This is (loosely) based on the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, which I do not own nor make money off of. I don't own or make money off the characters either.

"You've come out to your friends already, haven't you?"


"Then why can't we tell them about us?"

"Sasuke." The glare directed his way still scared him but he was pretty sure he hid just how much it terrified him. Only Itachi could look intimidating while washing dishes. "We are not going to announce to my friends that I take advantage of my little brother in such a way." Itachi handed Sasuke another dish to dry.

"You don't take advantage of me! I practically beg you to screw me." He cautiously put distance between them. He knew Itachi hated having this argument but some of his brother's friends were coming over tonight and he was tired of watching them paw at his brother.

"Even worse. A group of horny college students should not know that one of their friends has access to a hot slut." Itachi had to admit it turned him on when his brother acted like a slut, but only when Sasuke was a slut for him. Backhanded compliments were one of his strong points, anyway.

Sasuke quietly closed the cabinet on the last dish. He thought for a moment, staring at his brother's back as he wiped down the counters with his back to him. "So…" he approached his brother and hugged him from behind. "You think I'm hot?"

Trapped between his brother and the counter, Itachi sighed aloud and turned around. "They'll be here any minute now. Let go so I can finish-"

Sasuke could care less what his brother had to finish doing- he had said something sweet for once. Standing on his tip-toes, he still had to pull Itachi's head down the last few inches by his hair to connect their mouths. His brother responded hungrily to him, his mouth the dessert to their just eaten dinner. Itachi dove his tongue into the younger's mouth, tasting a little of dinner but much more of his brother's taste. Moving on their own his hands grabbed Sasuke's butt cheeks and lifted him a little, grinding into him. As usual, Sasuke had one hand on his shoulder and the other in his hair, clinging to him in that pleasantly desperate way.

Itachi glanced at the clock; if they were quick and he kept Sasuke from pushing this too much, they had time for a blow job. While Sasuke always came quicker he also admitted-grudgingly, of course- of the two, his brother was better at it. And Itachi knew just how to convince him. He massaged his butt with one hand and with the other swiped some of their spit from the side of Sasuke's mouth onto his fingers, something Sasuke couldn't be bothered to notice because Itachi had actually allowed him to have his tongue in his older brother's mouth; a rare event considering Itachi didn't like the idea of being penetrated even orally. Sasuke did notice when those two fingers slipped into his backdoor just the past the knuckle, acknowledging the intrusion with an "uhn."

Itachi suddenly jerked his mouth away with a smirk. "Well, otouto. You're rather bold tonight." He thrust his digits in a little more and enjoyed the look of pleasure that took over otouto's face. He was thoroughly hard at this point and he ground into his brother again to convey the feeling. "Now I'm even going so far as to dirty my hands just to please you." He shoved his fingers in harder at key words, then began a slow but deep rhythm. "So what do you think you should do to repay me?"

"Re- ah!- repay?" It took more effort than usual to focus on what those words meant and what Itachi really wanted. He always wanted something. Itachi smirked at him. "Starts with 'blow' and ends with me cumming in your mouth?"

Oh. That comment got Sasuke thinking, especially about how sore his throat and mouth were going to be afterwards. Itachi liked being rough. "But then I have to brush my teeth again and my voice will sound funny."

The elder understood if he didn't like the taste sitting in his mouth, but what was he taking about his voice for? "What do you mean, 'sound funny'?"

Aniki was frowning now and had pulled his fingers out. Uh-oh. "Nothing." Acting rapidly, he dropped to his knees and had his brother's dick out and in his mouth in less than thirty seconds. He suckled on the tip and was relieved when his brother's head tipped back and his fingers dug harshly into his hair. The slightest moan escaped from the elder's mouth above, the second rare occurrence of the night. He summoned his slutty expression and asked, "is this a good payment, nii-san?"

