Summary: Contrary to popular belief, Sue Sylvester was a nice woman. She had been hurt at a young age and had thus built up many walls around herself to keep her protected. Those walls come crumbling down however when she is asked to care for her niece, the daughter of her deceased younger sister Rochelle. How can a damaged woman help a war-torn teen? Will she have help along the way? Most characters OOC. AU - not all events same i.e. not all characters who died in HP actually died. Set during Glee Season 2 but Kurt didn't leave McKinley, instead Blaine transferred from Dalton.

If you guys can think up a new title it will be most appreciated. You will be given full credit if you come up with a great title for this story. Also, at the end of this I will post a new summary for another story (Glee/HP Crossover) that I am thinking of posting. Please tell me what you think.

Chap 1 - Sue POV

"Figgy, I need the next two weeks off. No questions just know I won't be here," I said as I strutted into Principal Figgins' office.

Figgins looked flustered and stuttered out a reply which I took as an ok before I walked out of his office and towards my own.

I opened my top desk drawer and pulled out three framed photos. I ran my hand over the first one and smiled.

My two sisters and I were playing on the swings, I was in the middle, my older sister Jean was on the right and my little sister Rochelle was on the left.

The second photo was a family one that had Rochelle in the middle looking gorgeous in her white wedding gown with the arms of her husband, Mark Granger wrapped around her.

The final one was a picture of my absolutely gorgeous niece Hermione at her school dance. She looked so much like Chelle it hurt. Her pert nose, skin tone and bow like mouth could be attributed to Mark but her build, curly hair, eyes and general personality were all Chelle.

Mione, Chelle and Mark were actually the reasons I wouldn't be at school. It was unfortunate circumstances that would be sending me to England where they live but it had to be done. I would actually be attending the funeral of my younger sister and her husband. They were killed in a home invasion gone bad that had left Mione an orphan.

The bell rang for the end of the school day and I sighed. I put the photos back into my drawer, grabbed my bag and locked my door behind me. I wiped the tears from my eyes and headed towards the main corridor.

I walked through the halls dodging students and watching as Schuester's glee kids heading towards their room. None of them knew what I had done for their club and for that I was grateful.

"Sue, are you ok?" I heard Schue ask. He appeared in front of me and was surprisingly looking concerned. My eyes passed over his body and stopped when I reached his curly hair. I looked at it and was reminded of Chelle's mop of hair. I felt tears spring up but I pushed them down.

"Have a nice afternoon Will," I said as I pushed past him and out to my car.

- Will POV -

I watched in shock as Sue practically ran out of the school. Were those tears I had seen?

"Mr. Schue, are you ok?" I heard Artie ask. I had been on auto-pilot and had entered the choir room without noticing.

"Huh, yea I'm ok. Quinn, Britt, Santana, has Sue seemed different to you recently?" I asked the three Cheerios in the room.

"Different Mr. Schue?" Britt asked before thinking hard.

"Yea a bit odd maybe. She doesn't seem to be her usual freaky self," I commented.

"Well, she did cancel all practices for the next two weeks without warning. Come to think of it, she's been a bit off since last Monday. Miss. Wallace from Figgins' office said she had a phone call and when she came back she just ended practice. She looked really upset," Quinn commented.

"She seemed to be crying just then," I said.

"The She-Devil can cry? Well, I guess hell just froze over," Puck commented with a grin.

I chose to ignore the comment and continued on with the glee lesson.

The next day I walked into the glee room for our before lunch practice and found the kids buzzing.

"What's up guys?" I asked.

"Coach S isn't here Mr. Schue. We went and asked Principal Figgins where she was because we had an idea for Nationals but he told us she had taken two weeks off. Even he doesn't know why," Santana said.

"That is very weird," I commented. "Think about the positive guys - a week without Sue."

The club cheered and we started working on some Sectional ideas.

- Sue POV -

I walked out of London's Heathrow Airport with Jean and hailed a cab. I told the driver the address of Mark's mother and watched as the London landscape passed by.

When we arrived 15 minutes later, I paid the driver and walked up to the front door with Jean's arm looped through mine. She was sobbing lightly and I squeezed her hand. The three of us were extremely close and this was very painful.

