- Mione POV -

I heard the girls scream as I flew across the stage. I hit the drum kit hard and felt the cymbal cut into my leg.

"Come on mudblood. Get up," the familiar voice taunted. I pushed myself onto my hands and knees before I was lifted up and slammed back down onto the stage in front of the gleeks.

"Mya!" Noah yelled out. I groaned and rolled onto my back only to look up into the sadistic eyes of Bellatrix LeStrange.

"Oh does the poor baby want me to stop hurting his girl?" Bella taunted in a babyish tone. She dropped down and landed on top of me with her hands on either side of my face.

"Hello my wittle mudblood," she said. I spit in her face and she slapped me hard. "That wasn't nice."

"Neither's this," I said. I vaulted her off me with my legs and flipped to a standing position. I raced to my bag and grabbed my wand just in time for Bella to send me flying through the air and into the audience. I hit the chairs hard and was winded.

"So, this is where you have been hiding. I've been looking everywhere for you," Bella said. "So I was thinking, you killed my husband so I should pay you back. Now which one was your boy."

Bella turned to the group and I heard her say "ah, so this is the one. Interesting specimen. Shame he isn't going to make it to 18."

"Leave... Him... Alone," I heaved out. Bella looked at me and I waved my wand.

"Rictosempra!" I yelled out. She hit the shield surrounding the glee club and bounced off it. I jumped up onto my feet and apparated onto the stage. I waved my wand over my body and changed into my workout clothes so I could move better.

"You want them, you get through me," I said. Bella hissed at me and whistled sharply. I heard various amounts of pops and saw Greyback, Nott, Avery and a handful of other death eaters. "Well shit!"

"Greyback, you first," Bella said. Greyback smirked at me and his eyes narrowed.

"Hello my pretty. Did you hear about the new medicine they found? It means that I can be in my true form whenever I like as well as when the moon comes," Greyback said. I watched as his body began to morph and soon, a fully grown werewolf was in front of me. The girls screamed loudly and I grabbed my DA necklace and started chanting my location.

As Greyback pounced, I phased into my animagus form and met him mid air. Our collision made us land on the stage but the fall knocked us apart. I jumped up onto my paws and growled at him. I bared my teeth at him as he snarled.

We both pounced and collided with a mix of claws and teeth. He ended up on top of me before I smacked his head with my paw. He rolled away from me and I made my way to my feet. I watched as Greyback changed back into human form before I changed back. I was bleeding from my head, side and arms but I didn't care.

"No boys," Bellatrix said as Avery and Nott tried to come at me. "The mudblood is mine."

"Bring it bitch," I said before I spat out a mouthful of blood. Bella smiled and apparated onto the stage.

Just as we were about to start fighting, the doors busted open and Kings, Tonks, Remus, Bill, Charlie, Arthur and Sev raced in. The death eaters turned and started fighting with them whilst I turned my attention back to Bellatrix.

She shot a slicing spell at me but I dodged it. Every time Bellatrix would hit me with a spell, the girls would scream and the boys would punch the shield.

"Mudblood, you should just let me get it all over with, it will make life easy," Bellatrix hissed as she hit me in the stomach. I dropped to the ground and before I could get up, she hit me with the Cruciatus Curse.

"Scream mudblood!" She demanded. I writhed in pain but I refused to give her the satisfaction. She put all she had into the spell and I felt tears leak from my eyes as I spasmed. She finally let up and I rolled onto my side.

"Mya baby. Come on baby. You've got to get up," Noah whispered as he knelt down beside me. He put his hand up to the shield and looked me in the eye.

"How sweet! I'm about to throw up. Don't worry boy, once I kill the mudblood, you're next," Bella hissed manically at him.

"Come on baby. For me," Noah whispered. I heard Bella start saying the Avada curse so I rolled over sharply and hit her away with a quick Reducto. I rolled back on my back as the injuries started to play their role.

I heard many pops as the death eaters apparated away one by one. I could feel the shield drop and I felt Noah lift me into his lap.

"Hey," I whispered as I looked up into his worried hazel eyes. Noah kissed my head gently and cupped my cheek.

"Girl, you got some crazy shit you need to explain," Cedes said as she knelt beside Noah. I felt someone grab my hand and I saw Q looking worried.

"First, can I stop bleeding?" I asked before coughing up some blood.

"Mione, can you hear me?" Sev asked. I looked up at him and rolled my eyes.

"Sev, I'm bleeding not deaf," I said.

"Sarcastic little know-it-all," Sev said as he tapped my ankle. "You've got to hold still."

"No Sev, I'm gunna go run a marathon," I said. Sev flicked my nose and growled.

"Noah, you've got to lay her down," Rem said.

"I'll be ok. Also, you've all got to back up," I hissed out when Noah hesitated. He kissed my head and put me gently on the ground. He and the girls backed away and Sev and Rem sat on either side of me.