He winced when his hair was jerked violently to the side. "You know better than to call me that when we're doing this." He looked over at the clock again. "Hurry up. Suck me." Sasuke silently resumed his task, now worried that the college group really would be here soon. He took all of the length inside his mouth, rubbing his tongue along the bottom, swallowing around it, then bobbing his head quickly in the hopes that the effort on his part would placate his brother enough that he wouldn't thrust on his own. As he pulled up again he paused to lick at the slit so he could catch his breath a bit. Itachi had told him once that he shouldn't be so out of breath from a mere blow-job, which of course meant that he was weak. And weakness was simply not tolerated in their house.

He was ready to go back down when the doorbell rang. Startled, he looked at his brother and tried to move away but the hands held him there. "Itachi, please!" He knew the door was unlocked so surely the boys would notice soon and then they would come walking down the hallway and into the kitchen and see him on his knees in front of his brother, sucking him off… he wanted Itachi to be open about their relationship, but there were better ways to express it!

Itachi interpreted that 'please' quite differently, so he shoved Sasuke's head down and thrust cruelly into his mouth, coming quickly. Sasuke squirmed as the fluid flooded his mouth, not liking the salty taste but Itachi expected him to swallow it all so he did, trying his best not to squirm. Itachi took his movements to mean he liked it, and the thought brought another shot out of him. The doorbell ominously rang again, and Sasuke barely had time to swallow before Itachi was shoving him off and putting himself back in his pants.

"Come on in! It's open!" He shouted to his friends and then went over to the cabinet to get out the chips. "Go brush your teeth." Sasuke remained exactly where he was. Itachi went over to the fridge to get out the dip and drinks, but Sasuke was in the way. "Move." He looked down at his younger brother who had a strange expression on his face, which was still sloppy from the wet kisses and the wetter blow job. "Wash your face, too." Speaking lowly but with the icy tone that made people shiver, he nudged his brother with his foot. He could hear his guests in the doorway and in the next room, taking off their shoes and loudly greeting each other. Sasuke still hadn't moved, just kept staring with a look Itachi wasn't in the mood to decipher. "Now is not the time to be a bitch, otouto."

Kisame's booming voice told Itachi he was right in the hallway and any moment he would walk through the doorway near the opposite wall. Feeling Sasuke had given him no other option, he yanked his brother up by the collar and, ignoring the weak whimper that slipped from his little brother's mouth, he all but threw him into the hallway. "Go clean yourself up." There was a rather loud thud and another whimper, but Itachi ignored it. Sasuke had been given ample opportunity to obey. Kisame was in the room by now, and as he shut the fridge he spared a glance to the dark hallway and saw his brother stumble towards the bathroom, holding the side of his head. Itachi mentally shrugged and began conversing with his blue-haired friend about their class that day, inwardly reflecting that the only reason Sasuke would be so stubborn was because he wanted to get off, and if Sasuke wanted to get off that badly he should just masturbate instead of causing trouble. Damn teenagers.

Sasuke nearly fell into the bathroom. He shut the door and took a deep breath before he turned on the light. Ew. His eyes were tearing up against his will, and there was the faintest trickle of blood from a cut on his forehead. Damn picture. Except it was the last photo of his parents, so really it was the damn glass picture frame he hated. He lifted his hair and saw it wasn't too bad; only an inch long and pretty shallow. He cleaned the small cut and put a band-aid over it, trying to find the lightest colored one they had and using a touch of make-up to cover the edges so it would blend in, then messed his bangs around so they covered the band-aid fully. He splashed water around his messy mouth then brushed his teeth. He knew he was supposed to obey Itachi and that he probably deserved this, but… he didn't always like it. He couldn't explain why he hadn't moved when Itachi commanded it, but he recognized that he wanted his brother to be sweet and since his body agreed with him… perhaps that's why it decided not to move.

Washing his spit down the sink and putting away his toothbrush and paste, he inspected himself in the mirror. He felt clean again, though his lips were darker and his throat still felt raw. The boys in the living room were getting loud, and he thought he heard his name. Sasuke wanted to procrastinate a little longer but didn't have a reason; he was still kind of hard yet not in the mood to masturbate, and he didn't have to go to the bathroom.

