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Warnings: I should probably just warn you all ahead of time that this will be violent and full of gore and there may be deaths as well as very naughty language, some kissy scenes, and randomness. Yup! So beware ;)

Chapter One: Team Ito Intro! The First Real Mission!


The familiar sound of a hand smacking into a cloth covered head didn't go unnoticed by the people crowded on the lovely streets of Konohagakure that fine spring morning, the sun shining brightly and the clouds drawn onto the blue sky as if by a paint brush.

"Ow!" A raven-haired boy barked, clasping his hands over his head after the hood of his black yukata-looking cloak fell off to reveal his disheveled hair and a bump swelling atop his cranium. A stern looking Jounin with swept over navy blue hair and a single piercing gold eye (as the other was covered with gauze) stood over him, his fingerless gloved fists on his hips.

"All right, that's enough out of you, Kosuke. Your attitude is starting to really aggravate me. You obviously haven't grown up at all since your Genin test." The sensei chided in annoyance, not at all amused by the Genin he had just smacked. Kosuke scowled at his sensei, glaring at him with deep crimson eyes, shadowed underneath, before he jerked his hood back up. He said nothing, but his mahogany-haired teammate flashed him a toothy grin as she winked a silver eye at him.

"Haha, that's what you get, you selfish jerk. You and Ninigi argue more than a married couple." She teased as she flipped her shoulder length hair over her shoulder, the blue winged hair pin in her hair glittering in the sunlight. Kosuke glared at her now, but continued to bit his tongue to keep from making another comment that would get him smacked again.

And of course, there was the fact that Kosuke couldn't help, but like his female teammate, just a little bit. Her hair was shiny and soft, her eyes sharp and watchful, a playful smirk almost always on her face. She looked great in her long, closed navy jacket with only the left sleeve, which hung past her fingertips; a black turtleneck underneath matching leggings that went into black strapped navy legwarmers over her shins. A pair of navy ninja shoes finished her attire, her headband on her left sleeve. While Kosuke took the time to admire her, he completely forgot about his white-haired teammate, the cause of all his squad problems.

"Ew, gross! I think I rather kiss your summoning of foxes than him!" The icy-eyed boy retorted in disgust. Kosuke twitched and whirled to face his teammate, thrusting a finger in his fist, his elbow bent.

"Shut your mouth, Ninigi! No one would kiss you, not even your mother!" He snapped in annoyance. Ninigi blushed in embarrassment and gritted his teeth, clenching his fists. It was very hard to be frightened of Ninigi as he was very childish in appearance. His white hair was styled in loose locks toward the middle of his face, his eyes a cold blue. He wore a dark green elbow-length jacket with a hood, a mesh shirt underneath and black pants stuffed into shin-high teal ninja boots. His headband was green, tied around his waist with ends that almost touched the ground, and fingerless gloves -save for the two middle fingers- finished his clothes. He could've carried the huge sword that his brother, Fukuo, had, but even that wouldn't make Ninigi look scary.

"Aw, gonna cry?" Kosuke mocked, reaching up to rub his eyes dramatically. Ninigi was red with rage and their female teammate groaned, throwing her head back and looking over at their sensei, who had turned back to the shop owner to order their meal.

"Ito-sensei, Ninigi's gonna snap." She warned. Just the sound of the complaint made the muscular Jounin twitch in annoyance. He looked at the old man, holding up a finger before he turned and grabbed the backs of Kosuke and Ninigi's heads, slamming them together. They both yelled in pain, clasping their heads. Ito turned back around calmly, handing his money to the old man, who shakily took it with a little smile, closing his squinty eyes behind his wire rimmed glasses.

"Why'd ya have to go do that, Amaya?" Ninigi whined, cringing as he held his head tightly over a lump that formed. Amaya let a smile grow across her lips as her eyes became half-lidded in amusement, her hands folding behind her back.

