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"Ve~ Its time for my break! I'm gonna go see Germany!" Shouted a very happy Italian man. "Okay make sure to be back in thirty minutes. If your not back by then, then you won't get your pasta that I promised you." Said his boss. When ever the Italian took a break he had a habit of not coming back, so his boss has to promise the young man with pasta to get him to finished his job.

"Okay, okay I promise I'll be back" and with that the little Italian skipped off a couple of stores down to where his German friend was.

"HEY GERMANY!~" the German man, who was on a ladder and had been putting guns on the top selves of his store, then turned to where he heard the very familiar voice. "Oh, hi Italy I see your as energetic as usual." when he put the last of the military supplies on the shelves he got off his ladder and walked over to his Italian friend, only to be greeted by Italy's lips on his cheek.

Germany's face lit up with a tint of pink, which he found weird since he should have been use to the Italian greeting him with kisses. But no matter how many times Italy "greeted" him he was always surprised.

"Ve~ Germany can you take your break now?" the Italian asked as he tugged the taller man's shirt. "My bruder hasn't shown up yet so we have to wait for him before I can take my break." the German looked at the entrance to his store as if he had expected for his brother to show up at any second.

"Oh" Italy said with a somewhat disappointed look. "Well when is he supposed to be here?"

"Ten minutes ago..." said Germany who looked a bit irritated from his brother tardiness. "I wonder where he is?"

Germany glanced at the door again "he's probably on another date with his girlfriend."

Italy couldn't help but ask all kinds of questions now "Really? What kind of girl is she? Is she pretty? Does she like pasta? Is she Italian? Why is sh-" the German put his hand over the Italians mouth to stop him from talking, but that only muffled the sound as Italy kept talking as if he didn't even notice the other man's hand on his mouth.

Germany started to get irritated "I haven't met her yet I don't even know what she looks like, but big bruder says she has short wavy blond hair with a long spiral strain of hair the front. And she has blueish-violet eyes and she's related to America"

Italy tried to take Germany's hand off of his mouth but didn't succeed since the German was clearly stronger. Germany didn't take his hand off till he saw he brother coming into the store.

"Hey west!" said the man with a bird flying over his platinum blond hair. "I see your fifth-teen minutes late..." said Germany with a very stern tone in his voice which match the look on his face.

"I'm sorry i was just on another date again" Prussia chuckled with a faint blush. Italy ran to the Prussian as he asked "Ve~ Ve~ Prussia is your girlfriend pretty?" Prussia looked at Italy as he was trying to think of an answer "Of course! Very cute and awesomely awesome!" Italy was content with the answer and asked another question.

"Whats her name?" Prussia couldn't tell them the real name or they would find out his secret. "well..." Italy looked at Prussia with great intensity as he really wanted to know. Even Germany payed very close attention since he hadn't ever heard the name of the girl.

"...Canada" said Prussia as he mentally sighed at the question. Its not that Prussia didn't want to tell them. But Canada didn't want anyone to know their secret, he was more shy about their relationship. If it was up to Prussia he would have told the whole world by now.

Italy took a moment and then said "Oh so she works at the mall, that's cool!"

Italy knew this because, for some unique reason, all the people that worked at the mall where from different countries so everyone got nicknamed after the country they where from. No one really knows who started the nickname thing but everyone liked the idea.

"Hey Italia-chan, uh...why are you here?" Italy thought for a second "Oh thats right i was gonna hang out with germany for my break!" Italy turned to Germany and grabbed his hand. Which made the german stiffen a little "Bruder I'm gonna take my break now." Prussia looked at the clock that was hanging over the counter, the current time was 12:20. The prussian figured it was time to get to work. "Sure have fun Italia-chan you to west." and Prussia waved a good-bye as the two of them left the store.