Hiei stood over the two halves that were the defeated necromancer, and let out a long sigh.

"Did they stop?" Hiei asked.

"Yes, the horde is just laying on the ground," Kurama said, looking down at the street from the 5th story window.

The panic amongst the survivors had broken, and they were now organizing rescue parties to help find and treat the wounded. Say what you want about humanity, but in the end they always help one another.

"Do you think Yusuke is..."

"No," Kurama said, a tear flowing down his cheek. "I don't think he is alive."

Sensui looked down at Yusuke and Keiko's lifeless bodies, and scoffed. It would seem Mors had been killed, and the strings to his undead puppets had been cut. That included the two would be heroes sent to stop him. No matter. Mors was merely a distraction, and he was well on his way to victory after sealing-

"SENSUI!" A voice boomed seemingly from all directions.

Sensui, however, was unfazed by show of power.

"So somebody let the Great Koenma out of his playpen. You must be thrilled." Sensui yelled, turning his head in all directions.

"Oh I've been on time outs that were much longer than that," Koenma said from the doorway. He had resumed his toddler form, minus the pacifier. "I imagine the time out I get for the mess you've made on my watch is going to be at least 10 years."

"Poor baby," Sensui said, mockingly. "Were you on time out when I was trapped in Demon World? Is that why you just left me there?!"

"I never meant to leave you there," Koenma said, his voice heavy. "I thought you had been killed, and I couldn't risk any more demons pouring into the human world. I'm -"

"DON'T YOU SAY IT!" Sensui exploded, his Sacred Energy gushing out. "I don't want to hear you say you're sorry! I want you to suffer!"

"And I want this to end without hurting you," Koenma said, holding his hand up high. "Looks like neither of us will get what we want."

Sensui screamed and began to charge, and Koenma quickly brought his hand down to signal.

Suddenly a giant fist the size of half the room smashed through the ceiling and crushed Sensui in a split second. King Enma withdrew his fist, and wiped what was left of Sensui off his kuckles.

"I'm sorry, Sensui," Koenma said, and walked away.

Genkai, Botan, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Koenma looked somberly at the two recently filled graves. Hiei watched from some trees nearby, unable to publicly show his mourning. Almost a week had passed since Sensui's attack, and the world had chalked up the attacks to some form of bio-terrorism. No one besides the assembled party knew what had really happened that day, and the sacrifices that were made to stop it.

"Why can't you bring them back?" Kuwabara asked, looking over at Koenma. "You did it for Urameshi once before."

"Because they have earned the right to rest in peace," Koenma said. "They are being well taken care of in Spirit World, I can assure you."

"Its just not fair," Kuwabara pouted.

"Life is never fair," Genkai simply said.

Botan began to sob quietly. While she ferried spirits from the human world into Spirit World, she wasn't allowed to follow the spirits to their final destination, whether it was good or bad.

"Come now," Kurama said. "They would not want us to spend all day out here in the cold."

"Yeah, you're right," Kuwabara mumbled.

They all slowly walked back towards Genkai's mansion, telling stories of the two fallen heroes.

Hiei dropped down from his hiding spot, and laid down his sword on Yusuke's grave.

"You fool," he said, and then walked away.