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It's 12:00 in this neighborhood, and everyone's asleep. All except for one ten year old boy… Jason Jordans, JJ. He's been out since 9:00 shooting the a basketball through the hoop of his court in his backyard. His biggest dream is to play basketball in the NBA like the pros. But as he's just finding out, the path to fame is hard and heartbreaking. Just today, he was cut from basketball tryouts at his school. Apparently, the coach said he needed work on his shooting. He was a sloppy shot, he always knew, but he almost always made it. But the coach just didn't want to take the risk of one of his sloppy shots missing an important basket. Plus, he had a bunch of players who could make more accountable shots, so the coach felt, in a way, justified for his choice. Jason was still depressed about the decision, but what really hurt were the continuous barrage of discouraging words from the team. They constantly told him, "You'll never be a baller", "Just go back to the sandbox". The one that really hurt, though, was from one Tony Handler, a 6th grader, who went up to him and just blatantly said, "Just give up. It's really just pointless." JJ was busy dwelling on these thoughts, when his father came out.

"What's wrong, man" he asked his forlorn son.

"Nothing" he lied.

"Oh ok then." His father said. He could tell he was lying, but he didn't want to tell his son that. So he just tricked him into telling him the truth.

"So…how did tryouts go?"


His dad finally knew what was wrong.

"Hey man, it's okay. Not even the greatest NBA Players made theire first tryout."

"Yeah Right. I suck. You know it. The kids know it. Everyone knows it!" He started to yell, but calmed down when he remembered when he was talking to his father.

"Hey man, there's always Baseball. You know you might be good at it. I mean I…

"…'was a three time MVP in high school, a five time MVP in college, and even won a World Series for the Yankees'." JJ repeated. He had heard this story numerous times before. And it never really made him feel better.

"Dad, I don't want to play baseball. I suck at that too. I can't do anything right!"

"Listen. I know your upset right now, but just remember; you can do anything you set your mind to."

"Sure pop." JJ responded. He knew his father wasn't really a fan of him playing basketball, but he still recognized his son's dreams. He just wanted to be there for him. JJ's morale went up dramatically as he went for a lay-up. He saw his future flash before his eyes as he jumped up. He saw that the rest of his life was only going to get better.


Toonwriter presents:

A Cartoon X-Over Special!

Space Jam!

The Anime Special

Starring Jason Jordans

Naruto Uzumaki

Davis Motomiya

Edward Elric

Yusuke Urameshi


Haruhi Suzumiya


Ash Ketchum

and Many More!


A press conference is being held as reporters are talking amongst themselves and Cameramen record and take pictures of the event. From the back came a man in a suit with a few security guards. He got behind the podium and looked at the reporters. The man, in question, was Jason Jordans. He had become a successful basketball player in the NBA. He played for the Heat, with the hyped up trio of Debron Jameson, Christian Bodd, and Dewayne Wake. (A/N: Yeah, yeah, horrible names. I tried my best) He had earned 5 MVP trophies in 5 years, won multiple awards, and even won 3 Championship Rings. He was even named MVP of the Decade. He was loved by fans, admired by the coaches, and was respected by all the players. It would've all been great, it would've all been the best moments of his life. If only his father was around.

"I have called you all here to tell you some important news. You see, my father, Anthony Jordans, the World Series Pitcher for the New York Yankees, died sometime earlier this year, some a few hours before I was crowned MVP of the Decade. I was hoping he could see me in my crowning achievement. I just can't really see myself doing anything right now. So at the moment, I am retiring from basketball."

The whole audience was in complete shock. The great Jason Jordans, quitting basketball! They hadn't heard anything this shocking since 1993!

"Um, Mr. Jordans", a female reporter asked, "What are you going to do now that your retired?"

"Actually, I'm going to try a new sport. From now on, you can call me a baseball player!"

The whole crowd was in disarray. Everyone questioned at the same time as he tried to answer them.