I knocked on the door and smiled softly when Mark's mum Yvonne opened the door.

"Come in Sue, Jean. You must be tired. Please," Yvonne said as she ushered us in.

"Mione is upstairs with some friends," Yvonne commented as we put our bags down.

"Can we see her?" Jean asked in her childlike way that Chelle and I loved.

"Sure honey. Third door on the left," Yvonne said. Jean and I walked upstairs and I knocked on the door.

"Come in," Mione called out softly and I pushed the door open. We noticed two redheads, a blonde and a black haired kid were sitting around Mione's room while she was sitting on her bed looking at a photo.

"Mione?" I questioned quietly. Her head snapped up and she moved swiftly off the bed and into my arms.

"Oh Aunty Sue, Aunty Jean, I can't believe they are gone," she said as she hugged us both tightly.

"It will be ok Mione. They are angels with God now and are watching over you," Jean said as Mione nuzzled her face into my shoulder. Mione looked over at Jean and smiled.

"Thank you," she whispered. I smoothed down her curls and kissed her head.

"Aunty Sue, Aunty Jean, these are my friends Harry, Ron, Ginny and Luna. Guys, these are my Aunts Jean and Sue," Mione said although she didn't leave my arms.

"It's a pleasure. Mione, we are gunna go. We'll see you tomorrow," Harry said. Mione waved to them all as they left the room.

"I want them back," Mione whispered and I hugged her tighter.

"I know baby. I know," I said. Jean rubbed her back before hugging us both.

Slowly Mione's tears lightened and I felt her slump against my chest. I looked down and noticed she had fallen asleep. I carefully lifted her up (she was quite light for her age) and placed her in her bed. Jean pulled the covers up over her and we both kissed her head. I shut the door behind us and we walked down to the kitchen where Yvonne and her husband Gordon were drinking tea.

"She's asleep," I said as Jean and I sat down.

"Tomorrow is going to be a very hard day for her," Gordon said as he looked towards the stairs.

"It will be hard for everyone," I said softly as I held the tea that Yvonne put in front of me.

"I think its best that we all drink up then head off to bed. We have a big day ahead," Yvonne said. We all drank our tea and after I made sure that Jean was comfortable, I went to bed myself.

The next morning I woke up and got dressed into a black knee length dress and flats before walking to Jean's room.

"You ok sissy?" I called out.

"I'm fine Sue. Check on Mione," Jean said.

I walked down the hall and knocked on Mione's door. The door opened a crack and I pushed it slightly. Mione had a black cardigan wrapped around her and was walking over to her vanity.

"I don't want to go today," she whispered. I walked over to her and picked up her hairbrush. I started brushing her curls like I did when she was a child.

"I know sweetheart. I don't want to go either. How about you and I sit together at the service. I'll let you cuddle me but don't tell the kids at my school, they'll think I've gone soft," I said with a grin.

Mione laughed softly and smiled at me in the mirror. "You always could make me laugh. Thank you."

"You're welcome sweetie," I said. I kissed her head and finished brushing her hair before pulling it up into a braid. I pulled her to my side as she stood and together we walked down to where Yvonne, Greg and Jean were waiting. We all slipped into Gordon's car and I felt Mione clutch my hand as we drove towards the church.

- Hermione POV -

The past few days had been a blur starting with my parents' funeral. People had been hugging me, crying and kissing my head but all I could feel was Aunty Sue's hand in mine and numbness in my heart. During the funeral, I didn't shed a tear. I couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried. After the funeral, I holed myself up in my room. A few people came to visit including Tonks, Remus and Teddy, the Weasley's (short one - Percy was killed during the war), Kingsley, Draco, Blaise and of course Harry, Ginny, Ron, Luna and Neville.

Today was the reading of my parents' wills and I was scared as hell. I would rather face one hundred death eaters than go into the musty office of our lawyer and listen to him decide my fate.

"We are here today to read the wills of Mr. Mark Granger and Mrs. Rochelle Granger. Here we go, now please remember that what I am reading is the Granger's exact words. First and foremost, we wish to say that we love all of you and we are very sorry for leaving," The lawyer began.

