A/N: A nice, big dose of TeddyVicky for all you TeddyLily supporters :) Madeline's is Vicky's younger sister, in my little anti-JK pairings world...

in a flurry of rose petals

Yeah, the wedding isn't absolutelybloodyperfect, but they wouldn't have wanted it to be.

Victoire is jumpy and nervous the whole time - scared that Bill and Fleur will burst in at any moment and send her home. Madeline's purple mini-dress is far too short and low-cut for a wedding, even a secret one held in a small Muggle chapel. Teddy's hair changes to light pink, Vicky's favorite color, when he kisses her, startling the Muggle minister.

But Vicky looks gorgeous in her floaty white sundress and Teddy is grinning bigger than he ever has is his whole life and Maddie, their witness and only guest, feels tears prickling at her eyes when she sees the love and light shining out of Vicky's and Teddy's faces.

Vicky throws her bouquet, and Maddie lunges to catch it and misses, because her dress is too tight (but she doesn't want to marry, anyway). The newly-weds go off in a flurry of distinctly magical rose petals to catch their Portkey to Italy, wher they will spend three weeks just being, before they must return home to the dreaded encounter with Bill, Fleur and Andromeda. But that doesn't matter, because if you looked all over the world, you couldn't find two happier, more complete people.

And it's not traditional, not flawless, but it's wonderful. It's the most special day in both of their lives, and if they live to be 200, they will never, ever forget it.

And so, they are married.