So he walked out, deciding to go through the kitchen. More often than not, Itachi's friends would try to get him to hang out with them, though Sasuke didn't have the faintest clue why, so he figured that he would chill in the kitchen for a bit so if they wanted they could pull him into their games. Once they had pulled him out of his room half-asleep after he had gone to bed early because he was sick. He had wished Itachi would stop them, especially because he had a fever, but because he had refused to give in to demands for sex (on the basis of being sick) Itachi let his friends continue to mess with him. The group forced him to play some loud game that had to do with yelling a lot. Their claim was that being sick was a lame excuse, and if he was tired then they didn't mind if he slept in front of them. Even so, they were sort of fun when they weren't being annoying.

"Hey, Itachi, where's that adorable brother of yours?" Deidara spoke around a chip and reaching for another. Itachi heard hesitant footsteps in the other room. "Kitchen." Deidara happily jumped up to go drag his brother into the group. Sasuke made cute faces, mostly when he was having fun, but also when he was embarrassed. So he didn't mind if his friends joked around with him; after all, Sasuke should know some older guys who could be brotherly in the normal way. Deidara, though; he had to watch out for him. Itachi didn't like the looks he gave Sasuke, or that he was always finding an excuse to touch him on the arm or back or something. He talked to Kisame about it, but his friend assured him it was all in his head, which naturally assured Itachi he was right.

Kisame butted in to his thoughts. "Have you found a boyfriend yet? Because I know an available guy who fucks like an animal. In a good way." He gestured to himself with a pizza bagel and chuckled.

The brunette raised an eyebrow. "I'm not looking for a boyfriend or a casual fuck."

"Then why come out to us? If you're not looking for one, then you must have a boy already. When can we meet him?" This was a problem. He should have known people would start asking questions. Maybe he should tell them about Sasuke…

"But I can't believe you've been seeing someone for almost three months and we haven't noticed a thing. The only person I ever see you hang with is Sasuke. And that… just wouldn't be right, would it?" The expression of disgust on his friend's face reminded Itachi why this was going to remain a secret. It would be wrong to expose a sweet kid like Sasuke to humiliation. Instead, he reluctantly leaned into Kisame, dropping his head onto the muscular shoulder dramatically. "I'm sorry, it's just been difficult… I may have told you about my orientation, but telling others is different."

While Itachi applauded his acting skills, Kisame did a little victory dance. Not only did he have physical contact, but his sexy friend was initiating it. "No matter what happens, I can take care of you." He bent his head lower to speak only for Itachi, "I can take care of other things for you… if you know what I mean."

Itachi refused to acknowledge the football player's nonsense, but knew he had to show some sort of sexual inclination to men other than his brother so he allowed Kisame's hand to rest in his hair, trying not to think about how his brother had grabbed at his hair so wildly before in the kitchen. "So where are Hidan and Kakuzu? It was their turn to come up with something to do."

Sasori, seated over by the window, spoke in a voice that was quiet but still heard through the noise. "Hidan decided to be Catholic this week, so he is against homosexuality until next Wednesday. He sends blessings or something." Itachi smirked. Sadly, Hidan was the least eccentric of their group.

"Then I guess Kakuzu is at home throwing a fit because he won't be getting any?" Kisame interjected lewdly.

"No." Sasori stoically replied. "He informed me over the telephone that he would order a prostitute and fuck him into next week. Which could mean he would fuck him so hard he would be pushed into next week, or that he would continue fucking him until the next week has come." The room was awkwardly silent for a minute, because only Sasori could think about two of his friends fucking and be analyzing the sentence structure.

Deidara came bounding in then, laughing and dragging Sasuke along by his hand. "Sasuke, how on earth did you get so funny when your brother is such a stick in the mud?" Sasuke shrugged, amused by the blond man's enthusiasm for everything. He snuck a peak at his brother and took in his brother's disapproving stare- and Kisame's hand on his arm- as the blond man pulled him by the hand he still held down into the couch beside him. He immediately tried to make it better, trying to ignore how much it bugged him that the giant football player was all over his lover. As usual. "I'm not very funny. Aniki has a good sense of humor but his jokes require thought. Don't worry if you don't understand them, though, because we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself figuring them out." Laughter filled the room as the group enjoyed Deidara jokes, and Sasuke carefully reclaimed his hand. He glanced at his brother and smiled to himself. Nii-san was pleased at the compliment because he looked less annoyed, and he knew Deidara wouldn't mind. He looked up at the man sitting next to him to be sure and found that he was indeed smiling.