"This is going to hurt Mione," Sev said.

"I'll be fine," I said. Rem grabbed my hand while Sev picked up a few potions. He poured them down my throat and ignored me while I sputtered. He then started waving his wand over my body and I felt my wounds healing and my bones moving back into place. I groaned as my shoulder slipped into place and hissed sharply as my ribs moved but that was it. Once he was done, I stood up carefully and turned to my friends.

"I should probably explain," I said.

"No shit Sherlock. Sit your gorgeous British ass down and explain everything," Kurt said. I nodded and we all sat down on the floor of the stage. Noah took a firm hold of my hand and I smiled before turning to everyone.

"Ok, what I am about to tell you can never leave this room. Kings, can you do a strong silencing charm for me?" I asked him. He nodded and waved his wand.

"Guys, I am a witch. Yes witches and wizards do exist and I am one. When I was eleven years old I got a letter explaining that I had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I studied there until I turned 17 which is when you are considered a legal adult in the wizarding world. Anyways, before I was born, there was a war brewing when this maniac named Voldemort decided he wanted to basically rule the entire wizarding world," I said. I then launched into the whole tale of the war. By the end of my story, everyone was in varying stages of shock.

"So, cliff notes version, you're a witch and you've fought in a war that's been going on since before you were born," Rach said softly. I nodded and smiled softly.

"I'm technically not meant to tell anyone but since I did it in the presence of the Minister of Magic, I don't think I'm gunna get in trouble," I said as I looked over ay Kings with a grin.

"Of course not. I just can't stress to you how important it is that you don't tell a soul," Kings said. Everyone nodded and turned back to me.

"So do all wizards and witches go to Hogwarts?" Quinn asked.

"No, there are quite a few schools. For example Beauxbatons in France and Durmstrang in Bulgaria. I think there are even a few here in the States," I answered.

"That is so cool!" Mike said after a prolonged silence. I couldn't help the giggles that emerged as Mike said that.

"Only you Mike. Any other questions?" I asked.

"How did you turn into the animal?" Blaine asked.

"The panther is my animagus form. Every witch or wizard has an animal counterpart. It takes months to master the transformation," I explained. "My friends and I became animagi before the war to help us in battle."

"Do you fly brooms and make potions?" Tina asked. I looked up at Sev and laughed.

"Yes and yes. We have a sport played entirely on brooms known as Quidditch and Sev here is actually a Potion's Master," I explained and everyone looked up at him in awe. When I looked over at Noah, he had his head bowed and he didn't seem happy.

"What's Quidditch?" Mercedes asked.

"Charlie, you can explain that better than I can," I said. I stood up and pulled Noah up. We walked backstage and I hugged him.

"What's the matter baby?" I asked as he rested his head on my shoulder and kissed my neck.

"I just can't get over that you have fought in a war. You could have died and I never would have met you," Noah said hoarsely. I felt some warm liquid on my shoulder and I noticed he was crying. "That woman today, she said she was gunna kill you."

I kissed his head and rubbed his neck.

"Come home with me and I will explain every nitty gritty detail there is. Some of it is horrible but you just need to remember that I am ok now. Especially now that I have you and the gleeks and I will fight to the death to protect you all," I said passionately. Noah lifted his head and pressed his lips desperately to mine. I let him take total control of the kiss which is what he needed. When we pulled apart, I kissed his neck softly.

"Let's go back out there then we can go home and talk," I whispered. He nodded and kissed my lips again gently before we walked back to join our friends.

"Well guys, I really want to get home," I said. Everyone nodded and walked up to hug me.

"I'm just glad you are ok," Quinn said as she hugged me tightly.

"Love you Q," I said. She kissed my cheek and walked off.

"Are you ok Little One?" Kings asked?

"Yes Kings. Just tired and I want to go home. I'll see you all soon though," I said. Everyone hugged me tightly and apparated away. Once they were gone, I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Aunty Sue saying I was going to Noah's before Noah and I walked out to his car.

The drive was silent and when we got to his house, we bypassed his mum and sister and walked straight upstairs. Noah sat with his back against the head of his bed and pulled me down into his lap. He nuzzled into my neck and I kissed his head.

"Ok, if I'm telling this you need to be quiet, listen to every word I say and not interrupt me ok?" I asked Noah. He nodded like a child and I took a deep breath. I told the whole story from the beginning and at times, I felt Noah wanting to protest but instead, he would squeeze my hip slightly.

An hour later, I slumped against Noah's chest and said "and that is how I ended up here in Lima."

Noah was silent.

"Noah? Baby?" I asked as I drew his eyes up to mine. They were full of emotions - anger, pain, regret and fear.

