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Chapter Three: Learning the Truth. Sneak Attack!

The next day, Team Ito met in the grassy training fields for their teacher. Amaya showed up first with a cheery smile, putting her barrette in. Kosuke showed up next, his hood up and hiding his face from the morning sunlight. Finally, Ninigi showed up, wincing every time he took a step.

"Are you all right, Ninigi?" Amaya asked, mentally cursing herself for asking. She could hear Ito's words in her head, scolding her for being so worrisome and curious. Ninigi just nodded stiffly as Kosuke sent him a curious glance, then sighed.

"He's such a jerk, telling us to meet him here early and not already being here." Kosuke muttered, folding his arms over his chest. Amaya shrugged, clasping her hands behind her back.

"At least he's not like Kakashi-sensei," She pointed out, getting weird looks from her teammates, making her blush a little, "I mean, I've heard about him. From Sakura, that he's always, like, three hours late."

"If Ito does that, I'm out of here." Kosuke declared with a scowl. Amaya sighed, merely shaking her head. Ninigi said nothing, just stood there stiffly, frowning a little and trying his best not to wince. His back was throbbing with pain and he just wanted to go back home and sleep, lying on his face and suffocating himself with a pillow. The thought was little comfort as Ito appeared in a puff of smoke in front of them.

"Good, you're all here," Ito stated, casually as he appeared with a fist on his hip and the other holding a list, "We have some missions to do. First off, we'll be gardening for Lady Nisaiko. Then we're going to head over to the Hokage's residence and clean up their main lobby. Wash recent graffiti off the Hokage Faces. And finally, we get to look for Inuzuka Hana's puppy, apparently he ran off last night and there's been no sign of him since. Anyway, that's our mission load. Congratulations." Kosuke glared at him, but said nothing as he pulled his hood down more over his face. Ninigi gritted his teeth and Amaya just looked away without a word. Ito raised an eyebrow as he folded the paper up and placed it in his vest.

"I'm surprised. No complaining? No 'sensei, when are we going to get a real mission'?" He asked, personally rather perplexed. Kosuke snorted.

"Don't egg us on." He retorted.

"If we have to do it to become Chuunin, then we'll do it." Amaya stated with a nod, putting her hands on her hips and looking up at her sensei, who had the sudden urge to smile, but he fought it back by looking at Ninigi, who merely nodded stiffly in response.

Odd. Ninigi is usually so talkative. How curious. Ito thought, then slowly bobbed his head up and down in a nod before he started forward.

"Then let's go. Nisaiko is waiting for us." He said, glancing over his shoulder. He stopped walking as Kosuke and Amaya moved forward. He noticed a small stain of blood on the back of Ninigi's jacket, making him quirk a brow in curiosity. Ninigi turned around to follow. Ito let them walk ahead, his eyes watching Ninigi closely.

The boy walked normally now, his head turned as he scowled and argued as usual with Kosuke while Amaya complained for them to quite being immature. But there was still the blood stain on the back of his attire and what looked like a scratch peeping past his green jacket.

He still pondered after they arrived at the young, pregnant woman's house. The red-haired woman smiled thankfully at Ito as he introduced his Genin.

"They seem like such nice children." Nisaiko murmured, resting her hand on her round belly. Ito watched his Genin get to work, weeding the garden, then looked back at Nisaiko.

"I'm not much for children." He responded almost robotically. Nisaiko looked up at him a bit sadly.

"I'm sorry, Ito-sensei… I heard about your loss. Your wife-"

"It's really none of your concern," Ito cut her off sharply, making her sigh, "It's over and done with, years old gossip."

"It was never gossip. I was good friends with Hachiko." Nisaiko muttered. Ito frowned a little.

"I know."

"You know, sometimes it's good to talk about the good memories you held with her, Ito, you, her, and the baby."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"All right… I don't want to make you angry, but please consider what I said. You have some brilliant students and I'm sure they'd love to see the soft side of you." Nisaiko said softly, then reached up, brushing Ito's hair away from his gauzed over eye socket. Ito stared at her flatly with his single gold eye before Nisaiko stood on her tiptoes, kissing him on the cheek before she waved and disappeared into her cottage. Ito frowned deeply, then looked away as he disappeared, reappearing on a tree branch that over looked the garden. He took out a book, but didn't bother reading it. Now his thought process was running and he was watching his students work.

Women are so obnoxious sometimes. Always pressing to know more about you and how you're doing and what you're doing. When, where, how, why? I don't see why she'd ask me now, after all these years. Stupid. Besides, I have bigger problems to attend to. He thought, his eyes landing on Ninigi just in time. Ninigi stumbled with a crate of plants and hit his knees on the ground, dropping them and gasping.

"Ninigi!" Amaya exclaimed and threw down her tools, getting to her feet. Kosuke frowned, standing up and brushing the dirt off him, turning to face the scene. Ninigi managed to catch his breath.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm just still kind of sore from yesterday, the mission, you know?" He asked, glancing at Amaya, who frowned a little.

"You mean, you didn't go to the hospital?" She asked. Ninigi shifted a little, snorting.