"You'll be the death of me before you know it. You are just too cute." Yeah, the blond man knew Itachi was trying so hard not to glare at him. It was a pretty close toss-up if the reason was Itachi's overprotective instincts or the jealousy of a lover. The kid was cute, but Deidara thought he was pretty fuckable too, and so was working towards that very slowly. Wouldn't want to scare off the precious little boy, now would we?

Sasuke scowled. "I am not cute." This conversation needed to go somewhere else. "So what are we doing tonight? And where are those other three guys? And why isn't Uncle Madara coming?"

Kisame knew Itachi hadn't told his little brother Orochimaru had been kicked out of their group for making "improper advances" (as Itachi had put it) toward his little brother. The "victim" himself was still happily unaware. But Kisame was in the mood to provoke something, and Deidara was sending signals he was making his move tonight too. "Madara-sensei said he had too many papers to grade this weekend, Hidan is against homosexuality this week, and nobody wants Kakuzu around when he's horny like that. But I'm surprised that Itachi never told you what happened with him and Orochi-" Kisame's breath left him forcefully when Itachi's elbow met his gut. He held his stomach, trying to get his breath back and still look manly.

Sasuke could only guess what that meant, but at the very worst if something sexual had happened between them it was limited to a singular event. His brother couldn't regularly met up with someone without his knowledge. Though it was weird how quiet everyone was- maybe because Kisame and Itachi never fought before? However, they clearly knew something he didn't.

With a dark look in his eyes, Itachi filled the tense silence. "If no one can think of something to do, we should just watch a movie." Kisame secretly winked at Deidara, kicking their barely hatched plan into motion. "I could go for a horror movie. Got any?"

Already over the incident, Itachi nodded. "We have a few that aren't horrible." He stood and Kisame went over to the movie case with him, not-so-subtly checking out the raven's rear as he bent over to grab a stack of movies to show them to Kisame. Deidara waited until Kisame had the elder Uchiha distracted enough discussing the best option, then turned to Sasuke. "I just learned about palm reading. Can I try it on you?"

The boy had known Deidara long enough to be used to his random nonsense; at times, this blond man reminded quite a bit of his own best friend Naruto. So he nodded and held out his hand. The artist tried not to seize it too quickly. Gently rubbing and caressing as much as he dared, he made up some shit. Really, this kid was pretty gullible. But his hands were so soft the blond man could just imagine what he'd rather have those hands be doing… oh he was getting aroused, and Sasuke seemed to notice something was off because he muttered an excuse of refilling the snacks to retrieve his hand.

Having finally decided upon a movie, Itachi put it in and sat back down on the couch, glancing about and realizing Deidara had managed to get his brother out of the room while he was distracted. He excused himself, saying he had to go to the bathroom. He aimed to go through the kitchen, telling himself it was shorter than going down the hallway. Walking slowly with the purpose of eavesdropping, he heard whispers from the kitchen.

"You drive me crazy, you know?"

"Is that right?" Sasuke was trying to distance himself with difficulty.

"I'll never understand why you hang around him. Itachi makes you cry alone, doesn't he?"

Trying to discover when the conversation had slipped this way and what had given them away, he said as nonchalantly as possible, "How can I not hang around with him? He's my brother."

Deidara had him right where he wanted him, pressed against the counter by the sink. Sasuke tried not to think too much about how he'd been in the reverse position before with his brother. "Don't be silly, Sasuke. I see what's going down." He brushed his forehead, enjoying the wince as he purposely touched the bandaged cut. "Using make-up to cover it up… did you tell yourself it'd probably never happen again?" Sasuke's expression gave him away.

Itachi couldn't really hear the exchange, just bits and words, so he entered the room and was horrified to see Deidara planting a kiss right on Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke had his eyes open and didn't seem to be enjoying it but apparently consented because he wasn't pushing the blond man away. He stood there unmoving until he saw Itachi.

