Hi everyone! This fic came to me rather...spontaneously. I just thought it up and began writing it. I have more chapters than these 2, but they're not quite ready yet. I've been wanting to do a crossover of some kind for a while now. How I wound up combining Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog and Fullmetal Alchemist...I've no idea. I guess with having a relapse into my childhood combined with watching FMA videos on youtube made it happen. I know this looks like an odd combination, but I had a lot of fun writing it, and I think it will be pleasing to both fans, at least as an entertaining distraction if nothing else.

This will be based on the first anime, of FMA and Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog. As for when this takes place, for the former, it's right after the Elrics' escapade in Rush Valley, and after Mecha Madness in the Sonic (Archie) universe. While we'll be getting the classic Dr. Ivo Robotnik, I'll try to include as many Post-Robotnik villians as I can without convoluting the story too much. So enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own either one of these properties. Sonic and company (yes, even the Archie exclusives) belong to Sega, while FMA is property of bones and Hiromu Arakawa

"All 3 Prisoners accounted for, sir." One of the Swatbots said. 3 anthropomorphic animals, otherwise known as Mobians, consisting of a cat, a pig, and a hare were in chains, each standing on a metallic platform. Soon, reinforced glass tubes descended upon them. The three creatures begged to be for mercy, but it seemed they were doomed to become robotic slaves.

A small human with a long nose was overseeing the process, seemingly disinterested. "Very good. Beginning robotization..." Suddenly, a blue blur screeched past him, knocking the tiny man off balance. Having been accustomed to this routine for years now, he knew exactly what it was and reacted accordingly. "It's the hedgehog! Stop him, stop him now!" he commanded the robotic soldiers.

"Hey!" the blue hedgehog he was referring to stopped and pouted. "You didn't let me say anything! You're supposed to wait for me to say something witty, then order the bots' to attack, capeche'?" This hedgehog was none other than the fastest thing alive, and champions of the Freedom Fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog. Before he could fire off another witty remark, the Swatbots forced him to dodge their lasers; an easy enough task, given what was stated earlier. Sonic curled up into a ball and spun, resembling a blue buzz saw. He cut most of the Swatbots in half, and trashed a few others with his fists, enhanced by the momentum of his speed.

Just as Snively was about to activate the Roboticizer, Sonic pushed hundreds of buttons at once, overloading the computer and causing electric sparks to erupt from the keyboard and control pad. "Egad!" Snively immediately ran for the fire-extinguisher.

Meanwhile, Sonic lifted the cylinders up, allowing the prisoners to escape. "Thanks Sonic!" the cat shouted.

"Don't thank me yet; we've still got to juice to Knothole!" Sonic grabbed their arms, allowing them to hold on tight, and took off at the speed of sound. Meanwhile, Snively was busy putting out the fire...or rather squeezing the extinguisher and being thrown back across the other side of the room.

In another world, one ruled by humans, and based on the science of Alchemy, a lone trouble maker was also making plans to overthrow those in power. However, unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, this rebel's intentions were truly malicious. As he was drawing circles all across town with an ink almost impossible to erase or paint over, the military finally caught him. "Isaac McDougall, surrender at once!" the corporal shouted into the megaphone.

The large, gray haired man only chuckled. "Fool! Don't you realize why I'm called the Hydro Alchemist!' He finished his transmutation circle, and poured his energy into it. The cops surrounding him then felt the ground beneath them shake. Geysers erupted from the man holes, and hydrants, the hot steam disorienting the police. "And that's only phase one!" He placed his other hand on another transmutation circle to his right, freezing the police by freezing the water vapor surrounding them. They weren't dead, but the sudden drop in temperature caused their bodies to go numb, and unless they got to the doctor, would likely die in a few minutes. "Heh. That's what the Flame Alchemist gets for not coming here himself..." He chuckled, imagining what happened if he did come. "Then again, I can't blame him entirely."

"That guy's such a pain in the ass; you can't count on him for anything." A much younger voice said.

"Huh!" A stream of water from a hydrant still in place was hurled at him, knocking him off balance. "Wha-How dare you! Who are you!" His assailant then came into view: He was a teenager with long, blond hair tied in a braid and gold eyes. He wore a red coat, with black clothes underneath, plus two white gloves. But what really got to him..."I said, who the hell are you, shorty?"

