New Skater in the Game

I do not own Naruto or Mighty Ducks, only the characters that I created within the story.

Reunited with siblings

Six months had passed for Naruto as he trained with Drake and Kyuubi to become stronger in his upcoming fight against Dragaunus while protecting his mother in the process. He was also trained by Duke in swordsmanship. The thief also taught the young 18 year old boy everything he knew about how to live on the streets, especially how to pick locks. Over those months Naruto and Duke became close friends as they got to know each other better while also watching each other's back.

The bandages that had once hidden Duke's right eye were now off as a cybernetic eye patch now replaced the eye that the thief had lost in his battle against Falcone. Duke had left his mob after he had chased out Falcone for he had quickly found out that the raptorial bird had been killing other ducks so that he could feed his greedy pockets. Duke decided to become the protector of Naruto's mother, because he owed the 18 year old for helping him in his fight against Falcone.

As for Mrs. Thunderbeak, she was still ill but she was becoming stronger under the care of her son and Duke as the two of them tried to help the female mallard through her time of need.

Naruto would sometimes sneak out of the house while leaving his mother in Duke's capable hands as he search through the ruins of Ice City to find food and water for the three of them to survive on. Naruto would use his fox form to travel around the city because it was much easier for him sneak around than in his human/half-breed form.

The 18 year old was able to change the size of his fox form after a bit of training from Kyuubi. He was able to shrink his form to the size of a normal fox so that he could squeeze through small holes or crevices to get inside of the broken down buildings. And when he was faces off against a hoard of Hunter Drones then Naruto would change into his larger form in a heartbeat. He would easily take them down and shred them into a pile of scrap metal while not breaking a sweat.

Naruto was returning back from one of his adventures around the ruin city of his home in his larger fox form with a bag hanging from his mouth. In the bag were six water bottles, five apples, and some other stuff that would help him, his mother and Duke survive the invasion. Naruto was now standing on the porch of his temporary home. He gently placed the bag down on the ground before he closed his eyes and began to concentrate in changing back into his human/half-breed form. The same golden aura that had once engulfed him a few months back radiated around his body. His fox form slowly melted away and was replaced with his half human/fox form. Naruto stretched out his arms for a moment before he picked the bag up off the porch with his right hand.

"It's good to be back in my normal form again," muttered Naruto as he opened the door of the house and walked inside.

As the young 18 year old stepped into the house he was greeted by the sight of his mother walking out of the family room with Duke coming up behind her. Naruto let a small smile spread out across his face when he saw that his mother was up and walking about, which was something that he was glad to see. Naruto gently closed the door behind him before entering further into the house.

"Hey mom, hey Duke," greeted Naruto as he walked up to Duke and Mrs. Thunderbeak.

"Welcome back kid," said Duke with a smile. "We were getting worried about you."

"Sorry about that," said Naruto before he stopped in front of his mother and Duke. "I just had a little run in with a group of Hunter Drones, but it was nothing that I couldn't handle."

"Well…I'm just glad that you're safe," spoke Mrs. Thunderbeak as she hugged her son with Naruto hugging her back.

Duke smiled at the scene for a moment before he gently ruffled the young 18 year old boy's hair. Naruto pulled away from his mother as he looked over at Duke with a smile spread out on his face with the older duck smiling back at him. Naruto was glad that Duke was here to protect his mother for he wouldn't know what he would do if his mother was taken away by the Saurian Hunter Drones.

"So," started Naruto as he, his mother and Duke walked back into the family room. "Did anything happen while I was away?"

"No, no trouble around here so far," answered Duke as they all sat down in the chairs while they spoke to each other.

"And we're lucky for that," stepped in Mrs. Thunderbeak. "The drones always seemed uninterested in this part of the city, which means that we're safe for the time being."

"Yeah," muttered Naruto as he lowered the bag he had in his hand down to the ground. "But I have a feeling that those Hunter Drones will find us eventually and when they do then there will be no place safe for us to hide anymore."

"That's a good point kid," said Duke in agreement as he leaned back against his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. "We'll probably have to find another hiding place soon. Otherwise we'll get caught by those Hunter Drones one day."

Mrs. Thunderbeak nodded her head sadly in agreement before she turned her eyes onto her son.

"So what do you think we should do Naruto?" asked Mrs. Thunderbeak curiously.

Naruto blinked in surprise when his mother asked him that question before he looked down at the floor in thought. He knew that they cannot stay in this old house forever; it was only a matter of time until those Hunter Drones found them. Naruto soon made up his decision as he turned his eyes up to face Duke and his mother.

"I'm going to have to go out again tomorrow," spoke Naruto. "I'll try to find a new place for us to hide, until then you two will have to keep hiding here for the time being. So Duke, I'm counting on you to look after my mother and protect her while I'm away."

"You got it kid," replied Duke with a nod.

Mrs. Thunderbeak looked at her son as a sad smile graced her face. Naruto was growing up so fast and pretty soon he won't need her any more. Naruto got up from his seat as he walked over to his mother before kneeling down in front of her while taking both of her hands into his own.

"I promise that I'll come back as soon as I can mother." Naruto promised as he looked up into his mother's eyes.

"I know you will my dear," said Mrs. Thunderbeak with a nod. "Just be careful out there, for the streets are becoming more dangerous with each passing day."