"I don't need a hospital. I'm fine, seriously! Jeez, no need to worry or anything." He muttered flatly and got back to his legs shakily. Amaya watched him for a moment before her eyes flicked up at Ito, who seemed to be pretending to read his book, but Amaya didn't notice that. Her eyes widened as she remembered Ito telling her to quick worrying, so Amaya nodded and smiled, laughing a little as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Of course, right! I'm just being stupid, sorry, Ninigi. Come on, let's get back to work, we've got way too many missions." She stated. Ninigi blinked, then nodded and bent over, wincing and biting into his lip as he heaved the crate of plants up. Ito's eyes flickered back to attention in time to see more blood soaking through Ninigi's jacket.

All right. Now I know something is up. Time to surprise him. He thought, then snapped his book shut and disappeared in a poof of smoke. Kosuke and Amaya looked up in confusion, Ninigi frowning as he glanced over his shoulder toward the empty tree branch, looking forward and yipping in surprise, dropping the crate. Ito frowned.

"Ninigi, I wanted to talk to you about something." He stated. Ninigi stared up at him, his icy blue eyes wide. For a moment, Ito thought he looked like a stunned puppy, but he knew better that than. Ninigi was a wild animal.

After a moment of staring, Ninigi finally followed Ito inside the house. Ito walked past the kitchen, earning an odd look from Nisaiko, who sat at the table. He didn't pay her any mind, nor the fact that she got up to follow, but at a distance. Ito pointed to the bathroom and Ninigi stared at him.

"What? What did I do?" He asked, confused. Ito frowned.

"Just go. There's another flaw you have. You're nosy." He commanded. Ninigi said nothing and went into the bathroom, looking at his feet and gritting his teeth in annoyance as Ito followed him in. The door closed behind them and Nisaiko came up to the door, pressing her ear to it the best she could, a hand on her belly.

"Take off your shirt." Ito ordered as he pulled the gloves off his hands. Ninigi stared at him, his jaw dropping before he snapped his mouth shut, blushing a little.

"What the heck? Look, Ito-sensei, I don't know what you have in your head, but I'm not going to let you touch me or anything weird like that."

"Don't be stupid, I'm not going to hurt you or anything, unless you don't take off your shirt and jacket like I'm telling you." Ito added and cracked his knuckles for emphasis, cocking a brow at Ninigi, who stiffened. After a second, Ninigi reluctantly dropped his jacket off and pulled off his mesh shirt, dropping them to the floor. He looked down and his eyes widened, but before he could come up with an excuse for the blood on his clothes, Ito reached out and grabbed him by the shoulders, spinning him around and forcing him to a wall.

"Ow!" Ninigi protested, then gasped as he felt an icy cold sensation on his back and the raw marks.

Ito dabbed cool ointment on the gash that ran from Ninigi's neck all the way to the middle of his back, his expression calm and flat. Ninigi cringed and squeezed his eyes shut, gasping every so often past gritted teeth.

"Quit it," Ito scolded in annoyance as he dabbed on some more ointment before capping it and stepping back, "You're fine. The ointment should soothe your pain away long enough for you to get back to work, then you can go to the hospital. You need stitches for one of those gashes, it's deep." He pulled his gloves back on at the sink.

Ninigi blinked, then looked up as he had fallen to his knees, his eyes locking his sensei as he tugged on his gloves. He noticed a good X-marked scar on the top of Ito's left palm before the black gloves covered them.

"Sensei…" He found himself mumbling. Ito glanced at him, his expression bored as he cocked a brow.

"What? Get that look off your face, put your clothes back on. Those two are going to be suspicious as to why you haven't come back. They might've thought I'd killed you." He stated as he put the ointment away. Ninigi blinked, then nodded quickly as he snatched up his clothes, hurriedly putting it on. To his surprise, the marks weren't as sore as before.

He bolted out the door while Ito watched him go, then started out, only to see Nisaiko leaning against the doorframe, looking at him.

"You've still got some fatherly essence in you." Nisaiko sighed. Ito kept his gold eye watching Ninigi disappear outside, laughing nervously when Amaya and Kosuke questioned his disappearance with their sensei. He shrugged lightly, holding his hand out to Nisaiko, who blinked.

"I believe you owe us some payment for the mission." He stated. Nisaiko cocked a brow, reaching into her apron pocket, fishing out some coins and bills, handing them to the Jounin, who counted it up and tucked it into his vest.

"And you're still greedy." She muttered. Ito tried to smile, but it failed, so he merely shrugged again before heading outside, calling out to his team. They looked up and nodded eagerly, cleaning up the tools and plants. Nisaiko watched them go, smiling lightly and waving a hand.

"Good-bye and good luck on your other missions!" She called, using a free hand to cup over her mouth. The Genin waved back, although, Kosuke just pulled his hood down more, crinkling up his nose.

"What's that face for?" Ito asked as they walked away. Kosuke huffed and seemed to be hiding a blush in the shadows his hood made as he folded his arms over his chest.

"She's weird. What kind of woman would flaunt herself when her belly is about as round as a pumpkin?" He grumbled. Ito didn't look at him, raising an eyebrow curiously. Amaya blinked, then elbowed him in the arm as they walked, a pinched look on her face.

"Hey, that's not nice, Kosuke. You know, there's a kid in that belly of hers." She stated with a little huff, puffing out one of her cheeks and folding her arms tightly over her chest. Kosuke dropped his arms and cocked a brow at her.

