The Eon Chronicles Prologue: After The End of the World

A long time ago in the distant past, an ancient civilization lived in peace and harmony with nature and Pokémon everywhere. For many years this peace had gone un-disturbed and everything remained peaceful. Every day the people and Pokémon worked together to keep the harmony in balance with each other by assisting one another in the everyday tasks they normally undertake which included growing crops to feed the people and Pokémon of the peaceful civilization as well as other things of great importance.

And then one day, the world was victim to a gigantic earthquake and a powerful force arose from the planet's core threatening the peace of the world by waging war on the world. For many years this war had raged on and it seemed like it was never going to end so they had no choice but to abandon their homeland and re-locate. They searched all over the land for a new home and they eventually found one buried deep in the earth but it was a large empty space. This did not bother them as anywhere they could hide was a home to them. They set about moving themselves from their true home to the underground home they found and set about building a new home to live in. As time passed, they built their new home using teamwork with each other and their Pokemon friends. Unfortunately as they were building their home, they experience setback after setback as they were continuously thrust into battle with their enemy so they had no choice but to abandon their work and fight. Progress on building their new home kept getting slower and slower due to the constant battles they were thrust into.

They prayed for something to happen which would end this conflict once and for all but no matter how hard they wished for it, it never happened. That soon changed when a travelling warrior and his companions had heard about the endless struggles they were facing and he decided to help them out. No-one knew what this warrior's name was as he preferred to remain anonymous. He went by the name of Eon Warrior as his travelling companions were the Eon Pokemon Latios and Latias. Every battle the Warrior and his companions took part in always ended up in success as their teamwork was said to be unstoppable and unlike anything they've ever seen before. The main reason for their incredible teamwork was all down to a few things including the strong bond they had with one another, they power they possessed and the weapon that the Warrior wielded. It was known as the sword of the Eon Warrior and it was a weapon that was crafted by the Warrior himself. The design of the sword had a Latios and a Latias in the form of a tribal style mark on the handle of the sword and the metal on the blade was covered in a red and blue tribal flame.

He chose to make the sword after growing tired of seeing the conflicts which took place where he lived so he decided to fight and put an end to it. The weapon was crafted after he met his companions after saving them from a brutal attack on them by their enemy. They too were tired of the endless struggles so they teamed up with the warrior and fought alongside him. 1 year had passed since the warrior and his partners teamed up and the battle it seemed would never end. The Warrior and his companions had fought battle after battle but each one was a tiring struggle for survival as each battle drained their strength and they had very little time to recover. In the end, the Warrior and his companions had no choice but to search for a way to end the fighting. Their travels took them across dark lands where there was nothing but savage war everywhere. There was no time for rest as they had to keep moving in order to stay alive. Eventually they could take no more as the non-stop travel and battles eventually drained their strength and they soon collapsed and that it seemed was the last anyone would see them again.

In a place known as the Hall of Origin, the creator of the Pokemon World, Lord Arceus, had been watching the endless struggles and he too was tired of the endless fighting. For a long time, he too had wished for an end to the fighting but he did not have the power to end the fighting. His last hope was the Eon Warrior and his companions as he had grown impressed with their impressive strength and teamwork. He had also witnessed their sudden collapsing due to their strength being drained from all the constant movement and battle. He felt it was time to intervene so he summoned the Warrior and his companions into the Hall of Origin where their strength was restored and a chance to end the fighting was soon presented to them but it came at a price.

The only way to put an end to the fighting was for them to sacrifice some of their power and combine it together into a treasure which would be called the Soul Dew. The power in question was their souls which had strengthened the more they fought in battle. It was called that because A) it looked like a giant dewdrop and B) it contained the souls of the Warrior and his companions. Once the Soul Dew was created, it was gifted to the Warrior and in doing so, was absorbed into his body so it was now a part of him. This now meant his power was amplified and he could use the abilities of his companions as well as sharing their pain and strength and in turn they would also be able to do and feel the same. With this new power in hand, the Warrior and his companions continued their travels and they continued to fight battle after battle as they made their way to the forbidden lands to face their leader who was responsible for the conflict.