"I know," replied Naruto. "And don't worry…I will."

Mrs. Thunderbeak soon brought Naruto into a hug with the 18 year old hugging her back. Duke watch the two for a moment before he began to think back on what his life was like when he was a young teenager. His life had quickly been turned into a nightmare before his very eyes after he lost his sister in that car accident so many years ago. If only he could turn back time just to see his mother and older sister again, but Duke knew that it was impossible to do so. He soon turned to a life of crime where he would seal jewels from rich people yet it never gave him any purpose. But after meeting Naruto and his mother, he felt as if he had a purpose in life now and he was not going to throw it away. Duke was going to protect both Naruto and his mother for as long as it takes.

Dream realm

Naruto was sitting in the clearing with Drake and Kyuubi as he began to tell them of his plans for tomorrow.

"You've got to be kidding us!" exclaimed Kyuubi in an all-out fury. "You can't go out into that ruin city again! Those Hunter Drones will catch you the second you show your stupid face to them!"

"But my mother and I can't just stay in Duke's old home forever," argued Naruto as he looked at the fox demon in front of him. "If we stay in the old city any longer then we'll wind up being found by Dragaunus's Hunter Drones. I can't take that chance when it comes down to my mother."

"If you go back out there then you'll wind up getting yourself killed!" barked Kyuubi in anger as he tried to make Naruto see reason.

"But he's right Kyu-kun," stepped in Drake as he looked over at the fox demon. "If he stays in Duke's house for too long then the drones will eventually find him his sooner or later."

Kyuubi was about to retort to Drake's reason, but soon shut his mouth when he realized that the duck was right. He soon leaned his head into the palm of his hands as a frown crossed over his face.

"I hate it when you're always right," grumbled Kyuubi as he gave Drake a cold glare of annoyance.

Drake only gave Kyuubi a friendly smile before he turned to look at Naruto: "But Kyu-kun does have point Naruto. You have to be careful when you go out there, because one wrong step and you'll wind up being shot by those tin-headed robots."

"Don't worry Drake, I'll be careful." Naruto reassured the legendary hero of Puckworld. "I'll make sure to stick to the shadows like you told me to and I will try to avoid going out into the open."

"And also try not to get yourself killed alright Kit?" added Kyuubi in a monotone voice.

"I'll make sure that I won't," said Naruto as he looked over at Kyuubi with a tired smile on his face.

Naruto had gotten to know Kyuubi a little bit better throughout the months and found out that the demon fox wasn't all that bad. The fox demon was always in a bad mood, but it was only because he wanted to hide his true feelings from Naruto and Drake, which the two didn't mind at all for they knew that he will eventually open up to them in time.

"Well," started Naruto as he stood up from his log seat. "I'd better get going. The sun is going to rising soon and I don't want to miss an early start."

"Alright," said Drake with a nod of his head. "We'll see you again tomorrow night."

"If we ever see you again," grumbled Kyuubi before he was suddenly hit in the head by a small stone that was flicked at him by Drake.

"Stop being so negative Kyu-kun," chided Drake as he scowled at Kyuubi in displeasure. "Otherwise you'll wind up giving Naruto negative feelings as well."

"Sorry," voiced Kyuubi as he sourly rubbed the side of his head in pain.

Naruto smiled at the two while he shook his head in amusement before he decided that is was time for him to wake up and start his search for a new hiding place for him and his mother.

Real world

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to the world around him before he let out a yawn. The 18 year old slowly stretched his arms and back out before he quietly stood up from his chair. He looked over at the couch and saw his mother sleeping quietly on it before turning his gaze on Duke who was sleeping in a chair not far from his own. Naruto smiled at the two before he started two folded up his blanket. He set his blanket down on the arm of the chair and began to make his way towards the door, but was stopped when he heard Duke's voice speak from behind him.

"You going out?" asked the thief as he still sat in his chair with his left eye open.

"Yeah," replied Naruto as he turned to face the dark grey duck behind him.

Duke nodded his head at the 18 year old before he closed his eye again: "Alright, just be careful out there kid."

Naruto nodded his head back at Duke before he continued on his way towards the front door. The 18 year old quietly opened the door of the house and stepped out into the outside world again. His eyes lay on the ruin city that had once been his home when he was six years old. Naruto also remembered his older brother Canard and his two best friends and wondered if they were alright. The golden hair 18 year old quickly shook his head before he quickly got back to the situation at hand. He had to find a safe haven for him and his mother to hide from the Hunter Drones. Naruto quickly changed into his dog size fox form before he took off down the porch and headed towards the ruin city of his once beautiful home.

The ruins of Ice City

Naruto quietly walked through the abandoned streets of his home while he made sure to keep to the shadows of the ruin city as he searched for the safest place for him and his mother to hide, but so far…no luck. Naruto quickly snuck under a pile of concrete rubble as he watched a few Hunter Drones walked past his hiding place.

'Oh man, finding a hiding place is going to be harder than I thought.' Naruto mused as he slowly slipped out from underneath the rubble.