I grabbed Aunty Sue's hand tightly and she squeezed mine back.

"To my sister Jean, we leave you Rochelle's stuffed toy collection and Mark's collection of children's' books and cook books. I hope you enjoy them Jeanie," Aunt Jean smiled and I grabbed her hand with my free hand.

"To Yvonne and Gordon, we leave you 25,000 pounds to help with anything you may need. You have been wonderful parents and grandparents and we love you deeply," Grandma and Grandpa both had tears in their eyes.

The lawyer went through the rest of the will before he turned to Aunty Sue.

"To Sue Sylvester, my loving, caring older sister we leave you 50,000 pounds along with our most precious asset. We would like you to take custody of Hermione if she is still underage. Before you comment that you are not capable of taking care of her, you are wrong. When we were kids you took care of both Jean and I and we came out pretty good. We know you will take great care of Mione," Aunty Sue looked extremely shocked but squeezed my hand.

"To our precious Mione we leave the rest of our money along with our worldly possessions. What you choose to do with them is entirely your choice. We love you so much honey," the lawyer said before closing up his ledger and turning to us.

"Your possessions and monetary items can be collected with my secretary. Sue, could you stay behind so we can organise the custody of Miss. Ganger please," our lawyer said. Everyone walked out to the front room but Aunty Sue clutched my hand.

"Mione, if you would rather stay in England with some friends I don't mind. The final choice is yours," Aunty Sue said as she looked me straight in the eye.

I seriously thought about it. While England had Harry, Luna, Draco, Blaise and the Weasley's along with the Order, it also had lots of bad memories of the war. My parents were killed by rogue death eaters that we hadn't caught yet and Hogwarts was closed until further notice. America held endless opportunities, new experiences and a chance to recover from my demons.

"Can I come with you?" I asked. I felt like a child but I didn't care.

"Of course honey," Aunty Sue said. I hugged her tightly and felt her kiss my head. I smiled for the first time since my parents died as she signed the papers that would give her custody of me. Once that was done, we walked out to the front desk and collected our various items. I grabbed Aunty Sue's hand again as we walked out to the car and I smiled as she pulled me into her side.

- Sue POV -

The rest of the week was spent packing Hermione's things and organising shipping for her books and other items. Finally, Saturday night rolled around and Mione, Jean and I were standing in the airport waiting to go through customs.

"Come visit us soon sweetie," Yvonne said as she hugged Mione tight.

"I will. I love you," Mione said before she hugged Gordon.

"Love you too Princess. You have fun. Your parents would want that," Gordon said.

Mione nodded and we walked up to the customs officers. Once we were clear, we turned and waved before we walked over to the gate where our plane would be. It didn't take long for our flight to be called and we boarded the plane.

"You ok Mione?" Jean asked. Mione nodded and Jean smiled before she placed her head on Mione's shoulder. Mione smiled softly at her and placed her head on top of Jean's. I smiled at them both and the plane took off.

I watched as they both fell asleep whilst I pulled out my diary.

In the air on the flight back to Ohio and I realised that my niece was going to need a lot of help. She needs to be surrounded by good people and, I shudder as I write this but maybe the menace that is the glee club and the people in it could help her.

I put my pen down and smiled at my sleeping sister and niece.

- Will POV -

Monday rolled around and I smiled as New Directions walked out to the parking lot together after our before school glee practice. Few cars were there, mostly teachers and the students who attended before school tutoring.

"Mr. Schue," Finn called from in front of me. The boys were walking in a cluster and they looked to be in a big debate.

"Yes Finn," I said as I ran to catch up.

"Which game is better? Halo or Call of Duty?" Finn asked. I took a deep breath and was about to answer when Sue's car pulled into the parking lot. We all stopped at Puck's truck and watched as Sue slipped out looking slightly different.

"Who's that?" Blaine asked. We all watched as the passenger's side door opened and a leg slipped out. Sue meanwhile opened the back door and pulled out her bag and a backpack.

A girl stood up out of the car and took the backpack off Sue after shutting the car door. She looked to be about 17 with long curly brown hair, tanned skin and brown eyes that looked to be full of pain. She was probably around 5 foot 7 in her red converse but she was slumped over slightly.

