawker's brother… Alexander… He took Ita-baby down in ten hits and took me out in one…" She snarled under breathe, but even that hurt, so she whined instead.

"He used some kind of poison on her… and the only place we can find the herb for a cure is in Suna." Itachi said as he used his tail to open the door.

"Hai, Kyuki-san's the guardian of the temple where it grows." Nikki mused.

"I am surprised you aren't angry…" Nikki just shrugged her shoulder as she laid the wolf on the lounge chair in the den, Itachi left to inform Arashi of the attack. "I like that priest of his… Nelson was his name?" Alrye smirked, "Yep… Wait so this whole molesting me in public and wanting to mate me thing is just to entertain you until you two can get together?" Nikki nodded her head, a huge smile on her face as Alrye sat up; all eight of her tails were puffy in anger as she slowly stalked the dragon.

"Nikoliviana Rasputin Uchiha X!" Nikki ran for it, sick or not when Alrye called anyone by their full name, she was going to kill them in the most brutal way possible and then make them her puppet. "I SWEAR I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU; NOW COME BACK HERE AND FACE ME LIKE AN UCHIHA WITH BALLS!" Alrye's voice could be heard all the way in Dark country…

Back with team 7, Naruto sighed tiredly as he leaned against the tree; he had his eyes closed as he listened to the sounds around him. 'Hmm… A nest of doves are above me, some squirrels are 30 feet from Sasuke's left and there's a hot breath on my ear—!'

Naruto jumped forward with a startled scream and kicked one of his long legs back at the tree, his heel connecting with someone's hand. He was then picked up and hung upside down before he was thrown into the stream. Sasuke got pissed, how was it someone could sneak up on them, a group of demons undetected! No whoever it was going to die for touching his Naruto!

"Honestly if you three can't sense someone sneaking up on you, how do you expect to do today's mission?" came the bored voice of Kakashi as he stepped out of the tree, an orange book in his hand.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura screamed in shock as said Jonin smiled at her as he put his book away to hand out scrolls, but he paused when Naruto wasn't in sight. "Where is Naruto-kun?" He asked in confusion.

They all looked about when said fox demon dropped out of the tree on the scarecrow (1) demon. Kakashi blinked up at the smiling fox as Naruto jumped off backwards, landing between Sasuke and Sakura, his scroll and Kakashi's book in his hand. "You are late sensei? Shall I tell Iruka-sensei that you made us wait three hours while you were out buying porno novels instead of meeting us on time?"

Kakashi paled at the thought of his mate/wife hearing about this and looked at the grinning fox. "You are definitely sensei's son… You are just as evil as he is!" he stood up and sighed, At least one of them was sharp. "Okay, sorry for being late, and since Naruto-kun blew my cover I can't give you the bullshit excuse I was going to give you…" Naruto rolled his eyes, he knew Kakashi from when he was younger, he would always have an excuse as to why he was late and even Arashi wasn't fooled by them no matter how tired he was and he was married to his favorite teacher.

"Alright let's get to work, our mission is to go to Suna to the Shrine of Bast. There we are to collect a special herb that can cure Dragine Poison." Sasuke's elf-like ears shot up as the horns above them stood out more. "Dragine? But that's made from the venom of the blood dragons of Ireland! What happened?" Kakashi looked at them, so they weren't useless, at least two out of three (2).

"A fellow Jonin was poisoned with it, but because of past experience with the poison, they are keeping it from spreading, the other that was attacked with the same poison is fine since they are a dragon." Kakashi said as vague as possible. Sasuke just nodded his head as Naruto looked worried, Sakura seemed unfazed, but all three had the same thought running through their heads, 'Who was the Jonin?' They nodded as Kakashi gave them the list of things they needed and sent them home to get their supplies…

Meanwhile, Arashi had been working at his desk for a few hours, his neck was stiff, but he had just a few more files left and he could go home for a massage. He heard a knock on his door and told whoever it was to come in, even with the Anbu on watch, Arashi held a kunai under the desk incase it was an attacker, but he sighed in relief as he saw one of his youngest Anbu captains walk in. "Itachi-kun."

Itachi nodded, dismissing the others and then sealing off the room. Once the room was cut off, Arashi stopped his work and leaned back in the chair, rolling his shoulders as he did so, the muscles were really tight, but all well. "Kage-san and I were attacked by hunters… She was poisoned with Dragine." Arashi shot up out of his seat like a bolt of lightning as he glared Itachi in the eyes; the oceanic blue eyes were storm cloud grey now as wisps of chakra seeped out of him.

