Six years had passed since that painful night. I had lost contact with most of my friends including Sasori and Gaara. The only people who I saw now were Sai, Naruto, and sometimes Tsunade. That was only when I they came to visit me. I was living in Beijing, China after all. I had moved back to where my dad had been buried and where my mom was now buried. Yeah, she died two years ago from cancer she had been hiding from me. I was happy she had decided to tell me a year before she died so I could spend her last days on earth with her happily. I'm not sad she died because now she can be with my dad who I know is now always sober. The both of them could now watch over me together.

I kissed my mom and dad's tombstone before getting up. I looked over at my little girl who was still praying. I know what you're thinking and no I'm not married and no I didn't have her out of wedlock. It's called adoption. Yes, I adopted little Natsuki from a little orphanage down the street from where I lived. She was only eight and had dark brunette hair and beautiful brown eyes. She had stitches that traced across the middle of her face from where she had been brutally beaten by her father. When I heard about her story I immediately signed the papers. No one would adopt her because of her scar. I thought the scar was pretty cool and gave her an edge. She was beautiful with the scar and I loved her dearly.

"I'm done mommy." She looked up at me.

"Good, are you hungry now?"

"Yep." She took my hand. "Is Hikaru hungry?" She asked eyeing my over-sized stomach.

"He sure is." I smiled. Hikaru on the other hand was inherited from the fertility center.

Natsuki ran ahead chasing a butterfly. We were doing just fine together. Don't get me wrong, there were often times when I thought that my children needed a dad, but you don't find men willing to date with you already having kids that often, so we mad the best of what we had. And no Sai couldn't be their dad. Why? Because he was living with his own family in Paris as a famous painter and she as a famous designer. We both knew that we would never be the same so remained close in a brotherly, sisterly way. He was their uncle and he loved them a lot. Sai was still Sai however, often drawing nude pictures of me and sending them just to see me blush. Sometimes I think he still has a crush on me but when I see him and his family I know that I'm just being silly.

Naruto could be a possibility….nah, he'll remain my best friend.

I finally was able to catch up with Natsuki who was picking up a bunch of wild flowers on the side of the street.

"Mommy look, I'm a princess!" She twirled around in her white dress.

I smiled at her. "Yes darling you are."

We decided to pick that spot to have our picnic. It was a beautiful spring day and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. I still loved watching the blossoms blow in the wind.

"Mommy I heard there's supposed to be an eclipse tonight." Natsuki took a bite of her sandwich.

"Who told you that?"

"The news."

I giggled. She was hearing wrong. There were no eclipses in the spring. I looked up at the sky and was surprised when I saw how close the moon and the sun were getting. Maybe she was right.

"Can we get a cat?" She asked.

"Sure we can."

"Yay! I want to name him Moonlight."

"That's a cute name."

"Thanks." She said and waved at a man walking by. "Hello!"

I prepared to give the man a smile when he stopped to turn around and couldn't smile at all.

"Hello." He smiled at Natsuki and then looked at me with his sky blue eyes.

"Gaara…" I gave me a wink and began to walk away. I stood up as fast as I could and ran after him. He was heading down the stairs to the main street. How had he found me after all these years and why would he just smile at me?

"Gaara!" I called after him. He stopped and turned back around.

"That's my name Sakura." He said.

My eyes filled with water. It really was him. He stood there with his red hair blowing in the wind. He had grown up so much.

"Do you want to have lunch with us?" I asked him.

He didn't say anything but when he started to walk back up the stairs I took that as a yes.

"How did you find me?" I looked up at him.

"I have my ways." He chuckled.

I couldn't believe it. After all of these years he still looked for me.

"You're a crazy man."

He scratched his head and laughed. "And you're just now realizing that? Man, you must've been very oblivious when we were kids."

"Huh?" I twitched. "That was you, not me."

He laughed again. It felt so good to hear him laugh and talk again or even to see him in person.

"How's your family?" I asked.

"Good, Kankuro and Temari moved to Japan and Sasori is ruling Tsunahagakure with Natsume. I kinda saw their marriage coming. After you left he became depressed. Natsume was the one who brought him out of his depression." He paused. "And my father passed away two years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's alright, how about Keiko? Is she doing well?"