Sue placed her hand on the back of the girl's neck and they started walking towards the school. Sue looked over at me and the glee club and nodded before walking through the front doors.

"Does Ms. Sylvester have a daughter?" Mercedes asked.

"I don't know Mercedes. I don't know," I said.

- Puck POV -

The girl that walked into the school with Coach Sylvester was smoking hot. She was wearing a long sleeved, white v-neck shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of red converse. I watched as she walked into the school (mostly I stared at her ass) and smirked.

"Damn," Sam said. He effectively summed up what we were all thinking.

"Girls, reckon you could do some snooping?" Beyonce asked as he turned to Q, San and Britt.

"We'll see what we can find out," Q said. "Actually, I think I've seen her before. Ms. Sylvester keeps a photo of her in her desk. I've seen her looking at it a few times."

"Go investigate girls," Tina said. Q, Britt and San nodded and followed Coach S into the school.

- Hermione POV -

I looked around the car park as Aunty Sue pulled into the car park. I noticed a large group of teenagers standing around a truck staring at us and the car.

I took a few deep breaths while Aunty Sue shut the car off.

"You ok?" She asked as she opened her door to get out. I nodded but took a few more breaths as Aunty Sue grabbed our bags from the backseat. I opened my door and slipped out. I quickly straightened my shirt and took my bag off Aunty Sue. She smiled at me softly and placed a hand on my neck as we headed towards the school. I watched as she nodded at the group of people before we entered the school. We walked to her office and dropped her stuff off before Aunty Sue turned to me.

"Come on. We will get you signed in then I'll walk you to class," Aunty Sue said with a smile. She led me to the main office and after signing some papers and talking to the principal, I was ready to work out my schedule.

"What classes would you like to take?" The secretary asked as she handed me a list of classes.

"How many am I allowed to take?" I whispered.

"A maximum of six," The lady said with a smile.

"Ok, can I do English, Maths, Biology, Art, Music and Spanish please," I said as I looked over the list.

"Of course. I will just put those together then you will be free to go," the lady said as she typed my subjects into the computer. She pushed a few more buttons and then my schedule began to print.

"Here is your schedule, your locker combination and a map to help you. Your teachers have been notified about you. I hope you have a great day," she said before Aunty Sue led me out.

"Ok, you have English first so let's get you to your locker and then to class before the bell so you can introduce yourself. If you don't want to sit in the cafeteria at lunch today, feel free to come down to my office," Aunty Sue said.

I felt Aunty Sue's hand rest on my neck again and I felt safe. After stopping at my locker and dropping off my bag, we walked towards a classroom and Sue opened the door. She introduced me to the teacher and I waved.

"Ok Hermione, take a seat in the third row, the seat near the window," Mr. Davies said. I nodded and kissed Aunty Sue on the cheek before walking over to my seat.

I sat down and smiled as Mr. Davies handed me the books I would need to read. I looked them over and realised I had studied them before in Muggle Studies. I flicked through the books quickly as I waited for the other students to come in.

Finally the bell rang and a huge bunch of students walked into the room. They all cast curious looks in my direction and began to whisper but didn't say anything to me.

"Hey, my name is Quinn," a female voice said to me before she slipped into the seat next me. She must be one of Aunty Sue's Cheerios because she was wearing their uniform.

"Hi, I'm Hermione," I replied. She looked like she was going to say something else when Mr. Davies began the lesson. We started reading through the book Tuck Everlasting which I had already read a few times. I completed the assigned homework in class and handed it in when the bell rang.

"Wow, have you read that book before?" Quinn asked as we walked out of the room.

"Yea, a few times," I replied softly. I wasn't trying to be rude but after having very little contact with people other than Harry and Ron for months, I was finding it hard to talk to her.

"What lesson have you got next? I could show you were it is," Quinn said. I pulled my schedule out of my bag and handed it to her.

