Huey Freeman lay on the hill beneath the tree while Jasmine DuBois slept on his stomach. The boy did not approve but he allowed. He was certain he did not approve-only allow.

"You don't want to wake her up.", the White Shadow warned. "So don't move too much okay."

Huey looked up and saw the...him, dressed in his typical suit, sunglasses and earpiece. What was new was the quilt he carried.

"Why did you warn me?", Huey asked.

"Maybe you're so very important to the future of the universe that the inter-universal country of nigh-omnipotent alien spirits that neutralized the six genes that define melanin production in human skin that allowed white people to exist bend fate regularly to interfere in your day to day life?", he offered.

Huey raised an eyebrow.

"White Jesus likes his I-pod but his list is getting stale and knew you'd cook up a real snappy tune?"

The child raised the other eyebrow.

The White Shadow shrugged. "Then again, we could just want you to owe us one."

"Fine.", the boy snorted. "I owe you one."

"Great, this is what we need you to do.", the adult continued. "Your school is going to have its asbestos discovered tomorrow."

"There's been a carcinogen in a building full of children for decades and you're just now doing something about it?", Huey asked incensed.

"Ssshhhh!", his monitor scolded. He pointed down at the girl asleep across the boy's stomach.

"Now what we need you to do is simply accept it. Go with the flow. After it is...well, just do what comes naturally."

Jasmine began to toss in her sleep.

"Don't worry, she's not having a bad dream.", the White Shadow assured. "She's just cold. Put this on her."

He handed Huey the blanket. The boy spread it over the girl.

And by the time he looked up, the White Shadow was gone.