"Who was the little shit that hurt her!" Itachi was stunned for a few reasons: one, Arashi was really pissed, two, Arashi had just cursed, and three, Arashi had that psychotic look his mother gets when he or Sasuke or Nikki are hurt.

"Dedelin Alexander. He's become stronger and smarter, sir. Kage-san had been very careful of her movements and his, but he used a cheap shot on her, took her down in one blow." Arashi was now pacing back and forth; the air was thick with water as Arashi's chakra changed the gases to liquids.

"Damn, that means that the roads to and from the village will be targeted by hunters… And I just sent a team to go get the herbs for most of the medicines today." He paused at his desk shifting through the neat piles of papers looking for the mission list for that day. He found it, but let out a scream worthy of a banshee when he read the name of the team that went to collect the herbs. "Shit I need to get home before he leaves! You better stop Sasuke before he leaves!" Itachi's eyes shot wide as they removed the seals and went running like the devil was after them to their respective homes…

"SASUKE!" Itachi had burst through the front doors scaring the butler and several maids as he did so. Nikki came out of the den to his left, Alrye on her back, the wolf wasn't looking so hot, her eyes were glassy, she had cut her hair since she was too hot and her tails were nearly limp. "Sasuke left on a mission, what's going on? ITACHI!" Nikki yelled as he bolted out the mansion…

Arashi slide to a stop in front of the house, Kyuubi was in the garden asleep. He walked up to his mate and shook him, but he didn't move. Getting annoyed fast Arashi kicked him in the ass and Kyuubi shot up and looked at him. "What, I didn't do whatever it is that I did (3)!" He cried covering his head with his arms.

"Where is Naruto!"

Kyuubi blinked and then very intelligently said, "He left half an hour ago?" Big mistake on his part; Arashi's rage meter broke and he left out a roar that put Kyuubi to shame as he pounced on him. He stopped mid-murder and ran for the gates; the wives were all cowering in the cellar as the whole village was suddenly a ghost town. He met up with Itachi, but stopped when gate guards blocked them.

"Sorry Yondaime-sama but we can't allow you to leave… No one's going in or out until Alexander-sama gets what he wants." Arashi snarled as he knelt down, Itachi was pissed; he bowed and put his face to the floor in submission.

/ "When you are faced in a fight that you cannot win, it is best to suck up your pride and kneel to the enemy as if you were a knight kneeling to your king. Any who follow must bow like a servant at their feet and remain kissing the floor."/

Meanwhile with team 7, things weren't going so hot… Naruto and Sasuke were trying to listen for any enemy as Sakura continued to squeal about how strong and handsome Sasuke was. Kakashi was tempted to melt into a tree and die in it, but he chose the lesser of two evils, "Shut up, you are drawing attention to us!" she shut up almost instantly. Naruto sighed in relief as he listened. He stopped suddenly his ears up and had that deer-in-the-headlights look on his face.

Kakashi looked to see why he had stopped only to curse loudly and grab Sakura as they all jumped out of the way. A hell bear had landed where they had been standing a few moments ago. Naruto was panting heavily as Sasuke looked unfazed. "Hell bears… they eat foxes…" Sasuke looked at Naruto as the young fox held onto the tree for dear life.

'Shit, I am supposed to be his suitor! I have to protect him!' he calmed down; he left himself slip into his frosty plan. "Naruto, don't worry I won't let anything happen to you, I promise." He took the small tanned hand in his own and lightly kissed the knuckles as Naruto seemed to calm down just a little bit. He looked over to the other tree to see Kakashi and Sakura. They were fine, for the moment anyway.

"Sasuke, the scales near the base of the neck are very hard, but if you get under them, you can kill it." Naruto said, he was still scared, but he knew his demons very well.

Sasuke nodded his head as he let his body morph into his Chinese dragon form, Naruto looked at the long dragon slowly slithered down the tree as the bear looked about sniffing the ground. It could smell a young kitten, it looked about the bushes before snarling in pain as something bit it's leg. "SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura screamed as the black dragon bit deep into the bear's neck, but was thrown off, ripping the scales off of it's neck. Naruto's eyes widened before turning violent and he jumped down, his claws extended to their full length. Kakashi jumped down in time to catch Naruto, who was slapped back by the bear.