"Because. I needed a distraction." She replied honestly. Ninigi blinked, gaping at her as he dropped a hand from his head. Kosuke smirked a bit past the throbbing pain in his head as he watched Amaya thrust out a clenched fist before letting it fly open, a chain link necklace slipping out and dangling from a finger.

"And the great Amaya strikes again." Kosuke stated, folding his arms over his chest as if he were proud of his teammate. He couldn't help, but painfully admit that Amaya had the greatest stealth skills of their generation. Ninigi, however, scowled a bit, making a grab for the necklace, but Amaya jerked it back up into her fist and dropped it down her shirt, staring at Ninigi. He turned red, but didn't make a grab for it, his eye twitching in annoyance.

"I can't believe you did that. Who's is it?" Ninigi asked with a scolding frown. Amaya rose an eyebrow, puckering her lips comically in a look of refusal. Ninigi glared, but he found it hard as Amaya was pretty good at making him want to grin. She was comical and a glass half-full kind of girl, just what a guy would want.

If only she wasn't a kleptomaniac, stealing whatever happened to catch her eye, which sucked since she liked shiny things.

"What would your brother say, huh? And your parents? Your mom would be upset if she found out." Ninigi warned, putting a fist on his hip. Amaya slowly frowned as the thought seemed to disappoint her. Kosuke glared at Ninigi, elbowing him harshly in the ribs and rolling his eyes as Ninigi flinched, grasping his ribcage.

"Don't be such a downer, loser. Takuma's not here and neither are her parents. Ito should've been watching her, but he wasn't." He stated confidently.

"Watching what now?" Ito asked as he turned with the plastic bags of food. Ninigi immediately forgot about Amaya's wrongdoing, his stomach growling and his mouth watering so he drooled, his hands grasping for the bags hungrily. Ito rolled his eye and pulled the bags away.

"Hey. We're going to find somewhere to eat this, not chow down in the middle of the street, fool. Kosuke, come on. Amaya, put that necklace back."

"What? How did you know?" Amaya cried in disbelief, Kosuke cocking a brow at their sensei, who glanced at her with a flat expression.

"A ninja never shows off their prize. Now give it back." He commanded. Amaya groaned and turned to the old man, who blinked and stared at her as she dropped the necklace back on the counter, turning away and running to catch up with Ito and her teammates. The old man stared after her in confusion, scratching his partially bald head.

Moments later, the squad found themselves sitting in a semi-circle at the training grounds, the green grass gently billowing in the breeze. Amaya bit into her onigiri, leaning back on one hand and smiling up at the sky.

"It's such a great day! Ne, sensei, do we have any missions today?" She asked eagerly, watching Ito gulp down some barbeque chicken. He paused, staring at his rice dully before looking up.

"Hm, well, there's a couple. One is cleaning Old Lady Takako's house and another is helping the owner of Ichiraku move some noodle boxes into a cart to send to Sunagakure…."

"Are you kidding me?" Ninigi demanded angrily, slamming his ramen cup down in the grass, sloshing some pork out. Ito cocked a brow, pursing his lips a bit. Kosuke grimaced, closing his eyes and pulling his hood over his face more.

"I hate to agree with the brat, but he's right. Come on, Ito, we're ninja, not servants. We want real missions, not these fake-o loser jobs." He muttered, bringing his parfait up to his lips to drink the strawberry jelly. Ito frowned at him, then looked at Ninigi, who was just nodding and folding his arms over his chest. Ito looked at Amaya, who was staring at Kosuke in surprise.

"And what do you think about this, Amaya?" He asked calmly. Amaya blinked, then looked up and shrugged.

"Couldn't care less, sensei, although, they are kinda right… I mean, my dad took me to one of my uncles' house before and the servants were cleaning and stuff while the shinobi guarded the place." She explained, then shrugged again as if she had nothing else to say. Ito turned back to his meal, bringing a bit of tofu to his mouth, taking a bite, then looking at them.

"Hmph," He lifted the corner of his mouth in a look of distaste, his nose crinkling and brow furrowing in a brown, "A real mission, impossible."