"Yea, but still. Pregnant women are so…" He didn't even know what to say. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable it made him. He liked women, sure he did. What sort of man didn't? Unless they were into that sort of thing, but he wasn't. Last he checked. That thought made him even more uncomfortable and he just pursed his lips.

End of conversation.

Upon arriving at the Hokage's residence, Shizune was there to give them their needed supplies, TonTon waddling around her feet. Ito gestured for his Genin to begin. They glared, but got to work. Shizune watched from the archway that led to the hall to the Hokage's office, Ito beside her, looking at a list of their missions.

"I heard you stopped by Nisaiko's cottage. How did that go?" Shizune asked casually, cutting into the awkward silence between them. Ito kept watching, the list in one hand while the other was stuffed into his pocket.

"Hm? Oh, fine. Not much excitement with a married pregnant woman."



"You're terrible sometimes."

"I get that a lot."

"I'll bet you do." Shizune muttered with a light scowl, folding her arms over her chest as TonTon oinked in disapproval, sitting on Shizune's other side to avoid Ito, who tried not to smirk. They stood in silence a bit longer

Meanwhile, Kosuke scrubbed the floor angrily, soap bubbles collecting over his hand and attempting to cling to his cloak, which he refused to remove.

"Kosuke, just take off your cloak," Amaya sighed, reaching over to drop the hood, "There's no one else here, just Ninigi, Ito-sensei, Shizune, and I. And we already know about the scar."

"I'm fine- Stupid damned bubbles! I hate water! And I hate soap!"

"Ew, no wonder you stink, you never bathe." Ninigi snorted. Kosuke whipped around to glare at him, then threw the soapy sponge at Ninigi's face. Ninigi yelped and threw it across the room, rubbing the soap out of his eyes.

"Ow, you jerk! Agh, now I have soap in my eyes!"


"You guys!" Amaya complained and got up to get the sponge, but stopped when Ito glanced at her, shaking his head and pointing to Kosuke.

"He threw it first. Kosuke, go get it." Their sensei commanded. Kosuke twitched, glaring at him angrily and shot to his feet, grumbling as he walked over to the entrance to the building, bending over and scooping up the sponge when a shadow fell over him. He blinked and stood upright, his red eyes almost flaring with curiosity.

A girl maybe a year older than him was standing in the doorway, her messy dark brown hair loose to her waist, her bangs almost covering her bronze eyes. She wore a dark red sleeveless shirt, a circlet band covering her upper right arm and shoulder. A pair of black shorts with ninja boots finished off her attire along with what seemed to be a hock stick strapped to her back and a small bag fastened just above her hip. She also seemed to be holding a notepad and pen in her hands.

Kosuke couldn't even hear Amaya or Ninigi yelling at him for being a jerk as he stared at her. Holy crap, she's pretty. Like, seriously. Wow! I wonder what her name is. Her headband says she's from Iwagakure. Are all girls from Iwagakure this good looking? He thought, then finally blinked.

"Sorry." He stated, then frowned trying to regain his composure by just staring at her for a moment before she held up the notepad in her hand. He frowned some more, staring at the notepad. In fancy handwriting was: I am Inagi Mayu of Iwagakure. I am here to see Lady Tsunade.

"Lady Tsunade?" Amaya asked, making Kosuke jump and glare at her as she had quickly and rather comically appeared right behind him. Mayu lowered the notepad, frowning at them. Ninigi huffed, standing up and folding his arms over his chest. Shizune blinked and walked over, now holding TonTon in her arms.

"Did you say Inagi?" He asked. Mayu looked up at her and nodded, holding up the notepad again and tapping a finger on the message. Shizune's eyebrows tipped up a bit in an expression of sympathy.

"Of course, we've been expecting you after the Tsuchikage messaged us." She said with a nod. Mayu flipped to another page in the notepad, scribbling something down. She made a little face, glancing up as the three Genin peered over to see what she was writing.

"Don't be rude, brats." Ito stated, giving his students a tug on the backs of their clothing to keep them away. Mayu looked at him, then back down at her writing before holding it up. Shizune leaned in to read it, tilting her head while TonTon mimicked her.

"She says, 'I'm here to have an appointment with Lady Tsunade about the condition.'," She read, then nodded, "Understood. Follow me, please." She bowed and led Mayu from the room. Mayu merely glanced over her shoulder back at the Genin team, then went on walking.

"She's pretty," Amaya exclaimed, "But how come she used that to talk instead of actually talking?" She looked at Ito, who cocked a brow at her. Amaya blinked, then gasped and clamped her hands over her mouth, then laughed nervously, lowering them.

"I mean, it's none of my business! Haha, oops!" She shrugged.

"She's from Iwagakure. She came all the way here by herself?" Ninigi asked, perplexed as he reached up to scratch the side of his head in confusion. Kosuke just frowned, tugging the hood of his cloak over his face.

"It's none of your business, kids. Get back to work." Ito commanded. Ninigi and Amaya groaned, but trudged back to their corners, getting the sponges and buckets of soapy water back. Kosuke started to move for a bucket, then changed his course and headed instead toward the hallway that Shizune took Mayu down. Ito glanced up, his arms folded over his chest.

"Kosuke, where do you think you're going?" He asked. Kosuke scowled at him.

"I need to take a piss. I have to ask you for permission?" He demanded. Ito nodded, shrugging.

