Well, in the Christmas spirit, I have decided to write a short little Supernatural fic. Hope you like it!


Christmas Eve. There was a little bit of snow on the ground and it had been there since the morning. Paolo Alto had been oddly cold since the beginning of the week. Classes had been out for the past week and a half, and two college students were especially enjoying their time together.

Sam Winchester and Jessica Moore were heading back to their apartment from a nice resturaunt down the street. Sam had made sure that his beautiful girlfriend was warm, certain that his jacket and her own jacket were wrapped snuggly around her petite frame. He wasn't really cold himself, which she tried to convince him that he was and to take his jacket back.

The two walked into their apartment, and after removing the coats, Sam playfully chased Jessica through the tiny living room/kitchen area to their bedroom. The 6'4" male was laughing and smiling. He didn't have to worry about his unstable past, not while he was with Jess. He finally caught up to his blond love and grabbed her from behind, kissing her neck and chuckling. He flopped on the bed and pulled her down beside him.

"I love you, Sam Winchester." Jess smiled, gently laying her hand on his cheek. As Sam looked into her eyes, he knew deep in his heart and soul that he wanted to be with her forever.

"I love you too, Jess." His voice was soft and portrayed his true emotions. He smiled brightly as he sat up straight. "Oh, I have an early present for you." He said, smiling.

Jess shook her head, "Sam... I said no early presents this year." Her voice was playful, yet completely serious with slight annoyance.

"Just accept it, Jess." Sam said, carefully picking up a small animal carrier. He kissed her lips gently as he set it on the bed. "Go on." He sat back and waited, almost like a little kid a Christmas morning.

Jess eyed him warily. "Sam..." She sighed and then shook her head, chuckling. She opened the door to the carrier and reached her hand in gently. She smiled softly. "Sam, I love it! Thank you!" She leaned into her boyfriend and held the small caramel, black, and white fuzzball in her hands. She pecked his cheek and smiled.

Sam grinned. "Merry Christmas..." He smiled, wrapping an arm around her. He nudged the carrier off of the bed and pulled Jess into a laying position beside him. He held her close as she curled into him. He watched her pet the small kitten and was happy that she liked the present. He kissed her forehead.

"Puff." Jessica giggled. "I'll call her Puff."


I think this is so cute... ^^ So, Merry Christmas everyone!