Naruto continued on his trek through the city as he soon found himself walking into an abandoned alley before he suddenly heard something behind him. The fox changeling quickly turned around and saw two Hunter Drones standing behind him. Naruto quickly went into attack mode as he bared his fangs at the Hunter Drones in front of him. He soon went on the offensive when the Hunter Drones began to fire their lasers at him. Naruto nimbly avoided the lasers that were shot at him before he sunk his fangs into the neck of the first Hunter Drone and tore off its head before he tossed it to the side. He soon attacked the next drone by slashing his claws deep into its chest. The two drones soon fell to the ground with sparks flying off their bodies while Naruto snarled at them in anger.

His fur raised up on the back of his neck as his muscles tensed for any more dangers that might come sneaking up on him again. Naruto's fox ears soon flicked to the sound of metal footsteps coming up from behind him and quickly turned around to see 10 more drones marching towards him. Naruto let out a loud snarl as he glared at the drones that had destroyed his city and his home. Rage soon consumed the young 18 year old boy's senses as he quickly shot forward to attack the drones that were stocking towards him. Naruto tore and bit savagely through the metal machines that were his enemies while the Hunter Drones shot their lasers at the attacking fox.

The lasers cut right through Naruto's golden fur while inflicting many wounds upon his body, but Naruto fought fiercely against the robots until the last one fell to his fangs. Naruto panted as he glared at the damage that he had made in his frenzy before he began to feel his strength leaving him. Blood ran out of his wounds as a few tiny droplets fell onto the concrete ground.

'That takes care of those tin cans!' growled Naruto within his head before he started his trek once again.

His journey was a slow one for his wounds were much deeper than the changeling had thought they'd be. Naruto soon wondered into another abandoned alley were he sank to the ground in exhaustion as his blood seeped across the concrete ground.

'I'll just…rest for a second,' thought Naruto as his eyelids began to droop halfway over his eyes for a moment, but his ears quickly shot up when they caught the sound of footsteps.

Naruto's eyes quickly shot open in alarm before he slowly got up from the ground and began to growl at the new comer that was coming towards him. He waited for the owner of the footsteps to appear before him as the fox got ready for another fight against what might be a group of Hunter Drones. But Naruto was nearly taken off guard when he saw the owner of the footsteps.

The owner of the footsteps was actually a male duck. He had tan feathers, brown eyes and bangs of hair that hung over his forehead. The drake was wearing a black short sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans that were held up by a brown belt and black boots. Over top of the duck's shirt was a chest armor that was dark brown in color. On the duck's left shoulder was a white armor shoulder pad with an upside down green triangle with two hockey sticks crisscrossing with each other while on his right shoulder was a brown shoulder pad. On the ducks left arm was the same symbol that sat on the white shoulder pad and on the lower right arm of the duck was a golden vambrace. Over the drake's left should was a one strapped pack and lastly on the ducks top bill was a battle patch. The duck looked to be around 21 years old.

Naruto continued to snarl a warning at the stranger in front of him as the fur on the back of his neck rose up to make him look even bigger than he already was. The drake stopped in his tracks with a surprised look on his face, but that surprise soon turned serious when he saw Naruto's wounds.

"Looks like you've been fighting against Dragaunus's drones," said the drake as he looked down at the fox before him.

Naruto only growled as he glared up at the drake, but the changeling soon felt the last of his strength leave him. The fox collapsed to the ground in a heap as his sides heaved while he tried to catch his breath. Naruto could only lie on the ground helplessly as he watched the drake come walking up to him. The drake soon knelt down by Naruto's side as he looked over the wounds that harbored the fox's body before he shrugged the shoulder pack off and quickly opened the flap. The drake pulled out a blanket that was folded into a small square before he unfolded it and draped it over top of Naruto's body. Naruto looked up at the drake in confusion before the duck began to gently stroke the side of his neck.

"Take it easy," voiced the duck gently. "Everything is going to be alright."

Naruto continued to stare at the drake for a moment until he felt his eyelids drooping as he began to fall into darkness, but not before one thought ran through his head.


Two hours later

Darkness…that was all Naruto could see right now as he lay quietly on the ground for what felt like years to him until he started to hear voices talking all around him.

"Canard…what is the meaning of this!" shouted a voice in anger.

"I had to bring him here sir," replied a second voice to the first on. "It was on its last leg out there. I couldn't just leave it out there for the Hunter Drones to kill it."

"This is a military base son, we don't allow animals into our base!" exclaimed the first voice.

"Does that also include little brothers as well," snapped the second voice in anger.

Naruto's ears twitched when he heard what the second voice had said before he began to slowly open his eyes and saw two drakes standing in front of him. The first drake was the same one that he had met in the alley before he had fainted. The second duck was wearing military clothing which suggested that he was the highest within the military ranks, but this duck also had the familiar traits of his mother's husband. Naruto also saw that he was behind metal bars which told him that he was in a cage.

'This is just great,' muttered Naruto quietly to himself. 'I've been brought to who knows where and I'm stuck in a cage while listening to these two drakes bicker between each other.'

The duck that looked like Mr. Thunderbeak glared into the tan duck's eyes before he began to talk again: "Listen to me soldier. I know that you miss our family, but we have to except that they are gone and there's nothing that we can do about it."

"You many think that they're gone but I know that they're still alive," argued the tan drake.

"Then you're living on false hope General," said the second drake.

The high ranked officer soon walked out of Naruto's sight and that was when the changeling made his presences known by letting out a small whimper. The tan duck heard him as he quickly turned his head to look down at Naruto in surprise as the changeling slowly raised his head up from the ground.

