Phantom Ch. 14

The weekend came and went. It mostly consisted of me running around helping the director with his music, walking away very quickly whenever I caught sight of Mr. Darcy, and being very worried about the upcoming, mandatory interrogation on Monday. The Professor and the mute watched all these reactions coming from me with wary caution. They did not intrude on my behavior, but stayed kindly out of my way, knowing the source of my anxiety.

Finally…finally…it came.

My insomnia came back, and I didn't sleep at all Sunday night except for a few precious hours. But I didn't sleep well, and woke up very groggy. The Professor and the mute just stared, kind of sadly, at me, none of us saying anything, as I left the room through the secret entrance.

I walked, groggy, sad, and anxious, to the front board where the notice was supposed to be posted. But there was a large crowd of people, all jabbering to each other, in the way. Being short and weak, I sighed, irritated, and waited.

After a few minutes, the crowd thinned, and I got close enough to look.

My time with Mr. Darcy and the detective of his choice was last on the list.