"Who knows? You might be planning to run off after that girl," He drawled, noticing the slight pink that shot across Kosuke's shadowed face along with a twitching scowl, "I know what you boys are like. I was one once too, you know. Leave her to her business and do your own." Ninigi and Amaya snickered nearby before Ito turned on them.

With that, Kosuke whipped around on his heel, storming up the hallway with his fists clenched at his sides. He was fuming, he was angry, and highly annoyed and oh so embarrassed. He scowled to himself and finally stopped, flinging his hood back off his head and looking out a nearby window.

Stupid Jounin! I swear, as soon as I become a Chuunin, I'm taking a different study just so I can get away from him. He thought in annoyance, then heard some talking in a room down the hallway. He frowned a little and walked a little further until he was standing outside the office of the Hokage, the door closed tightly. Kosuke pressed his ear to it, averting his eyes as he picked up muffled talking.

"… Jutsu, huh? Well, I'll have to look into it. In the mean time, I suggest you stay here in the building. We have a guest room. I'll be needing a check up for…" Lady Tsunade's voice seemed to fade. Kosuke tilted his head, trying to lean in for more when a strong grip caught the back of his cloak by his hood, making him yelp, but a hand covered his mouth firmly.

"You're a nosy brat, Kosuke." Ito stated as he held Kosuke against him, a hand over his mouth and an arm around the Genin's neck. Kosuke winced and snarled cursed into his sensei's gloved palm. Ito held his hand over his mouth, glancing up at the doors with a narrowed gold eye before he heaved Kosuke up. Kosuke gasped in surprise before a scream of rage ripped out his throat.

"You bastard! Put me down! Let go of me!" He yelled as he found himself dangling over Ito's shoulder. Ito rolled his eye, sighing.

"So much for stealth. Sorry, Lady Tsunade." He told the door, then headed down the hallway as Kosuke writhed and thrashed on his shoulder, slamming his fists into Ito's muscular back to no avail. Ninigi and Amaya blinked at the shouting and sat up on their knees, turning toward the archway to see Ito enter with Kosuke over his shoulder. Amaya clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle while the corner of Ninigi's lips twitched before he burst into laughter.

"Shut up! Shut up," Kosuke yelled, trying to kick Ito in the face, "Argh, put me down, you bastard! I'll kill you for this, I will!"

"I'm sure you will," Ito replied calmly, then swung Kosuke down to the floor, making the Genin yelp and wince, "Now, get back to work." He picked up a wet sponge and dropped it down on Kosuke's face. Kosuke flinched, then threw the sponge across the floor, glaring up at the Jounin, who stood over him with crossed arms.

Oh, how he wanted to punch that mellow look right off the man's face, rip it off even, but even Kosuke knew that he couldn't mess with a highly skilled Jounin. He scowled, clenching his fists and instead took his anger out on the soapy bucket nearby, punching it right over and denting it in. The water splattered everywhere. Amaya yelped, leaping to her feet to avoid getting soaked while Ninigi was already on his feet, glaring at his teammate.

"Well," Ito mused, glancing at the mess, then back at Kosuke's angry red eyes, "Looks like you really like cleaning this place… Ninigi, Amaya, you can put your sponges down and go to the next mission of washing the graffiti off the Hokage Faces while Kosuke here cleans the entire lobby. Alone." Kosuke continued to glare at Ito. Amaya blinked and shifted from foot to foot a bit nervously, clasping her hands behind her back.

"Er, sensei, that's a little harsh. Ninigi and I don't mind helping him clean. Right, Ninigi?" She elbowed Ninigi, who yelped a 'yup' as he was snapped out of his staring at Kosuke. Ito shook his head, then thrust a finger to point out the door.

"I don't care if you don't mind it. Amaya, you're sweet, that's good, but you need to understand that being nice isn't the way of a shinobi. If your enemy needed help slaughtering the village, would you help them because it's 'nice'?" He asked sternly, locking his single, critical gold eye on his female Genin, who stiffened. Amaya could feel the faint lump in her throat and stinging in her eyes, but she just nodded quickly and took Ninigi by the elbow. Ninigi frowned, but let Amaya drag him out of the building.

"Are you okay?" He asked once they left the building. Amaya nodded stiffly, reaching up and wiping at her eyes vigorously.

"Of course, I'm okay! Sensei's right, but I can't help it." She sighed. Ninigi cocked his head, his white hair falling over his face as he crinkled up his nose.

"What do you mean?" He asked. Amaya looked at him with a little frown, fiddling with her hands before looking down at them.

"Being nice, I guess. I didn't think I was so nice that I'd do something like help an enemy."

"What? No way! You wouldn't help an enemy, Amaya. You're nice, but you know when to be strong. Sensei's just mad because Kosuke was acting like a baby."

"Well, maybe not help the enemy, but I worry too much, don't I? Like back at the garden with you and sensei. And just a minute ago with Kosuke." She mumbled. Ninigi blinked, then shrugged.

"We're your friends. It's only natural for you to worry about your friends. I mean, if you were in trouble or something, I'd wanna help you too! I wouldn't let anyone get in my way. That's what friends are for, Amaya." He replied, giving her a small smile with a dimple in his left cheek. Amaya blinked and stared at him, then smiled back. She threw her arms around his neck, making him jump a little in surprise before relaxing.