"Well, looks like you've made it through the night," stated the drake as he knelt down to get eye level with Naruto. "I was kind of worried that you wouldn't make it, but it seems that you are a lot stronger than you look."

Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion before he looked down at his body. He saw that half of his body was wrapped in bandages. A bandage was wrapped around his left foreleg, along with his right back leg and around his stomach. Naruto blinked in surprise before he turned his head to look back at the tan mallard again.

"One of the medics within our secret base helped to bandage up your wounds," explained Canard when he saw the look on Naruto's face. "Her name is Tanya and I'm kind of surprised that she didn't start sneezing around you since she's allergic to dogs."

Naruto frown when he heard what this duck had said about him being a dog before growling to show that he was insulted. The drake chuckled when he heard Naruto growling at him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to insult you like that." The drake apologized with a smile, "It's just that I have never seen a creature like you around here before and you do kind of look like a dog with your size."

Naruto only snorted before the drake suddenly slipped his right hand through the bars of the cage and began to stroke the changeling's head. Naruto blinked in surprise for a moment before he began to relax against the stranger's touch. Something about this drake's touch seemed familiar to Naruto. The drake's touch was like his older brother's touch and that made Naruto whine quietly in sadness. The mallard heard Naruto's whine as he looked down at the fox that he was petting.

"I'm guessing you lost your family to Dragaunus and his Hunter Drones too, huh?" questioned the drake as he kept petting Naruto on the head.

'Something like that,' thought Naruto as he looked at the drake in front of him. 'I can only hope that my brother is okay, and that he is alive somewhere while he's fighting against Dragaunus's forces. And I hope that Wildwing and Nosedive are okay too.'

The drake was about to draw his hand back when he noticed the chain that was half hidden underneath Naruto's neck of fur.

"Hey, what's this?" said the mallard as he slowly moved his hand down towards the chain before lifting the two military dog-tags up into view. "Hey…these look like-"

"General!" shouted a voice to Naruto's and the drake's far left as the two quickly turned their heads to face the one that had spoken.

Standing in the doorway was a young drake that looked to be around 19 year's old with dark brown feathers and golden/brown hair. He was wearing a dark blue T-shirt with short sleeves, faded blue jeans with a hole in the left knee and black boots. Over top of the drake's shirt was a dark green chest plate with a white upside down 'V' sitting on the front, white shoulder armor pads and two black armbands.

"What is it soldier?" asked the tan drake as he look at the younger duck that was standing before him.

"Your father wants to speak with you some more within his office," replied the young drake as he stood ridged in front of the tan duck.

"Alright, I'll be there soon." The tan Drake replied with a sigh before he turned to look at Naruto again. "I have to go now, but I'll come back to check on you later alright?"

Naruto let out a small bark before the drake patted his head again. The drake drew his hand back as he stood up from the cage and began to walk towards the door. Naruto watched in silence as the tan drake and the 19 year old drake walked out of the room together before he laid his head down on the ground.

'Looks like I'm stuck here for a while,' Naruto mused as he stared out between the cage's bars. 'I just hope mom and Duke are okay.'

Naruto lay on the cold metal cage floor for a while as questions began to race around through his head before one question suddenly stopped for him to think. Why did that tan drake feel so familiar to him? Could it be that the tan drake was his brother, Canard?

'No way, that can't be possible!' exclaimed Naruto within his head.

But his heart said otherwise and the young 18 year old began to remember how the drake's touch was strictly similar to his brother's touch. Naruto turned his head towards the door as he stared out at it in hopes of seeing the tan drake again. Naruto's ears suddenly picked up the sound of feet coming his way, and by the way they sounded he could only guess that it was a female who was walking down the hall. The changeling slowly lifted his head up as he watched a female duck enter the room.

The female duck had dark red hair, emerald green eyes and peach/tan feathers. She was wearing a dark purple sleeveless body suite with light purple armor, a white shoulder pad sat on her left shoulder with a dark purple stripe on it and white boots. On the duck's right hand was a fingerless glove while on her left wrist was circular black wrist com. She looked to be around 20 years old.

Naruto watched as the duck walked up to his cage before she knelt down to get a better look at him. The fox cocked his head to the side as he and the duck stared into each other's eyes in an uncomfortable silence until the female duck finally decided to speak.

"So you're the creature that Canard had brought off from the street." The duck stated as she rested her hand against the side of her cheek. "I guess he was right when he said that you were in bad shape."

Naruto's ears perked up when the duck mentioned his brother's name. The female duck noticed the fox's reaction when she mentioned Canard's name and became curious.

"Hmm…from your reaction you seem to know Canard," voiced the duck in suspicion. "But there is no way that Canard could know you."

'Not while I'm in this form,' thought Naruto as he lowered his head down to his paws again as his ears dropped down to his skull in depression. 'And I can't change back into my original form, because I don't know how my brother or the other ducks within this base will react.'

The female looked down at the fox in confusion: "Hey, what's wrong?"

Naruto only whined as he closed his eyes in pain, but not from the wounds that he had received from the Hunter Drones. It was the pain of not being able to see his brother Canard in his original form. The red head looked down at the fox for a moment before she slowly slipped her left hand through the bars of the cage and began to stroke Naruto's head. Naruto was a little surprised by this, but decided to let the duck have her way, for it was just a pet after all. Besides it felt kind of good to have someone comfort him. The changeling suddenly heard footsteps coming. The red head also heard the footsteps as she drew her hand away from Naruto's head and stood up from her crouching position. Naruto raised his head up to get a better look at who was coming into the room.