The second their eyes met Itachi was certain that this was Sasuke's payback for keeping their relationship a secret. He watched his brother try to escape from the blond man's grasp and he grudgingly released the boy. "So…" he felt Itachi's presence behind him and slowly did an about face. "Oh. Hi, Itachi. We were just getting some more snacks." Deidara pretended to be oblivious to the pressure that overcame his young crush, who couldn't bring himself to look his brother in the eye anymore. "I'll just go ahead out with this. It sounds like they're starting the movie." The blond was aware that he had won, at least for now, and left the kitchen cheerfully with a plate food.

The heavy silence seemed to drown out the loud conversation from the other room. Itachi thought he was exaggerating when he had called his brother a slut before but he hadn't planned on being so right. He glared until Sasuke felt the pressure and worked up the nerve to look him in the eyes. "I… it really wasn't…"

"Don't." Itachi was done with this; his brother was such trouble that maybe their brief relationship should end before it got worse. He turned on his heel to walk out but something tugged his shirt from behind and he stopped, not wanting it to tear. "This better be good."

Sasuke's voice came out in a scared whisper, and Itachi risked a glance over his shoulder. "He kept talking like he knew about us, so I thought if I convinced him I liked him and not you then it would be ok but it got out of hand." Little otouto was looking at where his hand clutched his shoulder, but his eyes were very shiny and that expression Itachi wasn't sure of took over his features. "I'm sorry. Please, just, don't be mad at me." His brother looked… hurt maybe? But there was other stuff there."Please. I'm so sorry." What the look meant didn't matter anymore, because Itachi decided right then that his friends needed to learn not to touch his property.

Otouto still looked like he might cry, which was unacceptable. "Don't be a baby." He dislodged Sasuke's hand from his clothing, and holding his brothers hand gently, he slapped the wrist *hard*. Sasuke winced but was even more confused when Itachi then soothingly kissed the top of his hand. "Remember, all you're getting is a slap on the wrist." Watching his brother's face light up at his words almost made him rethink his new plan. Was it too harsh? No. It would be fun for both of them, he was sure, so he dropped the hand and walked into the living room again like nothing had happened.

Sasuke was beyond relieved that telling the truth had worked so nicely and that his brother wasn't punishing him more than that. It was really amazing. Perhaps too amazing? But he had given an awesome blowjob before, so maybe it paid off even though it had been uncomfortable. He grabbed the other food plate and returned to his spot on the couch, careful to be not too close to Deidara but the blond purposely made it difficult. However the artist's predictions were dead wrong about Sasuke's reaction to horror movies, and therefore he was appalled to discover the boy was falling asleep, even having the audacity to yawn during one of the scariest parts. He thought quickly to use this to his advantage, but by the time he worked out how to get Sasuke to sleep on him, the boy was nestled into the sofa's arm and napping soundly.

The movie ended and Nagato, Yahiko and Konan quickly made their excuses to leave so they wouldn't have to clean up any dishes. Sasori had many OCD tendencies, and so was preoccupied with cleaning up every bit of mess they'd made. Kisame had tried several times to make another move during the movie but failed epically each time. Giving up, he went to say something about how he should get going (since Itachi was cranky anyway and they wouldn't be getting anywhere tonight) but Deidara shushed him.

"Look at the little angel," he said sweetly. "Isn't he so beautiful? I just wanna do him."

"That's dangerous to say with me here, Deidara." The blond stiffened. He hadn't imagined Itachi would call him out so directly.

He smirked sweetly. "Don't worry; I'll take good care of your brother. But you might need some earplugs because he looks like a screamer."

"He isn't, but he does have a dirty mouth." Deidara really looked at the raven this time. Sitting like a prince, the man calmly shifted his gaze between his brother and the artist practically looming over the teen. "How about we make a bet?"

"What kind of bet?" Itachi didn't make bets he couldn't win so there was no way he would be tricked into something so dangerous.

"A contest. It's simple. We'll use whatever criterion you prefer, and the winner gets to screw sleeping beauty."

"But… he's your brother!" While the thought had been amusing before, seriously considering this reality was hard to grasp.