A blood vessel popped in the teen's head as he started to growl uncontrollably. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING AN ANT, YOU ASSHOLE!" The teen charged him, and Isaac found an opening.

"Big mistake, punk!" He reached into his trench coat and wrapped his hand in a gauntlet with a transmutation circle. With it, he could control water in anything instantly without drawing a new one; and he planned to vaporize all the water within the young boy. He reached to grab him, and began his alchemic reaction. However, someone in a big suit of armor got in the way. "No matter; as long as it's touching the skin underneath, he will still be affected..." However, nothing happened, and he received a hard right, sending him into a building wall from across the street.

"Brother, don't be reckless!" the armored "man" said.

"Aw, shut it, Al! I had the whole thing under control!"

It shocked Isaac that the huge hulk in armor sounded no more than 10 years old. Then, he remembered rumors circulating about an odd pair of teenage boys with extraordinary alchemic powers. "Waitaminute, I remember now! All that metal...It's you! The FullMetal Alchemist!" He pointed at the big one in armor; he couldn't make out a face, but his posture made him look as though he were confused.

The short one, however, looked even more pissed and pointed to himself. "No, you twit! I'm the FullMetal Alchemist! Edward Elric!"

Isaac couldn't believe it. But it didn't matter; both would be a problem if he dawdled too long. "Well, then, let's end this quickly..."

"Good idea!" Edward clapped his hands and placed them on the ground. The road between them broke apart and rose.

Isaac rolled away in the nick of time to avoid being pinned by the rocks. "No transmutation circle! Fighting him directly is out of the question! I'm going to have to lure him into my second trap!" The Elric brothers followed him as he took off.

"Al! Get to the rooftops! Don't lose sight!" Ed ordered his younger brother.

"Right!" Despite his large size, Alphonse scaled the buildings and the rooftops with the grace of a gymnast.

Edward wasn't far behind Isaac; however, it worried him when Isaac entered a building. "The water treatment plant." Ed knew he had to proceed with caution, but he couldn't give up on his prey. Slowly, he walked in. "Hellooo...Mr. McDougall?" he called. The lights then came on, Isaac standing in the center of the other side.

"You should know better than to walk in here, considering my specialty." the man taunted him.

Edward sneered. "So you control water. Big deal! Watcha going to do? Give me a bubble bath?"

Isaac sneered back. "Something like that." He activated the transmutation circle he drew, and the water reservoirs from both sides of the bridge separating them reacted, albeit differently. One was boiling; the other grew sheets of Ice. "The reservoir to your left is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The one to your right is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Fall into the first one, the pain will disorient you to the point of paralysis and eat away at your skin. The second will force your body into hypothermia in less than 10 seconds. Either way, you will be unable to swim, and you'll drown an agonizing death, assuming the temperature of either one won't kill you first."

Edward looked unimpressed, and began walking across. "And what makes you think I'm dumb enough to fall in either one?"

Isaac then placed his hand on a lever. "This!"

Edward heard gears kick in, and began dancing once he saw bullets hit the deck! "AHHHH!" Edward fell over the bridge, but quickly grabbed hold with his right arm. The bullets hit his fingers, but they were sturdy enough to avoid damage for a short period. "I hate to do it this way, but...!" He quickly let go, clapped his hands, placed them on the bridge, and changed the shape of the bridge. Parts became severely depressed, and underneath monkey bars sprouted. Quickly, Edward grabbed onto one, and began swinging towards the Hydro Alchemist.

"Damn!" the rouge alchemist thought. Quickly, he kicked over a can of water on the floor. "I'll freeze him once he reaches the ledge!" Little did he know, Ed's brother began a trap of his own.

Just as Ed touched the ledge, Isaac was about to touch the water. However, a voice stopped him. "You must be worn out from that chase. A hot shower ought to do you good!" Al activated the transmutation circle he drew, causing the pipes to break apart, point towards McDougall, and sprouted scalding hot water on him.

"AHHH!" Unlike the boiling reservoir he created, it wasn't enough to kill him, but he would pass out if he didn't escape.

"Nice work, Al!" Quickly, Ed got up onto the platform and transmuted his auto-mail arm into a sword. Launching himself at McDougall, he sliced his gauntlet, iextinguishing his ability to transmute quickly, and kicked him square in the jaw with his left leg, knocking him out cold.