Their leader went by the name of the Shadow Lord but his true identity remained unknown. The legends say that there was a gigantic worldwide earthquake the day before the conflict began and that he rose out of the centre of the planet. The legend also goes that he was sealed away by the light but it is unknown who sealed him away. Ever since he was sealed, he was resting his powers as he knew that one day he would re-awaken. Millions of years had passed and his re-awakening had come so he rose out of the earth causing a gigantic earthquake and bringing chaos and disorder to the world. Many opposed him and tried to vanquish him but their efforts were futile as they were soon crushed by his overwhelming power. They soon surrendered to his powers and the Shadow Lord set about recruiting weak humans and using his powers to turn them into warriors of darkness to fight for him and crush those who opposed him. The Warrior and his companions had learnt of this legend and it was up to them to bring an end to the conflict using the power of light and the power of the Soul Dew.

Silence fell across the battlefield as the sky opened up and a storm was brewing as thunder, rain and lightning spread across the land. The tension between the Warrior, his companions and the Shadow Lord was unbearable and it wasn't long before the battle to decide the fate of the world began. The battle between light and darkness had begun and it was clear that both had extreme power as they had both gained strength overtime. The Shadow Lord had gained power from the darkness and the Warrior and his companions had gained power from the Soul Dew and their friendship. The Warrior's companions aided him by lending him their power and offering support in the form of physical and defensive attacks as he fought against the Shadow Lord. Their teamwork and determination was the main source of their power and they used it to defeat the Shadow Lord but he was not about to go down that easily as he too wanted to bring an end to this. In the end though, light prevailed over the darkness. With the Shadow Lord weakened, the Warrior and his companions combined their powers into one final attack that finished of the Shadow Lord, sealing him away in the planet's core and restoring peace to the world.

Those who were under his control had been freed and the darkness surrounding them had vanished so they could go back to living in peace and harmony. The Warrior and his companions helped to repair the damage that had been caused by the Shadow Lord and his dark warriors as well as offering support to those who had suffered greatly or had lost loved ones in the savage war. The Soul Dew remained within the Warrior and the sword stayed with him as well should darkness threaten to swallow the world again. Time had passed and the world was slowly healing itself and life soon returned to normal for everyone and the construction of the underground home was completed. Now that the war was over they returned to the surface and kept their underground home as an emergency home should the world be threatened by darkness in the future. Before he passed on to the heavens, the Warrior found a way to remove the Soul Dew from his being and it along with the sword was kept inside a locked wooden box that would be passed down from generation to generation. His companions would always remember him and they continued to live their lives until it was time for them to pass on to the heavens.

Decades had passed and the world was still at peace but that peace would soon be disturbed once again as the evil syndicates that plagued the world had teamed up and stolen important archives which contained information about the legend of the Eon Warrior and the Shadow Lord. This intrigued them so they began to gather information of the Shadow Lord's whereabouts as their plans was to re-awaken him and bring chaos and discord to the world. They were successful in resurrecting him and history it seemed would be repeating itself all over again. Far away in a distant land there was a resort town named Altomare which was the home of an ancient civilization in the past which was forced to flee and hide due to the Shadow Lord's dark warriors attacking. The town was well known for it's maze like alleyways well as the waters that flowed through the once bare streets. The history that had remained with the town since peace was brought to the world remained and it drew in a large number of tourists every year. This was the true home of the civilization of the past but they would soon have to flee once more as the time had come once again as the syndicates had found out where their true home was and attacked. They had no choice but to fight back and flee to the underground home their ancestors had built. The underground home had not been visited for years so there was erosion and damage to it which was fixed up and soon it was suitable again to live in.

They were of course aware of the legends so they decided to recruit warriors from across the land to join them in their cause. What they did not expect is to find warriors from distant lands that did not exist on their world. Regardless of this fact, they were still warriors and they had heard of what was going on so they decided to join in and fight. The heroes had called themselves the Freedom Fighters as they were warriors who were fighting for freedom. The conflict of the past was now repeating itself and the warriors were soon engaged in savage war once again against the evil syndicates that joined forces with one another while the Shadow Lord carefully observed them, studying their every move so he could plot when he was going to strike and restore chaos and disorder to the world.

As the war raged on, descendants of the companions that fought alongside the Eon Warrior were found and they were informed of their legacy and their bloodline. They joined the fight for freedom as they fought alongside the Freedom Fighters as well as serving as the guardians of the city, keeping it safe from the evils that lurked in the world. They were also in charge of keeping the Soul Dew and the sword of the Eon Warrior safe until a descendent of his family's bloodline was found. That time was coming soon as the Warrior would soon fight alongside his companions once again. What they did not know is, that time would come sooner than they expected.

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