Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or this idea…But I do own myself and my OC California.

Warnings: Will be cursing and chaos. And possibly yaoi.

Spell: So I've invited all the nations to my house. Oh and Cali is here too~

Cali: Hey~ Spell didn't I say call me JoJo?

Spell: Opps yeah~ Anyways! Everybody is here to answer your questions! Everybody say hello!

America: 'Sup

England: Hello

France: Bonjour~

Italy: Ciao!

Romano: …..Ciao

Spain: Hola!

Russia: Hello, da.

China: Ni hao, aru

Japan: Konnichiwa.

Germany: Hello.

Spell: I thought there were a couple more..

England: They are coming later on.

Spell: Oh Alright~ [/smiles]

America: Dude my daughter is here! [/hugs Cali]

Jojo: Gah! Daddy get off your squishing me!

America: [/lets go] Sorry hehe.

Spell: So send in your questions!