Ch. 1

I woke up with a massive headache, and picked myself up off the ground, groaning with discomfort. I blinked against the unwanted light, and tried to see.

My jaw dropped.


That might be a bad thing., I thought, knowing exactly who lived here.

To clear things up, allow me to explain where I was.

Firstly, I knew I was in London, in the year 1900 to be exact. It was winter, and I could feel the wind at my back. I was in this strange sewer-like tunnel, complete with water coming in from the river. There were two banks made of concrete on the side of the water's path, and I'd woken up on the right bank. The length from one side to the other was about six feet across, the top from the bottom about 6 feet as well, so you can imagine how cramped the tunnel was.

Anyway, I could hear this organ playing a depressing, almost creepy tune, and I smiled, knowing who it was. I remembered I had to watch out for his friend, who was a little bit harder to convince that I was a nice, non-dangerous person.

So, I tried to walk through the water, and realized I had this thin, but comfortable, dress on. It was my size, too, which was nice, for a change. It was this pretty shade of blue.

I made my way towards the music, and was almost there, judging by the volume, when I noticed this weird thing coming towards me. It was this sort of breathing implement, and a round piece of wood, with a sort of breathing tube running up through it, was on top of the water, coming towards me.

His friend., I thought. I knew that his friend carried a knife, and I didn't know how to fight worth beans. All I could do was wait for the man, breathing underwater, to reach me. (Don't ask, it's a thing he does.)

Then he rose up out of the water, this mute dwarf of a man, wielding a knife with an angry expression on his face.

I shrieked, and ducked, going underwater. The knife followed, but missed, thank goodness. I rose up out of the water, and scrambled up onto the left bank. I turned around and gave him a nasty kick to the head. He winced, but made no sound whatsoever.

"I'm sorry.", I whispered, and kicked him again. This time, he fell backwards onto the right bank. I took the chance and bolted for the end of the tunnel, where I knew he would be. I half swam, half ran through the water, and finally reached the end of the tunnel.

I knew this place by heart. There was a bed, a table, some chairs, some candles, a weird tiger rug, a chess set, a cabinet, some random large jars, and a painting. This was a large cave-like room, but strangely felt like home to me.

Next to the painting was the cutest Phantom I ever did see. I just stood there with this stupid expression on my face, looking at how completely awesome he looked in his element playing the organ.

I suddenly remembered the mute man chasing me with a knife, so I ran to the edge of the lake –like pool of water, and clambered out. The man up at the organ wasn't even paying attention, until I said, "Dude. You touch me with that knife and I'll give you a serving of kick-ass with a side of pain."

The man up at the organ got up off his bench and turned around, spooking like a startled animal. I saw his dirty black suit, his purplish bow tie, and his full-faced white mask with his eye-patch and his blown light blonde hair, with his grayish forehead and hands, and thought he was all the cuter for it. Sure, he was old, but that didn't stop me from loving him.

"Professor Petrie!", I yelled, "Your friend is going to kill me!" In truth, his friend had already clambered up out of the water after me and was nearing me with that knife of his. Then the professor made a motion with his hand, telling his friend to stop, which he did.

The man walked to the edge of the plateau and looked at me, not perceiving me as much of a physical threat anymore, but still not trusting me.

"How do you know my name?", he said, his lovely yet rough voice reaching my ears for the first time.

OMG! This is just like the movie!, I thought. "I know who you are, Professor, because I made it my business to find out."

He regarded me coolly, and finally held out his right hand to me, testing my trust.

His friend watched us.