"Can I see all of your scars?" He whispered to me. I pulled my shirt off and removed all the glamour charms on my body. I watched as Noah traced the long mark that sliced my stomach and chest curtesy of Dolohov before he turned me around. I felt his fingers deftly making their way down my back. I could remember every story to go with every scar. Finally, he spun me around and grabbed my wrists. He looked down at the words "I Must Not Tell Lies" and the word "Mudblood" forever branded onto my forearm thanks to Umbridge and Bellatrix respectively. His body tensed again and I was about to recoil when he bought my arm up to his lips and kissed each individual letter of the word mudblood. When he was done, he grabbed my hands and pressed firm kisses to the back of both of them.

"Never again," he whispered. I made a noise of confusion and he looked up into my eyes. His eyes now held intense anger and determination. "Never again will anyone hurt you."

I leant forward and pressed my lips firmly to his. He held me tightly against his body as he deepened the kiss. I felt him leaning back and soon, he was on his back with me straddling him. He rolled us over and I moaned as he kissed down my neck and along my jaw line.

He looked down at me and kissed my forehead, nose, eyelids and finally pressed a light kiss to my lips. I smiled up at him softly and he smiled back.

"Mya, I know we've only been together a few weeks, but I've never felt this way about anyone. I... love you," he whispered to me. I smiled brightly and kissed him firmly on the lips.

"I love you too Noah," I whispered back. He kissed me again and deepened it as soon as I responded.

We lay back on his bed and Noah pulled me into his side. I rested my head over his heart and smiled as he traced my side.

"So, I'm assuming the 'dog bite' on your arm isn't really a dog bite," Noah said as we watched a movie.

"You are right. It actually came from a werewolf," I said and I felt Noah's hand still. When I looked up, he had a stunned look.

"I will never get over the fact that things like werewolves are real," Noah said.

"You've actually met one. Well one and a half," I said. When Noah looked confused, I elaborated. "Remus is a werewolf and Bill is half werewolf," I explained.

"That is so awesome," Noah said excitedly. I giggled and kissed his chest before snuggling into him and turning back to the movie.

"I never thought I could feel this happy," I whispered after a while. I felt him smile against my head and I smiled as well.

"Me neither babe," Noah whispered to me. He kissed my head and I rubbed his chest.

"Noah, what happened with your dad? It's just, you never mention him," I asked cautiously a while later. Noah tensed and once I sat up, he got out of the bed and moved over to the window.

"Oh baby, you don't have to answer that. I was just being nosy. Forget I said anything," I whispered as I sat cross-legged on the bed. Noah sighed and I stood up. I picked up my bag and was at the door when I heard Noah's voice.

"Please don't go." I turned at the sound. His voice was thick with what I assumed to be tears. I put my bag back down and walked over to him. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face into his back.

"I want to tell you," Noah whispered.

"Take your time baby," I replied. We moved back over to the bed and I felt Noah pull me to him.

I rubbed Noah's back as he kissed my shoulder.

"My dad left us when Hannah was just a baby. I was maybe 9 at the time. He just walked out one night and never came back," Noah whispered against my skin.

I stayed silent whilst Noah cried. He told me about how he had helped raise his sister and how he had essentially lost his childhood.

"I blame him and his leaving for my biggest fuck up," Noah whispered.

"Which was?" I asked. Noah took a deep breath and hesitated.

"You'll hate me for it," he said.

"I'll never hate you," I said.

"Promise?" Noah whispered softly, almost childlike.

"I promise," I answered with a kiss.

"Last year I did the dumbest thing. I got Quinn pregnant and she gave birth to our baby girl on the night of Regionals," Noah whispered. I was stunned. My best friend had a baby girl with my boyfriend.

"Mya baby?" I heard Noah say into my hair. I shook my head and looked at him. "You hate me."

"No, I never will hate you just like I promised. Baby, I love you no matter what. I was just slightly shocked," I replied. Noah looked up at me pleadingly. "If anything, I'm proud of you."

"What?" Noah asked.

"Well, most teenagers would up and run if they found out they had gotten a girl pregnant. I'm assuming you stuck around," I said. Noah nodded and smiled softly.

"I wanted to keep her but in the end it was for the best that we gave her up," Noah said.

"And that is where you should be proud of yourself," I continued as Noah looked confused. "You gave her up to give her a better life."

"Noah, you need to know that I love both you and Quinn. I'm proud of you. And trust me, you can't really say you've done bad things if the worst that happened was you brought a baby into the world," I explained.

"Thank you baby," Noah whispered to me. I kissed his neck and smiled gently.

"Baby, I think that if you can still love me for what I did during the war then I can definitely still love you for bringing a life into this world," I said as we lay back down on the bed. Noah wrapped his arms around me tightly and kissed my head.

"I'll love you no matter what Mya. Nothing you could do or say will ever make me stop loving you," Noah said vehemently.

I pressed a kiss to his lips and cuddled into his side. I felt secure, safe and loved for the first time in a long time.

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