How To Have A Weasley Christmas

Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling

Time: All seven books and movies

Genre: Humour and Friendship

Rating: G

Date Finished: November 10, 2010

Knit sweaters for everyone in your family. They don't have to be colours people actually like or sweaters that people will actually wear, just knit. Don't worry, on Christmas Day people will act like they love them, even if they don't.

Have a knife-throwing contest in the kitchen. Don't be like Ron and let Mum see you. Do it when her back is turned. It's not Christmas unless you try to kill one of your brothers.

Have unwanted guests. In recent years, a certain Minister has used a certain son to ask people to support the "cause."

Spend at least one Christmas in the hospital. Don't go for more than one, it's looks bad after the third time around.

Make others feel included. If you know, a certain person who may not be having a Merry Christmas give them a gift. Also, be sure to offer him a place to stay over the summer holidays.

Spend as many Christmases as you can with a convicted murderer. He will be happy to have you at the Black House. He may even sing you a Christmas carol or two.

Don't be upset when a son sends his present back. Hermione will put it to good use. Expect the house elves don't want it...

Travel to foreign countries to visit your older children. If the other children don't want to go, leave them at school.

Try not to get blown up by Dark wizards. Those protection spells are supposed to stop them, but they seem to have a habit of breaking them...

Spend it with people you love. (They don't have to love you back.) The more the merrier. After all, it's Christmas.

Happy Holidays! See you January 2011!