The Ghost Avenger

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The Ghost Avenger – Chapter I – Intro




''Had enough, Kid?'' Said the Robber, While still giving a few more punches in the kid's Stomach, With blood all around the floor. ''L-Leave him alone..!'' The elderly man shouted, almost making a echo in that cold, old, Factory.


''Shut up, Old man. I didn't talk to you!'' The Robber responded to the elder, After swinging his arm in his direction, hitting it, spreading the man's own blood in his shirt.


The only thing that Edward Cunningham Noir, Just a normal american kid, could do, was Cry.

Cry because he couldn't protect his family.

Cry because of his fear.

Cry because of being weak.

He couldn't do a thing at all, he was forced to watch his father suffer. And be on the verge of death. The only thing that was passing through his head was hate, anger, and the desire for REVENGE.

However, Eddie heard the noise of a loud, buzzer coming from outside.

'' Shit! It's the Police!'' claimed one of the Robbers, Eddie could see his legs shaking with fear, It was obvious through, that guy even dropped his gun because of that much shaking.

'' Quick, Let's get out of here!'' Replied the other, with the two of them running towards the exit, Eddie finally thought that his father was safe, they would be going home, Returning to the warm arms of their family, seeing his sister again, and even his best friend, Howard.

However, things wouldn't go as his mind thought, in the real world, he could see that his father was unconscious, and wasn't even breathing.

Suddenly, an tall man slammed the door with his bare feet, Opening it.

''New York Police! FREEZE!''

It took a second or two for the man realize there was only a kid and a man, both of them tied to a chair, with blood all around the floor. He couldn't even think how the kid survived that much blood loss.

''Over here Phil! Call 911!, I found two hostages beaten pretty badly!''

The officer quickly went to check the kid, he noticed that he was missing some teeth, his face was pure red, and of course, beaten up. He found it amazing how a little kid could endure all these damages, but soon he saw some tears down his face.

'' Kid.. Are you Okay?''

The kid looked up towards the officer's face, and replied, sounding like he was having trouble to even speak.

'' Do I look Okay to You!, Don't worry about me, Go check my father!''

The officer soon understood that the kid was worried about the father, and without arguing, he went to check the man.

No pulse, He wasn't responding to his words, and was barely breathing.

Soon, he went back to the kid, trying to tell the bad news in the best way possible.

''Sorry, He's in some sort of Coma. But don't worry, we are taking you two to the hospital.''

Eddie mind shattered with these words, There was no way his father would survive that thing, and if he would, he would live in pretty bad shape. His father normal life was over, thanks to these cursed robbers. Eddie's thoughts soon gave the inspiration to one feeling: ANGER.

Edward swore to himself, and for his father, he would make these two pay, he would make them suffer, and he would make them die in pain.

Even if he had to sell his SOUL for it.

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