"What?" Kosuke and Ninigi demanded in unison, glaring at each other for it, then back at Ito, who kept the look on his face as he glared at his Genin team.

"Give you cocky rodents a real mission? Yea, right. If I wanted to plunged us into another shinobi war, sure. You guys can't even keep peace amongst yourselves, let alone the shinobi world. No, you won't be getting any real missions until A) The boys stop arguing. B) The girl stops stealing. And C) When Kosuke starts calling me sensei." Ito responded sternly, holding up three fingers as he listed. Ninigi glared at his sensei, but said nothing while Amaya shifted uncomfortably, averting her eyes and taking sudden interest in pulling out the grass. Kosuke twitched angrily, clenching his fists on his knees.

"Call you sensei? Call you sensei? Over my mangled, rotting corpse would I ever even think of you as my sensei!" He shouted. Amaya stared at him while Ninigi rolled his eyes, throwing his hands up before scowling at his teammate.

"Are you stupid? That's just the real we can't go on real missions, dumbass!"

"Oh, shut up, Ninigi, you're as much a problem as Amaya and I are!"

"Hey, wait a second!" Amaya protested with a pout, folding her arms over her chest, but she didn't even try to jump in as Ninigi and Kosuke threw insults back and forth. Amaya let her head bounce back and forth between them comically while Ito continued eating calmly, his eye focused on the noodles he slurped up with chicken.

And that was a normal lunch for Team Ito.

The team moved on through the day on the normal missions. Ito sat back in a tree above the ramen shop, a book on the history of shogi in his hand when beside him, a cloud of smoke swirled to reveal a brunette Chuunin with a scar slashed across his nose, his eyes a bit worried.

"Excuse me, Ito-sensei?" The Chuunin asked. Ito looked up, tilting his head back.

"Hm? Iruka-sensei. What a surprise. How may I entertain you today?" He asked. Iruka tried to smile, but it failed epically, making Ito frown a bit and snap his book shut. The Chuunin shifted a little bit before sighing.

"We've got a situation. It seems we've run out of teams to send out on missions and your team was the only one not on important duties. Is it possible that after this mission you meet Lady Tsunade in her office?" He asked. Ito nodded, then studied Iruka closely.

"Hm, you've grown up since I last saw you… When did you become a Chuunin?" He questioned, cocking a brow. Iruka tried not to blush in embarrassment and annoyance, his eye twitching a little bit as he forced a little smile on his face.

"Ah, a while ago, Ito-sensei."

"Hm. I should probably get out more often then." Ito turned back to his book, flipping it open. Iruka resisted the urge to reply with 'I'll say' and merely nodded, turning around and shooting off through the village. Ito looked at his book, but his eye wasn't following the words anymore, but peeking past to look down at his students with narrowed irritation.

Down below, Ninigi lugged another crate of noodles onto the cart, groaning in exhaustion and the sores that formed under his gloves. He turned and sank to his rump on the ground, his back running along the side of the crate.

"This is stupid! I don't want to do these dumb missions, they're not even helping us become good shinobi! How're we gonna use these skills to fight in the Chuunin Exams in June? Throw noodles and clean their mouths out?" He groaned, throwing his head back against the cart with a scowl on his face. Kosuke stepped away from another crate, wiping the back of his hand along his forehead and frowning as he folded his arms on the edge, resting his chin on them.

"Chuunin Exams. Forget about those. Ito might even sign us up for them." He muttered bitterly. Amaya massaged her hands together, glancing at her teammates with a cocked brow.

"What kind of attitude is that? No wonder Ito-sensei gets pissy with you two. If we just follow the rules he told us, we'll be in those exams in no time, coming out as Chuunin!" She insisted.

"And by rules, you mean the ones that should apply to you, but you can ignore since you're special?" Kosuke asked dryly. Amaya stared at him as innocently as possibly, batting her lashes, earning her a glare. Ninigi rolled his eyes and rested his chin in his palm, wincing at the sores.