"You're a great friend, Ninigi! I'm glad we're on the same team because I don't know what I'd do without you!" She exclaimed, pulling back and grinning at him. Ninigi tried not to blush as he smiled, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Aha, thanks, you too, Amaya."

"Come on, we have a mission to complete!"

Inside, Ito leaned on the frame of the archway, watching Kosuke scrubbing the floors vigorously, slopping soapy water all over the tiles. He could practically see the hatred radiating off Kosuke as he had been forced to take off his cloak to move faster. The black yukata styled cloak hung over Ito's arm, far away from its owner.

Soap had climbed up Kosuke's bare arms, popping in sudsy forms. He wore nothing on his torso, but bandages up to his armpits and down to his gray billowy pants. Racing in a jagged path from the top of his left shoulder, swirling around to the center of his bare palm, a deep, angry scar had marked its way onto Kosuke's smooth creamy skin.

It's still there, Ito thought, narrowed his gold eye as he watched the scar ripple over Kosuke's tightened, lean teenaged muscles, the scar. No one knows how it got there, not even Kosuke himself. Although, I have a few hunches. Kosuke was born at the wrong time in the shinobi world, what with the shinobi war just subsiding, the oddness in the Uchiha Clan, and the Nine-Tailed Fox attacking. No one even knows what clan he's from, if any.

"All right, I'm finished." Kosuke snapped, throwing the sponge down into the bucket as he stood up, trying not to slip on the clean, shiny floors. Ito scanned them, then looked at Kosuke, who clenched his fists in annoyance, glaring at him.

"Good job. Here's your cloak back. You can go home. Ninigi and Amaya are probably already done with their missions since that took so long. It's almost sunset." He added, gesturing outside. Kosuke snapped his head, staring out the window before scowling, approaching his sensei, who threw the cloak at him. The cloak landed on Kosuke's head and he snatched it off, jerking it on and storming out the doors.

Ito watched him go, pushing off the archway frame and turning to go, but stopped when he found himself looking down at the Iwagakure kunoichi, her bronze eyes staring up at him, her lips tilted in a frown. She held her notepad in her hand, the pen in the other. She held up the notepad and Ito's eye scanned it.

So, you're the Kuroshiyo Ito that I've heard about from the Jounin in my village.

Ito frowned a bit, raising an eyebrow and looking at her. She lowered the notepad, bringing up the pen and scribbling some more before holding it back up.

You're a strict teacher.

"Thanks, I think." Ito added dryly, then reached up to adjust the gauze over his eye as he turned to go. Mayu watched him leave, her bronze eyes narrowed a bit in suspicion before she turned around and headed to the guest room.

Just Outside of Konohagakure

"You heard the man, get the boy! It should be easy as that!" A woman's shrill laughter spliced the air like a sharp blade, a pair of onyx eyes narrowed in the darkness.

"You're too eager, Daini. Don't rush into things." A boy's voice muttered almost monotone-like, his onyx eyes shifting as he scanned the high walls surrounding the Leaf Village. Jounin and Anbu stalked along the tops, several Chuunin standing guard outside the main gates.

"Sanbanme's got a point." A woman's voice murmured softly from the boy's other side as the moon was revealed behind thick dark clouds.

"Be quiet, Saisho!" The first woman rose to her feet, a fist on her hip. Her plum-colored hair was tied into two long, spiky pigtails, her bangs curling outwards and some curling over her cheeks. A peach colored kimono billowed to her knees with slits cut up the side to show off a pair of violet tights that become stirrups to hold on her black high heeled ninja sandals, a loose violet sash around her waist in a droopy bow and a fishnet shirt finished off her attire.

"The boss said the young one, yes?" The second woman asked as she stood up straight, her long hair tied in a side ponytail the same color as the first woman's. However, she wore a periwinkle kimono with glittered silver swirls waving from the bottom, a midnight sash tied in a knot around her waist with a silver shirt marked with an X and blue leggings that went into bright purple high heeled shoes that wrapped around her ankles. Streaming down from her onyx eyes was a pair of bright purple marks, touching her bottom jaw.

"Yes. His name is Kosuke no Akumu. He's one of the last holders of the Akumu Kekkei Genkai." The boy didn't rise, staying in his crouched position as he studied the great walls, his onyx eyes shifting after every Konoha shinobi that passed by. A blue diamond tattoo was positioned just under his left eye, his faded plum-colored bangs brushing over his face as his long ponytail fluttered behind him in the wind. Moving down, a heart tattooed on his neck. He wore a loose flowing crème yukata with the spade symbol sewn in black on the back, matching his loose pants. A black shirt with the mesh symbol of the club was sewn on the front. On his feet were smooth silk black slippers and around his waist was a belt with square holders, each labeled with kanji.

"Such a lucky brat," Daini scowled as she folded her arms over her chest, heaving up a boot and slamming it down on the branch in front of her and taking on a victory pose, "That Kekkei Genkai is one of my favorite besides the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan and the Hyuuga's Byakugan."

"It's also very dangerous." Saisho murmured as she let her arms dangle at her sides, hidden by her kimono sleeves as she tilted her head. Daini shrugged carelessly before jumping up onto a branch in front of them.

