So I watched this really weird video on Youtube, and it fricken craked me the hell up. So I decided it would be funny to write about Leah and Seth with it. It's Seth's POV, just so you know. Enjoy!

"Who you finna try, who you finna try?"

I was trying to watch tv when Leah got on the computer and logged onto You tube. She had pulled up this obnoxious rap song that she knew I hated and started to dance to it. We both turned up the volumes of our appliances; the computer and the TV battled it out for dominance.

"Leah, can you please shut that off?" I asked nicely, over the music. After all, I was here first.

"Who you finna try; Who you finna try?" she responded, singing loudly with the song's chorus. I rubbed my temples, frustrated.

"Who you finna try; Who you finna try? Aaaayy! Who you finna try; Who you finna try?" she turned and screamed in my ear. "AAAAAHHH! Who you finna try; Who you finna try?"

"Leah, I'm trying to watch TV; can you shut that off, please?"

She just turned around and kept dancing. I tried to focus on the tv, but couldn't.

"I bet it ain't me," she sang loudly in my ear again. I was seriously irritated and tried to think of how I could shut her up. There was a bottle of baby powder sitting on the table for some reason, so I did the only thing I could think of and put some in my hand.

"I bet it ain't me! I bet it ain't me! AAAAAAHHHH—"

Out of nowhere, my hand flew up and I smacked her right in her face, not only shutting her up, but leaving a baby powder print of my hand on her cheek. She looked seriously shocked, eyes wide, mouth open. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. I looked up in the door way and my mom was laughing too. Leah was pissed.


So if you liked this, you should check out the actual video. it's freakin' funny. I'll post it on my profile for you guys. i highly reccommend it. Remember: Revies = Love!