"Great job, Ed!" Al praised.

However, his brother didn't hear him; he was too busy thrashing around in the scalding hot water in agony. "AL, GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Sonic and the escapees burst out of the trunk leading to the remote Knothole Village, their home away from and base of operations, and landed in the hay. "Okay, from now on, be more careful about Buttnik, okay?" Sonic told the villagers. The villagers nodded, while their families and friends greeted them, thankful they were still flesh and blood.


"Sugar-hog, you should know better than to make Sal-Girl worry about you!"

"Of courze, he haz no interest en her vell-being!"

Sonic was then greeted by his comrades in arms: Miles "Tails" Prower, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor, and Antoine D'Collete, themselves renowned freedom fighters. "Sorry, but they were about to get roboticized! I couldn't stick around for a plan!"

Rotor shrugged. "I understand...but it was risky."

Sensing none of them were going to argue further, Sonic then asked "Where's Sal?" He figured she would be here with steam coming out of her ears.

"She's in the library, sugar. Apparently, somethin's caught her interest." Sonic then ran to meet her.

Princess Sally Acorn, also leader of the Freedom Fighters, sighed. While she and her friends managed to thwart Robotnik's greatest schemes throughout the years, it seemed they were never making progress. Not even with Sonic did they seem to be able to find a permanent solution. Somehow, she had to. For her people, for her conquered city. For her father, who was thrown into the Zone of Silence early during Mobotropolis's conquest. It brought a tear to her eye every time she thought about it. Many people thought being a Princess was all about having everyone wait on you hand and foot, dressing pretty and just flirting with boys. It would be good if she could turn back time and be a child again. But her people needed her, and any sort of fun would always come second. It was a rare occasion where she could find a bit of both; her fondness of ancient myths have more often than not proved practical to the war, and what she just found was no exception. It was vague, but it was worth investigating, if nothing else for the pursuit of knowledge...

Then, the doors burst open. "What's up Sal?" a familiar voice said. Sally was relieved that Sonic made it back in one piece, and with the villagers no less. However, she was still furious that he took off like that; had anything gone wrong... Sonic, sensing her irritation began to apologize. "Sal, look, I'm sorry. I wanted to do it with you all, but-"

"...but what if YOU were captured and roboticized! In fact, it wasn't that long ago when that happened before!" The memories of Mecha Sonic's attack on Knothole was still fresh in her memory, and she never wanted to revisit the possibility of Sonic being a traitor again.

Sonic winced at the memory of being roboticized. He had faint memories of the experience, and it made him sick to his stomach. "Sal, you know it was Nack who ambushed me here, not getting caught in Robotropolis." Sally still didn't turn to face him. Sonic cautiously placed his hands across Sally's soldiers. "Sal, I only went alone because I HAD to. If it was just another raid, I would have waited for you all. You know that." he pleaded.

Sally sighed. No matter what, she couldn't stay angry at him. "I'm sorry, Sonic. It's just..." She turned slightly so she could see him. "...it's just that I worry about you."

Sonic smiled and squeezed her shoulder. "I worry about you too." They hugged each other for reassurance, glad that both were alright. And little did both know, each wondered if any sort of comfort could go beyond a hug.

"Listen, Sonic...there's something I want to show everyone." she told him, the incident forgotten.

In the Alchemic World, Ed and Al stopped by a cafe after handing Douglas to the authorities. However, before they did that, something caught Ed's eye in one of the rogue alchemist's pockets. It looked like a map. Without the authorities noticing, he took it, and was looking it over right now.

"Brother, you should have let the police handle that! Besides, we need to meet with teacher! We've wasted enough time-"

"Teacher's not going anywhere any time soon. Besides..." Ed looked at him as if he was reliving a horrific time. "Do you really want to see her that badly?" Both looked at each other in fright; saying their teacher was stern was putting it mildly, and she would be beyond furious once she learned the truth.

"Well...what is it?" Al asked, changing the subject.

"I don't know, really. It just has a line going into the forest west of here, and an X. On the X it says 'The Temple of Chaos'." Ed took a bite of his sandwich before continuing. "It's not likely, but we may be able to find something on the philosopher's stone there. I mean, why else would an Alchemist like McDougall have this?"