Itachi held up one finger against his lips to shush him. "Quiet now. You'll wake him up and that would ruin all the fun." He took a final sip of his drink. "What do you say?"

Without reflecting too much on his previous thoughts of how dangerous betting with Itachi could really be, he gave the condition. "Whoever draws him the best as he is right now. We'll each have only five minutes and our friends will judge."

"Fair enough. I'll gather the materials." An uneasy feeling tried to make itself known to Deidara, tried to tell him that Itachi must have known that would be Deidara's answer and the Uchiha had agreed too easily but these thoughts were overshadowed by the mental image of sinking himself deep into Sasuke's ass. The boy must be so tight and hot, even though Itachi implied that he was no longer a virgin. Maybe this was just a test to see if he was worthy to date his brother or something.

Itachi returned with two sketchpads and pencils and with Kisame timing, they began. Deidara worked furiously, drawing dramatic lines and working as quickly as possible. Itachi moved at a slow pace, never erasing a single mark. Kisame was pretty sure that Itachi hardly looked at the boy sleeping on the couch. Kisame didn't like his fucks young, but if Sasuke ever offered himself he certainly wouldn't say no. The boy had a slender physique, midnight hair that fell around his face like a halo of darkness, and pouty lips that twitched a bit in response to the dishes clanking every so often in the kitchen.

Itachi finished with a minute to spare, and calmly sipped his drink as he watched Deidara frantically try to complete his work. Kisame was rooting for the blond, but he could tell from the raven's posture that he had won. He'd never seen Itachi draw before, but men who lost usually looked more, well, defeated.

"Ha!" The artist quietly announced as he finished with a flourish seconds before the five minutes were over. They called Sasori into the living room, and he, Kisame, and Zetsu viewed the two pictures. To make it less biased, the judges deliberated without knowing which sketch belonged to whom.

Both pictures were gorgeous, even ignoring that their subject was beautiful to begin with. The first had a lot of detail and captured the sleeper's expression of ignorant bliss perfectly. Although it was accurate to the reality still napping on the couch, the second drawing had a something that was difficult to describe though the subject was obviously sexier. There were less lines of detail yet the simplicity somehow made it even better. It was the hands down winner, and when Deidara saw Itachi's drawing he had to concede defeat. "I didn't know you were interested in art at all."

"I'm not." He answered with a smirk, knowing and loving that it would irritate the blond more. "However, otouto had asked me draw some nudes of him, so I have had practice." Scowling, Deidara got up to leave, but Itachi grabbed his arm. "Leaving so soon? As I consolation prize, I was thinking I would allow you to watch me fuck him."

The group was pretty loose but such a statement from their most reserved member was unnerving… and totally hot. Deidara knew it'd be the closest he'd ever get to the real thing. "Sure." Then, hesitantly, "can I at least undress him?"

Itachi seriously considered for a moment. He could further assert his dominance by showing off his brother's hot body and putting hickeys all over him, but on the other hand, the less fuel Deidara's fantasies had the better. "No." Predicting Deidara's next question, he added, "You can't kiss him, touch him, or wake him up, either." He nearly laughed as he moved predatorily to his unsuspecting little brother. "I said the winner would do sleeping beauty. And I've always wondered how long it would take him to wake up if I started while he was sleeping." Leaning over his brother, he placed a butterfly light kiss on his forehead and undid his pants, tugging them down to his knees. He was satisfied to see that his brother was still pretty hard, though it could be the result of whatever he was dreaming. He carefully maneuvered Sasuke onto his stomach, amused by the rustles of clothing he heard as those on the other couch were forced to adjust their pants.

"Deidara, hand me your tie." The man did so, and Itachi gave him his most evil smirk as he tied the cloth around his brother's eyes. He was doing this whether Sasuke wanted this or not, but it would hurt his ego too much if he couldn't make his brother cum so just in case he was a little shy it'd be better if he couldn't immediately see when he awoke.