The owner of the footsteps soon reviled themselves to be another female duck. The duck had long slightly dark blonde hair that stood up on her head as it was held up by a light blue headband, light blonde feathers and blue eyes that were hidden behind a pair of pink shaded glasses. She was wearing a high collar purple jacket with the sleeves being rolled up near the duck's elbows and purple pants that stretched down towards the duck's knees. On the female duck's left shoulder was a white shoulder pad while on the duck's right arm was a metal device. On her feet were a pair of white boots and around the duck's waist was a light blue belt. Also on the female duck's left wrist was the same device that the red head duck has. In the female duck's left hand was a medical kit.

The female duck stopped in her tracks when she saw the red haired duck in front of her.

"Mallory, what are you doing here?" as the blonde in surprise.

"Just came by to check out your patient here Tanya," the red head, now known as Mallory, replied as she went into a relaxed position.

"Is that all," said the blonde, Tanya, with a smile before she walked up to Naruto's cage. "Well at lest you two aren't biting each other's heads off."

Naruto grunted which sounded like a 'Huh?' to the two female ducks as he cocked his head to the side again. Tanya and Mallory let out a short snicker before the blonde knelt down in front of the cage and opening the metal bar door.

"All right come on out boy," said Tanya as she began to coax's Naruto out of the cage.

Naruto hesitated for a moment before he slowly stood up from the metal cage's floor and began to make his way out. Mallory and Tanya watched in surprise as the fox walked out of the cage without even letting out a whimper of pain.

"Well, looks like we have a tough guy here," stated Mallory as she knelt down to the floor and ruffled Naruto's head with her right hand.

Naruto's tail began to wag as pride began to swell up within his chest. Tanya unwrap the bandages from around Naruto's midsection before she inspected the wound that the fox had gotten from the drone's lasers. The blonde was surprise to see that the wound was almost fully healed. She quickly checked the fox's legs and saw that they were almost fully healed as well.

"This is unbelievable!" exclaimed Tanya as she stared at Naruto's injuries. "This guy's wounds are almost fully healed!"

"No way!" shouted Mallory in shock.

Naruto winched at the sudden shout as he quickly dropped to the floor and held his front paws over his ears.

'Ow! Can you tone it down a little?' shouted Naruto within his head. 'My ears are really sensitive to loud noises.'

Mallory looked down at the fox when she noticed what had happened: "Sorry about that boy."

Naruto only let out a growl as he gave Mallory a glare before he stood up from the floor. He decided to let it slid when he suddenly heard someone coming. The fox and the two ducks quickly turned towards the door and saw the tan drake. Mallory and Tanya quickly stood up from the ground before they stood ridged as they saluted to the tan duck.

"General Canard!" exclaimed Mallory. "We didn't know that you would be back so soon."

Naruto looked at Mallory in surprise before turning to look at the tan duck that was now known as Canard. Naruto couldn't believe it, his brother was still alive. Canard walked over to the trio before he stood in front of them.

"I just got off from my meeting with my father a little earlier than I expected." Canard replied before he knelt down to Naruto's height. "I also came to check up on this guy here and to see how he was doing."

"He's doing fine," replied Tanya as she and Mallory relaxed from their salute. "But there's something you should know. This creature that you brought here to the base is making a fast recovery, much faster than any of us could heal."

"Really?" said Canard in surprise as he looked down at fox in front of him.

Naruto looked up at Canard for a moment before ducking his head down. He wanted so much to change into his true form and leap onto his brother while embracing him like there was no tomorrow. But the changeling knew better than to leap without thinking first. Canard stared down at the fox before he slipped his hand under the fox's muzzle and gently brought it up to meet his gaze. Their eyes met and the drake started to have a strange feeling as he looked into the blue eyes of the fox. Something about this creature's eyes felt familiar to him.

"You…remind me of someone," voiced Canard slowly in a soft voice.

Mallory and Tanya barely heard what the drake had said, but they didn't have time to mingle on it for very long when the alarms within the building suddenly started going off. Naruto was startled out of his wits by the sudden sound of the alarms. His fur stood on end as he began to growl while getting into a battle stance with his tail lashing out behind him. A beeping noise suddenly came from the wrist coms that Canard and the two females were wearing. The ducks quickly activated them as a voice suddenly started speaking on the other end.

"Come to the Northwest hall at once!" exclaimed the duck on the other side of the com. "We got a giant pest problem here!"

"We're on our way!" responded Canard before he shut the lid down on his communicator. "Let's move it out you two!"

Tanya and Mallory nodded before they raced out of the door Canard was about to follow them, but quickly turned back to look at the fox.

"You stay here where it's safe," said Canard in a commanding voice before he took off after the two ducks.

Naruto stood looking at the door for a moment before frowning in thought. Naruto had always listened to Canard when he was a kid, but he was a teenage/adult now and he needed to make his own choices. Naruto snorted as he shook his fur out before he ran out of the door while following the scent of his brother. Naruto kept running down the hall that his brother took until he caught the sound of gun firing and shouts from other ducks around the corner. Naruto quickly came to a halt before he slowly peeked out from around the corner and what he saw made his blood run cold.

