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20 years later

Olivia tried to juggle the bag of takeout, a box with a few files in it, her IPod and the flowers she got Alex while digging for her keys so she could use the remote to shut the garage door. She walked around her practical GMC SUV passed Alex's BMW and nearly went ass up when she tripped over something that shouldn't have been in front of it.

Looking down she located Renee's skateboard and groaned. Why couldn't that girl be into makeup like every other 17yo her age? At least she hadn't discovered boys yet, thank god for small favours. No she was too busy playing sport, getting into fights and skating all over the local park with her best friend Kate who she met at play group and had been friends with ever since.

Kicking the offending skateboard closer to the wall she hurried up the three steps that led to the door into the foyer and with a bit more juggling managed to get it open without dropping anything. She quickly placed everything down and shed her coat and shoes before picking up the takeout and the flowers and making her way to the kitchen.

Turning into the doorway she smiled upon seeing the love of her life sitting at the kitchen table with their youngest, 12yo Justin and helping him with his homework. She grinned. Her life was perfect. After being together for a year Olivia had worked up enough balls and asked Alex to marry her. She'd had a scary moment when Alex had burst into tears but Alex had soon assured her they were tears of joy and said she would be honoured to become Mrs Benson-Cabot.

Soon after that they were married and within another year they decided they wanted a family. Olivia was pregnant with Renee before she could blink, Cabot money spoke. It had been a rough ride but 8.5months later their baby girl came screaming into the world and it was love at first sight.

Two years later and Alex gave birth to their middle child Serena, named to honour Olivia's mother and a good friend. While Renee was all her, Serena was all Alex from the blonde hair to the blue eyes. They had rounded out their family with Justin, a mixture of them both. Her egg carried by Alex. He had her colouring and temper but had Alex's sharp mind and blue eyes.

Those blue eyes shot up to meet hers and a smile split her son's face

"Ma" he cried and shoving his chair back hurried around the table to give her an enthusiastic hug. She grinned and returned it the best she could with both arms occupied. Hearing the scrape of chairs she looked up to see Alex standing and coming around the table also. Giving Justin the bag of takeout she told him to go call his sisters for dinner. Never one to complain he did as asked as she turned to Alex.

"Hello beautiful" she greeted her wife with a hug and a gentle kiss before presenting the flowers "For you"

"Why thank you" Alex grinned as she sniffed their perfume "You may just get lucky for that tonight". Olivia laughed and waggled her eyebrows as she watched her lovely wife look for a vase for the flowers. 55 years old and Alex was still stunning, with a body to die for. A bit curvier these days, a few worry and laugh lines, some silver hair mixed with the blonde but essentially still the same.

Olivia worked hard to keep herself in shape, she still hit the gym, still ran some although she swam more as it was easier on her old bones. She no longer worked in SVU, deciding once her family came along to move into the burbs and she was a Lt at a nearby station. All the guys had moved on or retired as well. Alex was in private practice now, helping those who can't afford other lawyers. She loved it.

A shout drew her attention to the back of the house and she walked out into the hall to see what all the yelling was about

"Dammit Serena bring that back here" Renee yelled chasing her sister who was running full pelt down the stairs holding a digital camera

"Renee and Kate sitting in a tree K I S S I N G" Serena laughed and Olivia scowled and crossed her arms.

Both girls came to a crashing halt at the bottom of the stairs upon seeing their mother.

"Um hi ma, didn't know you were home" Renee gulped audibly and Olivia raised a querying eyebrow which made Renee fidget and Serena smirk. Olivia shot her second daughter a glare and the smirk was quickly wiped off her face.

"So you believe running and yelling in the house is acceptable when your mother's here and I am not?"

"Well technically that's not what she said" Serena, who seemed to have inherited her smart mouth answered and got another warning look.

"So who wants to explain what is going on?" she asked just as there was more pounding on the stairs

"Renee, you better have gotten that camera from Serena if you ever want to do that ag-...Oh shit" Kate screeched to a halt behind Renee, her face flushed "Oh um hi Mrs B"

"Kate" Olivia nodded coolly, not surprised to see her the kid practically lived here and then turned to Serena and looked pointedly at the camera she was holding "Serena hand over the camera and go into the kitchen for dinner. Tell your mother to come out here"

Serena hesitated, not sure what to do. She had taken the photos in fun, wanting to stir her sister, she didn't want her to get into trouble.

"Now Serena" Olivia was firm and Serena sighed, shot her mortified sister an apologetic look and walked forward to hand over the camera before disappearing into the kitchen. Olivia wasn't blind or stupid, considering the two girls in front of her looked embarrassed, considering the song Serena had been singing and the threat Kate had issued running down the stairs she figured Renee and Kate's relationship had turned up a notch or two.

A confused Alex came out of the kitchen as Justin bounded down the stairs. He was sent in to get his dinner while Olivia turned on the camera and looked at the last photo taken. She was not in the least surprised to see a picture of her eldest daughter and her best friend kissing on Renee's bed. Alex's eyebrows shot up to her hairline though and they turned their attention back to a defiant couple who were holding hands and acting brave.

Olivia sighed, she should have guessed that Renee's decided lack of interest in boys and her close friendship with Kate was leading to this. Olivia turned to look at Alex who returned the gaze. After years of practice they communicated silently between themselves.

What do we do about this?

What can we do?

Lex they're only 17.

I know love but look at them.

They turned as one and looked at the new couple who were now standing arm in arm, Renee's arms protectively around her new girlfriend. Olivia sighed

Fine at least she can't get pregnant

I think it's time for you to give that talk

Whoa, na ah. Not me.



"Um ma? Mum? Less of the silent arguing please, we're dying over here" Renee broke in and Olivia sighed

"We will discuss this later, there are rules to set but for now go get your dinner" she watched as they visibly relaxed and gave tentative smiles "Oh and Kate?" she grinned internally as she watched Kate freeze and startled doe eyes shot towards her

"Um yes Mrs B?"

"Welcome to the family, Renee couldn't have picked better" Olivia finally broke a smile and thought she heard her wife mutter sap but couldn't be sure as her daughter bounded over and gave her a bone breaking hug

"Thanks ma, your support means the world" Olivia returned the hug then gently pushed her away

"Go on, dinner will be getting cold" she nodded towards the kitchen and the loved up couple didn't need to be told twice as they hurried in. Olivia sighed and looked over at her wife who walked forward without question and enfolded her into a hug.

"You alright Liv?"

"Yeah" Olivia blew out a breath "But something tells me this whole situation is gonna give me nightmares"

That's all folks, for a one shot it didn't turn out too bad. Hope you enjoyed.