After he placed a pillow under otouto's hips for elevation, he liberally wet three fingers with saliva and worked them into his brother one at a time. Deidara tentatively approached until he was less than two feet away, but Itachi ignored him since he wasn't trying to touch. The other three men joined Deidara as the sought the best view of the slick fingers plunging inside the sleeping teen's ass. Itachi couldn't stretch his brother too much, or he would surely wake up before he was inside, so he stopped just after he wedged the third finger in even though Sasuke was pushing back against his hand in slight and uneven thrusts. "Lube?" He asked, and sure enough someone- he didn't know or care who, because with the hot ass in front of him he was too hard to wait- handed him a tube with the cap already off.

He smoothly undid his pants and pulled out his erect cock, making sure Kisame saw it. Yeah, he knew that man wanted him and conspired with Deidara against him. Teasing was the proper punishment for men like his friend. Kisame pursued his prey like a shark, but Itachi was too smart and quick. So he lubricated himself and thrust in quickly, pleased with the yelp from his brother. He rested where he was for a moment.

Sasuke was disoriented, to say the least. The last thing he could remember was Deidara watching him more than the movie- which one? Something with a lot of boring gore- so he knew he fell asleep, and this still felt like the couch, and the person inside couldn't be anyone other Itachi. "What the hell, Itachi? I thought you hated doing it on the couch." He grumbled, but nevertheless moaned when his brother delivered the first thrust. "Didn't you come enough before when I sucked you off in the kitchen?" He heard a funny noise, almost like snickering, but they hadn't had sex in two days, so he was horny enough to ignore it.

He moaned again, but winced when Itachi's purple nails dug into the bare skin of his hips. "You're rougher than usual, Itachi. Is this my punishment for letting Deidara kiss me earlier?" This time the snickering noise was louder, and Itachi thrust hard enough to make his brother moan loudly again. "Ah!"

"Not quite, Sasuke." Without missing a stroke, he dramatically pulled off the blindfold so his brother could see his four friends very close, both observing and masturbating to this obscene sight. "This... is your punishment." Sasuke was horrified; he almost lost his erection but Itachi hit his magic spot just then so instead of protests only groans dripped from his lips. Itachi was too good at making him utterly melt, because while he was mortified that other people were not only seeing his brother butt-fuck him, he had admitted to giving him a blowjob and was acting like a slut, but his body relished the feeling his brother brought about. He buried his face into the couch cushions to block out the masturbating college students mere feet away and after a few short minutes of rough thrusting he came with muffled moans into the couch.

Fortunately Itachi released seconds after he did. He pulled out, smirking at the looks on the watcher's faces. "All right, time to leave." He put his cock back into his pants and ushered his friends to the door, calling over his shoulder to the immobile Sasuke, "make sure you clean up the couch, otouto." Sasuke waited until he heard the front door shut before he stood and disgustedly pulled his pants up. In a few minutes Itachi would return, so Sasuke cleaned the couch as fast as he could with washcloths, an easy enough task because their cum was mostly either on the pillow or inside him. He heard the knob turning on the front door and dashed into the bathroom, immediately locking in and getting into the shower. He felt dirty, and if he didn't get the cum out of his ass it would get up in there and then his stomach would hurt all night.

Itachi was satisfied. It turned out that he didn't need to go to the trouble of telling them all to back off his brother. He had planned to lecture them vigorously on all the ways that Sasuke belonged to him and only him, but Kisame and Deidara couldn't quite look him in the eye. Deidara had even mumbled something that sounded like 'sorry.' Sasori and Zetsu weren't that interested to begin with though Zetsu bothered to drop the comment, "one day he'll tell you that he's had enough." Whatever.

The couch was clean when he returned inside, as well as the living room table and the kitchen (thanks to Sasori and his OCD tendencies) but otouto was nowhere to be found and he was in the mood to cuddle. It didn't happen often, but he wanted to hug his brother and hold him tight while they fell asleep. He turned off the lights in the living room and the kitchen, going to Sasuke's bedroom and changing into his sleeping clothes. He got comfy in his brother's bed; his bed was bigger and better for sex, but Sasuke's bed was just the right size for being close in an intimate, non-sexual way.

It felt like a forever later when Sasuke walked into his room and saw his brother there. Itachi turned to face him with a smile, but it disappeared when he saw the look on Sasuke's face. "What's the matter, otouto? And what's on your forehead?" He frowned, not sure if the mark had been there earlier this evening.