The changeling saw a group of ducks firing their puck blasters at an eight foot tall snake with blazing red eyes. The snake had black colored scales that were as dark as the night sky and a white underbelly. The snake weaved in and out of the bullet/pucks that were fired at it, but once in a while a bullet/puck will have a lucky shot in nicking the snake's body. The snake let out a furious hiss as it glared down at the ducks that dare to oppose it. The reptile shot its head forward to bite one of the ducks, but it was quickly punched in the face by the duck it was going to attack.

The duck had light grey feathers, black hair that was tied back in a ponytail and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless white muscle shirt with black armored shoulder pads and loose dark red pants that were held up by a grey belt. On top of the duck's head was a grey metal helmet while on the duck's lower right arm was a metal vambrace and on his left hand was a black fingerless glove with a knuckle guard on top of it. On the duck's right shoulder was a tattoo of a green upside down triangle with two hockey sticks crisscrossing with each other. The drake's name was Grin Hardwing.

Naruto was surprised on how much taller this new drake was. He was also big on muscle, but Naruto sensed that this guy was a gentle giant in nature. The snake let out a hiss as it shook its head in pain before it glared down at the larger duck in anger.

"Don't back down!" shouted Canard to the other ducks that were fighting against the snake. "Keep firing at this over grown worm!"

The soldiers did what Canard told them as they kept firing their puck blasters at the snake that had infiltrated their base. Naruto watched the battle from the shadows for he was unsure of what to do in this situation. The ducks kept firing at the snake before it suddenly shot towards Canard and incased him within its coils. The snake pinned the drake's arms to his sides while tying up the soldier's legs as well. Naruto saw that his brother was in danger as the snake loomed over the bound drake. The snake seemed to smirk as it glared down at the drake that it had in its coils. Naruto's blood began to burn in hatred as his fur rose up on his neck before he let out a snarl.

"General Canard!" shouted one of the ducks as he got ready to use his puck blaster on the snake, but Mallory quickly stopped him.

"Wait!" exclaimed Mallory as she glared at the soldier. "You might miss and accidently hit Canard!"

"Then what do you suggest we do?" questioned the solider angrily.

The red head was about to answer, but was quickly cut off when Naruto suddenly shot out from around the corner that he had been hiding behind as he ran past the surprised soldiers. The changeling leapt up at the snake that held his brother within its coils and landed on top of its body. Naruto quickly sunk his fangs into the base of where the snake's head met with the neck of its body. The snake let out an angry hiss as it wildly shook its head to get the fox off of it. Canard felt the snake's grip on him loosen and that gave him the chance to pull his right arm out from reptile's coils and aim his puck blaster at the snake's head. Canard fired at the snake's lower jaw after Naruto jumped off at the last second. The snake withered in pain before it quickly unwound itself from Canard's body. Naruto quickly ran over to Canard's side as the drake fell to the floor. He panted for breath while Naruto glared up at the snake that glowered down at the both him and Canard.

Canard knelt as he looked over at Naruto in surprise while the fox glared up at the snake that loomed over them. Naruto let out a loud snarl before he leap up the snake again and bit down on its throat. Naruto hung on like there was no tomorrow as the snake wildly shook its head around in an attempt to throw him off. The ducks and Canard watched in amazement as they witness the fox taking on an eight foot snake that could easily swallow it whole in just one bite. Naruto's fangs kept sinking deeper into the snake's flesh as he held on for dear life while he tried to think of a way to take down this over grown worm.

'Think Naruto, think!' shouted the fox deep within his head. 'What is the one thing that reptiles hate the most and will easily slow them down?'

Canard quickly stood up from the ground as Mallory quickly ran up to him with Tanya and Grin coming up behind her. The female duck quickly stopped by the drake's side before placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you alright General?" asked Mallory.

"Yeah, I'm fine," replied Canard with a nod before he looked over at the fox and the snake.

"That serpent is really ranking up some bad vibes," spoke Grin as he glared up at the snake before him.

"We gotta find a way to slow that reptile down," said Canard before an idea suddenly came up within his head. "That's it, the Saurians don't like the cold right?"

Mallory and the others nodded their heads as they answered the drake's question.

"It's the same for our giant worm friend here," continued Canard before he switched gears on his puck blaster. "Set your blasters onto freeze pucks."

The soldiers quickly did what their General told them as they changed the settings of their puck blasters. Naruto also heard what Canard said and smirked inwardly.

'That's my brother,' thought the fox before he began to concentrate on his chakra as he summoned up an attack that Drake and Kyuubi had taught him. 'Take this you over grown worm; Foxfire Ice Fang!'

Naruto's fangs began to glow blue before the changeling's attack started to take effect. Foxfire Ice Fang is a special ability that will affect the enemy's bloodstream when Naruto's fangs are biting down deep into his opponent's arm, neck or leg. The attack freezes the enemy's bloodstream and makes them fall into unconsciousness for at least four weeks. The attack will activate without the enemy noticing it at first until it was too late for them to realize what was going on.