"Who cares? With great power comes great danger and that only makes it more fun!" She exclaimed and broke into a shrill laugh, her normally nasty metallic voice going high-pitched. Saisho glanced at her, her eyes narrowing with a bit of annoyance before she looked back at the wall with a calm expression.

"Should we go in now while it's still dark? He'll be easier to take with us if he's asleep." She said softly, getting on her hunches beside Sanbanme, who blinked, then peeked at her out the corner of his eye.

"I suppose… All right, we're going, but don't cause a ruckus. We're not here to fight a full-scale battle with the likes of Konoha shinobi." He muttered and stood up. Saisho nodded, then looked at Daini, who was grinning, winking and sticking out her tongue.

"Are you looking at me? Aw, come now. I promise to behave!" With that, Daini was off, shooting off at blinding speed, easily becoming lost in the sights of her teammates, who glared after her.

"Let's hurry this up." Sanbanme stated.

"Quite." Saisho agreed and they shot off, outfits billowing in the gentle midnight breeze. They split off, all three heading for different gates. At the east gate, two Chuunin stood with spears in their grips and eyelids heavy with sleep before the sound of a cracking twig made them snap to attention. They whipped around, eyes darting around and spears thrust forward.

"Who's there?" The first one demanded, crouching low and tightening his grip on his spear.

"Show yourself!" The second one barked, her eyes narrowed dangerously. There was the soft crunching sound of heels on gravel before Saisho stepped from the trees, her expression almost sorrowful. The Chuunin didn't back down, however, glaring.

"Who are you? State your name and your purpose." The second one ordered. Saisho's eyes glowed as she stopped a few feet in front of them, her arms at her sides and her head tilted up as if to look down her nose at them.

"My name is Saisho and I am here to kill you." She smiled then, cocking her head sweetly to the side. The Chuunin blinked and didn't waste a second in rushing forward, however, Saisho burst into water as soon as the spears hit her.

"Water clone!" The first one barked, but he had no time to think really as a soft sound began to fill his ears, making him go still. The second one grimaced, dropping her spear and grasping her hands over her ears. The sound of a flute gently rose and fell in a flowing pattern. High, low, low, high, low, low, higher. It hung in the air almost visibly as the first one sank to his knees before falling backwards, his head lolling to the side and his eyes wide open. The second Chuunin grimaced, peering through the blurry darkness to see a ghostly figure moving toward her, playing a flute.

"Damn you…" She managed before she squeezed her eyes shut.


Blood splattered as the Chuunin's skull exploded. Saisho lowered the flute from her lips, her eyes a bit glittery as if she was retaining tears. She closed them and slowly slid the flute into her kimono before bringing her hands together, her sleeves hiding them. She drifted past the gates calmly, stepping over the bloody mess and petrified Chuunin.

At the west gate, a Jounin and Chuunin stood guard, the masked Chuunin muttering while the Jounin merely chuckled good-naturedly before a high-pitched laugh struck them. They whipped around in alarm as daggers came shooting from the shadowed woods. The Chuunin ducked and dodged, gasping however as a dagger shot right into his left shoulder, causing him to stumble and fall to his knees. The Jounin whipped out a kunai, deflecting the last couple of daggers before looking at his partner.

"Show yourself, coward!" He snarled. The Chuunin at his feet gasped in pain, grabbing at the dagger in his shoulder. The Jounin snapped his attention downwards.

"What's wrong?" He demanded.

"Poison…!" The Chuunin gasped, his skin paling and sweat collecting on his brow as he shivered, squeezing his eyes shut. The Jounin cursed and glanced up before placing a finger on a headset hidden under his flak jacket collar.

"Back up! Attack on-"


A dagger shot out and slammed through the Jounin's hand, pinning it to the nearest tree trunk, making him howl in agony. He twitched angrily, grabbing at the dagger, but it was dug in deeply, keeping his hand pinned.

"Ahahaha," The shrill laughter went high, then lowered to a metallic voice as Daini stepped from the trees, holding several daggers from strings on all her fingers, "My, my, and you call yourself shinobi? Gotta be faster than that, little ninjas." She winked, flicking out her tongue before she flung the daggers forward. All of them slammed harshly into the Jounin and Chuunin, who were now both pale and gasping for air, sinking to the ground. Daini hummed to herself as she started forward, slowly at first before darting forward at such a speed that she was a blur.

Taking place at the south gate, Sanbanme approached the gates calmly and robotically, making the Jounin at their posts jump to attention, glaring at him.

"State your name and your reasons for being here!" The first one commanded, holding a kunai toward him. Sanbanme stopped, staring at them with lazy eyes before he reached down to his belt, flicking open one of the compartments. The Jounin glared before one of them flung a kunai forward. Sanbanme's eyes flashed and he swung his hand out, catching the kunai by its blade with his bare hand, just an inch from his face. The Jounin stared as Sanbanme slowly lowered it before tossing it aside.

"You should let me answer your question first," Sanbanme responded calmly as he took out a deck of playing cards, "I am Sanbanme of the Third Eye. I am here for the Akumu boy. If you stand in my way, I'll kill you. Back down and I'll spare you."

"Akumu," The second one gasped, making the first one look at him curiously, "He's that kid on Ito-sensei's team. The one lives-"

"Tsukamu, stop!" The first one snapped, waving a hand at him and whipping around to throw another kunai. The weapon hurdled forward and slammed right into a card that Sanbanme whipped out in the blink of an eye. Sanbanme's eyes narrowed and he flung the weapon and card out to the side before he held the stack of cards in one hand. He dealt them quickly before flipping them all into his other palm, holding them up in a fan formation.

