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Chapter Eleven: When it's easy, it's going to be tough.

Before I had a chance to reply, a waitress came over to take our order. I ordered a big, juicy, angus burger, extra fries with cheese, a side salad, and a Pepsi. When Alice ordered, I was definitely surprised, and so was the waitress. Little Alice ordered a rack of ribs, seasoned fries, a side salad, and a raspberry lemonade.

"Wow," I said with a huge smile.

"What? I love food," she said with a grin as she looked over at me. "I don't even know where it even goes since I'm so skinny and tiny. I'm just glad I have such a great metabolism!"

Oh yes, this was going to be a good date tonight. If she loved to eat as much as I did, she just had to be perfect. I couldn't wait to find out more about the pretty Alice. That was definitely for sure.


Things between Edward and myself had been kind of off lately. I couldn't really explain it but I wasn't the one at fault, was I? He was the one that hurt me, pretty much tossing me out of his bed the next morning. I know I am not the innocent one since I hadn't told him about our kids but he had hurt me emotionally. I was not about to get involved with Edward, either. It wouldn't be right. Even though all three of the kids would love it, I just couldn't.

"Mommy, where's Daddy?"

Hearing Ryan's words, I frowned. My little boy wanted a father so badly. He deserved a father and I hoped that Edward would come by. He there for for Ryan and Renesmee just like he'd been there for Elizabeth that he had been raising all this time.

"Uh, he went to the -"

Just then, the door opened with Edward carrying bags from the local diner. I was really glad that he was committed to this - being a father to our children. Ryan already looked up to Edward. As upset as he was still, he looked happy when he saw his little boy looking over at him.

"Hey sport, you hungry?"

"Yes'm," Ryan said with a huge smile on his face, his eyes sparkling. "Can I help?"

As I watched Ryan help his father, I smiled softly to the sight. Ryan was the spitting image of his father with those green eyes and that bronze color hair. It was no wonder that Edward knew that Ryan and Nessie were his the more I thought about it.


Seeing Renesmee approach me, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, I watched as a yawn left her soft lips. I grinned as she raised her arms up and I bent down where I picked up my little girl. My little girl looked into the kitchen and pouted when she saw her father and Ryan.


I had to bite back my laughter because she was finding any reason to not like her, especially when he was trying his hardest.

"Honey, give your father a chance."

"Why?" she pouted as she crossed her arms over her chest after I set her down. "Why does Ryan need him so much, anyway?"

"Because every boy needs his father."

"You're just jealous."

Hearing Ryan's outburst when he approached his sister.

"Excuse me?" Renesmee asked as she looked at her brother with her hands on her hips.

"You're just jealous that he likes me more than you."

Sticking his tongue out at his sister, that was the last straw for my little girl, and I watched her run down the hall to her bedroom. Oh man.


When I saw my little girl's bottom lip quiver, I felt like scum. I knew twins fought but I didn't think it'd be anything like that. From what Bella told me, it had never been like this, especially when I saw the sad look on Ryan's face. I could definitely tell from the hurt look on his face.

"Ryan, wait here with your mother. I'll be right back."

I also noticed my daughter had came down and she was holding Bella's hand. My little girl needed a mother figure and she had grown attached to Bella. Oh man. That was for another day.

"Bella, I'll be right back."

She nodded her head. I knew she wanted to be the one to console in her but it was my turn this time. It revolved around me. As I headed up the stairs, I watched Bella lead Elizabeth into the kitchen.


I sighed as I watched her head to turn her head to the doorway and it nearly broke my heart. My baby girl had tear stains across her cheeks and I found myself walking over to him.

"What do you want?"

"I want to take care of my daughter."

"You already have a daughter," she pouted, her eyelashes wet with tears where she then crossed her arms over her chest. "You don't need me."

I smiled as I pulled her across my legs when I took a seat on her bed. "Oh, but I do. My heart's so big to give my baby girl all the love it can muster. How can I not want you? You're the spitting image of your mother? You got her looks and it looks like you've got my brains. I think it's the best thing in the entire world."

"Really?" Renesmee asked with an adorable pout on her face. "You have room for Elizabeth, Ryan, and well… Me? Mama says I am a little spoiled when it comes to attention."

"And that's a problem for me because why?"

When I saw the cutest smile tug at my daughter's bought, I grinned as I stood up, lifting her up in my arms. "How about I feed you? I got everyone breakfast, and if I remember correctly, you like omelets, yes?"

"I love omelets. I think mama ate them when she was pregnant with Ryan and me."

As I walked down the hall, I saw Ryan with his mother and sister on the floor in the living room, eating their own food. I then watched Renesmee when she began to wiggle and I smirked when I watched her take a seat next to Bella, who set her food down in front of her. I gave her a small smile when she looked back to me. I moved next to Ryan, snatching a strawberry from his plate.

"Hey," Ryan said with an adorable pout upon his face. "That's mine."

I chuckled as I watched my three kids, my eyes glancing to Bella, who looked away when she saw me looking at her. It was just like high school and I knew that she was the perfect woman for me. I just had to figure out how I was going to get the perfect woman for me. It wasn't going to be easy, either.


I looked at my girlfriend with a smile on my face. The two of us had really hated not telling Edward about Ryan or Renesmee being his. Hell, I knew they were his because Ryan was the spitting image of Edward as a little boy when we were younger. He was my best friend but I didn't know what to do when it came to things like this.

"Did you hear that Lauren tried to take Elizabeth?"

Hearing my girlfriend's words, my eyes widened in surprise because that was the last thing I expected to hear. That bitch was back? Hell, she gave full custody to Edward. Even Lauren's mother agreed that Edward would be a better parent than she would ever be. Yes, they saw Elizabeth when they weren't traveling, but it didn't happen too much.

