Bleach and the host club

" Haruhi!", Hiakru and Kaoru called out in unison.

" Yes?", she replied more than certain that they called her over to talk about Tamaki.

" Would you like to go to the park with us?", the twins asked.

" I wouldn't want to take you out of your comfort zone.", Haruhi sighed.

" You thought we meant a public park didn't you. No we meant Kyoya's private pool.", Hikaru and Kaoru laughed.

" My father's using the park this week for one of his clients so unfortunatly the park is unavailable.", said a figure with glasses.

" Where's Tamaki?", Haruhi inquired.

" He called in sick today.", Kyoya said tiredly.

" You mean he can't be bothered comming to school today.", Haruhi mumbled.

" No Haru-chan, Tama-chan is really sick.", Hunny chirped.

" So...There's no reason to open the club today, is there?", Haruhi asked hopefully.

" We still have to entertain our clients even if Tamaki's ill.", Kyoya replied coldly.

Meanwhile in the same building...

" Why are we being transfered?", Ichigo asked.

" Be grateful Ichigo. Ouran is reserved for the elite.", Uryu said bitterly.

" How many times have you applied here before this Uryu?", Orihime asked curiously.

" 57 times Orihime...", Uryu admitted. It's true Ichigo and the gang have been transfered to Ouran high school.

" Look at this place!", Orihime squealed in delight. Confused the gang walked aimlessly to find music room three.

" It's supposed to be unused...", Uryu began.

" Then let's go in!", Ichigo added opening the door.