Uh, hi Lanabyte! Your stories are great.

Here's the epilogue, short as it is.

The next morning, after hours and hours of making love on the couch, on the floor, in the bathtub… they were working their way through round six. Per Sarah's stipulations, she was on top, straddling his thighs as she controlled their tempo. Jareth could only cling to her, his arms around her waist to soothe the longing ache in his skin.

"Slower darling," Jareth rasped. "We have all day."

Sarah moaned, driving herself down harder onto her husband's lap.

"We will go slower next time."

She said that the last time.

Groaning, Jareth tightened his hold, kissing and nibbling her shoulders and neck like they were coated in champagne and sugar. Every move she made, every flutter and stroke was sweet, succulent agony. Being with her had never been so good. Then again, they hadn't lain together in months. Of course it would be better than usual.

Swiftly grabbing her hips, he flipped her to her back, immediately settling into a slower, but deeper cadence. Sarah accepted this change with grace and submission, pressing her feet into the mattress so she could lift her hips and meet each thrust.

He wished for it never to end, but it was going to, and soon. So with one final, mind-numbingly good kiss, Jareth reached down between them, stroking the little bundle of nerves that had them both tumbling over the edge of sanity.

As they slowly returned to the Earth, he rolled off of Sarah, gathering her into his arms to seal in their heat before it went away. It was very cold, and there wasn't any firewood to put in the hearth.

"What time is it?" Sarah mumbled as she pressed her face into his throat. Her nose was achingly cold, and before the rest of her was similarly affected, he pulled the blankets up over them.

"It's close to dawn, but I can't be sure. I don't feel like opening the blinds, so let's say it's six in the morning."

"I think it's time to go to bed," she yawned, her hold slackening until she was boneless as a sleepy kitten. Murmuring his agreement, he settled down for a long winter's nap.

Their presents were still under the tree, and they would remain there until they were both awake.

Nick could just deal with it.

And by Nick, I mean Santa! Of course the Goblin King would know the jolly old elf.

Merry Christmas everyone. This is my first completed fic. I'm pretty damn happy right now.