"Ok, you and I have English and Biology together. You have Maths with my friends Blaine, Tina and Artie, Art with Mike, Tina, Blaine, Kurt and my boyfriend Sam, Music is with all of my friends and I and Spanish is with Finn, Mike, Puck and Sam," Quinn explained. "Come on, I'll introduce you to Tina and Artie."

I walked with Quinn silently as I looked around the crowded halls. People were staring at me and whispering. I caught some of the things they were saying but the main thing was about how I was the new girl and I was daring to walk in step with the head cheerleader.

"Artie, Tina," Quinn called out. A girl dressed in all black and a kid in a wheelchair turned and looked at us with a smile.

"Yo Quinn, what's the happs?" Artie said with a grin.

"This is Hermione. She's in your Maths class. Can you take her there then I'll come and get her for Biology," Quinn said.

"Sure. Hey there. I'm Tina and this is Artie," the girl said.

"I'll see you after class and I'll walk you to Bio," Quinn said before waving and walking away.

"So, where did you transfer from?" Tina asked as we walked.

"A boarding school in England," I answered.

"Are boarding schools like they are in movies?" Tina asked. I must have looked confused because she elaborated "Like, do you share bathrooms and bedrooms? Was it a co-ed or all girls?"

"Yes we share bathrooms and the amount of people in a room depended on the amount of people in your house and year. It was a co-ed school but our dorms were up two different staircases," I explained softly. We walked into a classroom and Tina and Artie went over to a kid who was sitting by himself.

"Hey Blaine, this is Hermione. I think she'll be sitting next to you. You don't have anyone next to you right?" Tina asked as she introduced me.

"Nope. Hey, how's it going?" Blaine said. I slipped into the seat next to him and smiled softly.

"I'm good," I replied. Blaine smiled at me and we both pulled out our things. The teacher handed me a copy of the text book we would need for the semester.

At the end of the lesson I noticed Quinn was standing outside the classroom waiting for me.

"Hey, how was class?" She asked.

"It was alright. What about you?" I asked.

"Maths is Maths. I hate it. So, how do you know Coach Sylvester?" She asked. I looked up at her confused but then realised she was one of the people from this morning.

"She is my aunt," I replied softly. We walked into the Biology lab and I took the textbook from the teacher.

Quinn and I got to work on the lab the teacher assigned and she casually asked me questions.

"So where did you transfer from?" Quinn asked.

"I went to boarding school in England since I was eleven," I explained.

"Do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch?" Quinn asked me.

"I'm going to eat lunch with my aunt. Thanks for the offer thought. Maybe tomorrow," I said. Quinn smiled at me and nodded. Class was soon over and after dumping my things in my locker and grabbing my lunch, I walked straight down to Aunty Sue's office.

-Quinn POV -

I watched as Hermione walked to her locker after Bio before turning a corner and walking to my own locker. I smiled when I noticed Sam leaning against my locker. I gave him a kiss before he moved and I put my books away.

"Hey babe. How's your morning been?" Sam asked as we walked hand in hand to lunch.

"Pretty good. I met that new girl," I said. We walked into the cafeteria and over to the lunch line.

"What did you find out about her?" Sam asked as he grabbed two trays for us and started loading them up with food.

"I'll explain at the table because then I only have say it once," I said. Sam paid for our food and carried both trays to the glee table where nearly everyone was already seated.

"So, what did you find out?" Mike asked.

"Her name is Hermione and she transferred from an English boarding school. That's all I really got," Tina explained.

"Coach Sylvester is her aunt. That's why she was with her this morning," I added in.

"Mike, Tina, Sam, you guys have Art next right?" I asked. When they nodded I continued "So does Hermione. I'll walk her there but can you get her to music? Also she has Spanish last so Puck, Finn, Mike, Sam, she's your responsibility."

"You've never cared this much about a new kid Q, what's up?" Puck asked me.

"Apart from the fact Ms. Sylvester would kill me if anything happened to her niece, there is something different about her. She seems very withdrawn, almost like she doesn't know how to interact with people," I explained.

"I got that vibe during Maths. She said like five words during the whole lesson and whenever she was called on she seemed to panic slightly," Blaine explained.

