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Spoilers for Chapter 113 of Bakuman

"I 'lack experience in love', that's what Yujiro said to me," Eiji declared, gleaming eyes shone like spotlights trained on the uncomfortable Moritaka.

"W... Why are you telling me this, though?" Moritaka wanted to know.

Eiji smirked. "Because, dear Ashirogi-sensei, you are going to teach me about loves!"

Shujin, who was enjoying the spectacle while drinking his favourite tea, choked and might have died if not because of Miyoshi's fast reaction. Moritaka, also, was in similar condition even though he wasn't drinking anything.

"WHAT?" He shouted after getting his breathing back under control.

Shrugging nonchalantly, Eiji peered at the name of PCP Moritaka was working on, finger traced at the pages as if he was trying to absorb Moritaka's drawings.

"Haven't I told you, I've liked you since the first time we met," Eiji explained, looking distracted still by the name.

Moritaka spluttered, couldn't find a respond to that. On the other hand, Shujin was starting to enjoy himself again, though he was weird out a little by the sudden 'confession'. Miyoshi though She was obviously delighted. She was sniggering out right, which was just rude in Moritaka's opinion.

Sensing Moritaka's predicament, Eiji turned to face him. "See, I heard that the easiest person to fall in love with is a friend, and I consider you my friend! Takagi-sensei already married, so he's automatically excluded, and that left you!"

In a moment of absurdity, Moritaka considered protesting about being the second choice. He also noted, quite belatedly, that Shujin and Miyoshi had somehow sneaked out of the room - and possibly the studio - while Eiji and he were busy talking.

"Well, then, since you understand now, let's get start!"

Moritaka gaped, brain still trying to catch up with the current situation. It was unnecessary to say that he was pathetically defenseless as Eiji pounced.

"Wait! No! I don't- Umph!"

- end :P