"Mom passed away two years ago as well."

Gaara stopped smiling. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright, I'm happy for her."

There was a peaceful silence between us.

"So where's the husband? I see your little girl and this little one." He looked at my stomach.

"No husband. I adopted Natsuki and I got Hikaru from the clinic."

Gaara wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Ew, you had an unknown man's sperm injected in you."

I slapped him on the arm. "Don't make it sound so nasty!"

"It is nasty!"

Sakura laughed.

"So I'm guessing you're still a virgin?"

"Yeah." I blushed embarrassed and tucked a loose string of hair behind my ear. "Are you?"

"No, lost my virginity a long time ago remember?" He said.

I suddenly remembered about him and Temari and felt guilty. "Oh, yeah."

"Yep." He shoved on hand into his pocket. "So are we going to eat now?"


We turned to head back to the picnic. Our footsteps in synch.

"Is your family going to be angry if you're with us?" I asked.

Gaara chuckled. "What makes you think I have a family?"

"You're young, hot and have a nice personality. Why wouldn't you?"

Gaara didn't say anything.

"So you don't?"

"No, I have one."

I couldn't help but feel a little jealous. "Really? How many kids do you have?"


"Just like me! What about your wife?"

"She's cool." He shrugged. "She's beautiful and funny and she has a great sense of humor. She's fun to be around."

"Can I meet her?"


"Why not?" I glared at him. "Are you ashamed to introduce one of your exes to your wife?"

Gaara shook his head. "Not at all."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Nothing, you've already met her."

I gasped. "Don't tell me you married Ayame again!"

"Ew, no!" He shuddered. "I haven't seen her in forever."

"Then who is she?"

Gaara smiled at me. "You silly."

I stopped walking. "Huh?"

"You're my wife and this is my family."

"Since when?" I blushed.

"Now." He slipped a ring on my finger and gave me a peck on the lips.

I stared at my finger. This was the third time I had a ring on it.

"Sakura Haruno, I know you've heard this many times before and it has always ended in heartbreak but this time I promise not to hurt you again. I will protect you, Natsuki, and Hikaru and the rest of the children we have. I swear on my life I will. So please, marry me."

I pulled his head down and kissed him softly. "Of course I will." I knew that this time the ring wouldn't be coming off.

I smiled at Gaara through tears. "Welcome home Gaara."

He ran his fingers through my hair. "It's good to be home Sakura." He kissed me longer this time. It made up for the years we had apart.

"Daddy look at the butterfly!" Natsuki pulled him away from me.

Gaara picked her up and looked at the direction she was pointing at. I was shocked that she had already called him her dad.

"Mommy since daddy is home now, does that mean we're officially a complete family?" Natsuki asked me.

I looked at Gaara who took my hand in his. "Yes Natsuki, we are. Forever and always."

"Every fairy tale has a happy ending." Gaara smiled. "In fact, when you're older I'll marry you too and we can have lots of babies Natsuki."


I punched Gaara on the head. "Stop putting sick, false ideas into her head!" I yelled.

Gaara winced and rubbed his head. "Okay, okay! Sorry! I see you still have those powerful punches. Now I know not to cheat on you."

I gasped and turned away angrily. "I can't believe you said that!"

I felt his lips on my neck. "You shouldn't, there is no other girl in the world that can make me feel the way you do. If there was, I would've given up on you years ago."

I hated myself for forgiving him so easily. "I'm glad you didn't Gaara." I said.

"Me too." He wrapped his arm around my neck and kissed me again.

Hey Mom and Dad,

There's no need to worry about me anymore. I have Gaara now and my two little angels. So you can finally rest your weary souls. I'm even happier now then I was when you guys left my life and don't worry. This time I'll live my happily ever after Romeo, or no. I won't have a tragedy this time around. That's not what happens in a princess's life. They always get the prince. I've got mine and I hope my children will find their love when they grow up too. So see ya around mom and dad.

Love with all of my heart,

Your princess Sakura.

A/N: And thus the story ends. Thankyou all for reading Starless Night and Total Eclipse. I hope you enjoyed it. So until next time, dream big, and fall in love like a hopeless romantic! ^ ^