Meanwhile, in space, there was something else going on. On a distant planet, a carnival was going on. It wasn't a carnival really, but an amusement park called "Dimmadoom Park". The park was filled with shoddy rides and half-built coasters that seemed as though they would break down at any second. One Ferris Wheel that was going pretty slow managed to break down, spiraling out of control. One of the car's screws broke off, and the car went flying across the red sky. It crashed on the ground, and the occupants walked out as if nothing happened. The kid in the ride, named Vicky, looked at her dad angrily.

"Man, that ride stunk. Don't bring me here anymore, ok!"

Inside a building in the park, sat a business man in a white suit and an oversized ten-gallon hat. He had a white mustache, and an exasperated look on his face. He was the owner of the park, Doug Dimmadome.

"Dagnabbit! Not again! That's the 100th visitor today! Nobody seems to like the amusement park!"

And he was right. Attendance was down by 500%, and the people who did come were getting uninterested in the rides and attractions.

"What should we do!" he asked his pint sized, Chibi-like minions. One was a pale figure with his black hair, and an ear on his neck. His name was Crocker.

Another had sunglasses and a red jacket and acted as if he was cool. His name was Imaginary Gary.

One had muscles that seemed too big for his pint sized body, and had fairy wings and grey hair. His name was Jorgen von Strangle.

And yet another one, who looked like an evil, blue version of Cosmo, was there. His name was Anti-Cosmo.

And the last minion had grey skin and black hair with a skull on his shirt. His name was Francis.

"Uuuum, maybe we should hunt down fairies!" Crocker yelled out in his high squeaky voice. Mr. Dimmadome just grabbed him, pulled on him, and flung him across the room.

"I need something new for the park! If I don't get anything new, I won't make money! And if I don't make money, I might have to close the park down! And if I close the park down…I WON'T MAKE ANY MONEY!…...MONEY!"

"Maybe you could show off my mighty biceps!" The little Jorgen said.

"Don't be ridiculous! You're a tiny thing! You ain't got no muscles!"

Mr. Dimmadome sat on his chair, which had a remote in it. He inadvertently turned the television, which had multiple screens, to Looney Tunes.

"Looney" Crocker said, mesmerized by the cartoons on the TV.

"No, no, that seems too, overdone" Dimmadome replied. He shifted his butt in the seat with the remote in it, which turned the television screens to a bunch of other shows.

"I need something, different. Something…exotic! Something…surprisingly, Japanese." Dimmadome poured out to his lackeys. But they weren't listening. They were too busy looking at the television screens.

"Wha…AREN'T YOU LISTENING!" he snapped.

"Anime" Gary said dreamily.

"What in Sam Hill is Anime!" Dimmadome asked, wondering if his minions lost the last few IQ Points that they had already possessed.

"Looook!" Anti-Cosmo said excitedly, pointing to the screens. Mr. Dimmadome turned around to see what all the fuss was about, and was then immediately hooked.

On the screen, he saw numerous Anime shows. One screen had Goku fighting against Frieza on Namek. Another showed Giant (Doraemon) riding Nobita (Also, Doraemon) like a race car, and passing a surprised Shizuka. On another screen, Ichigo yelling uncontrollably was shown; As was Edward Elric yelling about how he wasn't short. Two more showed Ash telling Pikachu to use Thunderbolt and Agumon Digivolving into Greymon. The final screen he payed attention to was a scene of Naruto charging his Rasengan. Dimmadome looked on in awe, and then a light bulb appeared over his head.

"THAT'S IT!" he yelled out. "I want those Anime characters! They're different, they're exotic, and they're conveniently Japanese! I want them to come here and work for my park!"

"But boss", little Francis spoke up, "what if they don't want to come?"

Doug Dimmadome looked at Francis angrily as he took the cigarette out of his mouth. He grabbed Francis by the neck an blew some smoke in his face.

"Make 'em."

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