"Naruto, don't let your emotions cloud your judgment… reacting like him will get you killed." He pointed at the bear that was smashing at a rock where Sasuke had snaked his way under.

"Kakashi-sensei, it's not just Sasuke… but the village, something is very wrong!" Kakashi cursed, he had felt it too, but ignored it, how stupid could he be! Sasuke shrank back further into the burrow, careful not to harm the mother and her cubs. The raccoon just growled at the paws clawing into her home. 'I better get out of here before he recks her den completely. Let's see… a nice harsh fire ball will work.'

He leaned back on his hind legs as he took a long deep breath and then shot it out of his nostrils, the magma red flames burning the bear's fur and melting most of it's skin. Sakura squealed when her 'true love' burned the bear, but Naruto knew better than to celebrate so soon. He looked at his hands, then it clicked. "Kakashi, I will draw it off… You just get to Suna and get the herbs!" He jumped on the bear, in his fox form and began to bite at it's neck, pissing it off as much as he could and then jumped off running for it. Sasuke jumped out of the den as the bear took off after a nine tailed kitten.

He took on his human form again and said, "What-!"

"We have to go… the village is in trouble, the mission has to be complete first. If we get the herbs we can get back to the village and try and save it." Sasuke growled, Naruto was protecting them when he was the one who was suppose to protect him. "Sasuke… Naruto is of the Uzumaki clan, they protect their mates and family, even if they are the submissive. DO not worry, he knows what he is doing." He nodded reluctantly as they hurried to Suna…

Naruto dove left as the dying beast took a swipe at him, turning fast and crouching into a ball the bear tripped over him and landed on a bed of stone spikes several of them going through it's head and throat. Naruto looked at him with pity for a moment before standing up in his demi-human form, his tails swaying lazily as he sniffed the air and smirked. "I see you sensed me coming… Shouldn't you be at the temple?" The figure in white just smiled and said, "You've grown…" they stood side by side and vanished in a blink of an eye…

Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura got to Suna with no problems, the villagers were shocked to see the three of them battered up, but moved when the Kazekage came walking up to them. "Shukaku-sama, forgive us for being late… We were having some trouble getting here… Have you seen-!" He was cut off by a shout from somewhere behind the sand demon of Suna.

"Uncle Shukaku!" They turned to see Naruto run up to the tall red head and hug him.

"Ah, Naruto! You became a genin? Congrats! I must say it's a surprise to see you! Did you get what you were looking for?"

"Hai! I got the medicines and I need Nelson and Kyuki-niichan!" He smiled at him as the two older boys laugh at his childish behavior.

"Hai… Well I guess you all need to be going. Say hello to Kyuubi and Arashi for me." Naruto nodded his head as they all get close together and teleport back…

"I see what you mean by you can't get in. Hmm, are you sure we can't just blast our way in?" Naruto sighed, his head dropping with agitation with Nelson's obession for blowing things to Kami. 'No wonder Nikki-chan loves to talk with him…' he thought as he firmly shook his head no. "Sakura, can you distract them?"

Sakura's face matched her hair as she punched Naruto in the head as she snarled out, "No way you weakling! I will not look like a slut in front of my Sasuke-kun!" Naruto felt like vomiting as she said it, but ignored the comment altogether and said, "We have no other choice! I'm a boy, they would most likely try to kill me on sight!"

She snorted and muttered, "Good riddance then…"

Kakashi and Sasuke were sitting in another tree with Kyuki. The Egyptian was rather odd, he had strips and spots, and was covered from head to toe in fur. "Tsk, if she won't do it I will…" He said as he dropped out of the branches. "OI! I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER!" He called with a smile on his face. Everyone else nearly fell out except for Nelson who was trying not to fall out from laughing. The hunters that were in front of the gates chased after him as he ran off laughing like the male equivalent of Alrye. "Ooookay?"

Kyuki looked at them briefly as the group followed him into the forest. Naruto nodded his head and looked at Sasuke who was looking at him with a saddened look. "We can move in now, Sakura you are going to have to distract the next group…" Naruto said. Sasuke nodded his head to Kakashi as they all slipped out of the trees and to the large gates, but they all dove away as Naruto was grabbed by the throat and slammed into the ground hard.

"About time you came out of hiding… I was waiting for you, bitch. I owe you for getting my bother expelled from school and if you mange to survive what I am going to do to you, you will be able to attend that wolf's funeral pyre."