The ducks started firing freeze pucks at the snake as some of the pucks landed a direct hit on the serpent. The snake snarled before it gave one final shake to dislodge the fox from its throat. Naruto quickly let go of the snake's neck before leaping back over to Canard's side and began to growl once again. The snake shook its head for a moment before it let out a hiss as it glared angrily down at ducks, but mostly at Naruto. It brought its head back to strike but it quickly stopped when it suddenly felt a sharp pain within its body. The snake let out a loud snarl as it started to thrash around while it slammed its head or body into the walls of the hall. The ducks dodged or ducked the serpent's trashing body before they quickly drew back.

Canard quickly grabbed Naruto and leaped to the side before they could be slammed by the serpent's tail. Mallory rolled to the side before she stood up from the floor while she watched the scene before her.

"What the heck is a matter with that thing?" questioned Mallory as she held up her puck blaster and got ready to fire another freeze puck at the snake.

"I'm not sure," spoke Canard after he let go of Naruto. "But it looks like that over grown worm is in pain."

"I have a feeling that our furry friend here had something to do with the reptile's pain," rumbled Grin as he looked down at Naruto who stared right back at him with a smirk.

'I'll never tell,' whispered Naruto within his head.

Everyone watched the snake thrash around in pain for a while before they were suddenly blinded by a green light that suddenly surrounded the serpent's body. Everyone quickly turned their eyes away from the light so as to not be blinded by it. They soon turned their eyes back on the spot that the snake had been and saw that the over grown worm was gone.

"Where did that snake go?" asked Tanya in confusion.

"It just…disappeared," said one of the soldiers as he stared wide eyed in shock.

Naruto let out a quiet growl of uneasiness before Canard placed a hand on top of the fox's head as the drake tried to calm him down.

"Steady boy," soothed Canard as he petted the fox's head.

Naruto soon calmed down as he let his brother stroke his head, but that still didn't ease the young fox's mind for he had a feeling that it won't be the last time that he will face that over grown worm.

Unknown location: Dragaunus's master tower

A green light appeared in a large room of Dragaunus's master tower as the black snake appeared before it fell to the ground with a groan. Siege and Chameleon quickly ran into the room when their computer system told them that their comrade was back. Chameleon was the first one to make it to the snake's side.

"Buddy, what happened to ya?" asked the saurian in a panic voice.

The snake slowly turned its head as it looked at Chameleon before it opened its mouth and it began to hiss out words.

"I…I was attacked…by those stupid ducks," hiss the snake in a tired voice as it felt the last of its strength leaving its body.

"Did you find out where the resistance headquarters is?" stepped in Siege as he glared down at the snake before him.

The snake opened its mouth to reply, but soon fainted as it felt the Naruto's Firefox Ice Fang take effect on him. The snake's body began to shrink as it changed into a form of a human. The human was an 18 year old teenage boy with long black hair that was tied back into a pony tail. He was wearing a blood red long sleeve and long legged body suite with black chest armor clayed over top, black combat boots and a black belt. His skin was extremely pale with two purple triangles painted on both sides of his face.

"Hey kid!" shouted Chameleon in a panicked voice.

"Come on, we'd better get this runt to the medical bay," growled Siege as he flung the boy onto his left should and began to carry him deeper into the Master Tower with Chameleon following right behind him.

Back with Naruto

Naruto was laying on the floor within Canard's bunk for the drake had decided to move the fox into his quarters so that he could keep an eye on him. Canard's room didn't have much stuff in it. Just a bed, a chair, a desk and a photo of their family sitting one top, but Naruto had also found the one thing that people had thought was just a legend. Sitting on top of the desk was the mask of Drake DuCaine. Naruto didn't know how he knew that mask once belonged to the spirit that resided inside his body he just…felt it.

Naruto was lying on a blanket on the metal floor with his tail curled up towards his nose before his ears suddenly perked up when he heard the hiss of the door opening. Naruto lifted his head as he saw Canard entering the room with a tired look on his face while he rubbed the back of his head. The fox could tell that the drake was frustrated about something as he slowly sat up on the floor while he watched his brother flop down onto his bed with a grunt.

"Man, he just won't shut up!" exclaimed Canard in anger. "What does my old man know about fighting when he hasn't even stuck his beak out into battle once?"

Naruto cocked his head in confusion before he stood up from the floor and walked over to the bed. He stood up on his hind legs as he set his front paws down on the edge of the bed. Naruto let out a whine as he tried to get Canard's attention. The drake looked over at the fox before he sat up on his bed and raised his right hand to pet the golden K9 on the head.

"I'm okay boy," reassured Canard as he gently looked down at the fox beside him. "I'm just a little frustrated with my father right now."

Naruto dropped down to the ground as he sat with his head lying down on Canard's lap while the drake stroked his head. This was the first time since he was six years old that he was able to curl up and relax with his brother.

'If only I could just turn back into my true form,' thought Naruto sadly. 'Than it would really feel the same like it did 13 years ago.'

The two were quiet for a while as Canard kept petting Naruto's head in comfort with the fox resting his head in the drake's lap, but the petting soon stopped as Canard let his hand linger on the changeling's head.

"You know…you don't have to keep hiding your true form from me," said Canard suddenly.

Naruto's ears quickly flicked up when he heard what Canard said. His head shot up in surprise as he looked at the drake with wide eyes. Canard let his hand drop down from Naruto's head as he looked at fox before him.

"I already figured out who you are," voiced Canard softly as a gentle smile appeared on his beak. "Cause believe me, nobody would run head first into battle to defend their friends or in this case, their brother."

