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Authors note: This takes place during and after 'Destroyer'

"HELP!" The little girl screamed, terrified.

"KAREN! Someone get her down!" The little girls father shouted frantically, staring at his daughter in horror.

"Ugh, GL, get the kid down!" Grunted Flash trying to punch out as many parademons as possible.

"I-I can't man!" He protested through gritted teeth, trying to keep a building from collapsing and killing hundreds of people.

"Where the hell's Bats? This is his city after all!" John complained.

"He and a few others are taking down Darkseid, why?" Said Flash.

"There's a kid up there! We need to get her!"

"Give me a min-Giganta! Get the munchkin!" Cried Wally.

Giganta smiled at him, "Anything for you Flash." She said in a flirty voice as she strolled away.

Flash stopped pounding parademons long enough to ask, "Is it just me or does she got a thing for me?"

"It's just you," Assured Lantern. "I hope she can manage or else were-OOF!" He grunted as he was shot in the back.

"GIGANTA, GET JOHN!" Shouted Wally in horror as he watched his friend fall down.

"But the kid-"

"FORGET THE KID I'LL GET HER!" Wally cried, wondering how he was going to do that surrounded by demons.

"Okay!" She cried catching John in her hands, much to both of their relief.

Suddenly she looked up, her eyes wide with horror, "THE KID!"

Wally watched with a feeling of dread as the little girl fell of the top of the building screaming her head off. He couldn't do anything but watch helplessly as the innocent child fell to her death, a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Then a dark figure leaped out of a window, somersaulted, and caught the little girl in it's arms as it flew through the window of the building next to them.

"Whew, that was close!" Sighed Wally in relief as he dodged a parademon. A thought suddenly struck him, "Who was that? I thought Batman was in Metropolis."

John shrugged, "That kinda looked like a woman. Batgirl, Huntress maybe, there are a lot of Gotham vigilantes."

The two men watched the figure bolt out of the building and shove the crying girl into her daddy's arms. "Here you go." A distinctly feminine voice said.

At the same time a giant 'BOOM!' was heard as ships suddenly began to disappear into giant holes in the sky, "So...we won?" Wally asked uncertainly.

"No, we lost. That's why we're all alive and they're all leaving." Said John, rolling his eyes. "Sometimes I wonder about you, Wally."

"Boys, Boys," The woman's voice scolded. "are you going to stand there all day and let a woman stand out here in the heat."

Wally's head swiveled in the direction of the voice, his eyes raking in the woman's curves and beautiful body. "Not a woman like you..."

"Ahem," Coughed John. "Who are you exactly?"

The woman smirked, "A friend of Batmans'."

"And what can I call you, friend of Batmans'?" Joked Flash.

She smirked, "You can call me whatever you like."

First Giganta and now this, Wally thought excitedly, "I am a stud!

John rolled his eyes at the kids dopey expression, Jeez, a little attention and he's ready to propose. "Well what do other people call you?"

"Friends call me Selina," She purred. "now, if you don't mind, I need to speak to Bruce."

Johns jaw dropped, She knows Bruce is Batman? She smiled at his expression. "Yes, I know Bruce Wayne is really the Bat. Now could you please call him for me, I need to speak to him face to face."

"Well normally that wouldn't be possible," Started Wally. "but I think for such a beautiful woman we can make an exception, right John?"

"No, we don't make exceptions for nice bodies." Corrected John.

"You think my body's nice? How sweet..." Gushed Selina.

"However," Continued John, "You seem to have legitimate connections to Bruce, so for that I'll make an exception."

She grinned widely. "Excellent."

"You have my number?"

"I think so." Diana smiled.

Bruce fought back a grin. Things were going good for him and Diana, and they had been dating for about a month now. So far the public didn't know, which was good. Unfortunately, they tended to think her and Clark were an item, which was bad.

But it didn't matter, they both knew and so did the rest of the other founding members. She was amazing, so kind and beautiful, she really was Wonder Woman.

They were going to have dinner tonight to celebrate their one month anniversary, which really said something. Not just that he had lasted an entire month with only one woman, but that he was willing to celebrate it.

He really cared about Diana; contrary to popular belief it wasn't just lust.

Of course, there'd been a lot of women he'd really cared about, too. Talia, Zatanna, Vicky, Selina...

Selina. Boy did that bring back memories. When he met her, he had just started out being The Batman, he was young and almost naive (Batman had never been completely naive). She was even younger, having just started out as Catwoman, and was robbing a bank.

Their relationship (if you could even call it that) was a game of cat and mouse. They flirted, they lusted, they had long nights with no strings attached. They were more like friends with benefits than anything else. Very good friends...

He shook his head, this wasn't the time to think like that. He was with Diana now and they were going to celebrate their anniversary tonight at dinner.

He might have been with Selina, but they had ended it long ago. Now he had Diana, and Diana was who he really wanted to be with. He was fairly sure he was falling in love with her. She was just so wonderful (pun not intended) with her kind personality, incredible body and looks, the cute little way she scrunched her nose when she was confused...

Ugh, Kent was right, he was getting soft as he got older.

His com-link suddenly went off. "Uh, Bats, someone wants to talk to you." Wally said.

Bruce inwardly sighed, "Are they important?"

"Well I think so."

"Do they have valuable information?" Bruce asked, gritting his teeth.

He could hear talking in the back round before Wally got back on line, "She says it's pretty important."

She? "Can you handle it? I need to be somewhere soon."

"No, apparently I'm not as worthy as the all-powerful Batman." Wally said indignantly.

Bruce just sighed, "Teleport me to the Metro-Tower, I'll meet you there."

Batman absently wandered down the halls of the Metro-Tower. Thankfully no members had been killed, some were in intensive care, but no one who was in the League or had ever been was dead.

But people had died, innocent civilians. He knew from experience that you can't save everyone, but that didn't make it any easier. He tried to distract himself by thinking of more pleasant things like Diana, or Wally not being able to talk or-

He was shocked out of his thoughts by seeing none other than Wally, John, and Selina herself standing in the hall like it was a totally normal day.

Wally perked up when he saw him, "Bats! We were just talking about you!"

Batman completely ignored him and walked up to Selina. "Catwoman, why are you on the Metro-Tower?"

"Now, now, darling; it's Selina with friends." She purred seductively, staring at him intently.

"Wait, you're Catwoman!" Wally exclaimed in disbelief.

Selina ignored him, "As I was saying, the three of us were just having a lovely chat, Bruce."

Batmans' eyebrow twitched, no one called him Bruce when he was wearing the cowl, not even Selina. "It's Batman."

"Hmph, anyways as I was saying we were having a wonderful little talk. Do you know what it was about, Bruce?"

Batman sent her a high quality bat-glare, which she promptly ignored. "We were talking about my good behavior over the past year and a half, and me saving a little girl while the rest of your League was busy."

"And?" He asked, beginning to get suspicious.

"Well, haven't I been a good girl lately?" She asked innocently.

". . .Yes." He admitted reluctantly, a feeling of dread forming in his stomach.

"So you agree I'm more of a hero now?"

"No. You're an unstable vigilante at best."

"So I'm on the right track, but I just need a little work?" She was smiling now.

"A lot of work."

"But I'm on the right track?"

". . .Yes."

Her grin widened, "So I just need some extra guidance?"

"More than extra, but yes."

"So I have good potential with some... straighting out?" She asked grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"What are you trying to say, Selina?" He demanded, tired of her games.

"I want to join the Justice League."

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