Naruto's eyes shot wide before shutting again as he was strangled. Sakura gasped and pulled out a shuriken throwing it at the man, but he stood up and held Naruto in front of him so the shuriken hit him in the back, just below his left kidney. Naruto cried out in pain and Sakura began to panic and get angry at the same time. Sasuke was pissed, his eyes flickering as he silently slipped around the guy as Nelson looked about ready to gut the man.

"Now you all can either leave quietly or I can kill you all, you choose…"

Meanwhile in the Hokage's office, Arashi and Itachi were snarling under their breathes as the group of traitors stood guard, they could easily kill them all, but if they missed one, then the children of the village will suffer. "Sir…what do we do?" Arashi sighed and leaned his head on the wall and then smiled like nothing was wrong with the world.

"I know something you all don't know. Kyuubi has a small dick, a really tiny one! HE'S A PUSSY AND HE'S MY BITCH! I FUCKED HIM HARD AND I FUCKED HIM RAW! HE LIKES BEING DONE LIKE A BITCH! HE'S AN UKE!" Itachi looked at his boss as if he had snapped, but thought otherwise when said fox demon showed up and Arashi pointed at the group in front of them and said, "They said it!"

Kyuubi snarled and the room was filled with an intense fire that not even their bones remained. Arashi yawned lazily as Itachi protected himself with his wings. "Sir, you are crazy…just like okachan." He said when Kyuubi calmed down.

"Kit's in trouble!" Kyuubi said as Arashi suddenly grin looked like it was going to spilt his face in half and he vanished faster than either demon would think was possible…

Naruto gasped for air as Alexander tightened his grip on his windpipe and kicked Sakura into Kakashi. "C'mon you freaks! You have to do better than that if you want to save him!" He felt someone tap him on the shoulder and when he turned around, he was standing face to face with a calm Sasuke. He cursed and tried to punch him, but Sasuke kicked him in the ribs, a sickening crack telling him that he broke his ribs as he took a kunai and cut his arm off, releasing Naruto who quickly hid behind him as he tried to catch his breath.

"Koi, are you hurt?" Naruto shook his head as Sasuke smirked, his tail and horns growing as he let his wings grow as well. Kakashi sighed, Naruto was fine, but he cursed when Kyuki came running back laughing like a crazy man as the now naked group of hunters chased him. "I SAW LONDON, I SAW FRANCE AND I STILL HAVE YOUR UNDERPANTS!(4)" He ran through, and around Alexander as Naruto sighed and muttered something about perverts and his sister. Sasuke, Sakura and Nelson all sighed and shook their heads before ducking as water version of the phoenix flower jutsu filled the area.

Naruto's little ears shot up as he heard the all too familiar words of his mother. "Touch my child again and you will suffer a fate worse than death."

"Okachan! But where's chichi?" He asked running to his mother, as Sasuke turned, his tail smacking Alexander in the face causing him to spin in the air as he fell to the floor.

"He's busy... Now, what have I taught you?" Naruto nodded his head once as he crouched low, his ears flattening to the sides of his head and his tail tensed. Sasuke took not of Arashi's stern face and the same look on Naruto's before stepping back and away from them. Kakashi and Nelson were tying up the others as Sakura ran to Sasuke's side and fussed over him.

"Sensei, what's with the sudden change? He's normally a weakling!" Sakura asked, Sasuke somewhat agreeing with her.

"Foxes are rare and a rather difficult breed to understand... Arashi-sensei always told us when we were training under him that submissive foxes have a duty to their suitor/mate that they have to show that they can be strong too and can defend themselves as well as the litter. For Uzumakis, Naruto has to prove to his mother and father that he can be strong, but also prove that he can protect his suitor... He's trying to prove himself to you, to show you he can be strong and defend the litter, since you don't want a weak bitch."

Sasuke blushed as his teacher whispered the last part in his ear and looked at Naruto, who was in his family's traditional style of fighting stance. His hands were curved so his finger tips and the base of his palms rested lightly on the floor and his toes were slightly digging into the ground. Kyuki was sitting on a rock not too far away smirking like a demon as Alexander stood up and glared at Naruto. "Stay calm, remember keep your cool." Arashi said as he slowly backed away. Dedelins have faced all kinds of demons but never a fox, let alone a half breed.

Alexander spit the blood in his mouth to the floor as he smirked and said, "So the bitch wants to fight?"

