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Okay, so Mary Sue just might be the ultimate evil for cryin' out loud. She's despised by all, and yet, we all make her. How do you do it? And it's almost always a 'she.' Does anyone pay attention to guys who are too perfect? 'Marty Stu,' 'Gary Stu,' 'a boy named Sue,' actually exist too! I took a Mary Sue test that was supposed to be 'general,' but I kept running into questions like "If your character is a girl..." and none of them asked questions specifically for a male character (unless "Would you find this character attractive enough to date?" counts). Granted, a lot of that has to do with most fanfic writers being young girls, but boy characters can be just as guilty of Sueness as girls. It's harder to tell sometimes, but there are a few clues to indicate it. I call it 'Stu's Clues.'

1. Obviously, he's perfect: Just like his evil opposite sex clone Mary, Marty is perfect in every sense of the word. His 'perfect' can vary depending on whether he was written by a guy or a girl. If a girl wrote him (sorry if I'm sounding sexist), then he's perfect in a romantic way. He always knows the right thing to say to a girl, he's sensitive, sweet, and always ready to protect her (you know, if she's not saving her own perfectly-shaped ass). If the author is a guy, he's perfect because all the girls spew estrogen whenever he's around, and he can kick ass like it's no one's business. And it's not always an OC; with the right amount of character derailment, canon characters can become Sues too. So from here, I'm gonna have fun dissing some examples of Marty Stu.

2. The Edward Cullen: This type of Stu is, well, a lot like Edward Cullen from Twilight. He's pretty much obsessed with the girl he loves (who's probably a 'plain-looking' Sue herself), supposedly a "bad boy," and sometimes, he's a complete jerk to her, but she's cool with it because, hey, he's hot! He's very bishounen, and not to mention perfectly handsome as well. He may even fight over the girl with a competing love interest (who's a little bit more like Jacob Black), and he'll probably win. When it's an OC, it causes facefaults and wallbangers. When it's character derailment, (and most of the time, it happens to Envy), you just want to cry! If your Marty Stu is an Edward Cullen, your female love interest is probably a Bella Swan. My best advice: try to avoid sounding like Twilight. That is all.

3. The Chuck Norris: This Stu is the ultimate badass. Unlike the Cullen Stu, he's not all that concerned with romance, but he most likely crawled out of Dragonball Z (did anyone even think of how that title would sound?), and he might be better known as 'The Man The Man Your Man Could Smell Like!' There's an easy way to tell if your Stu is the Norris Stu: if he could pwn Chuck Norris, start over. He's most likely a God Mode Stu written by a male author, and as far as how much this type shows up in fanfics, I'm not sure. Just try to avoid making him more powerful than everyone combined and tone down the testosterone. Really.

4. The Justin Bieber: This guy is a little bit like the Cullen Stu, only worse; he's even more romance-focused, more bishie (sometimes to the point of resembling the twelve-year-old hermaphrodite), and usually an uke. The Bieber Stu is prone to wangst, being a victim, and making all the girls cry over him (at least, the ones who aren't clawing their eyes out). Usually comes in the form of a seriously OOC'd Edward Elric in yaoi fanfiction, but it can happen to others. That's not to say a Bieber Stu is always gay; he can be straight, but the main point is that he's the polar opposite of the Norris Stu. Just remember: he's a guy, not a Ken doll.

5. The Loser Stu: I don't even have anyone to make fun of with this guy. He's probably ugly or dorky-looking, incapable of really anything, and yet the girls are all over him. What? He's pretty much a male Anti-Sue, with no actual talent and low on looks, and yet for some unknown reason, this story is about him. I just want to point out though, that this doesn't apply to characters who are supposed to be "awkward, nerdy types" that are really just hot bishies wearing argyle and glasses. This also has nothing to do with actual dorky boys who genuinely have good qualities to them. This is about characters who are completely hateable in every possible way, and yet the rest of the cast thinks they're important. When writing a character, flaws are important, but remember to give them good traits too.

6. Marty Stu in general: Marty may be less common than Mary in many fanfics, but I consider this to be partly because the limit to how much a character can get away with before crossing Sue territory is a little tighter for female characters. Girls with boyish names sometimes count as Sue traits, but boys with girlish names (like Casey) don't get the same treatment. A guy who can show up a bunch of girls might be just sexist at best, but a girl who can show up the guys? Totally Mary Sue! See what I mean?
Point is, if anyone wants to write a male character, look at some canon examples
Edward: Honestly, he's pretty hot for a height-challenged double amputee! He's a child prodigy, the youngest state alchemist ever, and yet he's not a Stu. Why? Well, first of all, he's not the nicest kid around, and he's a little too sensitive about his height (he tried to kick a guy - with the AUTOMAIL LEG!). He's not perfect, and doesn't always win in a fight. Plus, he can get way too arrogant for his own good. Also, he's kind of crazy.
Alphonse: He's a genuinely sweet kid, shy, quiet, and pretty much the polar opposite of his brother. But then again, he's stuck in a suit of armor, which sometimes gets in the way, he's a little too obsessed with cats, and lets not forget the one time he snapped and started doubting whether or not he was real.
Roy: Okay ladies, stop screaming. Yeah, I know, he's Roy Mustang. His powers, his looks...hell, his name is totally badass! But still, he's useless in the rain, and he's sort of a misogynist ('tiny miniskirts,' anyone?) and not to mention the slacking (it's like he's allergic to paperwork!).
Envy: Where to begin...depends on which version, but either way, his powers are awesome, he's a pretty capable fighter (more in the 1st anime), and...well, there's a good reason he's the 6th most popular character in the show. Did we mention he's a psychotic bastard who killed off one of the best characters in the show? Or that he kind of looks like a girl? Yeah, there you go.

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