"A hideout, maybe?" Al asked, skeptical.

"No, then there wouldn't be anything special about it." Ed thought about it for a minute, and smiled. "Besides, even the times we thought we've been sidetracked have proven to be helpful; this might not be any different. We'll let Winry know we won't be at the hotel until later."

As Al agreed, someone watched over them from his newspaper. The old man folded it up and left. Quietly, he slipped into a phone booth and dialed a number. "It's me. I ran into the FullMetal Pipsqueak, and it seems he's found out about that temple as well. Do you...yes, I think that would be best. Just be sure Gluttony won't get too out of control. At least save the short one for me." he requested as he grinned maniacally.

"All right everyone." Sally proclaimed in the Freedom Fighters Headquarters. "I know this may sound like a distraction, but I believe that if we don't deal with this right away, Robotnik could use it to his advantage." That certainly got everyone's attention. Sally then had Nichole project a hologram of text, and the image of a temple. "According to legend, this is Temple of the Heavenly Gate. It is said that a guardian once found a portal to other worlds; some suggest that some living things, even Mobians like us, came from other worlds to here and never made it back. Of course, if anything that part is most likely to be myth."

"Sounds cool, Sal. But what does this have to do with Robuttnik?" Sonic asked, feeling more like running around Robotropolis causing trouble than exploring something mythical.

Sally rolled her eyes and sighed. "Well, for one, Robotnik opened a portal to another world once before, and we know how that turned out." Sonic's face fell, remembering the time they went to the Zone of Silence to rescue King Acorn, only to find him as a barbarian with a lost memory. Sally took that especially hard. "In addition to using it as a banishment tool...however unlikely considering his thing for robotization nowadays...he could use it to summon creatures from another world. Or, should we defeat him, he may use it to retreat to whatever other world he finds, and conquer it...or return with allies."

Everyone was silent; fighting an endless horde of Swatbots with the occasional Combot thrown in was bad enough; an army of totally foreign creatures...they knew they couldn't allow that. "And vere iz des temple?" Antoine asked.

Sally replied "It's in the Great Forest, not too far from here. However, to avoid detection, it would be best if we went by foot, AND at a walking pace."

Sonic groaned at the prospect. But Robotnik was getting a little bit more aggressive lately, so Sally was not without reason. "When do we leave, Sal?"

"Tomorrow, at dawn."

Ed and Al made their way up the hill, one brother looking forward to the discovery and the other still unsure. Their mechanic and childhood friend, Winry Rockbell, accompanied them as they made their way to Dublith, but for this adventure, they told her they would be back later tonight. Currently, Ed was carrying a lantern on the count of it being dark. "Brother, we should head back!" Alphonse protested.

"Calm down, Al. We'll just take a look, and we'll be on our way back. Besides, it's only 7, and Winry will be fine on her own for a few minutes. We'll be back at the end of the hour."

Just then, they came into a clearing, and in the center was a temple. It had both Amestrian and Xingese traits. Ed couldn't tell if it was colored with anything special, but Ed could tell whoever the architect was, he put a lot of work into it. Despite its small size, it contained pillars and murals from all sorts of cultures.

"It's...nice." Alphonse said.

Ed got the sense Al wanted to go now, but his curiosity wouldn't allow him to concede. "Come on; let's have a look inside."


"Enough, already. Those stories about booby-trapped temples are false; there's nothing to fear."

As the two brothers went in, a triad of eyes followed them. "Remember, hurt them as bad as you can, but don't kill them. After all, if we are to ever be human again..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Still, I don't see what SHE sees about this temple that is so great. I never heard of it having to do anything with alchemy."

"That's irrelevant. Pride instructed us that the master's wishes are quite clear on this matter." Someone then whined. "Don't worry, Gluttony. We'll be sure to pick up a couple of townsfolk for you after we're done." The one being addressed only giggled in response.

"Wow." Finally, Alphonse seemed to be enjoying himself. So was Ed. On the walls, there were paintings of what seemed to be animal spirits. Most were common woodland creatures, with a few exotics thrown in. There were other symbols to: 3 tribal masks, Golden Rings, and what seemed to be green emeralds. "I wonder what they mean?" Ed asked. It probably was a waste of time for them in the end, but it was fun. As Ed stared into the abyss, he noticed something, but he couldn't be quite sure of it without proper lighting. "Al, take the lamp for a second. Follow me." The two brothers walked down the hall, and finally, into a circular room.