Sasuke turned away to his dresser, choosing his words carefully while putting on his pjs. "Why did you do that?"

"I'll tell you after you tell me how you got cut."

"Remember when you pushed me into the hallway?"

"Yeah…?" What was his point? Had the runt tried to be emo in the weirdest way possible?

"I fell into the picture frame on the wall- the glass one with mom and dad in it." If Itachi didn't at least act sorry the man could sleep all on his own tonight.

"I apologize." Damn. Maybe he should be more gentle.

Because Itachi admitted his guilt and the last time that happened was… well, never, he considered that maybe he was overreacting. "This doesn't hurt." He muttered. "What made you decide to screw me in front of a crowd of people? That certainly wasn't a 'slap on the wrist', asshole."

"Well," Itachi could tell his brother was looking for a particular reason, and since he wasn't sure which one, he gave all the reasons he had. "It was more fun showing my friends than telling them about us. That's what you wanted, isn't it, Sasuke? And I thought the exhibitionism would be pretty hot, and you kissed Deidara so there was that punishment to deal out." He thought for a moment as Sasuke climbed into bed and allowed Itachi to slip his arm securely around his little brothers waist and the other hand played with his soft spiky hair, and finally decided it was better to be open about all his reasons. "Also, Deidara and I bet that whoever could draw you better could fuck our 'sleeping beauty.' You should really see them, the drawings are-"

"Nii-san." Itachi felt his brother stiffen, and realized he had never heard Sasuke sound so cold. "You bet on who could do me?"

"It's not like I could lose, Sasuke."

Sasuke turned that over in his mind a couple times, and knew at this point something had to give. He sat up and looked his brother dead in the eyes. Itachi was getting annoyed, but here was this expression on Sasuke's face that was love, but also pain, disgust and betrayal. Unsure of how to deal with this Sasuke, he remained silent as his brother began to give a voice to the thoughts that had been sealed tight, tight, tight in a jar. "Itachi. I wanted your friends to know, but not like that! I hate doing things like that in front of other people. Does it make you feel like a man pushing me around? Does it make you feel like dad?"

Itachi wanted to interject with an "I swear I love you" but Sasuke was having none of it.

"I kissed somebody I don't like to protect you; it was gross, by the way, and not just because his breath tasted like sour cream and onion dip. I hate when you come in my ass because when it goes in deep and I can't get it out right away I get really bad stomachaches. Have you ever thought about it? You're squirting foreign fluids into my intestines." Biology wasn't his favorite subject but he knew at least that much. "I don't like sucking you off because you're too rough, it makes my throat feel raw, you pull my hair too much and the taste of cum grosses me out," he was nearly out of breath, but it felt good to let this all out.

"I love you so much it drives me crazy but you rarely do anything for me in return. I walk on glass around you, trying not to piss you off, because I don't know what new and creative way you've come up with to make me feel like shit, to put me face down in the dirt."

Itachi had never heard his brother get like this. Well, with him, anyway. He had thought he was immune. "But-"

"Yeah, I know. You don't do it on purpose." He rolled his eyes despite this being the most serious conversation they'd had since their parents died ten years ago. "But since you didn't notice any of this, not a little bit, then there's only one option left."

Itachi was sitting up too, and somewhere during Sasuke's ranting they'd moved as far apart as the bed would allow. Itachi had no idea his brother was feeling this way… though now that he thought about it, he was too rough and didn't show affection nearly as much as he should, and Sasuke had been hesitant towards him lately. His nescience of Sasuke's point of view was appalling… but… "so what are you saying, exactly?"

Sasuke climbed out of the bed, grabbing a blanket and pillow from the closet. "I've tried to convince myself over and over and over that this relationship doesn't hurt." He took a deep breath, then faced his brother with the resolve to go through with this. "I've had finally had enough, Itachi. I'm breaking up with you."

Then, as casual as anything, Sasuke added on his way out the door, "I'll sleep on the couch tonight. Try not to wake me when you leave tomorrow, aniki." And, for possibly the first time in his life, Itachi was sure his heart was breaking.

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