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Hi guys... finally got my writing bones back... It;s wonderful when someone you missed so much sends you an e-mail... you get all inspired all of the sudden. This series is back up again... and as you can tell, (if you have been following the series) wedding bells will be heard soon... for our beloved brothers...

But there will still be a couple of more books to follow after this one... I may not update the books right away, since I need time to create the plot... but once I post a new book, that just means that I am already half-way done. Hope you will enjoy the new book... Merry Christmas everyone! :D

This compilation of stories serves as a tribute for my favorite anime characters... The hottest anime men that ever graced the anime world (in my point of view, that is)... The gorgeous Uchiha Itachi... and the ever handsome Uchiha Sasuke... ^0^

Everything in this fic (the plot, scenes, food, places etc...) is a figment of my *perverted* imagination...bwahahahaha... XD



(Special Christmas Edition)

From the pages of Itachi's Diary

Dear Diary,

Christmas couldn't been any better...

I finally got all my wishes come true...

Santa already gave me the greatest gift in the whole universe...

I couldn't find the words to tell him how grateful I am...

Merry Christmas, Dear Diary!

Happy Holidays

Chapter 1 : Plans for the Future

"The water is ready..." Sasuke called out. It was a lazy sunday and Itachi was home. It was already December, one can feel the winter crisp in the air... as well as the holiday ambience. Itachi walked into the bathroom with a smile reaching his eyes. He had his long hair loose and was only clad in a white towel around his waist. Sasuke smiled as soon as he saw Itachi appear from the door. His brother always looked magnificent in his eyes... may he be fully clothed or stark naked... It didn't matter... Itachi was always perfect for him.

Itachi slipped the towel off and joined Sauke in the tub. The water was warm against his skin, it felt comforting as half of his body submerged on the warm liquid. Sasuke smiled as Itachi sat before him. He leaned over and gave his brother a hug from behind. Itachi smiled, Sasuke was acting sweet again... he knew something was brewing in Sasuke's mind. His brother had always been very affectionate, but he becomes extra touchy if he has something going on in his mind. "Why are we acting sweet today, koibito?" Itachi asked as he held Sasuke's right hand and gave the palm a soft kiss.

"What do you want for Christmas nii-san?" Sasuke asked as he gently poured warm water over Itachi's bare back. Itachi had to close his eyes at the sensation. He relaxed his body under Sasuke's were both cuddled in the tub by now. Sasuke offered Itachi a back scrub earlier. The tub was half-filled with warm water and Sasuke added some bubble bath solution to it. He was gently rubbing Itachi's back with a hand towel when that question popped in his mind. He waited for his brother to answer. Itachi smiled though Sasuke couldn't see the grin on his lips.

"You know I already have what I want, koibito..." he answered as he turned his head a bit so he can see Sasuke. Itachi's eye were welcomed by a big smile on Sasuke's lips and a faint blush dusting his cheeks. Sasuke continued to rub Itachi's back, applying a small amount of pressure on his fingertips... massaging the silky ivory skin of his lover. "I know... but is there anything else that you want?" he asked again, emphasizing the word 'thing'. Itachi chuckled. Like Sasuke, he wasn't that materialistic. Itachi was so easy to please... and he knew Sasuke knows that fact.

Itachi tilted his head as Sasuke rubbed the junction on his neck. "Well... I could use a new tie..." he joked and he was willing to bet his life that Sasuke was pouting right now. "Nii-san... we both know you have thousands of ties..." his voice sounding annoyed as Itachi laughed. Itachi chuckled and pulled Sasuke's arms and placed them on his chest. Sasuke hugged Itachi tighter "Nii-san... can I work next year?" he asked. "Work? On what?" Itachi asked as he interlaced his fingers on Sasuke's slender fingers. "I want to have a business of my own..." Sasuke said as Itachi listened.

Itachi freed himself from the embrace, stood up and moved. He was now facing Sasuke. "You don't need to work koibito... you know that..." he said as he reached over and caressed Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke's eyes sparkled "Nii-san..." he started and Itachi suddenly asked "Are you bored koibito? Are you tired staying at home and waiting for me?" the elder's voice had a hint of sadness. Sasuke sighed "No nii-san... I will never tire nor get bored with you..." he said softly. "Then why work?" Itachi asked. "I want to help you..." Sasuke answered thoughtfully.

Itachi smiled "Koibito... you know our financial standing... and you know that you really don't have to..." Itachi cooed and moved closer and placed his arms around his beloved. Sasuke tilted his head upwards and accepted Itachi's kiss. Their lips lingered with each other, making Sasuke sigh dreanily in between kisses. Sasuke smiled as he opened his eyes. He found Itachi's dark orbs looking intently at him "I love you Itachi..." he whispered. The elder raven smiled and responded "And I love you more Sasuke..." his warm breath caressing the tip of Sasuke's nose.

"Nii-san... I really would like to work..." Sasuke said. Itachi smiled and started to think "Well, you can handle the department that is in charge with the expansion. You can use your degree there..." Itachi said and Sasuke nodded "that would be perfect nii-san..." he agreed. "But that means I will spend less time with you... since you will be at the construction site more..." Itachi frowned. Sasuke cupped Itachi's face "Nii-san... we will make ways..." he explained as he leaned over and captured the ever willing lips with his own.

His breath grew low as he showered Itachi's face with small kisses. Itachi closed his eyes and sighed. He cleared his mind off and allowed his senses to win him over. He felt Sasuke's lips brush against his lips. He kissed Sasuke back, wrapping his arms around his beloved. He felt goosebumps on Sasuke's skin and heard a small moan escape the delicious lips he was kissing "Itachi..." Sasuke breathed "Yes?" came the breathless reply. Sasuke caught one of Itachi's hands and submerged it underwater... leading it to his heated erection.

Itachi smirked "My koibito is excited..." he commented. Sasuke smiled, his cheeks were bright pink. "Who wouldn't be? If I can only lend you my eyes so you could comprehend why..." Sasuke explained as he closed his eyes. Itachi was kissing his shoulders and trailing kisses down to his arms. Sasuke felt Itachi's tongue tease his sensitive nipple to life. Soon enough, the pink nub turned dark rosy. Sasuke gasped, arching his body up and pulling Itachi's face closer to his chest. The elder raven didn't prolong his agony... he entertained the other nub as well.

Problems and doubts had no place in their minds right now. The miracle they share... the memories they make together were treasures embedded to their very core. The love was overflowing... never-ending... The need for each other never seemed to cease... in fact, it grew more intense each time... the fire burning in each others hearts devoured their senses completely. The feeling was mutual... their hearts burned with the utmost desire to only please the other. The love they have could never be weighed nor be compared to anything. It was unique... officially called their own.

Their lovemaking was always this passionate... this intense... Itachi loved the way Sasuke sighs and moans sounded in his ears. He loved making his beloved feel so loved in every possible way. Sasuke as always, was attentive to his lover. He would always loose himself into the depths of their foreplay and would go wilder as their acts deepened, much to Itachi's delight. They know by heart that they were indeed soul mates... one cannot live without the other. All doubts were set aside. Itachi wanted the whole world to openly know how much he loved Sasuke.


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