"Huh." Al commented.

Ed noticed that there seemed to be small canals surrounding them. He took a sip, and spat it out in disgust. "Oil." Ed immediately lit a match, and threw it in. Fire seemed to dance in circles as the room lit up. More of the exotic drawings showed up, but at the roof, the brothers could see the illustration of a planet. It looked similar to their own, but the continents seemed misshapen; not even the earliest of cartographers got it that bad.

"What do you make of it, brother?" Alphonse asked.

"Forget that; what do you make of this?" Ed asked, pointing to the floor.

Alphonse looked down on the floor, and saw they were standing in the middle of a transmutation circle. "Incredible! What do you think it does?" Alphonse asked excitedly.

"I don't know; it's best we don't experiment with this until we get info from either Central or Teacher. But it makes sense why McDougall had this map."

"Too bad you won't found out why this is important before he died." The two brothers turned around to see their 3 adversaries: The Homunculi. One was a beautiful, curvaceous woman in a black dress: Lust. The other was a fat man with the behavior, and probably intelligence, of a wild animal: Gluttony. Last, but not least, was an androgynous individual with green hair like a palm tree; of course, when he wanted, he could take any form he wanted: Envy.

"You again." Edward growled. He transmuted his auto-mail arm into a sword, while Alphonse got into a fighting stance; he wouldn't dare use any material from the floor, lest he set off a chain reaction from the circle.

"I suppose this has something to do with the philosopher's stone too, huh!" Ed questioned them.

Lust shrugged. "Not that we know of. But we can't have you snooping around. So, I'm going to offer you this chance: Walk away."

Alphonse replied. "And if we refuse?"

"Oh, that's easy; we simply break your bodies; we aren't allowed to kill you, but we were given specific instructions to remove you by any means necessary." Lust continued "Although, we would prefer it if you did resist: It would make it easier for us to detain and use you."

"Too bad that's not gonna happen, cause now you're mine!" Ed shouted, and the two brothers charged. The Elric brothers were outnumbered by 1, and being unable to use alchemy in their current environment, they were at a disadvantage. However, they were expert fighters, with or without alchemy.

"You take those two on; I'll take on the palm tree freak!" Ed told Al.


Lust's fingers extended, but Alphonse caught them and broke them with a karate chop. Gluttony tried to latch onto Al, but the living metal body proved to be too fast and elbowed him in the head, sending him flying. Meanwhile, Ed engaged Envy. Envy was stronger and more agile, but Edward managed to keep up with him, thinking of it as sparring with their mentor. Envy landed a roundhouse on Ed's shoulder, but Edward rolled with it, and using his sword arm, slit the homunculi's neck. However, he knew that wouldn't kill it; nothing would. "You'll have to do a better job then that, runt!" Envy taunted as the wound healed, although that didn't prevent any blood from leaking onto the floor.

Edward got down and took his adversary down with a sweep kick. "Don't call me little! EVER!"

Al was starting to go on the defensive, as both Lust and Gluttony kept him on his toes. Lust nearly pierced his blood seal, but thankfully his armor body had only a few scratches. However, Gluttony was the one who really worried him; one bite and it was over. "Only one way to end this!" He flipped over Lust, wrapped her arms behind her back, and took her hostage, holding her in front of Gluttony. "Go ahead and try to take a bite of me; you're more likely to hurt her."

Gluttony hesitated, but Lust just sneered. "That's what you think!" Her finger spears suddenly shot towards Edward.

"Brother, watch out!" Ed, upon heeding the warning, avoided a fatal stab, but the spear still got his side pretty good. "Augh!" The blood dripped from his side, mixing with Envy's.

Envy used the distraction to grab Ed by the throat and lift him off the ground, slowly choking him. "Face it, FullMetal! You and your brother are good, but just one more of us is all it takes to-"

Suddenly, the transmutation circle under them began to glow. "Envy...what did you do?" Edward asked as the Homunculi released him in confusion.

"No, you did this, Elric!" Envy retorted. The planet mural above them began to glow, and a white light surrounded them all.