Time Wars don't just start. They're not like wars on Earth where two sides meet in an empty field to do battle. The Time War involves so many complex conundrums that, to follow it, would drive even a Time Lord to the brink of sanity.

Susan doesn't want to see it.

She's been a part of a war before, and, although it was just an Earth war, it was gruesome for her nonetheless. The effects, affects, and effects that induce causes that, in turn, get effects, drives her up the wall sometimes.

She's stuck in one time going one pace and she never thought it could be like this. Susan thought she knew what linear time felt like when she was going to school. But she had always had those intermissions where her Grandfather would take her other places in time.

War, well, war isn't like that. Wars themselves last a very long time. People always coming to replace the dead until the other side retreats or every one dies and the higher ups just give up.

When the Time War has already reared its ugly head and even from Earth she can feel, can hear, the stars dyeing, a man comes to her and asks if she would like to escape it.

Susan says yes.

Chantho hasn't been a part of a war, but this seems just a bad, if not worse. She's the last of her kind and there's no one else like her. She's watched all her people die of starvation and sickness. Bodies would lie in caves decomposing. And until the end, she had never had to deal with burying them far enough in the ground that the smell wouldn't be able to reach her.

The end of the universe isn't a great place. People get sick from their own germs and smells, the effects bringing out causes creating effects.

But, there's a man here, a simple human man with a pocket watch like she found when she was little, who says he can save everyone. Given time.

Chantho thinks he can do it; the doubt that he won't finish a rocket with the supplies here is always hanging. Along with the threat of cannibals.

But she will continue to believe in him, as strongly as she can, even as they watch the eternally night skies continue to darken.

Don't worry! I'm continuing off this to make it totally AU so she doesn't get shot.