"Move or I'll attack." He stated firmly. The Jounin stood their ground, taking out their weapons and their eyes narrowed.

"Tsukamu," The first one ordered, "Run, tell the Hokage! I'll hold him off!"

"What? But, Hisui-"

"NOW, Tsukamu!" Hisui shouted and lunged forward. Tsukamu winced, then spun around and shot off. Sanbanme's eyes flashed and he flung out the cards. They swirled like shuriken, sticking into trees, the ground, and both Jounin. Tsukamu hit the ground, gasping in pain as he clasped his hands over the card dug deeply into his ankle. Hisui grimaced, cards stuck in his torso and legs as he stood shaking.

"Now move or I'll kill you both." Sanbanme commanded.

"We're not going down," Tsukamu snarled at him, tearing the card out and struggling to his feet, "We're Konoha shinobi! Back off or we'll kill you!"

"Tsukamu, don't get cocky, he's not just a kid." Hisui scolded, then snapped his head to glare at Sanbanme, who pulled out another deck of cards, shuffling them between his hands, letting them fly through the air before settling nicely back in his pile.

"Listen to your partner," Sanbanme replied, closing his eyes as he continued to shuffle the cards, "You judge me by appearance and that will get you killed…" He started forward for the entrance, thrusting the cards in the air, making a tiger hand sign with his free hand.

"Tsukamu!" Hisui barely got his partner's name out before the cards fluttered around him with a cool breeze. Flashes of hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds swirled around him as countless cards continued to fall.

His eyes glazed over and he slumped to the ground, his eyes still open, but hovering in a trance as Sanbanme walked past both entranced Jounin and into the village before shooting off into smoke, vanishing.


The village was a stir of excitement as Jounin and Chuunin raced to meet at the Hokage's residence, leaving the Genin behind for the other missions to be done, such as cleaning up the messes at the gates.

The meeting room in the residence was crowded with shinobi as Tsunade easily swept forward to her seat past the village elders, her Hokage uniform billowing before she plopped down in her seat, tipping her hat up a bit to glare at the shinobi. It was all she needed to do to summon silence amongst the murmuring group.

"All right," She said quietly, closing her eyes, "Would anyone like to explain to me… How three brats got into our village last night?" She opened her eyes to glare, her fists clenched on the table. The shinobi shifted uncomfortably, glancing at each other before a familiar silver-haired man held up his hand.

"Yes, Kakashi?" Tsunade asked, cocking a brow. Kakashi wondered for a split second if maybe a sarcastic comment should be made before he shook his head and folded his arms over his chest.

"Three brats is obviously putting it lightly if they could take down two guards at a time, but not necessarily killing them. All the other shinobi from the east and west gates are dead, even the one who fell under the trance at the east gate. His head exploded, just like his partner, but the ones from the south gates are still alive. They're just under a heavy genjutsu."

"And what's that supposed to tell us?" Harue questioned, folding his arms over his chest as he stood at the back of the room. Beside him, Zinan elbowed him, his expression impassive. Harue just huffed. Takuma, standing on Harue's other side, just sighed and shook his head before looking at him.

"It tells us that one of the three doesn't seem to like killing, or at least, saves it for later or doesn't do it if it isn't necessary." He replied quietly. Tsunade looked at Kakashi, who nodded.

"So what? That doesn't tell us how to fight them off." Harue retorted.

"No, but their attacks show their techniques," Zinan said, his deep mature voice surprising some shinobi, "The one who left the Chuunin and Jounin at the south gates uses genjutsu attacks and from the looks of it, he also uses cards as weapons, thrown like shuriken. The medical staff found several of the cards embedded in their bodies."

"And the other two?" Tsunade asked, calmer now as she folded her hands in front of her, leaning over in amusement. She found it highly entertaining that they seemed to be sharing their thoughts aloud.

"The other one uses a poisoned daggers," Zinan answered quietly, "The attacks were swift and precise, so also a user of weaponry and speed. The third one is more complicated as they didn't leave any evidence behind, just the fact that they can cause someone's head to explode. It could be a powerful type of genjutsu or ninjutsu, maybe even a Kekkei Genkai."

"Interesting," Tsunade mused, lowering a hand to drum her fingers on the desk, using the other to tap her chin thoughtfully, "Well, we're obviously dealing with high class criminals, so all Jounin and Anbu Black Ops will be placed to guard the entrances from now on. However, I would also like dispatch teams throughout the village. Search for three suspicious characters. Kill them on sight, unless you can take one of them alive for questioning. They had to have come here for a reason."

"Yes, ma'am." The room responded and the meeting was adjourned, the shinobi departing off in their own directions.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the village, Team Ito was stopping for a lunch break at a familiar shop called DANGODANGO. Amaya hopped up on the stool closest to the chimes, flicking her fingers into them while Kosuke and Ninigi hopped up beside her, yawning.

"Jeez, I'm exhausted," Kosuke grumbled as he tugged on his hood, "We better not have anymore missions. I'm ready for a nap."

"What time did you go to bed?" Ninigi asked with a cocked brow. Kosuke glared at him, folding his arms on the counter.

