Millie Comes To Visit

Summary: part 6 of my New Orleans Blues series. It is New Year's Eve, Mac's mother comes from Chicago to celebrate it with her son and daughter-in-law and spends the whole first week of the New Year with them. Smacked with Millie :) family, humor and romance

Disclaimer: I don't own anything CSI NY yada yada yada, read my other stories to find out

Chapter 1: New Years Eve

"You ready to go get your mother yet Mac?" Stella calls from the kitchen.

"Almost," he shouts, coming out of the bedroom with everything except socks. "I can't find any damn socks."

"You're over thinking things Mac, you sure you looked hard enough."

"Of course I did Stella. I haven't done laundry yet," he leans against the fridge once he enters the kitchen.

"You can leave in slippers and I couldn't care, your mother will be there waiting if you don't hurry. Traffic is going to be torture, you know how many people come to the city during New Years? Just put on some damn socks Mac."

"Fine," he growls, and went to go get a pair from his hamper.

"You go get your mother and I'll finish getting things ready."

"Okay," he shook his head, and then kissed Stella's cheek. "Love you."

"Love you too. Sorry about our fight yesterday."

"It's no big deal, we'll talk about that later okay?"

"Okay, I hate fighting with you."

"Me too," he kissed her lips and then left.

Stella sighs and finished getting things ready, also helping Mac do his laundry.


It took Mac a half an hour to get to the airport.

"Stella was right," he sighed. "I owe her one."

He enters the airport and frowned at everybody running around.

"Sometimes I hate this time of the year," he gave his head a shake and sat down to where his mom should be showing up.

It felt like eternity when he finally saw Millie rushing to greet him.

"McCanna my boy," she gave Mac a hug. "Nice seeing you again, finally," she smiled and kissed his cheek. "So where's the beautiful Stella?"

"At home, she had to finish a few things."

"I told you that I could just stay at a hotel."

"Hotel prices are through the roof this week, we're free," Mac smirks.

"Well I already got my luggage so I guess we can head out. New York is crazy in here."

"Tell me about it," he sighed.

"Let's go McCanna I want to go see your future bride."

He nods, they walked outside and went to his car. They sat in traffic forever they arrived home at almost noon.

"Stella, we're here!" Mac makes them known.

"I was fixing to call our friends to start a search team," Stella states as she came out of the bedroom.

"You my dear are still so beautiful, you're definately a keeper for my boy," Millie hugged Stella slightly. "How's my grandson doing?"

"Giving me hell."

"Yep, that's Mac's child alright."

"Funny," Mac shook his head. "This is going to be a long week."

"You'll be okay McCanna, quit you're complaining."

"Yes ma'am," Mac salutes his mom with a smirk.

"Smart ass," Millie shook her head. "I love you McCanna."

"I know, I love you too."

"You better. Thanks for letting me stay here Stella, I could have stayed at a hotel, so you and Mac could have some alone time."

"It's good to have you here, you want me to put your bags in the guest room."

"I'm capable dear, but thanks for asking," Millie grabs her bags and goes into the guest bedroom.

"I love your mother Mac."

"I hope not more than me."

"I love you both in different ways. So about yesterday, I'm sorry what happened at work."

"I'm just glad your okay, but next time go into a scene with backup, I don't want nothing happening to you or our baby."

"I won't be careless Mac. I know how to be safe."

"I know you do, but I guess I was more worried than angry."

"But we're good now, right?"

"We are perfectly okay," he smiles, kissing Stella, getting lost in the moment.

Millie came out of her room and smiled. "Don't choke her McCanna, you have to let her breathe."

"Thanks for the warning," he sighs. "You just have to embarrass me don't you?"

"It's fun, right Stella?"

"I'm not going to answer that," she shook her head and went in the kitchen.

"I'm going to have to supervise you two aren't I?"

"Mom, we're fine, we were just making up from our fight yesterday."

"What did you do now McCanna?"

"I worried too much, she went into the scene without any back up."

"And you got mad at her? You do that all the time."

"I know, but I never had a child inside of me, have I?"

"Point taken," she nods. "She'll be careful though McCanna, she's a grown woman."

"I know that mom, I forget how strong she is sometimes."

"You love her, it's not a crime to be worried."

"I love her a lot, this one isn't going to slip away from me this time. I've already lost dad and Claire, I never want to lose you or Stella. I would be miserable."

"Of course you would."

"Can we talk about something else now?"


Stella finally came out from the kitchen, "You two having fun bonding?"

"Just like old times," Mac admits. "Glad you're back though," he kissed her cheek.

"Why? So me and Millie can torture you together?"

"Sure," he rolled his eyes, sitting down on the couch.

"Well, I think it's time for my daily nap," Millie told the two adults.

"That sounds good right now," Stella smiles. "I might take you up on that offer."

"Oh my dear Stella, we can't sleep at the same time, who's going to watch my son?" she laughed.

"You're right, well you can go take a nap and me and Mac will be right here on this couch."

"Okay, but feel free to do whatever... I'm not here," she winked and then headed for her room closing the door.

"What do you want to do Mac?"

He shrugs, "You know, we didn't have a good heated make up session."

"You're right we haven't," she smiles, tugging at his shirt.

His lips tug upwards, as she straddled his waist, his shirt finally free, which she removes and tosses on the floor.

"Make love to me," she begs, kissing his neck.

"With pleasure," he starts to lower her pants when his cell started ringing. "Damn it," he picked up his phone. "You serious? Stella, Don sent me a message I have to go."

"But it's your day off."

"Sinclair's orders Stell, you know I don't want to go, but I have to," he frowns, grabbing his shirt and putting it back on.

"You just be careful Mac."

"I'll be fine Stell," he kissed her softly. "Love you."

"You too," she sighs.

"I'm going to make this up to you I promise," he tells her cupping her cheek.

"You know I don't blame you."

"I still feel guilty."

"I'll have to get used to this Mac when I'm on my leave it'll just be me alone for hours with nothing to do."

"You're right. I guess I'll see you later, tell my mom I had to go out."

"Will do Mac," she kissed him once more and he was out the door. Stella slumps down on the couch, closing her eyes. "This is going to suck at least I have Millie when she wakes up," she tells herself, and then drifted off to sleep.

Okay so that was the first chapter of many for their first week of the new year... stay tuned for more and thank you WHOEVER has been staicking with this series... it's like my baby, more to come so stay tuned for that :)