Hunny and Mori would be in the soul society at the present moment trying to convince Yachiru that there was a promise made to them. After what seemed to be hours they got her to remember them. " Of course we'll help you Hunny-chan." Yachiru chirped happily," Things were becoming boring anyways." With that said they would leave the area and back to the world of the living. The idea that nearly a whole squad could leave was absurd so a number of them stayed behind.

When they returned Ichigo was not ready to see Kenpachi nor Yachiru in human was startling at how they dressed even with the help of the host club. Ichigo wanted to make sure that everyone knew what to do as they once more made a journey to Hueco Mundo.

The concept that there will be fighting was enough for the squad eleven members. " They will be expecting us this time" Kyoya stated in what appeared to be a calm manner but on the inside he was seething. Tamaki was his first friend and was aware that many of the host club felt the same way," However we have resources and determination and this will mean we have an advantage."

This was the one of the few times where he wouldn't mind that there would be money spent. Tamaki was the core of the host club and a member of their family. The members agreed that Haruhi should be left behind not due to her lack of determination but because they were interested in her too.

In Las Noches however Tamaki managed to find some time for himself and started to wonder if the club were gathered together and thinking of new ways to improve it. Looking at what he had become was still horrifying to him. " Mother..." knowing that he hadn't had a chance to check if she was alright was upsetting him. Another was being unable to help his friends and then an idea came to his head.