Naruto snarled a warning before slowly stalking forward, Alexander just smirked and copied his moves. Naruto crouched low, his tail tensing and then lazily swishing as he yawned delicately and stretched his lithe form all before curling up into a ball and dozing off. "WHAT IS HE REALLY ASLEEP!" Alexander screamed as Arashi yawned and leaned against a tree, also dozing off. Alex snarled and went to attack but a large black shadow appeared in front of him and out stepped a sick looking Alrye and Nikki.

"Hello Dedelin Alexander… I see you haven't learned yet have you?" She yawned as she twitched a finger and Alex was sent flying. "I'm from Ireland, I have had this poison in me before so why not be smart and back down, or I might bite you back." He jumped back when she moved her hand and he was thrown into a tree, Naruto was standing where he had been standing a few seconds ago and looked at him, his tails were all glowing and waving as he smirked at him.

"Tsk fall back, we lost this time..." He and the hunters vanished as Naruto growled and Alrye pulled her hands up and then closed a fist before pulling her had back.

" Not so fast Lexy-chan!" She sang evilly as Naruto smiled and took the whip she handed to him. "When we visit Auntie Akumu's grave, remind me to thank her for those lessons in dominance." Naruto's normally blue eyes were ice blue and his golden locks were silver white. There was a black shadow once more but when it fell away Alexander was tied to a rack without a shirt on.

"Oh and another thing Sasuke, Uzumakis and foxes are a bit masochist as well as sadistic and kinky..." Kakashi whispered, remembering watching Arashi torture a rogue ninja in front of him and his team. Sasuke went stiff, but not out of fear, well slight fear, but still existed. Naruto smirked and let the whip hang out and then flicked his wrist slightly up and then back down hard and quickly.


Naruto just purred and said, "Why not come back in about ten minutes... Onee-chan you need to be resting."

Arashi smiled and grabbed everyone but Kakashi and went back to the village. Itachi, who was pacing about, began to frantically check Sasuke over from head to toe as Nikki pounced on Nelson. "Nel-kun! Ah, Rye's sick! FIX HER DAMN IT!" Nelson just sighed as he was viciously shaken back and forth. Kyuki, who was no longer smiling, but frowning and glaring at Alrye as he checked her over before giving her an injection. "Stupid, I told you to be careful of them."

She hissed and sighed, she never got over her phobia of needles, but when Kyuki used them, she just hissed. "Well, let's see, this is coming from the godling that can't even stay serious from more than two minutes... And if I am correct this is the 17th time I've been poisoned." He sighed, each time she got sick, she managed to bleed it out, but it could prove to be dangerous if she is emotionally triggered(5). "Well, what do you think Naruto's doing?" Kyuki asked.

Alrye stood up and sighed, her bangs covering her right eye as she looked up at the sky and muttered, "Rain... Ah, ten minutes are up."

And as expected Arashi and Alrye walked back out of the gates to see Naruto curled up in a ball on the floor as Alexander limped away and then vanishing before Alrye could pull him back. "Naruto! Are you alright!" Arashi asked as he helped the younger blond sit up.

"I'm fine, he blinded me though... Sage pepper bombs..." Alrye cursed and whistled, a pack of wolves came to her before running off to clean out the hunters.

"You did good though, I am proud of you baby... Sasuke will be too."

And done!

Naruto: Wahhhhh I am blind!



1) Kakashi means scarecrow in Japanese, so yea.

2) Kakashi meant that Sasuke and Naruto were so far the only two to have an idea of what they were doing and that Sakura was extremely slow on the up-take, in-take, and the out-take.

3) I say that all the time! It means that whatever it was that I had either been planning on doing or already did, that it wasn't me or not my fault. You know saying something when you are guilty and the person was talking about someone else or something completely different.

4) I know you all know that line, but the thing is Angel, Kyuki's creator and my lover/best friend (al though I want to strangle him half the time), use to do this to the jocks at school. He would steal and hide their clothes while he ran around the school with their underwear in his hands so hence the reason why he said that he STILL had their underpants.

5) What Kyuki means here is that if Alrye was feeling any emotions at the moment she was using her powers, the poison would have traveled faster since her heart rate would increase. Like if she got upset or was happy, the poison would have spread faster.

Oh and I am sure you are wondering Dragine is a venom that the Irish Blood Dragons secrete in their saliva and in their blood, so to any other demon or supernatural creature, aside from other dragons, they are very deadly and poisonous. Okay?

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