A Walk on the Beach

Her large green eyes sparkling behind her glasses, Sylvia Marpole heaved a sigh, a feeling of complete bliss flowing through her as she wrapped her arms around Goofy. As the pair watched the sunk sink beneath the pink sea, they felt so at peace that they couldn't find any words to say one another. A grin crept along Goofy's mouth and began to nuzzle his nose against Sylvia's until their lips met, a violent spark igniting between them. Sylvia sighed again and rested her ginger head on Goofy's chest, closing her eyes for a brief moment. She could hear – feel – his heart beat fast and that, for some reason she couldn't understand, made her feel protected; that everything was all right because they were together. She smiled as he planted another kiss on top of her head. He'd never felt so confident in kissing a girl in such a way before. He'd always feel shy or embarrassed or even intrusive and he never usually saw that girl again. Even with Max's mother, he didn't have that thing he had now with Sylvia. He couldn't get over the fact that someone wanted to be with him and that she didn't want to let him go. The sunlight was almost completely gone but the couple couldn't bear the thought of leaving this romantic moment, so they stayed there all night. The strong breeze blowing, they stayed under the security of the picnic blanket, sleeping the beautiful night away, dreaming of sweet kisses and laughter. Max came to find them the next morning and he didn't do a thing because to them, their date wasn't done just yet.