"This is unbelievable. We all need to follow what he said. I'll stop arguing if you two quit starting it." He stated, nodding confidently now as he folded his arms over his chest, his eyes closed before they opened to see two pairs of eyes glaring at him. He muttered a 'what' before Amaya shook her head.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I actually might try to stop borrowing people's things without permission. I want to be as good as my brother, not to mention I want my dad to brag about me too, so I want to go to these exams." She said with a serious frown as she lifted another crate with a wince. Kosuke and Ninigi shared looks, then looked back at Amaya as she stumbled a bit. It was as if Kosuke barely moved as he quickly helped her balance, leaning back again. Amaya nodded a thanks and put the crate in the cart, turning away for another.

"You know, Ito-sensei never said we had to act like that all the time." Ninigi said suddenly, making his teammates look at him quizzically.

"What do you mean?" Amaya asked. Ninigi stood up slowly, glancing at Ito, who seemed to be reading his book silently with a lazy expression, one leg hanging off a branch while the other was folded underneath him, an arm on his knee and the other holding his book.

"Those rules, about Kosuke and I fighting," Ninigi whispered to them, "And about you stealing. Kosuke not calling him sensei. Maybe we can just act like we're doing it until the Chuunin Exams and go back to doing what we do." Amaya blinked.

"That's perfect!" She exclaimed.

"Yea, she's great at lying. See?" Kosuke said. Amaya pouted and Ninigi rolled his eyes, then went on.

"It'll suck for a bit, but we'll just pretend we've turned over a new leaf. I'll stop arguing with you, Kosuke, and Amaya, stop stealing people's stuff."

"Hey, don't call it stealing," Amaya complained, stomping a foot indigenously, "Call it borrowing without permission."

"What a mouthful." Kosuke retorted, earning a quick glare from Amaya. Ninigi rolled his eyes, then folded his arms over his chest.

"I'm not worried about Amaya or myself, Kosuke. It's you I'm worried about." He muttered. Kosuke scowled at him, his red eyes piercing him angrily.

"Just what do you mean by that?" He demanded in aggravation. Ninigi snorted in disbelief while Amaya smirked, averting her eyes from Kosuke, who sent a quick glance of curiosity.

"Isn't it obvious? You've got way too much pride to call Ito-sensei your sensei."


"Kosuke, haven't you been listening to a single thing Ninigi has said?" Amaya demanded, putting a hand on her hip and glaring at Kosuke, who merely shrugged carelessly.

"As if I care." He responded. Ninigi twitched angrily and went to hit him, but Amaya stepped between them in a flash, snatching Ninigi's fist and shoving it at his chest, frowning.

"Come one, Ninigi. You have to try too!" She scolded. Ninigi stared at her, then slowly relaxed, but he didn't stop glaring at Kosuke, who was staring at Amaya like she was an alien from outer space. It made Ninigi curious as to why Kosuke seemed to always look at Amaya like that.

"Kosuke," Amaya said calmly, turning to Kosuke, who stiffened and glared at her in an attempt to seem scary, but his trick never worked on her, he noticed, "You have to call Ito-sensei your sensei. I know you don't like it, but honestly? Ito-sensei's experienced a lot of things in life and he's a lot stronger, at Jounin level while we're still just Genin. He deserves some respect." Ninigi frowned as Kosuke's expression seemed to twist into a rare look of utter disbelief and anger.

"Experienced a lot of things! Bullshit! He's a lazy asshole, who doesn't even do missions of his own and takes some of the pay for the ones that WE completed on our own without any of his help, just him sitting up there like a fucking bum! Experience! At least-At least…!" Kosuke couldn't even finish as he sputtered incoherent curses. Amaya stared at him and Ninigi scowled, shifting behind Amaya.

"Forget him. He's nothing special. Maybe if just us two behave Ito-sensei might consider letting us join the exams." The white-haired Genin muttered bitterly. Kosuke clenched his teeth and fists, his red eyes hot with rage. Amaya flinched a little, then looked at Kosuke a with a little sympathy.