Naruto stared at Canard in surprise as he looked up into the drake's eyes, but he soon closed his eyes as he began to focus on changing into his true form. The same golden aura surrounded the fox as he changed back into his original form. Canard watched as his eyes widened in amazement as the golden fox changed into the familiar form of his little brother. Naruto sat on the floor in his original form as he stared up at Canard with the older mallard looking down at him in surprise.

"Hey…Canard," greeted Naruto in a small voice as he looked up at his brother.

Canard's only reply to Naruto's greeting was him falling to the ground onto his knees before he wrapped his arms around his adopted brother as he held the fox boy in a tight embrace. Naruto was stunned at first, but soon returned the embrace as he buried his face into his brother's neck and shoulder. Tears began to form within Naruto's eyes as he felt his feelings rise up within his chest as he let Canard hold him in his arms.

"I was so afraid that I wouldn't see you again," whispered Canard in a shaky voice as he gently nuzzled the side of his beak against Naruto's head.

"And I never thought I'd see you again either," said Naruto as he gently stroked the fingers of his right hand through his brother's feathers on the back of the drake's neck. "I almost thought that you were dead."

"You should know by now that I'm too stubborn to die little bro," said Canard as he and Naruto pulled away from each other as they looked into each other's eyes. "And I also know that you're too stubborn to die either."

"I guess it runs in the family," Naruto joked with a smirked.

Canard and Naruto soon shared a laugh with one another as the two brothers began to feel hope rise up within their hearts again. The two soon stood up from the floor and sat on the edge of Canard's bed before they began to talk with each other.

"Oh man, you little scamp!" exclaimed Canard as he ruffled Naruto's hair. "Where have you been hiding all these months? When I heard that our house had been destroyed-"

"The house was destroyed?" interjected Naruto as he stared up at his brother in shock and disbelief.

"Yeah," replied Canard sadly back as he nodded his head. "The Saurians and their Hunter Drones hit our home world pretty hard kiddo."

"Oh man, mom's going to be so upset when I tell her that our home is gone," voiced Naruto as he rubbed his hand over his face.

"Mom?" echoed Canard in shock. "You mean she's still alive too?"

"Yeah," replied Naruto with a smile as he looked over at Canard. "We got out of the house so that we could hide from the Saurian invasion."

"Where is she now? Is she okay?" asked Canard in concern.

"Yeah, she's okay," answered Naruto with a smile. "She's still a little sick, but she's getting better. We had to hide in the old part of town so that those Hunter Drones wouldn't find us."

"You left our mother alone in the oldest part of Ice City?" growled Canard as he began to feel anger rise up within him.

"She's not actually alone," said Naruto as he tried to ease his brother's tension. "I left her in the capable hands of a friend that we had made a few months ago."

"And who exactly is this friend?" asked Canard as he raised a questionable eyebrow at Naruto.

"Well…his name is Duke L'Orange," Naruto replied. "And how we met him is a really long story."

"Then you'd better start telling," said Canard.

Naruto nodded as he began to tell his older brother what had happened to him a few months ago. The teen told his brother how he and his mother met Duke in the warehouse that they were hiding in. They soon had to face off against Falcone as the over grown bird almost tried to kill them, but Duke stood up for them as the drake protected them from Falcone. Canard had to say that he was surprise and amazed that the number one thief of Puckworld would go out of his way in protecting his little brother and sick mother.

"…And he then became our protector," finished Naruto before he took a breath and waited to see what his brother would say to him.

"Well little bro I gotta tell ya," Canard started as he rubbed the back of his head with a smile on his beak. "You and mom sure had one big adventure without me there, but I'm just glad that you two are okay."

Naruto smiled for a moment before a frown came over his face: "But there's one thing I don't get bro. How did you know that it was me in my fox form?"

"Let's just say that a few hints gave you away," replied Canard with a chuckle.

"Name three," challenged Naruto.

"Well the chain around your neck for one thing," Canard pointed out. "Then it was how you jumped into help me fight against that over grown worm, but the real thing that made me realized that it was you, was your eyes."

"My eyes?" echoed Naruto in confusion.

"Yeah," voiced Canard as stroked the side of the fox boy's face. "Your eyes were the very thing that made me believe that it was you, because I have never seen anyone's eyes shine brighter than the sun itself. You have a lot of courage and spirit that I have never seen in any of the ducks here within the base."

Naruto blinked in surprise before smiling as he leaned his head against the touch of his brother's hand. After all these years Canard's gentle touch still remained the same. The 18 year old soon turned his head towards the mask of Drake DuCaine that sat on top of Canard's desk.

"So…big bro," Naruto started as he pointed towards the mask. "How did you…"

"Find the mask of Drake DuCaine?" said Canard as he finished Naruto's sentence. "It's a long story little bro."

"Well I've got time," said Naruto with a smile as he looked up at his brother.

Canard chuckled as he smiled down at his brother: "Alright, you'd better make yourself comfortable then."

Naruto did what he was told as the fox boy got himself comfortable by leaning up against his brother's side with Canard wrapping his arm around Naruto's shoulders. The 18 year old listened as Canard told him how he found the mask while basking in the warmth of his older brother's embrace. For once in his life, Naruto felt safe once again.

To be continued

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