Everyone looked confused but nodded. We ate our lunch quickly and went to our lockers to grab our things. As we walked, we heard Jewfro talking loudly to someone. Rachel flinched slightly when he spoke and we knew it was because of how he had a stalker crush on her. We turned down a corridor and saw Jewfro trying to corner Hermione. Her eyes held a slightly panicked look as they frantically darted around looking for an escape route.

"She needs help," I whispered to Sam before pushing him forward slightly. The boys all took a step forward but moved a bit faster as Jewfro reached out to touch her. We were all stunned as her gaze seemed to harden and she grabbed Jewfro's arm. She twisted his wrist hard behind his back, dropped him to the ground and jammed her knee between his shoulder blades.

"Try and touch me again, and I will do much worse," we heard her say. Jewfro whimpered in pain and nodded frantically. Hermione let go of him and stood up quickly. She smiled softly at me before walking past us and down to her locker.

"Hey Hermione, are you ok?" I asked as we walked over to her.

"Oh hey Quinn. I'm fine," Hermione replied. She grabbed her books and shut her locker before looking at us. She seemed to get slightly panicked as she took in everyone. Her shoulders tensed and her eyes passed over everyone quickly.

"These are the friends I was telling you about," I said, hoping to try and ease the situation. She seemed to calm slightly but her stature didn't change. "You already know Blaine, Tina and Artie but these guys are Mike, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, Santana, Brittney, Finn, Puck and Sam."

"Hi," Hermione whispered softly.

"Sam, Blaine, Kurt, Mike and Tina all have art with you so they are going to take you, is that ok?" I asked her. She seemed slightly apprehensive but nodded eventually.

"Great. I'll see you in music ok?" I said. She nodded and smiled softly. Blaine held out an arm for her and she took it with a smile. The six of them walked off to art before we all split and went to our own classes.

- Puck POV -

"Well? How was she during art?" I heard Q whisper to Sam. Hermione was talking to Mr. Danielson about what instruments she could play so we just grouped up to discuss her.

"She seemed fine. Mrs. Cook let her sit in between Blaine and me so she seemed calm. We have worked out though that she begins to freak out if she feels surrounded or trapped," Sam replied.

I turned back to look at her. Without a doubt, she was gorgeous but the air of mystery that surrounded her intrigued me greatly. I watched her as she walked towards us and slid into the seat beside Quinn. She moved with the grace of a dancer but was as tense as a soldier.

She seemed to sense me staring because she turned and looked me in the eye. I shot her a smirk and she shot me a small smile before turning back to Mr. Danielson.

- Hermione POV -

I walked out of Spanish and to my locker, I packed my books away into the locker after double checking I didn't have homework. I grabbed my bag and slipped it onto my back before closing my locker and walking to Aunty Sue's office.

As I walked, I passed Quinn and Sam and I smiled at them. I waved to Quinn before turning down the hall and heading for Aunty Sue's office.

"How was your day sweetheart?" She asked as I walked into the room.

"Pretty good. I made some new friends," I explained.

"Oh yea. Who are they?" Aunty Sue asked,

"Quinn, Sam, Mike, Tina, Artie, Brittney, Santana, Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes and Puck," I said.

"They will be good friends for you to have. I'll be right back honey. Stay here and when I get back, we'll go home," Aunty Sue said.

I smiled as she walked out of the room and I sat down at her desk. I started spinning in her chair and smiled.

- Sue POV -

I smiled at Hermione before walking out of my office and up the hall. I walked towards the glee club room where I knew William was teaching his glee club. I knocked on the door and walked in.

"Sue? How can I help you?" Will asked. He looked at me warily and I looked over at his club.

"I just have a little message to pass onto your glee club," I said. Without waiting for Will to say anything, I turned and looked at the club. "I want you guys to look out for my niece. Q, you, Britt and San especially. If I find out anyone has hurt her or harassed her, it will be your heads. She has had a hard few weeks."

"Ok Coach. We'll make sure she settles in ok," Q said. I nodded at her and walked out of the room. I walked into my office and found Hermione looking at the photo of her and her parents. I kissed her head and looked down at the picture of my sister, brother – in – law and niece.

I'll take care of her Chelle, I thought before grabbing my bag and walking with Hermione out to my car.

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