"I'm sorry, Kosuke, I chose the wrong words… Everyone experiences different things, but I'm sure sensei knows what it's like to lose someone close to him." She offered, but Kosuke just shook his head vigorously, refusing to speak. Amaya sighed and Ninigi pulled her away so they went back to work, leaving Kosuke to silently fume.

Meanwhile up in his tree, Ito was watching the entire thing, his ears picking up every bit of the plan and events. He felt a brow lift in amusement, his lips drawing together as he pondered their little plan, whether to expose it or not… And what exactly was going on inside little Kosuke's head.

He's definitely an interesting one… He's the most curious of all the Genin with nothing in his biography of how he was orphaned or what happened to his clan, if he had one. All that's known about him is that jutsu of his… And that he's a disrespectful little cockroach with an attitude problem. How entertaining. The navy-haired Jounin thought, letting his expression melt back into a flat look as he closed his book, rising to his feet.

"All right," He called down to them, "Break for lunch, then meet me at the Hokage's residence. You brats might just get the mission you've been waiting for." He was actually a little pleased to see three pairs of eyes light up like light bulbs at the news before he made a hand sign, disappearing in a poof of smoke that swirled around him like a mini-tornado.

"A mission? Like, a real one?" Ninigi managed to awe. Amaya beamed, jumping up and down for a moment.

"Yes! This is awesome! We can prove to Ito-sensei on this mission that we're mature enough to join the exams!" She exclaimed eagerly. Kosuke frowned a little, then smirked as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Che. All we have to do is pass this mission without fail. We won't even have to play his stupid rules." He stated confidently with a nod.

"This is going to be easy!" Ninigi declared as he thumped his fist on his chest, then stopped with a blink. He reached into his jacket and fished around, then glared at Amaya, who was looking at the place where Ito had vanished.

"Amaya, give me back my money!"

"What're you talking about? I didn't take anything!"

"You can't play innocent with me!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Amaya cried insistently, although, Kosuke stared flatly at the hands she had behind her back, holding a small little navy pocketbook with a handsome some of money peeking out. Kosuke looked back at his arguing teammates, then at the wallet and merely shrugged. He reached forward, slipping a bill from the wallet just in time before Amaya thrust it back at Ninigi with a huff.

"I don't see why you'd need to rip people off," Ninigi snorted as he went through the pocketbook with a scowl, "Your dad's pretty popular and so his family." Amaya lifted a brow, pursing her lips.

"So? That doesn't mean my dad gives me allowance or anything."

"Hey! There's money missing."

"What?" Amaya demanded. Ninigi glared at her, shoving the pocketbook into his jacket again and folding his arms tightly over his chest.

"I said don't play your innocent game with me. You could've asked and I might've let you have something!" He snapped. Amaya blushed lightly, clenching her fists.

"I'm telling you, I didn't take it! I swear on my mother's grave I didn't!"

"Wait until your mother hears that."

"Ninigi! I swear-"

"You guys are both losers." Kosuke stated as he stood between them now, his arms folded and a bill hanging between two of his fingers in one hand. Amaya blinked, cocking her head before beaming and pointing at it.

"Look! Kosuke found your missing money! See, I told you I didn't take anything." She said with a confident nod. Kosuke smirked while Ninigi twitched and snatched his cash back, shoving it into his pocketbook before flashing Kosuke a deadly glare.

"You're going to be the death of this team, you jerk!" He snapped. Kosuke shrugged, then averted his eyes as if he had nothing else to say on the topic. After another argument, the boys followed Amaya to a dango shop just a couple blocks away near the apartments.

The shop was relatively small with a triangular orange banner with the name DANGODANGO printed on the front in black. Several stools sat at the counter while off to the left was a small tent with chairs and tables, a couple customers seated in that area. The team hopped onto three of the stools at the counter, Amaya reaching up and flicking her fingers into a black and orange wind chime, making it jingle.