"Are you serious, Rose?"

Rose sighed as she moved right against my side. "Yeah, Elizabeth called me this morning after she woke up. Poor thing's terrified."

I sighed as I looked at her. "God, why did she have to come now of all times?"

"Maybe it's a sign or something?" she asked with a sigh leaving her lips. "I mean, with Lauren back, it might bring Elizabeth, Ryan, and Nessie closer."

"Just what Ryan needs - another sister," I said with a grin as I looked at her. "Although, he does love his twin."

Rose smiled as she looked to me, sliding her hand over my cheek. "Yes and he has gained a father. I know in class he's been asking for one."

"He has?"

Rose sighed as she nodded her head. "Every little boy needs a father."

"And every little girl needs a mother."

Rose frowned as she looked at him. "Elizabeth has been inching a lot more towards Bella. Have you seen the wistful look that Emily gives Bella sometimes?"

I raised an eyebrow as I looked over at her. "What are you even talking about?"

"Elizabeth wants a mother badly and Bella's the closest thing to a mother, especially to how much time Edward and Bella are going to be spending together."

"Oh, dear."


My eyes watched Elizabeth as Ryan and Renesmee played together with Edward. She watched the three of them with envy and I sighed. I watched as she bit her bottom lip as if she was trying her best to not cry. I walked over to her and I watched her look up at me.

"Hi, Miss Swan."

I grinned at her, flashing her a huge smile. "Hey, sweet thing. How are you doing?"

A little pout came across her face. "I'm okay, I guess."

I smiled as I crouched down, pushing some of those bronzed locks behind her right ear. "You guess?"

Elizabeth flashed me a shy smile before she ducked her head. "Yes."

"Well, I think a cute little girl like you should be sure of herself. Don't you think so?"

A giggle left her lips as she looked at me. "Yes."

"Now, I have a very important question that only you can answer," I began as I pulled the hair tie from her messy bun that Edward attempted to do. "I was wondering do you like chocolate and peanut butter?"

"Oh, I love both! I love me some Reeses cups too! Those are really good."

I laughed as I looked at the broad smile on her face. I looked over her shoulder to see Ryan and Renesmee helping Edward move things into the shed. They were having a blast, and hell, Elizabeth should be having fun too. I smirked as I grabbed her hands into mine when I was eye level with her.

"Elizabeth, would you like to help me make a chocolate and peanut butter cake? I'll even let you lick the batter too."

Elizabeth's eyes sparkled. "Really? My daddy always lets me eat the batter too."

I grinned down at her before I picked her up in my arms, leading her inside of the house. "Ryan and Nessie don't like to help me when it comes to baking. How about you being my sous chef?"

"What's that?" she asked.

"It's like a helper in the kitchen. How about it? Would you like to help me?"

"Yes, please. I'd love to help."


I was really happy to seeing Elizabeth and Bella going inside, especially with my daughter being in Bella's arms. It just seemed right, almost natural, and I loved the image of seeing Bella and Elizabeth together. I smiled as I watched Ryan and Renesmee putting more and more of their toys in the trash bag that would be going in the shed that were dirty.

I still couldn't believe that I had three children but I wouldn't trade any of them for anything less. My children were a part of me and I loved it. I chuckled as I watched Ryan push his bicycle into the shed right after his sister pushed her own in.

"Goodness, how many toys do you have?"

"Jasper spoils us," Ryan said with a grin as he placed his hands on his hips, staring at me. "And we like toys."

"I can see that."

"I like to read, though. Books are fun."

"And boring," Ryan groaned as he shook his head in despair. "I like video games."

"What kind of video games do you like, Ryan?"

"Mario Party is fun!"

I chuckled. "That is pretty fun."

"I like it too, Daddy," Renesmee beamed as she looked up at me with a bright smile upon her face.

Oh boy, it was going to be hard. I definitely didn't want these two fighting at all. I could tell that one wanted to spend more time with me than the other. It was a fight that I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to win without Bella by my side.

"How about we go inside? The temperature's dropping and we don't want you two getting now, do we?"


Hearing the cheerful exclaims, I laughed as I watched them run inside of the house. Whew. I bent down and grabbed the bag with the toys that could be taken inside of the house. I had a feeling that this was going to be a long night but it was going to be worth it. I just wanted my kids to be happy and that was the only thing that mattered. I also needed to get my shit together, especially since I feared that Lauren wasn't going home any time soon.

As I walked inside, I saw Elizabeth sitting on the counter with a spoon in her mouth. I chuckled to the site of her licking some sort of batter.

"Is it good, baby?"

Elizabeth grinned. "Yes, Daddy. Miss Swan let me help her bake a chocolate and peanut butter cake."

"That sounds fun. I have to get going for a little bit."

Elizabeth pouted. "Do I have to go too?"

Bella looked at me, sliding a hand over Elizabeth's knee gently. "You know, if you want… while you do your errands, I can watch her."

I never tore my eyes away from her. "That'd be perfect if you don't mind, Bella?"

"Not at all. You've got a well behaved little girl."

I grinned as I then all of a sudden pulled Bella into my arms. I just couldn't help it. Bella was doing more than she needed to and it was something that Elizabeth needed right now. I took a step back and chuckled.

"Sorry… but I'll see you guys later."

After giving all three of my kids a kiss either on the forehead or cheek, I left to go deal with the trouble I had to take care of. Although, I couldn't help but to smile at the feeling of Bella's plushed body pressed against my own. It felt right and so damn natural.