"Well, mom, I think the clock said something like four?" He suggested. Ninigi scowled and looked in the other direction stubbornly, refusing to argue this time as Amaya gave them warning looks.

"Come on, you two, let's enjoy a good lunch here for once without arguing." She stated with a nod, glancing up when she heard her mother call out to her. Ninigi looked at her for a moment, then sighed and nodded reluctantly.

"All right… Ah, jeez. I think I'm gonna hang out with the guys after this." He muttered, fingering a chopstick from a container. Amaya blinked, cocking her head.

"Guys? Who else do you hang out with?" She asked.

"His mother." Kosuke replied.

"But he said guys."


"Shut up, Kosuke," Ninigi snapped, although, he didn't know whether to be insulted or maybe just agree with that statement, "I hang out with some of my academy friends, well, we hung out back in the academy. You know, Daisuke, Tsuya, Kazuki, Jiyuu, Kyriu, those guys. You remember them, right?" Amaya blushed a little, her eye twitching.

"I remember them, particularly Daisuke." She muttered dryly, huffing a little as she folded her arms over her chest. Ninigi grinned.

"I take it you've been a victim?" He asked.

"Don't call me a victim! Well, it was… Never mind! I don't wanna talk about it!"

"You know, I've never seen you giggle out of control. Did you?"

"Didn't I just say that I didn't wanna talk about it?"

"What are you two talking about?" Kosuke asked, confused. Ninigi smirked at Amaya, who was puffing out one of her cheeks in a childish pout, before he turned to Kosuke with a cocked brow.

"Oh, that's right, I forgot that you didn't take the classes at the academy… Yagani Daisuke, he's got this weird thing about tickling girls, like, tickling them so bad they freak out and try and get after him for it. He's basically on the top of the 'kill list' for girls, well, other than Master Jiraiya, but he has an age limit. I think it's sixteen."

"That's, uh, awkward." Kosuke muttered, then closed his eyes and turned the other way as Ai approached the counter with three lunch bags, a bright smile on her face.

"Afternoon, kids! How did your morning missions go?" She asked.

"Boring." All three of them answered in a monotone unison. Ai blinked and sweat dropped before smiling, setting the bags down in front of them.

"Aw, don't be like that. Make your missions fun! Turn it into a game and enjoy it! I mean, at least ya get paid, am I right?" She asked, cocking a brow. Amaya blinked, then beamed, thrusting a fist in the air.

"You're right, mom!"

"Of course, I'm right!"

"You're amazing!"

"I know~"

"They remind me almost of Rock Lee and Gai-sensei sometimes." Ninigi muttered under his breath to Kosuke, who smirked. Although, even as Ninigi said it, he could feel his mood lifting a bit more. Ai surely did know how to perk someone up. She was like a ball of sunshine, and it wasn't just the fact that her hair looked like fire and her outfits always consisted of blues, oranges, pinks, and yellows. She just had this glowing aura around her and quite frankly, it was rather attractive.

Ninigi mentally smacked himself for the thought and pulled out a dango stick, shoving it in his mouth and chewing with a deadpan expression. Kosuke glanced at him with a cocked brow of confusion at his behavior before he turned back and ate.

"So, what're the afternoon plans then?" Ai asked as she leaned on the counter on her elbows, her arms crossed. Amaya beamed as she swallowed a dumpling, slamming a fist on the table to emphasis her good mood.

"Ninigi's gonna go hang out with some friends and I think I'm gonna do the same! It's been a long time since I've seen any of my friends!"

"And you, Kosuke?" Ai asked. Kosuke looked at her flatly, chewing and swallowing his food before huffing.

"A nap." He stated. Ai blinked, then raised an eyebrow, the corner of her mouth lifting in a crooked smile.

"Is that so? You don't wanna hang out with Ninigi and his friends?" She asked, but Ninigi made a face and groaned.

"Don't suggest it! Nobody likes him anyway." He added under his breath, making Ai scowl and wag a finger at him.

"Ninigi, that's not very nice."

"Who cares," Kosuke shrugged, making his teammates and Ai look at him curiously, "I prefer to be alone, I don't wanna hang out with a bunch of little kids anyway."

"Who're you calling little?" Ninigi demanded angrily. Kosuke smirked cruelly at him.

"The one who looks like he's still seven-years-old, that's who."

"That's it! I'm going to-"

"Now, now," Ai warned, smacking a hand on the counter between them to make them both jump, "I have a way I deal with children who don't cooperate and I don't think you wanna know how, so I suggest you two behave. Kosuke, if that's your preference, go ahead. I simply meant that sometimes it's good to socialize and make allies. And Ninigi, you can never have enough friends… And it doesn't matter how you look. You could be an old decrepit man and you'd still be adorable. Girls like cute boys, trust me! That's why I married my husband!" She winked and Ninigi blushed a full-body blush, making Amaya giggle and Kosuke roll his eyes.

"Well, thanks for the meal, ma! I'm gonna head out! See you guys later!" Amaya declared and hopped off her seat, giving them a wave. Ninigi and Ai waved back and Kosuke just grumbled as Amaya ran off down the street. She knew exactly where she'd find her friends again, or at least, that's where she figured they'd be. She headed off toward the edge of the training field, nearest the river.

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