"Coming, honey!" A voice called from the back. Amaya beamed and settled down while Ninigi cocked a brow at her.

"How does she know that's you?" He asked. Amaya shrugged and pointing a finger up at the chimes.

"She doesn't. It could be my brother. We're the only ones that hit that thing when we come here." She answered. Ninigi thought about it and Kosuke just rolled his eyes before they looked up as a woman came from the back of the shop. Her two toned, red and orange short hair was tied back in a side ponytail to the right, her silver eyes bright and excited. She wore a navy dress with elbow-length sleeves and a black/orange designed apron.

"Amaya! It's good to see you stopping by for lunch. Hello, boys." She smiled. Ninigi grinned and waved goofily while Kosuke just sat there uncomfortably. Amaya smirked at them, then leaned on the counter watching her mother pull out a few paper bags for their lunches.

"Hey, mama! Guess what? We might be getting a real mission today, not one of those lame-o boring ones!" She exclaimed excited, clasping her hands and bouncing them up and down on the counter. Her mother turned, blinking.

"Is that so? I hope it's nothing too dangerous. Your brother's birthday is next month and you have to be energized to celebrate. He doesn't know about the party either." She winked and Amaya grinned. Ninigi blinked.

"Takuma's birthday is coming up?" He asked. Amaya nodded as she picked up a toothpick from a little fox statue that was holding them out.

"Yup, May 18th! I'm so excited because I want to give him the best present ever and we're gonna surprise him with a party. You guys should come." She declared with a smile and Ninigi beamed.

"That sounds like fun! I'll be there!" He agreed, then looked at Kosuke, who was mindlessly staring off into space before he was elbowed. Kosuke blinked, flashed Ninigi a quick glare, then looked at Amaya, who stared at him with twinkling silver eyes. Sometimes he wondered if the gods plucked stars from the midnight sky and put them in her eyes, then he mentally smacked himself for even pondering the thought before shrugging.

"Yea. Sure, why not? I have nothing better to do." He replied flatly, then looked over to see Amaya's mother placing their paper bags of food in front of them, a smile on her face. She reached out and flicked Kosuke's hood back to ruffle up his hair, making him visibly blush pink with embarrassment while Amaya and Ninigi snickered.

"That'd be lovely, Kosuke! Oh, why must you always put that hood of yours up? You're such a handsome young shinobi! I bet all the girls are chasing you down." She teased with a wink and dimpled smile. Kosuke turned red as Ninigi laughed.

"Ahaha, oh yea. Kosuke's definitely got girls lined up to see him," He agreed, then leaned over to Amaya and whispered, "Girls that plan to beat his sorry ass."

"I heard that!" Kosuke snapped, then jerked his hood back over his head as Amaya's mother pulled her hand away with a little smile.

"You guys behave and good luck on your mission!" She called as they hopped off the stools with their lunches.

"Thanks, mama! Tell daddy and Takuma I said hi!" Amaya called back.

"See ya later, Lady Nakamura!" Ninigi waved as he walked backwards with a crooked grin, Kosuke merely rolling his eyes and glancing at Mrs. Nakamura.

"Bye, Ai." He said, making Amaya's mother blink, then smile a bit sadly. The team departed, eating their lunch on the way to the Hokage's residence. After tossing out the bags, they went up the steps and inside past a few wandering Chuunin and Jounin to find Ito standing in the archway to he hallway that led to the Hokage's office. He was just eating the last dumpling off a dango stick before he flicked it away, looking up.

"About time. You guys think you have all the time in the world." He sighed.

"Sorry, sensei." Ninigi and Amaya apologized in unison while Kosuke just snorted, folding his arms over his chest stubbornly. Ito merely shook his head and led the way up the hallway before they approached the Hokage's office. Ito gave it a knock only once before a woman's voice yelled:


Ito glanced at his team, who flinched at the barbarically loud response, then looked back at the door as he pushed it open, trying not to smile. I'm going to enjoy this meeting. He thought as his gold eye landed on two lovely ladies inside. One of which was the Hokage, seated in her chair with her legs crossed and a file folder in her hands, her long blonde pigtails brushed back and her hazel eyes locked on the papers in front of her. The second woman was a brunette wearing a purplish yukata, holding a wiggling pig in her arms.

"Lady Tsunade," Ito greeted, nodding to her, then looked at Shizune with a look that surprised his students, "Miss. Shizune." Said kunoichi blushed a little and averted her eyes innocently, taking a sudden interest in the pig's ears.

"Hm, Kuroshiyo Ito," Tsunade mused, glancing at him with a cocked brow of suspicion, "I haven't seen you around a lot lately. I'm sure these kids were giving you a hard time, weren't they?" Ito stared at her and the faintest sign of a smile was on his face as he lowered it slightly to look past his hair.

"Indeed. You seem to enjoy torturing me. I never quite pegged you to be a sadist." He responded and the playful tone of his voice made his students stared at him in disbelief.

THIS is Ito-sensei around other adults? Amaya thought in surprise, trying to keep her jaw clenched shut. Ninigi didn't care and let his jaw fall right open, his icy blue eyes wide.

DUDE. He's so flirting with them! BOTH OF THEM! EVEN OLD GRANDMA TSUNADE! What gives? He wondered in disbelief before jerking his jaw back up and shaking his head. Kosuke just made a face of disgust, taking a step away from his sensei.

"Ito-sensei," Tsunade drawled, a smirk spreading across her face, "Mind if I torture you some more?"

"Go ahead." Ito replied. Tsunade nodded, then rose to her feet and threw the file folder onto her desk, papers splaying out to reveal five mug shots and profiles. Ito cocked a brow as he looked at them, then the Hokage, who took on a serious expression now as she put a fist on her desk, another on her hip.

"Spies. All five of them. They were spotted leaving our village last night and headed for that outpost town. We sent a team after them, but they haven't returned, so we can only assume the worst. Seeing as there are no teams available right now for deployment, I'm going to ask you and your team to see to it that these five are brought back, dead or alive." She informed. Ito nodded, reaching out and picking up the files, scanning them at the same time as Shizune picked up on where Tsunade left off.

"All five of them are criminals that escaped during the attack on Konohagakure by Orochimaru. Three of them are native here, one is from Kirigakure and the other from Sunagakure. All five are relatively dangerous. We understand that it's uncommon for Genin teams to be sent on such a mission, but this is an emergency and we can't have those spies returning to Orochimaru with information on our village." Shizune explained firmly with a nod. Ito folded up the copies of the profiles, tucking them into his weapon's pouch.

"Hm, seems more like an easy task. Even if these three do end up incapacitated." He told the Hokage, who chuckled lightly. Shizune flinched and looked at the three Genin, who seemed pretty annoyed by the comment, save for the girl, who just rocked back and forth on her heels, as if this was wasting her time.

They're just kids, maybe thirteen or fourteen. Is it really such a good idea to send them on a mission? Even with Ito-sensei… He's not the greatest babysitter. She thought, glancing at the navy-haired sensei, who took a second to glance back at her. She blushed and looked away in annoyance.

I can't tell what's worse about him. His personality or his jutsu. She huffed and held onto TonTon, who oinked in agreement as if having read her thoughts.

"Remember," Tsunade told Ito sternly, pointing a finger at him, "Bring them back dead or alive as they may have some secrets on Orochimaru that we can use. Take care of your team, too, even if you don't want to." She added quietly. Ito looked at her, then nodded and turned.

"Let's scram. Come on, pick up your feet." He ordered his Genin, earning grumbled complaints from the boys and a whine from the girl. Tsunade and Shizune watched them go, frowning.

"You probably just signed their death warrant." Shizune said quietly, shifting away from Tsunade, who glanced at her out the corner of her eye, then back towards the empty doorway.

"That would be so if I hadn't of made Ito their sensei."

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